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Would you like to...


My english might not be the best...

I'm quite new to this site and i'm looking for RP partners.

I'll just create a list of things to be aware of when RPing with me.

  • I'm from Denmark, so do consider timezones as a problem if you're not from europe.
  • Since my first language is NOT english, i WILL make grammar and spelling mistakes. (But i'm fairly good, concidering i've not had an english lesson for more than 3 years.)
  • I'm a female and not too fond of RPing as a male, but i do have a couple of male OCs.
  • I'm not that great at making really long posts. I'm more likely to make short to medium long posts.

And now things i like:

  • Fantasy
  • Dark/Semi-horror
  • Adventure
  • Romance (all sexualities)
  • Post-apocalyptic

Things i don't like that much:

  • Fandom-based RPs.
  • RPs with more than one other RP-partner.

I hope to hear from you guys :)

Hugs and kisses from Denmark.


The One and Only
Hi! I'd like to do a Fantasy or Post-Apocalyptic RP, with adventure and a little romance. PM me if you're interested, but I can't reply right away since I'm gonna go to school.


Mind Over Metal, Metal Over Flesh
I'd be interested in anything you put up, though one thing; I always RP a male character, I just have 1 rule, wether it be games, books or RP's, I use a character the same gender as myself no matter what; but I'm good with pretty much any kind of RP and would love to participate in one of yours.

Contact me if you ever want me!

*vanishes into the night, dragging a 600-foot potato with him*

Dolphan of Lyfe

I'm evil to the core, what I shouldn't do I will
God, I would like to partner with you in a 1x1. I would prefer Fantasy, because dang, I want to play a dolphin. I would do romance. Like, a Neko rp.

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