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All according to my Scenario
One month after the Day of Awakening

“Reports of a gigantic crab in the Norwegian Sea are as yet unconfirmed...”-Norwegian Government, on the appearance of Kraken

“Hello, faithful viewers! I’m streaming this from the Texan coast, and as you can see there’s something big in the Bay. I think it’s a lizard? It’s green, anyway, and it’s spiky.”-Adam Bindewald, Youtuber, during the landfall of Quetzalcoatl

“This is Ekuwa Adomako, and I am the controller of Tano. I demand the immediate surrender of the Ghanan government, and the resignation of the President...”- The master of the Kaiju Tano

“Residents of Cairo are advised to remain indoors, preferably in a sealed room. Do not attempt to leave while the swarm persists...” Major Egyptian news outlet, in the wake of Abbadon’s appearance

Raiju is under my complete control. I am willing to collaborate with the Japanese Government in exchange for a modest wage...” Hiro Sasuke, in a private email to the Diet and Prime Minister


“The Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan area was sent into mass panic today—”

“—It all started with sudden tremors around Mount Rainier—”

“—it seemed like the entire city was trying to evacuate—”

“—with almost no warning, the volcano blew its top—”

“—an eruption of cataclysmic proportions—”

“—the type of eruption geologists have warned against for decades—”

“—the monster emerged from Mount Rainier at noon exactly—”

“—it seems to be a tiger made of pure lava and volcanic rock—”

“—whatever the lava didn’t burn, the monster did—”

“—caused the complete destruction of Tacoma—”

“—most of Seattle was destroyed—”

“—billions of dollars worth of infrastructure—”

“—death toll is at two and a half million and rising—”

“—no one knows why or how this creature appeared—”

“—the monster, dubbed Hinotegenzon, or ‘living flame’, is believed to be another one of the Kaiju who have spontaneously awoken around the world—”

Kai sighed as he turned off the TV. It was good to have the occasional reminder of how much destruction he was capable of—if the monster could do all that on his own, imagine what could be done with a commander at his side!... No, Kai told himself, this will never happen again. He looked outside the window at the old flower field his new home bordered—but it wasn’t flowers he was looking at. It was that same monster that had destroyed almost the entire metropolis he had been living in not too long ago, now seemingly innocent and playful like a young puppy. In the short time since moving to Germany, the monster had decimated the flower field to a small volcanic habitat that suited him perfectly.

“You’re just a bit misunderstood, aren’t you Genzi?” Kai said to himself as he watched his kaiju romp around, looking as happy as he wished he could be.


"-Just days ago this island was nothing but a barren wasteland-" the reporter spoke as a plane flew over Arbor Island. The movement of the plane swayed a few of the thinner trees. The plane continued until it made its way over the center of the island which strangely enough was vacant of trees. A lake dominated the center of the island with what looked to be the largest tree on the island with massive roots which almost resembled arms and legs. The plane did not stop moving as it went over the island. Just inside the woods a pair of eyes inside of a wooden hut flicked open and Burke moved out onto the grassy turf which surrounded the lake. He watched as the plane moved over. He'd need to have Arbor remove the trees surrounding the hut, the forest seemed to renew itself daily and that included covering up his shelter. Even if they had seen the hut Burke wasn't sure if it would be a good idea to leave. If he went too far Arbor awoke and the idea of those massive wooden feet destroying hundreds of lives wasn't something Burke wanted. He sighed and went off to collect some fruit for breakfast.


*A reporter in Colorado stammers about a report of a monster in the desert*

"I-it appears as though the monster has changed its course, its heading for West Virginia"

*This has been going on for 2 days now, Alex watches the news from his West Virginia apartment, bored after finally getting over his depression and alcoholism*

"N-never in my life have i ever-"

*The news reporter was cut off as the broadcast is turned to static, Alex looks away not caring what happens... After all, he doesn't care about anyone, he keeps thinking to himself before the broadcast comes back on as everything seems silent, the reporter is missing as the camera seems to just be laying on the ground*

Alex: "The hell?"

*Alex gets closer to the screen, looking for any movement before he spots something out of the corner of his eye, on screen for a split second you can see what appears to be a row of legs... Alex doesn't know what to do until he suddenly gets up and puts on his hoodie before grabbing his car keys, he gets in his car and decides to head towards Colorado, he went to a university of entomology... So he knew what he saw, and he wishes to see it up close... Even if its the death of him, he arrives where the reporter said the monster would be heading, on the border of West Virginia... Alex looks around, seeing nothing before hearing a noise, almost like... A row of legs, Alex looks towards where the noise is coming from before looking up at the monster, his face in shock and excitement*

Alex: "Sweet baby Jesus"

"... reminder that the state of emergency is still in full effect. Stay inside with doors and windows locked unless you are emergency personnel or instructed to evacuate. Do not participate in looting; if you are short on supplies, notify nearby emergency personnel. This is Radio Free Europe, still keeping foreign nationals in Germany informed on the events of the last 24 hours... Amongst ongoing seismic and volcanic events all over the world followed by multiple appearances of creatures that- well, uh, you've probably seen the videos, it's hard to describe- uh, the latest news on the creature currently engaged with the Bundeswehr, that's the federal defense forces, forty-five kilometers southeast of Stuttgart..."

"The creature was first seen following an unexpected meteor impact in the Austrian Alps, which seems to have killed no one directly due to the remoteness of the site, though the shockwave was felt as far as Zürich. It's, uh... it's estimated to be between 50 and 80 meters tall, described as having a large number of limbs, and seems impervious to military artillery thus far- even the most powerful non-nuclear air-to-surface missiles do not seem to have damaged it, which is... worrying, I don't have to tell you... It's on a northwestern course relative to the site of its first appearance and if it continues that way, it will endanger major population centers such as Stuttgart, Cologne, Essen and the northeastern region of the Netherlands before reaching the North Sea. Evacuations of Stuttgart have already been taking place for the last four hours... Meanwhile, part of the Bundeswehr has also been deployed to The Netherlands to assist with refugee resettlement and search & rescue after the emergence of a creature in the nation's central Jssel lake and subsequent mass flooding."


It has been a month since that day. Monsters are everywhere, approximately twenty in all. Japan possesses a storm-stirring dragon-bird dubbed Raiju, who is currently patrolling Japanese waters and solidifying the power of the government. Israel has an enormous sea kaiju named Leviathan, one that can also stride onto dry land should it need to. In the wake of its passing, several terrorist nations have been reduced to ashes by its burning breath.

Norwegian ships are menaced by the crab monster Kraken, which has been used by a currently unknown party to extort millions from the Norwegian government. The beast has been attacked several times, to no avail. Meanwhile, in Britain, the flying kaiju Draco has been sighted numerous times carrying police boats inland and otherwise supporting smuggling activities. The British Navy has decided to launch an all-out assault on its island hiding place, which is to be broadcast to the world as a reminder of British power.

To the south, the insectile Abbadon has stripped Cairo to the bone with its summoned swarms of insects, and is currently spinning a gigantic web over the skeletons of houses, animals and the city’s millions of residents. The purpose of said slaughter, of this atrocity, is unknown. No statement has been made, and nobody has come forward as the perpetrator. Further west, the kaiju Tano has been used to conquer a broad stretch of land, including Ghana, the Ivory Coast, Burkina, Togo, and Benin. An alliance of multiple other nations is currently engaging the beast and its mistress’s army in Mali, at Bamako.

In the Americas, the kaiju Quetzalcoatl is supporting the newly-unified cartels as they solidify their rule over Mexico. American forces have currently been unable to dent the beast, and attempts to recruit the semi-insectile, semi-reptilian kaiju Tarantula (controlled by a young man named Mathew Jones, in Juvenile Hall for murdering his stepfather) are underway.

In short, it’s a world of monsters and madmen. Chaos has engulfed entire nations, and desperate countermeasures are being attempted even as alliances are made with the kaiju wielders willing to help slow the damage.

What will you do?

[Feel free to discuss any ideas in the group chat]


Shawty’s like a melody in my head
Kaimea K. Hansen "Kai"
Screen Shot 2021-01-31 at 2.04.20 AM.png

It's been a busy day for Kai. He's been taking online German classes, as well as one of his GE's at college, still at the University of Washington. After his morning classes, he closes his computer and heads out to the market. He found most of his supplies pretty quickly, but he's been struggling to find enough peppers. He's not really into spicy food, but nevertheless, he keeps looking for them. After about five hours, he's found about a few bags full of peppers of various heat, including quite a few ghost peppers, at which point he is finally satisfied. Being out and about for so long, he's got just barely enough time to sit in front of the TV and unwind to some old memories, and hopefully some new ones. But nope, all that's on the TV is still kaiju talk, and frankly, he's getting tired of it.

Kai pours himself a cup of coffee as he unwinds. It's a nice day just outside of Bremen, good enough that the windows are open in the formerly abandoned cottage that he's cleared up and now calls home. A lot better than it still probably is in Seattle...

Bored out of his mind, Kai once again shuts off the TV and looks towards Genzi, still romping around and playing in his habitat. He wonders if the kaiju even cares about how much damage he's caused already, but there's not much damage that could be done anymore to... what was a flower field a few weeks ago. At least here, he's away from other civilization, other infrastructure... most importantly other people. He looks over at the bags of peppers, then grabs them off of the table and brings them out to the kaiju. Genzi never seemed hungry, but Kai figured that something spicy would boost the "living flame" kaiju's morale and effectiveness. As Kai walks over with the peppers, the kaiju bounds over to him.

Hinotegenzon ("Genzi", the Flaming Tiger Kaiju)

(art credit Carl Van Laguun (Meteorskies))

Genzi looks at Kai with longing eyes, as he glances from the young man to the bags of peppers in his hands. Kai tosses a few peppers to the tiger, hoping they take effect. While he does so, he takes out his phone and dials the number for the local EEC. "Hallo?" Kai greets the representative on the other side of the line. "My name is Kai, and I am the owner of Hinotegenzon. I was wondering if there was someone on the other end who speaks English? I recently moved here from Seattle, and I've only ever taken first-year German, so I don't want to make a fool of myself speaking broken German." He chuckles as he says this. "Alright, danke." He sets his phone down for a little while as he is put on hold. He takes a little while to just feel the heat of Genzi's breath on him, as he waits for the call to resume.


Praise the sun
"Another day in paradise" Burke said to himself while he walked through the tightly knit vegetation that made the scenery for his 'island getaway'. He held a wooden basket in one hand as he ducked under an outreaching branch. Above Burke the forms of colorful birds flitted in and out of sight, the air was full of their calls. Honestly, Burke preferred it that way, he'd probably already be crazy if it wasn't for the noise the birds had brought with them when they flew in to eat the fruit that Arbor grew through his influence. There was more than enough to go around so he really didn't mind sharing. Burke reached up to a peach tree and began to pull off the fruit from where it was grown.

Burke tried very hard to keep his mind from wandering these days. The less he thought about all the people that'd drowned at sea the better. Just a month or two ago that'd been all he could thin about. In Burke's defense he had thought he was about to die at the time and figured it would be the perfect time for reflection. He didn't imagine that a massive creature made of wood would appear and turn the desolate island into a place that'd make even the most illustrious greenhouse jealous. After it'd first appeared and had dug out the lake the creature, Arbor had barely moved an inch. It simply reached out with some odd power that it had and vitalized the land.

It seemed to listen to Burke, though he didn't mess with it much. He could always feel it, somewhere in the back of his head. As if Arbor, which was what Burke had decided to call the monster, was waiting for a command. Burke had toyed with the idea of, float me back home you big piece of driftwood, though he'd never gone through with it. What would he do if he went home anyway? A giant monster in toe would certainly complicate things. He filled up his basket with the fruit and made his way though the woods back to his hut. The hut in question was surrounded by carved wooden statues mostly of the people Burke missed, he had needed to entertain himself somehow and carving worked. In hindsight if he wanted to avoid feeling guilty he should've picked a few other things to carve. Before he moved into his temporary home he spared a glance towards the shape of Arbor, resting in the lake. If he didn't know better Burke could almost imagine it was just a normal tree. The arms and legs almost looked like roots or perhaps tree trunks. The face was mostly submerged as well. With only the jagged horn sticking out of the water.

As usual Arbor didn't move. He went over to grab some of the water, which was fresh and clean, Courtesy of the giant wooden monster, before he want back to the hut to wash the fruit before he had some lunch.


“- Herr Kaiser?”

Konstantin blinked and turned his chair back to the table, around which several officials in suits and military uniforms sat looking about as weary as he felt. He’d tuned out on the conversation as soon as he’d peeked out the window, not twenty meters from which the car-sized, unblinking and pupilless eye of Taloncrest stared back. That featureless, luminescent pool betrayed no thought or motive, implacable as a reptile’s.

“Sorry, run that by me again.” Konstantin said, lifting his hand from the table in gesture of apology. “And please, call me Konstantin.” The young officer swallowed hard. “Of course, Herr K- Konstantin. I was just, uh, relaying some recent updates.” Everyone in this room had years or decades on him- and the experience he lacked to match. And yet, they were the anxious ones. Shifting uncomfortably in their seats every time he as much as changed his posture. And when this meeting ended, they’d flee after a respectful nod, as if the room was rigged to blow. That’s how they thought of him, as a bomb that could go off at any moment. And he couldn’t even blame them, truly- the backdrop of the mountainous monstrosity he alone had power over couldn’t be helping. Perhaps next time he ought to close the blinds.

“Well, to start, the controller of Proteus, whose identity we have still not yet fully confirmed, has anonymously relayed that they are still willing to enter talks on including the former Netherlands territory into the EEC-zone.” The officer said. “They do seem to consider themselves to be ruling the territory, and close Titan approaches to the former national borders, including the Flemish region of Belgium and Brussels, are met with threatening gestures on Proteus’ part- as I’m sure you’ve noticed.” He continued. “We weren’t offered a timeframe yet. We think they may still be too preoccupied with territorial disputes with the Kraken in the North Sea area, from underwater activity we’ve picked up on.”

“Well, they’ve allowed Taloncrest passage through the North Sea so far. And they’re still allowing the EEC aid forces into the Dutch territories that were flooded when Proteus emerged from under former Flevoland. It’s a promising lack of hostility.” Konstantin mused aloud. “Let’s make every preparation we can for those talks. We’ll need them to go well. Proteus would be a valuable ally for securing our nautical borders. Especially with Draco so close.”

“Indeed.” The officer nodded hurriedly. “Onto- uh, well, we already covered the ongoing tyrannical campaign on the African continent earlier this meeting… The last topic I have concerns a sighting by an Oceanic TV crew.” Konstantin rested his face on his hand, barely stifling a yawn. He’d slept for about five hours last night. “Oh?” He replied. “Yes, an uninhabited island in the central Pacific ocean was spotted during a flyover and remarked on as having… unusual qualities? Every most recent topographical and environmental report had it marked down as being rocky and barren except for a few of the usual grasses and mosses. However, the island now seems to be incredibly densely forested.”

That caught Konstantin’s attention. “Well, that has to be Titan activity, has it not?” He asked, looking to his side to meet the eye of the man he vaguely remembered being part of the EEC’s scientific effort. The balding, bespectacled man with a poorly knotted tie hesitated. “I, er- I would have to confer with my colleagues who specialize in ecology, but I am… reasonably certain there are no natural processes currently known that would transform a habitat with such expedience.” He relayed. “It is… not impossible that the effect could be related to a Titan presence, considering abilities such as that of Raiju.”

“If the news has been made public, others have surely already come to the same conclusion. Are we preparing a mission to this island?” Konstantin looked to the officer, who shook his head with trepidation. “Er, no, it’s not- not high on our list of priorities. We think it would be most prudent for Taloncrest and Hinotegenzon to make a cross-lateral patrol of the Mediterranean coast, as a show of force against-” He quieted soon as Konstantin lifted a finger. “I understand that, but I think there are important considerations to be made. One, any unaffiliated Titan is a massive potential hazard if recruited by an enemy, and a good ally if recruited by us. Secondly, if this Titan does have the power to affect vegetation, it could be instrumental in fighting the issue of food availability in the EEC.” An army officer to his left cleared his throat. A general or admiral or something- Konstantin scarcely remembered what the stars on his shoulders meant. “We must consider more immediate dangers, Herr Kaiser. An expenditure of time such as a trip to the Pacific could cost us more than we have to give, especially if there turns out to be no Titan, or its controller is not amiable to our cause.”

Konstantin thought on that for a moment. “We can make another aerial survey of the island, right?” He asked. “I will await the results of that. If there are signs of Titan activity, I will be taking Taloncrest there myself immediately- and alone.” The big-wig sneered. “That is preposterously dangerous-” Konstantin shook his head. “Quite the opposite, it’s less dangerous for me than anyone else. I have backup.” He pointed his thumb out the window behind him.

“You mentioned Hinotegenzon, by the way, any new issues surrounding that?” Konstantin asked, returning his attention to the young officer while the higher-ranking man silently fumed. “Uh, not new, necessarily.” The man replied. “There is still civil unrest in the Bremen area about Kontrollbasis Beta and the Titan being situated there, but no violent incidents. Keeping the Titan’s movements restricted to the rivers and northern coastline seems most effective, since bringing it through wooded or grassy areas has… complications.” He continued. “As evidenced by the heat damage to the site of the Kontrollbasis.”

“No sense in asking Mr. Hansen to come along to the island, were I to go.” Konstantin said. “Far too much water to cross.”

"We are still able to maintain Mr. Hansen's anonymity, at least. With a detail of hidden agents keeping him safe, he continues to mingle with locals. It may serve us well for him to familiarize himself with citizens of the EEC so he can build relations." The officer reported. Konstantin nodded. Receiving the news that a controller from Canada wanted to assist the EEC had been the greatest relief he'd felt since the start of this nightmare; it'd been worth the trouble of finding a large enough shipping vessel to transport Hinotegenzon across the Atlantic.

“If that concludes the news, keep me updated on the flyover.” Konstantin said. “The moment we have confirmation, please saddle Taloncrest up with the habitat.” The submersible pod that could electromagnetically latch to Taloncrest’s back had proven the safest way for him to travel, considering jets could be shot down- and it was plenty fast, considering the monster’s swimming speed. “Here’s hoping for a fruitful outcome.”


All according to my Scenario
(You know you put part of my introduction in your thing right Selee-01? XD)
(The news report? That’s why I asked for them, lol. I figured you guys would be better at introducing your beasts than me. Also, try to keep this sort of talk to the char in the future. It’s not a problem, just pointing that out.)

SSJ4 Gogeta

"Ill destroy you"
*In a city, the sound of a broken record can be heard repeating the word "No" over and over again... A man stands amongst the destruction that has occured in this city, he looks pleased with what he is seeing*

"Such a sad life it is, to play a pawn in someone's corrupted government, but that all ends today for i have started a new chapter of which i can reshape the world in peace"

*The man observes the destruction along with a creature, which makes a weird sound in agreement, the man bows at the creature's response*

"Your too kind Ōkunoashinokirā, in fact you deserve a reward"

*The creature known as Ōkunoashinokirā looks down at the man, seeming curious at his statement*

"The next city we come across, will be a buffet for you"

*The man smiles evilly as the creature seems to screech in happiness*

"I'm glad i could make you happy, Ōkunoashinokirā... For this world will know the name Alex, for i am the author of its new chapter"

*The man known as Alex laughs at everything around him, seemingly defying god itself, he proceeds to walk around to see if their are any survivors... To his dismay he finds someone barely hanging on, Alex walks over to the man and kneels down to which the man proceeds to beg him to help him*

"I am helping you, i'm changing the world to peace... But i'm afraid you have seen the old world, and i cannot allow you to corrupt the new world with your foolish ideals of government and democracy, the new generation will follow my knowledge for its bittersweet fruit will bring this world to a new age of reasoning"

*Alex pulls out a curved knife used for amputation, and slits the man's throat, watching him die slowly in his arms while maintaining eye contact with him... He leaves the man's body to decay with the ruble*

"We are done here, we shall move on Ōkunoashinokirā"

*Alex gets on top of Ōkunoashinokirā as he begins to walk away from the city, Alex laughs like a madman*

"No one can stop us, no man, woman, or child is safe from my grasp"

*The two continue to travel to the next city, Alex knows that their are other people with Kaijus, but he doesn't care they are all enemies to him*

"We will show no mercy to the weak, my followers will be waiting for my arrival and signal, they will take the children that are less than 2 from their families, for they will grow up in a new world... They will never remember the past"

*Alex thinks what he is doing is right, that it his purpose to do this, his destiny to change the world*

"Let us hope that they suffer willingly, for i am doing them a favor"
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Praise the sun
After a small meal of fruit Burke sat at the foot of his hut watching the colorful shapes of birds screeching and flying around the lake. This was probably the worst part of being stranded alone on an island, well... The worst part when you had all the food and water you could ever want, the constant sitting there with practically nothing to do. When he'd first no longer had to worry about basic needs Burke had been taken by carving into wood to take up his time. He didn't know what he'd carve even if he felt like doing so. Burke had never been good at carving animals and when it came to people he always ended up carving someone he knew or had known and that usually left an incredibly sour feeling in his stomach. He glanced over to the gargantuan wooden form, crouching in the center of the lake.

Burke didn't know how Arbor did it. It probably came with the territory of being a tree, trees didn't really get bored. At least Burke didn't think they did. After a few moments of staring towards the form of Arbor he decided on something he could do to pass the time. He got up and made his way over to the bank of the lake and sent out a thought in his mind. Wake up. As soon as the thought was sent forth the ground rumbled as the massive arms and legs of Arbor came to life. Water ran down Arbor's face and horns, forming small waterfalls as it lifted itself up. The normally blank black slits of Arbor's eyes glowed with a green light as the creature came out of its dormancy.

The lake receded massively as Arbor lifted itself up and lifted its arms out of the water. It was standing now staring down at Burke like an obediant hound or maybe a servant waiting to be commanded. What now? Burke thought to himself as his eyes scanned over Arbor's shape. Touch your nose Burke thought, he knew that Arbor would do what he said when it was important but he was sort of curious how far that could be pushed. Maybe he could force it to stay here while he went back home and lived like a normal person instead of some kind of Kaiju-master. Burke put his thumb up to his own nose as if showing Arbor what he meant.

Arbor stood impassively for a few moments before slowly pushing one of its own fingers to the tip of its nose horn. "Alright" Burke said sort of surprised it'd listened though he wasn't sure why. How about a flex? Burke thought, he lifted his arms above his head and flexed the scrawny things like a body builder. Arbor took its finger from its nose and watched Burke with an 'expression' that he was sure was somewhere between mocking and amusement. It seemed that way as much as a large wooden Kaiju could portray emotions anyway. The wooden behemoth lifted its long arms above its head and made a flexing motion. Burke nodded at that, all he needed to do now was teach it to play tic-tac-toe and he might actually have someway to pass the time, nah that was ridiculous. There was absolutely no way that he wanted to deal with this thing if it was a sore loser.

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