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  1. I was playing smash 4 3DS with my friend. I decided to first time Captain Falcon against her main(Greninja), and we were doing an infinite time, 5 stock match on final destination, I was figuring out how to play him right, and I got myself to 2 stocks whilst only getting her down one the whole time. I finally figured out his rhythm or something, because during that first of my last two stocks, I took about 80% while taking her down to two stock, and during that time, I proceeded to take an additional 80% or so while killing her one more time. She KO's me right after re-spawning and we were both to our final stock. She decides to stop messing around or something because I take around 150% without dying because she refused to smash hit me, while I only got like 20% on her. This is when I realized How strong my down-b is in the air. I got her to about 100% when I got to 250%- she still thought she was winning, and I get a good grab, side throw on her. She almost too easily recovers, and grabs the edge. I accidentally used my neutral b as she hopped onto stage, right in front of me, and sent her flying. I won, and she threw her ds before I even realized what had happened.
  2. Here is a ?.? moment from when most of you were in diapers. Once upon a time the was once an MMORPG called Ultima Online. (For those who remember that Game thumbs up). Now the game had lots of really next gen stuff that they really should not have had. House building custom clothes colors etc. Game was very char customizable. So anyway I had trouble with people breaking into my house all the time and moving did not help much. So one day I said ...well you can guess what I said... and placed my home in the most crazy place I could think of at the time. The bottom of a cave infested with dragons. now this is not the ?.? moment. That came about a week later. So I was not being robbed anymore and was happy until one day I went home to find that the server update placed 3 dragons in my living room that had a 3min respawn. On top of that some blabbermouth let in where I was hiding. Everyday after that I would come home to 1 of 3 things.
    1 I was robbed
    2 They tried to rob me but was killed by dragons so now I have their stuff (most common occurrence)
    3 no one visited me today (this was actually the rare one)
    needless to say I moved all my chests upstairs left my doors open and put a recall symbol in my attic.(3rd floor). Best update ever.
  3. I might be wrong since I was not playing in original shard but wasnt there a setting to prevent anyone who was not in your friend list to enter the house. I remember there was a lock on door too and at the very least anyone banned by you couldn't enter house
  4. this happened on a modded shard oh about 8 years ago.. the update I am referring to was one of the programmers that ran the shard made alterations in the game. sometimes as simple as moving monsters around or changing item drops all the way to color change in monsters and running events.
  5. oh if only you guys saw the rpg's of old. I faintly remember one of my first. rpgworld.. I wonder if there are any servers for it anymore. probably not. house building, underground mining, excellent magic system, great skillsets across the board actually. one bad problem.. it was such bad graphics.. lol if ANY made a 3d great graphic game based on that they would make a sweet mint.
  6. Cat bowser in Super Mario 3d world...
  7. Let's just say Call of Duty can be one huge ???? moment. Me and a bunch of friends are playing CoD: IW. We were doing a 3v3. My team, other than me, was noted as the "Rushers" while the others were "Tacticians". They thought things through too much and planned for head on, close quarters fight. They didn't account for me, I usually snipe. This was on hardcore mode by the way so friendly fire was on. Well, the match went a lot longer than expected. Long enough for me to get my payload. (Ballista. A sniper rifle like weapon that fires spikes that can pin enemies to walls and such). Well, someone from the other team didn't realize I was above and behind them as well as that one of my teammates were coming around the corner. I took the shot, expecting an easy kill. Nope. I end up pinning both my teammate and the enemy to each other. Their bodies start freaking out and doing flips as the slide across the floor. Eventually they hit a wall, but it wasn't over. Taking out my sniper, I scope in on them. The bodies are pinned to the wall, but still freaking out. By now my stomach hurt from laughing, but it didn't end. All of a sudden the bodies got sent in two different directions. On the mic I hear one of my "victims" go "Did anyone else see that!?".
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  8. Playing PlanetSide 2. If you've played that game, you should know that the New Conglomerate has a reputation for teamkilling.

    So I was with my Terran Republic squad assaulting an NC-held facility in Amerish, shooting gay purple Vanu soldiers and slaughtering space capitalists as we push deeper into the facility. After some time with heaps of Liberator support, the TR was slowly gaining more ground, with the Vanu Sovereignty being wiped out and forced to retreat, leaving the NC fending off waves of TR players.

    Eventually, the TR manages to break through NC lines and push even harder. The surviving NC players were huddled in a small respawn room, shooting through the gaps when they could. I admit, they were hunkered deep in there, and it was pretty much impossible for us to go near because we would get taken out by massed fire. Then one guy tossed a grenade.

    It bounced off the wall and killed everyone inside.


    So, of course, we were totally confused, but we managed to capture the facility. That also pretty much confirmed the rep the NC has.
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  9. i have two. one, game related, one, gaming friends related.

    first one is the ending to shadow of the colossus. cue me laying on the floor in a ball sobbing like a wee babby

    second one is playing CoD:WaW with a friend and his mom yelling at him to do the dishes. he says "the games almost over", she says "the game's over NOW" and proceeds to pull the a/v cords from the 360 out of the tv and started swinging them at him and all i can hear thru my headset his him yelling and running while his mom is chasing him until the controller got too far from the 360 and the wireless disconnected. its been almost a decade and i still bring it up to make him blush.
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  10. Welp, better nerf Greninja.
  11. "Why can't my computer run games at more than 30 fps?"
  12. Three words.

    Screw. Until. Dawn.
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  13. If I remember right, "What the f**k" is literally the last line spoken in Assassin's Creed 2, so I'm going with that f**king ending.
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  14. I saved the fucking Skyrim world and i was put in a prison because of an arrow that was shot across the map who had probably touched a guard instead of the dragon that was destroying the town !

    And also, the chicken on the first village is probably their idol or something, because when i killed the chicken when everybody was sleeping, they all came out from their house and killed me. "Whazzup man, killing chicken is a dealth penalty there !"
  15. You mean Nirn.

    And yeah, I accidentally shot a chicken while a dragon was attacking town and everyone attacked me and killed me. The dragon then flew away. I'm pretty sure it was laughing at it did.
  16. What/Who is Nirm :o ?
  17. [​IMG]
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  18. Forgive me, Corro-Senpai ~
  19. I witnessed an enemy on phantom forces look directly at me and ignore me... instead walking up to a BFG (.50 sniper rifle) to pick it up... All i could say it was a confusing free kill
  20. If I had one of those moments, I probably couldn't recall it.
    But what I do remember is one time on Skyrim, I got stuck in a pot for like 20 minutes until I finally freed myself from it. If I had Whirlwind Sprint, I would've used it, but no I just avoided the Main Quest like the plague.
  21. I remember a friend of mine wanted to try pc gaming for the first time, but they didn't quite have a hold of the controls just yet, but I let them play stick of truth on hard mode annd after finally getting past the tutorial their first fight they died and they instantly raged and gave up, I laughed really hard LOL.. Not really a "?__?" moment for many, but for them it was like "WOAH WAIT WHAT HAPPENED? I DIED? ALREADY, WELL THEN BYE."
  22. Ohhhhh i remember it now, this crazy thing that made me laugh before on Age of Empires 2. There was a priest (i think) who could turned every opponents allies by saying "Wolololo." It was pretty funny, and the gestures with his cane made it even better. I miss this game now...
  23. Roses are red.


    Roses are blue.
  24. I am the source of ???? Moments with my cousins when we play games.

    Particularly Injustice 2.

    My entire strategy with any given character (usually Bane or Captain Cold) is to crouch and press the X button. A lot. My cousins always seem to fall for the crouching jab spam.

    The moment they block low, though, I throw them. They always fall for this.

    These are people that do these insanely long combos that take off 3/4 a health bar, and they lose to me, when I just press buttons.
  25. During my offline play in Skyrim...

    I was wandering around Riften, and whilst leaving, a horse ran out nowhere and started to follow me around. Naturally, I thought, 'Maybe I bought a horse from a stable somewhere?'. After seeing some odd physics and glitches (bodies getting stuck in walls, dragon flying through a mountain, enemy npc's running into pillars, etc.), it didn't surprise me.

    Cue the 'WTF' moment...

    After going to every stable that I had previously visited, I had never once bought a horse of anyone. To this day (thanks to the power of having to save), this horse still follows my character around, and I can ride it. But it only shows up at the most inopportune times, namely when I am fighting Blood Dragons.


    Okay, this is probably one of my top ones. We were on a mission, and for some reason, me and a group of my friends had decided to ride motorcycles. Normal, right? Well, it was until we were speeding down a highway, and had to make a sharp turn a little bit further down the way by some buildings in the city. Everyone else made it...

    Somehow, after getting barely clipped by a car, my motorcycle blew up (mind you, it was in perfect condition) , blew up, and after I respawned, explosions were still going off and the whole block was reduced to nothing but fire and blew-up vehicles.

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