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Fantasy Wonderverse: Lone Oak High School



Demon Defier
The sun sat alone in the endless blue sky. It's bright rays casting down onto Lone Oak, bathing it in a warm yellow. Today marked the first day of the school year. The school courtyard was covered with swarms of students, young and old alike. They were scattered around like ants, some searching for classes, some searching for friends, and others just standing around socializing. The bell was about to ring signaling the start of school.

Jack Baker

Jack wore a pleasant smile as he strolled along the concrete pavement. "I wonder what Lone Oak is gonna be like. A school just for metamen like me." His gaze was suddenly drawn to the empty sky as he pondered on what his future school life would be like. "Maybe it'll be fun. I hope so." He turned around a corner. "I'm curious to meet loads of other metamen and learn of their abilities." As he walked, the school finally came into view. "Lone Oak..." With one hand holding a handbag slung over his shoulder, he used his free hand to dig into his pocket and pull out of slip of paper.

"Mr. Richardson..." Jack could tell he arrived at the school from all the loud chattering coming from the mass that filled the courtyard. He climbed a small set of steps leading into the courtyard and with a few "excuse me" and "can I get through"s later, he made his way inside. To be fair, the courtyard wasn't extremally full to the point you couldn't move. But, for some reason groups of students preferred standing in the ways people actually had to move through instead of off to the side. Inside the school was significantly less crowded which came as a relief to Jack.

As he made his way through the halls he made sure to take in the stunning yet simple design of the interior. "Wow, this is some school. And this isn't even it. Apparently this school is like a campus and has several buildings and locations surrounding it." Jack came across a window that showed a completely different side of the school. One with a huge open field that looked like it was used for sports or physical activity. "I'm sure I'll have time to explore later." After climbing a set of stairs and making a couple turns, he arrived at his class. A slim window was built into the door which drew Jack to peer in.

The classroom was empty. He tried the doorknob and it worked. "I guess the teacher isn't here yet but students are welcome in?" Just before he opened the door he realized there was a note stuck beside it saying exactly that. "Right. Guess it would've made sense to check for a note..." Jack shook the stupid off and entered the classroom. His eyes darted all over as he slid in between desks in search of a seat.

He settled on one in the back that was in the middle. Plopping into the chair and tossing down his handbag, a sigh of exhaustion slipped through his lips. "Now we wait."
Kamila King
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Everything was new to Kamila. New environment, new people, new school, new everything. She luckily at to school before the courtyard was too crowded. Quickly looking around for somewhere to sit, she soon found one and ran to take it before someone else did. "Thank god I wore sneakers today." She said quietly to herself. Before sitting down, she slid her backpack off of her shoulders and breathed a sigh of relief as she took a seat and placed her bag right beside her. With her hair tie that was around her wrist, she decided to tie up her hair. The sun was brutal right now as its rays were cast onto the campus. And fortunately for Kamila, her wardrobe choice today was indeed the right choice for this hot day.

She wore a light white t-shirt that was tucked into a pair of black ripped jeans and her old pair of sneakers that has been with her through everything. Once she finished tying her hair up into a ponytail, she looked at the courtyard that was filling up with students talking in groups and even faculty and some heroes passing through the crowd. It looked like a chaotic but beautiful scene to Kamila, this was start of some people's journey, for some this was the last part of their journey before becoming heroes, it was a scene of different people coming together. This made Kamila reflect, closing her eyes she thought, what would her journey look like, what would she have to go through, who would she meet, all these thought filled her head.

After a few moments of this, she opened her eyes and scanned the crowd once more and spotted a familiar face. This made her smile, at least she knew she wouldn't be alone through all of this. Opening her pouch of paper, she used her powers to take one royal purple sheet out and folded it into a paper crane in her hand. Seeing her handiwork in her hand, she used her powers once more to make it float up into the air and navigate it through the crowd. After a few seconds, the crane made it to that familiar person's shoulder and rested upon it.
Shirley Irwin
The towering girl nervously made her way through the new school's campus, attempting to carefully weave between the throngs of new students without colliding though this was made somewhat more difficult by the girth of the large carapace-like structure carried along on her back. Taking the space of two walking side by side was also somewhat of an issue when it came to some of the doors, needing her to try and slip in sideways to get to her eventual destination. Taking small glances on either side as she walked, the girl would only shirk somewhat more at the inevitable stares, there really were far more people than she was used to, way more packed in and it was getting to her.

Fortunately, however, she was given somewhat of a wide birth meaning getting to her destination was not as hindered by the attentive students, though the inattentive ones would feel as if they had walked into a wall when colliding. Shirley herself was only becoming aware of such due to the oompfs or thwomps the collision would eventually lead to, followed by a nervous apology from herself and shirking away before more could be said.

The campus was large for sure, but she had become somewhat adept at reading maps growing up, though those were normally a little more sparse and larger scale. So eventually after a small amount of trouble, she arrived at the classroom, and with a final doublecheck slipped inside to glance around at the occupants. She would slowly fidget with her hands clasped around her school bag in front of her as she glanced at the delinquent-looking boy. With a deep breath she would give a small nervous wave in greeting before scurrying to the rear of the class to take a seat. She was naturally more than aware that any closer seat would likely result in issues anyway when it blocked the view, besides she had good hearing so she might as well make use of it. Maybe if she stuck to the back she would also draw less attention? a hard task but she could hope.
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Jack Baker

CompanyShirley Irwin
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A couple of minutes passed and Jack had begun rhythmically tapping his desk with his fingers, thinking of one his favorite pop songs. The smooth feeling and slight shine of the desk proved they were recently cleaned. A tall girl with what seemed like a large shell attached to her back walked into the classroom halting Jack's finger tapping and drawing his attention. "Uh is this girl an upperclassmen? She must be here to drop something off for the teacher." That idea was immediately put to rest as the girl had waved and begun heading towards the back for a seat. Jack slowly waved back and his eyes followed her every move since she entered the classroom, so shocked that he hadn't even spoke yet.

Once she took her seat, Jack turned to her and extended a hand. "Hi, I'm Jack." A charming smile crept onto his face as he held the girl's gaze.

Kloudus Orion

Location: Home==>Lone Oak

Interactions: kakemha kakemha

Outfit: Golden sleeveless shirt, black jeans, black boots with Gold laces

Kloudus groaned deeply as his alarm clock blared its awful tone, awaking him from a slightly fitful sleep. He slammed his fist down to shut the contraption up before forcing himself to pull the warm cover away from him whilst shivering at the coldness of his room. Kloud sighed one more time before getting up and moving to the shower to prepare for the long day he had ahead. After doing all of the necessities, Kloud threw on a gold sleeveless shirt, black pants, and Black combat boots with gold laces before grabbing his book bag and sauntering out his bedroom. “Good morning Kloudus” his mother spoke in a soft tone while she flipped a pancake with ease “Good morning Mother” Kloud responded immediately, grabbing a bottle of apple juice from the fridge “have a good day love” the woman smiled and handed him what looked to be a sandwich wrapped in paper towel “don’t be late on your first day, and remember you have training today….you know how your father is when you are late” the woman sighed before ruffling Kloud’s hair “mom do you know how long it takes me to get my hair looking this good?? ” the boy groaned while trying to fix the curls on his head. His mother rolled her eyes and turned back to the stove “I’ll see you later” she spoke again as Kloud exited the house.

The sun was vicious today, beating down onto the earth like they were in a cage match to the death. Kloud walked on the sidewalk enjoying the feeling of the sun blazing down on him, he could practically feel the energy surrounding him which caused him to smile slightly. Within a few minutes he had made it to the campus and while taking the last bite of his egg, sausage, and cheese sandwich, he sighed upon looking at the school “welp, this should be a joy” he rolled his eyes and began to push through the students who seemed to be purposely standing in his way “so when I make a hammer and smack all of you I don’t wanna hear nothing” he groaned out as he pushed passed the students. As he exited the small crowd, a small, purple origami crane landed on his shoulder which made him grin like a mad man “is that my favorite person” he grinned and practically skipped across the courtyard as soon as he saw kamila’s face in the crowd “Kami!!!!!” He ran up to her, giving her a bear hug “why didn’t you tell me you would be going here too? This day just got like thirty times better” he heaved in one voice, the annoyance of having to be in school now replaced with joy upon seeing his best friend.

Sweat began to form on his forehead and he wiped it with a towel he had stole from the house before leaving “you know, having light powers is cool and all but some heat resistance would be nice” he mumbled holding his hand outstretched, it began to glow a beautiful golden color before a hand held fan took form. Kloud took the construct and began to fan himself, sighing in content at the cool air hitting his skin. He looked back to Kamila “we should probably get to class” he said taking a glance past her to the massive clock that was attached to the school.
Shirley Irwin
Tapping her fingers together she would slowly cast an eye across to the boy speaking, swallowing hard as she internally debates how to respond. She really wasn't good with people, what should she say? He did look like a delinquent so did he want...lunch money? is that what delinquents did in schools? but she didn't really bring anything. It took her a few moments to realise she was just staring at this point, realizing she needed to say something otherwise she would seem even weirder.

"Erm...H..Hi, Im....Sh...Shirley. Nice Weather? Erm no i mean, Nice to meet you....I think?"

Optimo Optimo
Kamila King
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Seeing Kloud's face light up just made her smile even more. Although seeing him running towards her, she did brace herself. Kamila knew all too well about Kloud's famous bear hugs, she's received quite a lot of them. But when he did get to hug her, a happy laugh escaped as she hugged him back tightly. Once he finally let her out of the hug, she quickly grabbed her backpack and slung on of the straps over her shoulder. Hearing that his day just got better she smiled and hung her arm across his shoulder and said, "Well I'm glad I make your days better. And I'm here cause you are here. Did you really think I wouldn't come? Where else would I go, Klo?" She joked as she tilted her head to have it lay on his shoulder.

Soon enough she stood up straight as she anticipated Kloud's power. Although he had a powerful and cool power, she didn't feel like getting blinded by light today. So once he started using his powers, she turned her head to face away. Once he was done, she turned her head back to face him and said, "Heat resistance would be very nice for anyone. Luckily, I dressed light. Can't saw the same for you. I'll admit the whole outfit looks amazing, but... i don' think those combat boots are doing you any favors with the heat." Looking him up and down to asses his outfit, it did look very good, stylish even. But seeing him fan himself, she got an idea.

Opening her pouch once more, she manipulated the paper to make an umbrella of sorts, big enough to cover the pair through the sun and provide them some shade. Once the paper umbrella was made, Kamila reached out to grab it and held it between her and Kloud, giving them both some shade. "Now you have shade and cool air. You can pay your thanks with giving me some cool air as well." She joked as she started walking forward, expecting Kloud to follow for both the shade and for that fact that he was right, they should be getting to class.

Once they were out of the rays of the sun, Kamila broke down the umbrella structure back to the individual sheets of paper, then put the sheets back into the pouch. She could alway reuse the paper if needed. As they walked and talked through the halls, they eventually found their classroom. Both of them entered and immediately she noticed two students already there, she wondered what they would be like. Finding a eat next to Kloud, she took off her back pack and sat down.
Chie W. Beaufort
Location: Lone Oak High School Campus > Classroom hallway
Interactions: SilverFeathers SilverFeathers

Lone Oak High School... Despite its name. It is a school for super-powered beings, students who possess abilities far beyond human capabilities. Mastering their powers and their own future with quality education like no other.

"Todays! The day!" Standing outside the arching entrance. The Campus was quite overwhelming in size even from the entrance view. The girl took a deep breath as excitement fuels her electric veins. "And with a few minutes to spare!" Looked down at the brown strapped wristwatch, its hands ticking slowly into the time for the first hour of class. It was time to get moving inside. Students of all shapes and sizes roam the schoolyard. Each one is more unique than the last. She could only graze around the crowd of students as most were bigger and more intimidating if she were to plow straight through. It's like an obstacle course. Luckily managing to find herself out of the maze of schoolyard students.

She'd find herself inside the classroom hallways, looking upon the shining sun out the windows, sending its rays upon the future of Lone Oak High students. In the same sky is a paper crane flying by eye level, it wasn't a real bird but it mimics the reference itself.
"Art does imitate life, huh?" telling herself before walking down the hall with no further thought.


The girl's basic look may still put her out of place. Almost making it as if she belongs in a different school. The worn-out leather suitcase in her hand doesn't help either. It obviously has seen better days as its phthalo blue color mutes to almost that of gray. It is almost covered in large specks of black soot despite the attempted cleaning. Apart from its damage and filthy appearance is the braided alizarin crimson ribbon tied to a cheap pink plastic bracelet of sorts. Like some kind of cheap mockery of a handcuffed Suitcase.

She looks back down to her wristwatch checking for the time briefly, It was only just for a few seconds that she'd already bumped into another student. Even in her peripheral vision, there were two tall students ahead blocking her view, until the two decided to divide themselves like curtains, apart to reveal a golden blonde boy to collide to. "Eep!" She squeaks, stopping her walk completely and looking up at the blue eyes of a boy.

"Oh! Umm... Hello! I didn't see you there! I am sooo sorry about that... Hehe..." Scratching the back of her head that is screaming for mercy.
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Jack Baker

CompanyShirley Irwin
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The tall girl stared at him for a moment before shaking his hand, almost as if she was debating actually doing it. Jack's grip was firm but gentle. A captive chuckle escaped his lips as the girl struggled to find her words. "I'd say both." The animal-like ears the girl had drew Jack's attention. Then his gaze fell to her eyes. "They're big. And adorable..."

His face suddenly warmed up and a tinge of red became visible as he realized that he accidentally spoke his thoughts out loud. "Your eyes, I mean..." He quickly said to recover. Then it occurred to him that he still felt something in his hand. He was still holding on to the poor girl's hand. "Oh! Uh, sorry!" A nervous chuckle concealed the embarrassment plaguing his brain.

In an attempt to relieve himself of this plague, he attempted to change the subject. "Shirley right? Can I ask about that shell-like thing on you?" The shell appeared hard, yet smooth. It had a tannish color with a hexagonal pattern all around it.
Nathaniel Griffin

Appearance: Wearing a casual white t-shirt and light-blue jeans, with a big sage-green backpack on. He has his earphones and a campus map in hand.
Location: Lone Oak Courtyard -> Classroom Hallways
Interactions: Vagabond Spectre Vagabond Spectre
It was just a school like any other, with courtyards and classroom-filled buildings, but words couldn't even begin to describe Nathaniel's anticipation and excitement right now. Though his face showed no signs of it, this was the starting point for making his dreams come true. Moving his eyes from the buildings to the crowd ahead of him, his only concern at the minute was having good teachers as he stepped past the courtyard's entrance.

Quickly, he noticed a couple of odd stares here and there. Perhaps fans of his father, people that hated his mother, or avid readers of superhero news. Either way, his appearance was no secret, so it was expected for students of a metamen-focused school to recognize him. Gossip was like a plague however, it spread uncontrollably. The few number of eyes on him today would likely double by tomorrow. Perhaps he should relish the small amount of peace he would have today, though as he thought that he still put his earphones in, not wanting to listen in on rumours or be interrogated.

Making his way inside the classroom building without a fuss, he peered silently at the repetitive and unending hallways before opening up the campus map he had kept on hand. He knew himself, so he knew he needed it, but even after asking a kind passer-by for directions he still managed to get lost.

"She said up the stairs and turn left... how did I mess that up?" He muttered with a sigh, standing face-to-face with a storage closet.

Scratching his head, he decided to follow some students back to a more populated area of the school as he tried to decipher the map. But in his lack of focus, he ended up bumping into someone and dropping his map, causing it to slowly start swaying back and forth towards the floor. Reflexively, he used his telekinesis to fling it back into his hand, catching it casually as he looked down at the girl and took out his earphones.

"Don't worry about it, I wasn't paying attention either." He smiled gently, quickly glancing towards the floor to see if he had accidentally caused her to drop anything as well. The girl, a fellow student he assumed, was dressed quite smart with a worn hand-repaired bag. She seemed far from the type to gossip or spread rumours. After moving past and having a moment of thought, Nathaniel decided to save himself the headache and just ask for help again. I mean, at this rate, he was going to be late for his very first lesson.

"Actually, um, miss, do you know how to get here?" He turned back to the girl and lightly tapped her shoulder, before holding up his map and pointing towards the classroom he was supposed to be in. "I'm really bad with directions, I asked someone earlier and still managed to get lost." He elaborated a little sheepishly.

63651573-8BA2-4399-AE52-354DF9A7BE39.jpeg Kloudus Orion

Alias: Warlock

Attire: Gold sleeveless shirt, black jeans, black combat boots with gold laces.

Interactions: kakemha kakemha

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You have a good point” Kloud grinned throwing his arm over her shoulder, chuckling when she averted her eyes from the light of his powers “come now, you can’t still be sensitive to light after all these years, imma start bringing an extra pair of shades” he laughed before pulling the sunshades out of his pocket and placing them on his head. “And please, these boots are good in any weather” she shrugged “best boots to stomp someone out with and plenty of these kids need a gooooooood stomping” he grinned physically pointing to the group of kids who had blocked his path just a minute ago.

He sighed in content when Kamilla created the umbrella “you know, you’re amazing right” he smiled, snapping his fingers which made his handheld fan turn into a small industrial fan that floated next to them, it’s golden blades pushing cool air onto the both of themis that better your majesty” he rolled his eyes, walking next to her into the school. The school was stunning to say the least, beautiful paintings hung on the walls, kids running around to find their class, it was all very….mundane “hmm thought it would be a bit more exciting” he groaned while walking next to Kamilla.

As they both entered the class, Kloud took note of the few students that already sat in desks, the only student who seemed to stand out was a kind looking girl with some kind of shell on her back that was talking to a male student “that’s interesting” he pointed out, not caring if he sounded a bit rude even though he was actually intrigued. He sat near the back of the class, smiling when Kami sat next to him “ so what kind of trouble are we gonna get into here? Oh and mother is making her baked ziti tonight if you wanted to come get a plate” he spoke while sliding his book bag to the ground, pulling a black notebook from it along with a black ink pen
Chie W. Beaufort
Location: Classroom Hallways > Homeroom door
SilverFeathers SilverFeathers

The student had dropped a paper off their hands, a map of sorts. The girl had to adjust the dangling glasses on her face to get a clear view of the student. He was fairly tall and the strong mysterious type. She'd find herself looking straight into their eyes, briefly. Shaking her head back to reality, she nervously smiles.

"Well my apologies it was on me, I hope you have a great d--" Not wanting to overstay her apologies she attempts to brush past until a tap on her shoulder forces her to turn back. Her awkward smile remained at the forefront of her face, expecting trouble or suspicion. Turns out just another student who is trying to find their way into the classrooms. She gulps and adjusts her red necktie to lean to a close glance. Barely even a second she gazes back up at the boy with astonished eyes.

"Were... Classmates!" Almost dropping her jaw in the cheerful delivery. "No, really! That's where I'm heading also! It shouldn't be far from here just one more turn ahead to the left!" Pointing down the hall ahead of her, with a turning path to the left.


"I-- Ehhh... Nice to meet you! I'm Chie W. Beaufort! How are ya?" Following up with an awkward teeth smile that can rival a toothpaste commercial, she puts her free hand out waiting for a handshake. "Let us go, we aren't late yet if that's what you are worried about. O-on the contrary, we are on time!" Now stepping backward with a heel turn to march down the hall with a formal marching beat. It didn't take long before she'd find the Classroom door.
Kamila King
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As Kloud pointed out the tall girl that sat at the back, Kamila turned her head slightly to look at the person he was referring to. Giving the girl at the back a once over, she nodded in agreement to Kloud's statement. "Interesting power indeed, you have some ideas in mind already?" She asked him. It was something she liked to ask him, if he had any ideas in mind or combo moves to take down an opponent. It's a game that she liked to play since she was young, and she kinda just roped Kloud into playing along with her.

"Immediately thinking of what chaos we can cause? Seems just like you." She joked as he asked about the trouble they could get up to in this school. "But we'll have to wait and see, Klo. I'm sure you'll be the one to come up with cool ideas." She said. If Kloud wanted to do something, high chances that Kamila was right there beside him, they were like two peas in a pod.

"You mother's baked ziti? Say no more, I'm definitely grabbing a plate. It beats whatever I was gonna try to whip up anyway, I'm really low on groceries." She accepted his offer of his mother's amazing baked ziti. Whoever would pass up that woman's food is a madman in her eyes.

Looking over her shoulder, the student that the tall girl was talking to caught her eye. She wondered what kind of power he held, and how strong he was. Grabbing a sheet of paper out of her pouch, she used her power to fold the sheet into a paper humming bird. Once it was all folded, she threw it up into the air lightly and made the wings flap and made it fly around her and Kloud. She always liked making cool little origami creatures. She remembered that the 100 paper cranes challenge was no challenger for her, the room was filled with 100 of those things in about 5 - 10 mins.

"What do you make of him?"
Kamila asked Kloud as she continued to have the paper humming bird fly around the pair, for her source of entertainment.
Nathaniel Griffin (#81BEEE)

Appearance: Wearing a casual white t-shirt and light-blue jeans. He's sitting at his desk, with his sage-green backpack, earphones and a campus map on top of it.
Location: Classroom Hallways -> Class
Interactions: Vagabond Spectre Vagabond Spectre
Blinking at her enthusiastic response, Nathaniel was just as astonished, though his face wasn't nearly as expressive of those emotions as hers. "Wow, what a coincidence." He chuckled lightly with a hint of relief, both glad to hear that the person helping him out wouldn't be late for her lesson because of him, and that he would know at least one kind-hearted person in his class. Though, looking towards the direction she pointed at, he couldn't help but mildly sigh with frustration, wondering how many times he had walked past here and never went down that path.

"It's nice to meet you too Chie, I'm Nathaniel... Griffin." He paused oddly, contemplating and also partially hoping that she wouldn't recognize that surname, before continuing. "I'm alright, especially now that I know where I'm going. How about you? How was your morning?"

He smiled genuinely with curved eyes, amused by her funny smile and request for a handshake, before taking her hand and lightly shaking it up and down. He wasn't usually offered handshakes, so it felt a bit foreign to him, but it was kind of fun to do.

Following after her rhythmic marching, he glanced outside for a moment before responding. "That's good to hear, I really couldn't tell if I'd make it on time or not." He stated casually, though it really showcased how he had no idea where he was before she came along.

In Nathaniel's view, Chie was a funny person. Weird, wasn't quite the right word for her, but she seemed oddly interesting and expressive. Perhaps quirky was a better word? Either way, she seemed fun to both watch and interact with. He was kind of the opposite, his face didn't move much unless he actively did so. But he was glad she was the first classmate he had met here at least. He wondered how strong she was, and if they could spar sometime...

Nathaniel ended up staring at her with a scrutinizing and analytical eye, right up until they entered the classroom together. Sparing a glance around the room, he didn't really pay attention to the others until he found a quiet corner to settle down in.

"It was nice meeting you Chie." He nodded at her with a smile, before walking over to his window seat and putting his stuff down. He assumed someone like Chie had friends in class already, so he just sat by himself without inviting her to follow.
Chie W. Beaufort
Location: Classroom
Interaction: SilverFeathers SilverFeathers
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"It's nice to meet you too Chie, I'm Nathaniel... Griffin." Followed up with a return question about her day and a light handshake. Her gaze exited to stare into the ceiling as if trying to remember something important until she is slung back to the conversation she is awkwardly holding. "Oh! My day! Sorry! I-i am, great! I prepared yesterday for this day. Don't wannabe late first day, hehe..." Awkwardly scratching her head.

Moments later
Despite the boy's calm demeanor she still felt awkward for being careless. She kept a friendly face just to not get on their bad side, after all, Lone Oak high's students are sometimes more than they appear.

Making it into the classroom door, her eyes caught on the number of students inside. 4 were already inside, all looking like ordinary students back in her years in with normal peeps. Maybe with an exception of a gargantuan girl seated in the back with sheepish energy. She could simply just nod followed by a
"Good morning." Straight forward and simple. Nathaniel grabs a seat by the window, a good view. As much as she likes to follow suit and sit beside them. She required a more optimal seat for her schooling experience. "That should do." Taking the center front-row seat. Close to the board and given her height she won't obscure vision to those in the back. "Hmm. I miscalculated the time of class. Well, better early than late in this case."
Sin Chaser
Leasath Cissnei

Leasath skidded to a halt in outside the classroom door, entering in slowly as he visibly tried to catch his breath. He'd clearly been in a rush.

"Whew, just in the nick of...time?" he took a slightly confused look around the only partially filled classroom. "Am I early? What time is it?"

He looked up to the classroom's clock. "Time to get a new watch. Ha." Taking off his rusted wristwatch, he shoved it into one of his black jacket's outer pockets. The old thing had just tricked him into thinking he was late when he was in fact early, leading to an unnecessary mad dash through a hard-to-navigate crowd.

Taking another look at the class, it occurred to him that he now felt too awkward to initiate chit chat with any of them after that odd display of his. He took the seat that was closest to the door, figuring it would be the most convenient way to enter and leave the classroom, even if it'd really be shaving off a few seconds of time each time.

Great start, Leasath. Let's see how much further you can jeapordise our high school social life just as its started.

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5B63F263-7E47-41D6-B69B-A3084F104464.jpeg Kloudus Orion

Location: classroom

Interactions: kakemha kakemha

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Kloud chuckled and and looked to the tall girl again “I wonder how she feels about being a human yo-yo” he shrugged, the scene playing out in his head which brung a small smile to his face. He turned his head to who the girl was talking to and gave the boy a once-over, “hm a little awkward, adorable though .” He shrugged once more “can’t determine what type of power he has, maybe telekinesis or telepathy?”

Kloud was found of this little game he and Kamila would play, they had been creating combo moves since they were little kids and now enjoyed thinking of new combos with the powers of random strangers….it was a little odd to be fair but it gave Kloud that little sense of freedom to choose and use his imagination which he doesn’t get to do that often.

Kloudus turned to watch some new students walk into the class room and take varying seats, one sat next to the window peering out over the campus and another say closest to the door “and now we have both ends of the spectrum” he chuckled to himself rolling his eyes slightly “so tell me Ms.King” he started, returning his attention to Kamila “do you think we’ll have a sparing class? I could go for kicking some butt today” he leaned his chin into his open palm with a small smirk

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Hearing Kloud suggest that the girl be turned into a human yo-yo, she almost burst out laughing then and there, but luckily she kept it to a light laugh. Thinking about what that would look like in her head just made the thought of the combo move funnier, but Kamila had to admit, it could be really effective. "I'm not to sure that any person is keen on being a human yo-yo, but when in doubt, we both can make very good convincers." She said jokingly, though they might be able to convince the girl considering her shy demeanour.

"Adorable, yes. Awkward, maybe a little. He seems like the charismatic type to me. Probably a ladies man, but we'll find out." She said, looking at the boy again. The way he talked and held himself screamed confidence, if not just a bit of it. "If he had telekinesis, he might give me a run for my money." Kamila joked, she was confident in her own abilities that she could be able to beat anyone with telekinesis if they were trying to manipulate paper. In truth, paper was practically like her second skin, a part of her own body.

Following Kloud's gaze, she saw the other students that were seated around the classroom. "It seems like we do, this could be an interesting class." She said as she gave all the new students a once over, trying to determine how strong they could be. But once Kloud started talking to her again, she gave her attention to him. "A sparring class would be incredibly fun. You are always down for kicking anyone's butt. But if we're partnered up together, these people better watch out." She told him as she smirked right back.

"But i'm hoping we could have a stealth class." She said as she made her humming bird fly down and grab Kloud's sunglasses off of his head. "I'd say I was always a better at stealth." She laughed a bit as the bird flew higher as to make the sunglasses out of reach. Though after a few moments, it placed the pair of sunglasses in her hand as she stopped making the bird fly around and instead it stood on her desk like a normal origami creation, as it if wasn't flying around just a moment before.
Shirley Irwin

"They're big. And adorable..."

The girl would stare for a moment, a few twitches of her ears up and down as she slowly processed what he said, her face quickly turning red before suddenly crossing an arm over her chest and turning away from him, muttering something indistinguishable to herself.

It took her a few moments, however, to realize his correction and her emotions to then flip to embarrassment "E...Eyes?...S..Shell?, I...erm, It...its part of my...well ability i guess, Its part of me so i can't really take it off and i know it gets in the way...." her words following back into mumbling as she taps her fingers together a little overwhelmed at the moment.

She seemed to have become completely oblivious of all the others joining the class at the same time, there really were getting to be a lot of people and she wasn't sure how she should handle it all. Did they see her make a fool of herself with the misunderstanding? she hoped not but this really was going to be a struggle to deal with in general she just knew it.

Optimo Optimo
Jack Baker
The click of the doorknob twisting resounded throughout the classroom, drawing Jack's attention. In came two students. Both about average height. One was dark-skinned but looked tough as hell. He had a clean fresh cut and several piercings in his ears.

He wore a sleeveless vest that displayed his muscular arms which were mysteriously covered in scars. "What happened to his arms?" The other student with him was a girl. "She's pretty." Her wavy brunette hair graciously framed her face. Jack's eyes lingered on the two for longer than considered normal before he caught himself and directed his gaze back to Shirley. The two newcomers found their seats in the back with him and Shirley and conversed among themselves.

"They must know each other already." Jack's brows raised after he witnessed the two glance towards him and Shirley then turn back to continue talking. "Are they talking about us?" The thought floated around in his head for a bit before he decided to let it go. He caught the girl look at him again. "Is there something on my face?" He brought up a hand to feel around his face, checking for anything out of the ordinary. "Maybe she finds me attractive..." A very brief cheesy smile flashed upon his face before he dismissed the idea.

By the time he got out of his fantasies a bird made of paper was flying around? "Wha... Is that someone's power?" More and more birds appeared and Jack tracked down the source, the girl. His lips helplessly crept into an impressed smile. "That's cool, but also beautiful in a sense." There was something majestic about the paper birds soaring around the room. They seemed so alive.

Jack opened his mouth to compliment the girl but he was interrupted by another click sounding from the door. Another pair walked into classroom. "Are they friends too?" He chuckled as he scratched the back of his head. "I'm starting to think it was required to show up to class with a friend." He studied the two. The guy was kinda tall but man was he a stunner.

"That guy is... Gorgeous...." Jack wasn't homosexual but he didn't back away from acknowledging the guy's prettiness. It was undeniable. If he had long hair he could probably be mistaken for a girl. Speaking of girl, the one with him was about average height and she looked like your typical school nerd. "Ha, cute." She had big green eyes that sparkled behind her frames and her hair was pulled back into twintails.

"Seems like students are really starting to show up now." Just then another student showed up, this one by himself. He had dark hair and amber eyes. He came in like he was in somewhat of a rush and immediately sat down in the seat closest to the door. "Wonder what his deal is..." Jack eyes finally landed back on Shirley as she spoke about the shell. "Oh, it's apart of her ability." Listening to the awkward pauses and stuttering in her speech, he came to the conclusion she may be a little embarrassed.

In an attempt to cheer her up, he grinned and met her gaze. "I think it's pretty cool. And I'm sure you'll do just fine. Let's be friends okay, Shirley?" Then there was another click at the door...

Leon Byrnes aka Aftershock

LocationSchool hallways > Class
CompanyEveryone in class
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This was it. The start of the school year. The period for Aftershock to be a babysitter and take care of a bunch of superpowered, hormonal, and incredibly dramatic teenagers. "I suppose my joyful summer has ended." A ruffling grunt reverberated from his mouth. "Meh, it's alright. I'll whip these kids up good. Make them some of the best heroes this world has ever seen." A slight smirk cracked through his frown.

"Wonder what this batch of students will be like." The clacking of his shoes resonated off the walls of the hallway. He was now a few feet away from the classroom door. With a click, the door opened and Aftershock entered, surprised by what he was met with. He was silent. He stood frozen at the entrance of the classroom, staring at the dozens of paper birds frolicking about his room.

His expression was blank, unreadable. "Great start." Without saying a word, Aftershock walked over to the podium at the front center of the classroom. He had medium-length light blonde hair and vivid blue eyes. He laid down the stack of files and papers he strolled into the classroom with. "Whoever is doing the thing with the birds, cut it out." He shut his eyes to figure out the words he wanted to say, reopening them when he was prepared to speak.

"There's several things we have to cover so let's get straight to it. First off, welcome to Lone Oak. I'm Aftershock. You can call me that or Mr. Byrnes. I'll be your primary teacher here at Lone Oak High If you do as I say and don't piss me off, we should get along well. Before I really get started, I'll let you all know now. There should be no talking or conversing while I'm doing this run-through. Anyways, there's some things I need to go over that the school wants me to, so listen up. For starters, and this may come as a surprise to some, but you all will be assigned and put into dorms. You should all be moved and settled in by the end of the week. Next, using your powers on campus without staff supervision, instruction, or permission is strictly prohibited." He paused and shot a glance towards Kamila. After clearing his throat, he continued, "Third, physical fighting with the intent of seriously harming the other is also strictly prohibited. Practice sparring and friendly matches are permitted with staff permission. Fourth, any intentional damage to the school or it's facilities or staff can and will result in serious punishment and/or expulsion. Alright, I think that just about covers that. Now, time for an overview on my class in particular. Don't be an annoying brat. If you need help with something or have a question, ask. Personally, if I had my way, I'd tell you all not to bother me outside of school hours but by school guidelines I am required to tell you if you need anything outside of school, contact me." Aftershock rolled his eyes. "Don't abuse that. Anyways, I'll let you all know I'm not your typical teacher. I'm not like your old middle school teachers. This class may not come easy to some of you. You'll get through it though. I'm more of a hands-on approach, practical type teacher. We'll be getting active in this class, believe that. Now, any questions? I'm sure I've forgotten some things but a question might jog my memory. If there are no questions, we'll move on to the next activity."
Chie W. Beaufort
Interaction: Optimo Optimo

The door opens, and a man with overall rugged features enters. He's about as tall as the shelled girl in the back. Straight to the point as he took little to no time explaining a few house rules to the low count of students in the class. The girl looks to the back then to her side just a few feet away is a boy sitting next to the exit. Not close enough for whispering range. There are 6 Metamen so far which is low in classroom count. Chie looks back at the man's cold stone face.

"Good day, Sir! I'm Chie W. Beaufort. Is this all of the attendance?"
The girl raises her tiny hand. Right from the get-go she has a childlike voice almost squeaky in some ways. Standing did nothing for her as the man still towers over her, not meeting eye level.
Sin Chaser
Leasath Cissnei

Leasath listened attentively to the man's introduction, taking special note of his name.

Mr. Brynes

He wondered which name he should pick to refer to the teacher by. Aftershock sounded familiar to him and it was easier than remembering a regular name. In fact he had an easier time memorising codenames in general over regular names, so Aftershock it was.

Next came the various ground rules that the teacher would go over. Leasath kept a notepad and pen handy, writing while keeping his eyes on the teacher. After almost every sentence Aftershock said, the noise of a pen scribbling could be heard, as if punctuating the end of each one while Leasath noted them all down in bullet-point form. Obviously he didn't NEED to do this, since his memory was generally pretty good, but his last conflict with authority had given him something to be wary of and he didn't want to risk anything.


Leasath didn't have any questions and so remained silent when Aftershock asked the class. When Chie spoke however, he'd almost instinctively written down her speech too, getting about as far as "Goo-" before he stopped himself. She raised an interesting point though. Was everyone else simply late?

Guess its time for them to get a watch
I need a new watch

Code by Serobliss
Chisomo"Lone Oak High School. I can't wait to show everyone how amazing I am! Hehe"Chisomo chuckled to himself while his mother scrolled on her phone. The sun was absolutely brutal today, but the young boy was safe in his mother's limo. The quiet hum of the A/C was interrupted by Adaeze,"My sweet bambi, this is your first step into...into...into adulthood,"His mother began to get choked up as she spoke,"And this will be the first time you are away from the family and me for an extended amount of time..." Before she could get through half her sentence, the tears began to roll.

Chisomo finally noticed his mother crying and reached over to wipe her tears,"Mama, why are you crying?" Instead of answering, his mother just grabbed his head and kissed his forehead. That was her usual way of saying, don't worry about it. The older woman chuckled wiped the remaining tears and hugged her son close,"Sorry, bambi. Forget my tears! I have a surprise for you!" A warm smile spread across her face, as her son began to bounce up and down in his seat. Snapping her fingers, a box case appeared on Chisomo's lap. Chisomo slowly pried the case open with bated breath. Feasting his eyes on a straight saber with a blade dark as the night sky. The boy's face was stuck in a perpetual state of shock as his hands slowly caressed the blade down to the hilt, until the driver's voice drifted in,"I don't want to ruin the moment, but Chisomo's gonna be late because we have a flat!"

"What!? I can't be late on my first day! I have to make a dynamic entrance! Mama, YOU should've been ready earlier"
"...Excuse you."
"You took too long to get ready so, I'm gonna be late!"
"....."Her brows furrowed,"Hmmm...Didn't WE get you this limo last minute? So last minute, the company didn't even have a driver available, so your dad has to drive?"
"Uh, yesss..."Chisomo stared at his mother blankly.
"Didn't you also change your outfit four different times, after you overslept, and before you changed my outfit six times?"
"What! We have to look good, so all my future friends will know I have style."
"You're wearing a simple flan- Tah, You know what...I have a spell that will get you to school quickly, and you shouldn't be late, but you can't do it in the car. Now if you are late," Adeaze gave her son a sweet smile and handed him a slip of paper, "Here, give this to your teacher."
"Awesome! Thanks, mommy! So....What's the spell?" Chisomo asked as he collected his stuff and got out of the car.
"Repeat after me... Walkyaasstoschool "
"OK... Walkyaasstoschool!"
"Good! Just say that three times really slow!"
" Walkyaas toschool! Walkya assto school! Walk ya as-"Realization flashed over the boy's face as his eyes slowly shifted to his mother, who was glaring daggers at him while his father just chuckled under his breath,"Yes ma'am, and I better not be late or else...." With his head held low, Chisomo expressed what he knew his mother was gonna say before he picked up his stuff and started walking to school, but before he could get far his dad honked the horn. Leaning out the window, the paternal figure yelled,"You have 10 minutes before the bell rings, bambi!" The words sent shivers down his back as he could feel his mother's glare through the tinted windows. Turning on his heels, Chisomo sprinted towards the school at his full speed.

Chisomo made it to the school grounds with a minute to spare, although he did have to hop a few fences just to barely get there,"Woah, this school looks so nice!" He chirped as he made his way across the campus grounds. Just as Chisomo made it into the school the bell rang, signaling his doom. Defeated, the fledgling hero made his way to the classroom prepared to beg for forgiveness, until he realized he still had the note his mother gave him. With a sliver of hope left, he wished on the falling star in his head, that this note was an actual excuse and not a cruel joke his mother orchestrated. Knocking on the door to his class, Chisomo slowly peeked his head,"Um...Sorry, I'm late?"

Kloud opened his mouth to respond to Kamila when a rather attractive man walked into the class, immediately reprimanding Kamila for the use of her powers “well dang, he’s our teacher?” The boy smirked, resting his chin on his fist. He listened to the man talk and rolled his eyes slightly “so they regulate the use of our powers?” He mumbled to himself in disbelief. Kloud was at a loss, he used his powers for literally everything and now this man, albeit a good looking man, was telling him students weren’t allowed to use their abilities without adult supervision.

This is going to be a drag” he whispered to Kamila when the girl known as Chie began asking Mr.Byrnes if this was the entirety of the class. Kloud didn’t like school, he never has. Although he made good grades at the request of his parents, school was a concept that he absolutely hated. Being forced to spend time with complete strangers made him absolutely livid to say the least but he would never make that known, he had to live up to the Orion name which meant doing everything for the sake of his family’s reputation amongst the insurgent population.

Kloudus watched as a new kid peaked his head into the door and apologized for being late. Kloud chuckled softly before opening his notebook and began drawing little sketches of various weapons and ideas for constructs.

Leon Byrnes aka Aftershock

LocationClass > Physical field
CompanyEveryone in class
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The maddening ensemble of paper fluttering about was really beginning to get to Aftershock. His brow twitched but thankfully Kamila dispersed the origami birds before he spoke again. Suddenly a student rose their hand. "Someone is actually asking a question? Hm, most students don't ask anything and stay quiet at this part." Aftershock glanced down at the girl then over to a clipboard he had sitting on the podium. "Uh, no, actually. We have a few missing stu-" As if on cue, the door to the classroom creaked open and in popped a head. Aftershock's gaze slowly shifted to the new arrival.

"It's fine. Just have a seat for now." He took the letter he had and opened it, reading it over and taking it all in. The male instructor shot a quick glance up to the late kid then back at the letter, before folding it up and placing it on the podium. "Okay! If that's all the questions, everybody grab your things and follow me." Aftershock would exit the classroom and lead the students to the physical field.

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