1. Amehime Arukana

    Fandom  Looking for a RP Partner (Sengoku Basara Roleplay)

    Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well at this week start. As I mentioned in advance, I planned to make a request for an RP Partner for a 1x1. So without further ado, let's do it: I am looking for a partner to roleplay about Sengoku Basara, since I just entered this fandom and really, I...
  2. Trektek

    Fantasy  Light In The Darkness (IC thread)

    The Imperial Palace The Kelaran Imperium was an institution that had been around since its founding after the events of the Great Demon War thousands of years before. It stretched for thousands of miles from the heavy and hot sands of the Cinbar Desert in the South west, to it's frozen tundras...
  3. Trektek

    Fantasy  Light in the Darkness

    The Premise The Kelaran Imperium has stood the test of time since it's founding after the Great Demon War thousands of years ago. But now, it's might is beginning to fade. It's enemies both without and within are starting to gather. Warlords and great beasts are nipping at the heels of the...
  4. KittenSkull

    Fandom  ♦~The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance~1x1 Search~♦

    Hello friends! The names KittenSkull and I'm currently searching for a long term, literate roleplay partner who is mature(21+) and interested in doing a Dark Crystal roleplay. ⋙I prefer to roleplay with people who are literate to advanced-literate. I post multi-para to novella and if I take...
  5. crucially

    Fantasy  Fated Ties: Splintered Kingdoms [ Out-of-character Chat ]

    Fated Ties: Splintered Kingdoms.Hello, all! Welcome to Fated Ties: Splintered Kingdoms' Out-of-character chat thread! We will both be using this thread and discord for our out-of-character chat! Announcements and important information will be place in both sections so that members who don't use...
  6. crucially

    Fantasy  Fated Ties: Splintered Kingdoms [ Lore ]

    Fated Ties: Splintered Kingdoms .All canon lore can be found here! Current Status: Work in Progress
  7. crucially

    Fantasy  Fated Ties: Splintered Kingdoms [ Character Sheets ]

    Fated Ties: Splintered Kingdoms.Listed below is the Character Sheet template, please fill out each section to the best of your abilities! If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to ask! Don't forget to refer to the [ Lore ] tab! If you want to make your own faction or have a character...
  8. crucially

    Fantasy  Fated Ties: Splintered Kingdoms [ Three Kingdoms Inspired ]

    Fated Ties: Splintered Kingdoms.Yin and Yang, Chaos and Order. Neither may last forever, and in the wake of one inevitably follows the other. An Empire is in its twilight. Emperor Xinyi's power at court is almost nonexistent, curtailed by his crushing defeat at the hands of the Great Khagan...
  9. Inkstone

    Fantasy  Of Pawns and Power

    The Bellaros sisters had gone to the highlands to collect more herbs for their trade as healers. These hills were half a day's walk from the city center, and the edges of the city proper were visible from this rolling landscape, as well as the distant plains and farmland that lay beyond. The sky...