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  • Greetings

    Hello! My name is Chitto and welcome to my partner search! As the title said I am looking for some long term writing partners to give my writing urge a scratch! I hope you stay a while and read through everything! If not that is okay too, not everything is everyone's cup of tea! With that being said, I hope whatever you find here is worth reaching out to me so we can think of something to create!

    This tab is a small introduction to why I made this thread and to simply say hello to anyone that has decided to check it out! At the bottom there will also be where I will place the recent update I feel it is necessary for whoever is reading this and thinking about messaging me should know!

    The next tab will be a small "About Me" so whoever it may concern can learn more about me as a person before making the decision to reach out and try to start a story with me. I will also include a writing example there as well so anyone can have a small idea of what my writing style is and the average length of my replies.

    The third tab will be what I am looking for in a partner and a few other things I feel need to be listed. Out of everything here that someone could read through fully, I recommend that it would be that tab.

    The last tab will be the things I am most interested in in the current moment and what I have been craving most. I may also include a few pairing ideas and/or plots I have in mind.

    Why and Updates

    Why was this thread made, you ask? The reason it was made is because I have had the biggest urge to write stories for a really long time, but only recently have been able to get onto this website and start doing just that. I am super excited to get more people to write with and create characters and worlds with!

    June 12th, 2022
    Updated the BBCode to this one and also added a few things such as cravings to the pairings/plot tab.
    I also want to inform everyone reading this that I am having a bit of a hard mental time right now do to a situation I am in so I am not on like it says I normally am, but I am doing my best. Please stick with me while I get through this. Do not feel discouraged about messaging me to write together because of this. It is always easier for me to focus and be excited about something else rather than think about my problems all the time.

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The whole BBcode has been changed since a few people told me it was hard to navigate.
I also went ahead and added actual cravings to the roles/plots section.
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Cravings have been updated. Really feeling demon x human pairings right now. I have a plot line in mind that I wanna talk over with whomever feels up to it! Remember to read most of the post and DM me if interested!

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