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Fandom Yes, I'm jumping on the bandwagon

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I suppose I'm back. Hello again.
I too have been swept away by a global craze and this is not even the first and only request thread for it, but I am craving a RP based around Squid Game. Some of the other search threads are not quite what I'm looking for so I will make it clear now that for fandom RP's I only do OCxOC. If you don't like this, then I suggest backing out now.

Firstly, some rules:
-Please be at least 18. I'm into my 30's so writing with anyone younger just gets awkward.
-I write at an advanced-literate level. I would expect my partner to do the same. Just give me something to work with. I especially love character development.
-As I am self-conscious about my writing the RP would be occurring over PM.
-I do not have any major triggers of note and I rather enjoy exploring dark subject matter. If you have triggers or limits then please warn me in advance.
-If you are looking for a speedy poster who is able to whip something up daily then I am not the partner for you. I really try to aim for at least a couple times a week, however.
-I am terrible at starting conversation and may say something odd if we strike up OOC discussion. Consider yourself forewarned.

Plotwise, I'd rather not deviate too far from the original premise of the show. We could have this set during an earlier game (the show reveals that it has been a thing for about 30 years) or perhaps a future game. Maybe Gi-Hun could even exist in the background trying to sabotage it as he heavily implied he would. For characters, preferably I'd like to have us both as players, but if there's interest then we could potentially switch it up to some other pairing. I think there's a lot of different dynamics we could explore here, both from the perspectives of players and guards (or even VIP's). Of course, I am also open to doubling as well if it enhances the story. Lastly, romantic or platonic pairings are okay with me. For romance, though, I do have a preference for MxF or FxF.

Interested? Please PM me. I promise I don't bite (not hard at least) :3

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