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Fantasy Protecting the Last Dragon Rider {Merc/sell sword needed}

(So, this is my take on grumpy man has to escort chosen child through dangerous places except this child’s best friend is a big dragon)

Long ago, the kingdom of Aria was ruled by dragons and their riders. This was called the Golden Years of Aria unfortunately, a man named Viggo grew jealous of the riders and the magic they siphoned through the bond with their dragons. He and his men killed all dragons and riders, crowning himself king and ending the Golden years.

One hundred years later and Aria is ruled by the bloody fist of Viggo’s great grandson. The dragons and their riders have fallen into myth and legend. Y/C is a sell sword who is down on their luck and will do any job for the right price.

They are offered the mother of all jobs, the last job they’ll ever need. It’s simple really, escort an eleven year old girl (my character) out of Aria and to the colonies outside the borders. The colonies where the resistance against the king is stationed. All Y/C knows is she is crucial to the resistance and what he doesn’t know is that the girl is actually the last dragon rider
A chance to channel my inner grump, I'm down.

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