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Futuristic Zero Escape Roleplay?

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For anyone who hasn't played the Zero Escape series, it's a series of videogames, the first (9 People, 9 Hours, 9 Doors) available for the Nintendo DS and the second (Virtue's Last Reward) for the 3DS and PS Vita. The second game especially had an amazing story and there was the third game, Zero Time Dillemma.

To put it simply, nine people were trapped in a facility, each with a bracelet with a coloured number. They would team up according to colour schemes and go through doors, where they would have to find clues and such to find a key leading out of the room. After each series of rooms, they would go into these pods, and, with their partner, choose whether to ally or betray another pairing. A system of points would ensure that, depending on which pairing chose which, people would either receive or lose points. Anyone who got to 0 points or a minus number would die, and the first person who reached 9 would be able to escape. There were loads of branching storylines and endings, but the principle remained the same: move through the facility, escaping from the rooms, getting points and discovering more as to the reason they were there.

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a roleplay set in this style. The story would be original and would not involve the plot of the games, but would include Zero (the name for the person controlling the entire thing) and the format of Virtue's Last Reward. If I get enough people ineterested (i.e. 9 people) then I will create a thread.


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I have played the games and love them a lot! I'm new here so I'm still trying to get used to the format, but I would be interested in this!

Thank you for your consideration!


The black queen chants the funeral march.
That's great! It's nice to see another fan on here. If we don't get 7 people, we can always fill in with canon characters.

I'm also allowning us to play OCs, they can be ESPers.


The black queen chants the funeral march.
Would everyone be okay with playing doubles? As in their OC (If they have one) and a canon or possibly two? I understand if you can't.

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