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Fandom XPeare: A Shakespearean Fictional Crossover

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Through the lost annals of time and space, very few things last than true works of fiction. Books, television, movies, written word… all surpass and outlive mere mortals. Though their meanings may be lost on generations after the time of their conception, one thing about them is true: the characters and stories live on in some strange way…

… We bring ourselves to a world outside of Time; a world known as the Globe: aptly named for how reminiscent it is to the old theatre in the latest part of the 1500s in Earth’s London. Omnipotent beings constructed worlds akin to that of those found within the Bard’s epic plays: tragedies, comedies, histories and more…

Fiction given form.

Though the settings existed, these beings (known as Directors), had yet to find the perfect cast for their world. This was quickly rectified when they summoned up their comprehensive libraries of fiction: speeding through television series, popular films, and even comic books to fetch characters of all makes and brands. All served as the proper material for finding their cast.

Though the characters weren’t straight from Shakespeare’s plays, they were given their motivations while still being themselves. Any powers possessed and any wit or lack thereof was portrayed into the characters, whether they truly had it or not. An amusing experiment, they thought.

- - - - -

NOW to the meat and potatoes of this RP idea:

  1. YOU will play the role of a fictional character from an established source (Comics, Movies, TV, Games, etc) but there’s a catch: you’re that character IN a Shakespeare play. Weird? Follow me.
  2. You’re probably wondering how that works. We’ll be doing plays one at a time (seeing how interest picks up or doesn’t depending on who we get involved). In said plays, you won’t need to speak in the “thee” and “thine” and instead you would speak as your character would. Not the exact lines of dialogue either, but you still follow the plot of the play. Still not following? Good.
  3. Our example will include the famous Romeo and Juliet. Two star-crossed lovers who die at the end of the play. How they GET to that point is entirely up to you guys! If a character is meant to die, they MUST or else bad things happen… bad things? What? Characters must fulfill their goals in the game. THAT is the simple part.
  4. The challenge lies herein: Romeo is not Romeo. The player who chose to recast Romeo has chosen Sasuke Uchiha (Boo me if you must, it’s an EXAMPLE). This means that throughout the game, Sasuke must fall in love with Juliet (who is… let’s see… Mikaela Banes from Transformers) and at the end of it all, die. Mikaela must also die at the end of it all… but how this happens is again, up to the players. Their interactions with other characters in the game should reflect this. Whether it’s by a nuclear explosion or the iconic poison, Sasuke and Mikaela must fall in love and die together. Do you like crack? That’s the kind of pairings you’ll get with this… save, repeat, enjoy.
  5. NOW the fun begins. Those interested in a character will “audition” and submit their character they wish to have play the role of the iconic characters in the play. Throughout the game, they will be referred to by their ACTUAL name. The play would be named “Sasuke and Mikaela” and so on, so on, bleh bleh. Give us your best, because this will be far from the worst.

The character sheet~

Trying out for: (Insert Character Name Here)
Replacement Character: (Insert Fictional Character Here)
Franchise in which they exist: (Insert Franchise-- you get the idea)
Noteworthy abilities: (Your powers and the like)
Image: (Let’s see what they look like)

You want a shot at this? Let’s see what we can do! And if you want to have more than one character, feel free. Again, we aren’t limited to the scenes within the play itself. Scenes can happen between other characters who may never have interacted before (Tybalt may have an aside with Lord Capulet, or Juliet may discuss some things with Mercutio… it’s fiction and it’s fun. It’s fine. Fine fun. Fun to be fine.)


Fandom Flipping Flapdoodle
Haha ok this sounds cool.
Glad you think so!

Looks interesting. So this is an episodic RP that loosely follows the shakespear's script right?
Yes indeed! I would say each Act would be its own Episode, so to speak. We can get a brief overview of what must happen in each act or scene, and however The Players decide to get to that point will continue to drive it.

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