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Fantasy Wonderverse Lone Oak High School Characters



Demon Defier
Appearance: (No realistic fc's please.)

Hero or Villain name:

Race: (If you plan to be anything other than human or metamen, speak to me about it first.)
Eye color:
Hair color:


Hero/Insurgent Classification: (See below.)
Powers: (Superpower)
Power Level: (See below.)
Abilities: (Regular human skills and feats)


(Feel free to fancy the CS up if you'd like. And ask any questions if you have any.)

Hero/Insurgent Classifications
SS - Word level threat
S - Country level threat
A - City level threat
B - City block level threat
C - Superhuman level threat
D - Human level threat

Power Levels
1 - Non offensive abilities and powers that hurt the wielder more than others.
2 - Powers that are deadly but not extremely powerful.
3 - Power that destroy a city
4 - Power that could destroy the world
5 - Power close to a God’s​
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Lone Oak High Student Identification

➖ 🔳 ❌
Image credit: Made in Picrew
Real Name: Chie W. Beaufort
Hero Name: Lucerna (Pronounced as Loo-Cher-nah)
Race: Metamen

Age: 15
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3ft
Weight: 126lbs

Occupation: Student Hero

Hero Classification: D (Human Level)

Personality: Hardworking and quite eccentric at times. She appears to be the typical classroom bookworm, always getting her nose stuck in the books and it reflects her way of interaction. She is one of the students who can study for longer periods of time than the average student. Punctual to almost any event, one can count on her to appear on time and on schedule. Although this habit of hard work can lead to losing a bit of social awkwardness. Even in her pretend confidence, her awkwardness leaks through the mask which may or may affect her Hero work. What makes up for this is her genuine sense of justice and compassion towards others.


  • Reading Law Books
  • Cooking Rice-based Recipes
  • Embroidery art
  • Visiting Museums

Hero Emblem: (Illustrated by Vagabond Spectre)

📂File Opened!

📝Unavailable (For now)

➖ 🔳 ❌

📂 File Opened!

🧠 Psycho-thunder!⚡

Power Level: 2 - Power is deadly but not extremely powerful.

Power Description: A Metamen ability to conduct thunder and lightning using an overabundance of electricity produced in the brain. In Chie's case, she can harness the Netron nerves to distribute the high amount of electricity to shoot out of her body. Making her a human electric battery of sorts. Even with Human Physiology, the natural Pyscho-Thunder energy hardly affects the body.

In combat:
Using this Electric Power in combat. One will visually notice Chie's Lime green eyes glow bright and a low buzzing hum can be audibly heard when at least a foot near her. Without equipment, She can shoot a single or multiple electric bolts in at least 40 feet max. The farther the less focused and crooked the bolts become. Sometimes splitting into a fork. This will require a long power training course before Chie can successfully at least focus lightning in an Area. When coming in contact with the electricity one will experience the standard electric shock. The following effects will be listed below as to what Chie can consistently do.

  1. Full body Paralysis (When performing powerful voltages of Psycho-Thunder)
  2. Electric Overloading of small electronic devices
  3. Concussive push (Noticeable in higher power voltages)
  4. Conduct electricity through metal
  5. Electric burns (Only happen at breaking Chie's electrical limits)
Addendum: As of further research. Turns out that Student Chie has a 45% immunity against foreign electricity. Specifically when it comes to electrical exposure and scarring. While she can still be tased, it may take longer and stronger tasing equipment. She seems to heal electrical-related scars faster and more than a Human.

This thunderous power has tremendous flaws to keep in mind. Mostly head-related injuries and emotional factors. Much like standard electricity, she can't tase non-conductive objects. Consistent side effects have also been listed below.

Level 1: Headaches and Nausea- Upon prolonged (even if non-continuous) and consecutive usage of the power. Chie may lose focus and increased mood irritation in this state. Electrical Attacks are slightly unfocused and louder as observations show. Headaches are a common problem that can cause irritation.

Level 2: Bloodshot eyes- If pushing limits further. One will notice her eye veins begin to show and on some occasions her nose may start to drip out blood. She may lose physical balance at this state. Electric attacks become more violent and powerful but very unstable in accuracy.

Level 3: Unconcious- Before entering this critical state. Chie is under high stress, has shortness of breath, and experiencing fatigue. After experiencing all three at once she will collapse physically and the body enters an unconscious state. May wake up after 2-4 days.

File opened! 📂

Locked Abilities

This section is where research on the Lone Oak High Student: Chie W. Beaufort's developing abilities are gathered. As so far 2 abilities were observed to be theoretically possible. If trained properly these can be unlocked and utilized.

🔒 1. Shock shield- Since Chie can emit electricity all over her body. One may think she could turn this into a static force field. given her concussive side effects in her electric abilities. In other words, she can tank more damage than metal conductive objects.

🔒2. Psycho Tendril- A more complex ability. Can be compared to plant-like tendril vines. Using lightning bolts as extended limbs to grab objects and organic beings with an electrifying effect. This requires more intense focus than any other abilities Chie possesses.
Pros and Cons

no slide

Nearsighted- The Student wears glasses for a reason. Take off the spectacles and one will find that she needs them to see afar.

Acrophobic- Fear of Heights. The student seems to take caution not to place herself in high places that even from a 7-foot tall ladder would cause her to climb down without hesitation.

Anti-Intimidation Voice- Unfortunately, Chie's voice isn't one for yelling "Get down on the ground, now!" or "Drop your weapon!" as her voice is far too gentle to invoke fear in most.

➖ 🔳 ❌

File Opened! 📂

Gants de Tonnerre Mk 2- A pair of thick gloves designed specifically for Electric based Metamen like Chie. Used as a conduit to focus Chie's Psycho-electricity into the palm of her hands and doubling as a work quality gloves. Its glove color is light gray with silver fingertip thimbles and layered a triple palm silver plating. As a sense of style and protection. Near the edge of the wrist is a gold bracelet sticking to the glove itself. Protects her wrists from physical injury.

Ear Mounted Flashlight- A strange standard flashlight that is customized to be worn like an earpiece. Seems to have the bright quality of a tactical flashlight. It is also shaped in a way that Chie could slide in her glasses as an extra hook to her face.


Chie's background was not much, just a kid with a dream to become a Hero. Born to two loving couples who have traveled a long journey to meet each other, Her father Mr. Matthieu Beaufort is a loving father who works hard for his family especially for Chie that the loss of a leg and eye from his past is just a mere inconvenience and does not hinder his work as a car mechanic. The mother is Amaya Watabe Beaufort the mother who works for Citibank as a Bank teller, the Metamen that Chie got her extraordinary abilities.

She had simple school life, although Isolation is common for the girl as her abilities were untamed and potentially dangerous. Nonetheless, she remained an outstanding student in her primary school years. She was labeled to be safe than most Metamen of her age.

In a world of rampant superpowers, Insurgency is ever-present on this battlefield. Among the many incidents. One, in particular, changed Chie forever. The Citibank Fire Incident. The news spread like wildfire as the fires of the bank itself. Chie didn't know that her mother won't be returning home that day.

Something awakened within the girl's heart upon the death of her mother. So great that it is all that she could ever think of. Now wanting to train her hardest, hone her powers, and sharpen her skills. Perhaps become a Hero starting in Lone Oak High.
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  • Kloudus Orion
    Code name : Warlock
    Status: Undecided


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Name: Shirley Irwin
Hero Name: Bastille

Race: Meta
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 240lbs
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: White
Occupation: Student

A shy and demure girl with an introverted personality, holding a preference for what she knows with clear rules she becomes nervous and uncomfortable in unfamiliar and chaotic social environments.

Powers: Cingulata Physiology / B3
Shirley holds a superhuman physique that is both immensely durable and powerful, holding many of the features of an Armadillo though vastly enhanced. Notable features are advanced dermal armour which she may curl in upon to create an almost impenetrable ball, enhanced hearing and smell, claws and more. These claws combined with her strength can allow her to be highly proficient at burrowing through solid materials and climbing vertical surfaces, in addition, her powerful legs make her quite adept at great leaps. Aside from her innate physiology, however, she also appears to possess the ability to communicate with various animals, though such is far easier with those of higher intelligence.

  • Horticulture Expertise
  • Medical Experience
  • Animal Handling and Affinity
  • Grappling Training
  • Shirley struggles to handle colder environments, consistent exposure leading to lethargy and eventually forced hibernation until the temperature increases.
  • Portable medical kit with diagnostic tools and supplies
  • Additional Armor including breathing apparatus, shell insulation and padding
Shirley comes from a family of foreign heroes specializing in environmental disasters, rescues and conservation efforts. As a result, they would be constantly moving and lack permanent residence in an urban environment. This has also affected her socially, often lacking those her own age to interact with and instead preferring the company of the various animals she would frequently encounter.
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Name: Kamila King

Alias: Origami

Race: Metahuman

Age: 14 years old

Gender: Cis Female

Height: 5’4

Weight: 120 lbs

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Brown

Occupation: Student

Personality: Kamila has always been a helpful and loyal person. She might not open up much about her personal life, but she’s pretty approachable for just about anything else. Her sarcastic remarks and having no fear of speaking her mind just adds to her personality. She incredibly hard working, for thing that happened in her past, it’s ingrained in her mentality. But she’s so much of a hard worker that she never seems to know when to stop. It’s rare that you’ll ever see her resting, she’s always working on something, whether it’s training her powers or helping a fellow classmate with tasks. She’s been burnt out several times, but she always seems to come straight back to work or sometimes even during a burnout shell show up to work, with little care for her mental health. But underneath her confident and kinda facade, she’s incredibly insecure. (for reasons you’ll find out if you know her past.)

Hero/Insurgent Classification: Ranging from High C - Low B

Power: Paper Manipulation - The user can shape and manipulate paper and manipulating paper-like substances, such as papyrus and parchment that are close to standard paper.

Power Level: 3

Future Power Upgrades:
  • Paper Mimicry
  • Widening her range of using existing sources
  • Increasing the amount of sheets she can manipulate
  • increasing the speed she can make paper travel

  • parkour expert
  • good with throwing weapons (like shuriken and throwing knives)
  • amazing cook
  • can speak english, japanese, irish, and scottish

  • can’t generate paper so she has to use existing sources of paper within a 15 mile radius
  • get cuts, ranging from paper cuts to open wounds, depending how much she over uses her power
  • her paper can get burned like normal paper
  • Pouch consisting of 64 sheet of origami paper, most sheets are a royal purple color

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Name: Nathaniel Griffin
Hero or Villain name: Chimera
Race: Metamen
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11
Weight: 164 lbs
Eye color: Pastel blue
Hair color: Golden blond
Occupation: Student​
  • Personality: Nathaniel is someone kind and attentive, used to following after his mother's crazy whims and rants with a gentle smile. He has a calm, soft-spoken and flexible nature, preferring to follow along with what everyone else wants to do. But he also has the vague qualities of someone invisible, as he rarely voices his own opinions on matters, often preferring to direct questions back to others or asking new ones himself. The only time he seems to stand out is when it comes to the subject of power. He is not shy to admit his greed and drive for it. Though on the contrary, he is very humble about his own strength, thinking it nothing compared to what he wants to achieve.

    History: Nathaniel was the product between a rookie chaos-loving insurgent and a stoic longtime superhero. Rumours of whether it was a one-night stand, a seduction ploy, etc have whirled around him for the past five years, but even he was never told the full truth. At first, his birth was a secret, raised by his chaotic and power-hungry mother, but once he was ten his father discovered his existence and took him under custody, arresting his mother in the process. Naturally, his relationship with his father was sub-zero for the longest time, but over the years it has thawed to become somewhat vaguely lukewarm.
    Mother- Insurgent - Doll Manipulation - Marionette - Silvia Alprice
    • Criminality: Nathaniel's mother was a fast-rising criminal, infiltrating important business warehouses, stealing and selling their secrets, as well as committing grand larceny with the help of her army of dolls despite her angel-like appearance. One infamous incident she was apart of was the Citibank Fire, where more than a dozen people lost their lives trapped in the bank building.
    • Power: Her core power is to breathe life into the dolls she creates through hand, which act as loyal independent servants that act on her will.
    • Classification: She was initially classified as D2, but that quickly escalated to B2, reaching the cusp of A3 whilst she was amassing an army of human-sized dolls before she was ultimately shut down by Nathaniel's father, Chrom.
    • Nathaniel inherited much of his looks from his mother, with similar golden hair and blue eyes.
    • Although he still loves her, looking back on it now, he realizes she was indeed a manipulative parent.
    Father - Superhero - Metal Fortification - Chromium (Or just Chrom) - Jacob Griffin
    • Heroism: Nathaniel's father is a superhero that has served for a long time, an ever-present and reliable man of few words.
    • Power: His core power is to absorb metal and fortify his body using it, potentially turning his entire body metal if he absorbs enough.
    • Classification: He was initially classified at B2 more than a decade ago, has been a stable A3 for a very long time, and is now something like a new/unstable S class(deals with A class insurgents well, but needs to properly prove himself against an S class insurgent).
    • Although Nathaniel did not inherit his father's silver hair or eyes, they do share a resemblance, especially when they smile.
    • His father is a good parent, but one that often clashes with Nathaniel's unrelenting dream of becoming powerful. Instead, his father wishes for him to live a quiet, peaceful life, far from the conflict and bloodshed that comes with becoming a superhero.

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Name: Jack Baker

Hero name: Wonder Kid

Race: Metamen

Gender: Male

Height: 5'7

Weight: 153 lbs

Eye color: Black

Hair color: Brown

Occupation: Student

Personality: Jack is one of the friendliest, most approachable and most charismatic people you'll ever meet. Ever since he was young, he's been able to make friends incredibly quickly. He's kind but he's not soft. Hurt someone he cares about and you'll feel his wrath. Jack is also a little bit of a snark, helplessly making jokes throughout regular conversation.

Hero/Insurgent Classification: A (Potentially SS)

Powers: Gravity Manipulation - Jack possesses the ability to mentally manipulate gravitons enabling him to control gravity. He can surround any object or person including himself with gravitons and anti-gravitons, thus increasing or decreasing the pull of gravity upon it.

Power Level: 3 (Potentially 4)


Intelligence - Jack is highly intelligent for his age with advanced knowledge in various fields.

Leadership - Due to his charisma and usual positive outlook, Jack is a natural-born leader.


Stubborn/Unyielding - Jack has strong convictions concerning what’s right or wrong and imposes his morals on other people. He’s unlikely to fold to other opinions and is resistant to criticism on his hard work.

Out of tune with emotions - Jack is bad at expressing his feelings and would rather bottle stuff up or isolate himself when under pressure.

Sometimes insensitive - When Jack is moody or under pressure, he has a habit of lashing out. He knows what to say to drive the most hurt into his words.

Takes on too many obligations - Jack has a tendency to overwork himself and has difficulty relaxing. He carries unrealistically high expectations for himself and has a fear of failure.

Equipment: N/A

History: File redacted.
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"Run all you want, nobody can outrun their sins."
Leasath Cissnei
Hero Name : Sin Chaser
Male | 15 | 5'7"| 120lbs
Race: Meta | Hair Colour: Black | Eye Colour: Amber
Hero Classification: C-B | Power Level: 2-3
Equipment: Motorcycle Helmet | Aprilia RSV4 Motorcycle (Current Steed) | First Aid Kit | Blunt Sidesword
Leasath is pleasant and amicable to all who befriend him, coming across as a little reserved but still happy to make jokes and raise the energy of the room when needed. He prioritises the safety of his allies over winning battles, though he will throw caution to the wind and go all in if he's the only one fighting.
Being a mostly well-mannered and well-raised child, Leasath still needed an outlet for his emerging teenage rebelliousness, taking to illegal street racing with an abandoned motorcycle he'd found and fixed up. He was a good sport about it, never using his powers to cheat except for the purpose of repairing his bike. He was even friendly with his opponents, and perhaps got a little too attached for his own good. One of the racers he'd beaten had been doing the races in an attempt to help pay off a debt to loan sharks, and that loss meant the poor soul had to deal with the violent debt collectors. They'd been too rough with him, and Leasath's valued rival was dead.

Despite all the friendly traits Leasath had, mercy was not one of them. He did what a dumb teenager would do, and set out on revenge. It went terribly, and Leasath was laying injured on the road with the mob closing in around him. He'd managed to make it into enough of a commotion that the police had already arrived at this point, dealing with that issue. Leasath had been far out of his depth with this, and a confrontation with both criminals and law enforcement brought to his attention what his real goal should have been. If he was going to fight crime, he'd do it properly, at Lone Oak.
Information Absorption: Leasath learns things quickly and has no trouble studying, as much as he still dislikes the act of it.

HEMA Fencing: Leasath is a HEMA fencer with experience in various forms of swordplay including Longsword, Rapier, and Sidesword among other weapons.

Motorist: Leasath is no stranger to joyrides, and has gained an impressive skillset in less-than-legal motorcycle racing.
Powers | Vehicle Possession
Possessing the Steed: By making physical contact with a vehicle, whether it is in working order or nothing but a wreck, Leasath can make that vehicle his "Steed", instantly repairing it and enhancing it far beyond its normal levels, as well as gaining free manipulation over it. The enhanced Steed gains a bright amber hue in its light-emitting components.

Controlling the Steed: The Steed obeys Leasath's every mental command, whether that be driving and moving exactly how he wants it to or autonomously carrying out a task he's given it. Physical aspects of the Steed can also be manipulated, such as moving materials around into different shapes to either provide better defense or to weaponise existing components of the Steed. For example an enhanced wheel may be used as a grinder, an enhanced exhaust may become a flamethrower, and an enhanced rotor wing may become a rotor saw.

Only one Steed can be controlled at a time. To create a new Steed, he must relinquish control of the old one. Even when enhanced, a Steed cannot fully exceed the original purpose of the vehicle. For example, even though an enhanced motorcycle may be able to make much farther jumps than usual, it still cannot be used to fly. Living mounts such as horses cannot be turned into a Steed. Leasath's powers are effectively useless without a nearby Steed or a vehicle to turn into one.



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Name: Leon Byrnes
Hero name: Aftershock

Race: Metamen
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Height: 6’4” (195 cm)
Weight: 202 lbs
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Light blonde
Occupation: Instructor/Hero

Personality: Leon can be very cool and composed if need be. But there are times when he's prone to showing a bit of a violent temper. What specific things set him off remain unknown so most people are generally cautious when interacting with him. He likes to smoke, drink, and one of his hobbies is visiting red-light districts. He's not a bad guy though. He does respect people and is a gentleman. However, he does like to embrace the pleasures life has to offer. Loving the finest wine, sake, and beautiful things. He lives hiding many bitter things, has hardships, and blows off steam in amazing ways. So, some of his flawed hobbies are a way of blowing off steam, or trying to feel better in the midst of a tough occupation. Unfortunately, he finds drinking to be good healing for feeling bad. As an instructor though, Leon may have an unorthodox way of teaching and may be “harsh” to his students but he truly does love them and cares for all of them like his children.

Hero Classification: A
Powers: ???
Power Level: 3
Abilities: Intelligent - Leon is actually incredibly smart and studied a lot before becoming a professional hero. When applicable, he uses his knowledge to outsmart enemies.
Alcoholic - Uses alcohol to drown his sorrows.

Females - When Leon spots a pretty woman he doesn’t hesitate to flirt and hit on them. This often serves as a distraction for him.
Equipment: N/A

History: Error. Students cannot access instructor files.
Chisomo Elliot
AKA Duelist


  • Race:


    Cis Male



    Eye color:
    Brown, but they change colors to reflect his powers

    Hair color:
    Black, but the tip of his hair will change colors to reflect his powers

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Appearance: (No realistic fc's please.)
Name: Tobias "Toby" Jones
Hero or Villain name: Violet Hound

Age: 14
Gender: male
Height: 5'3 (not transformed) 7'1 (Transformed)
Weight: 156lbs(Not transformed) 178(Transformed)
Eye color: Black(Normal) Blue(Originally), Black with Purple Pupils (Transformed)
Hair color: Brown
Occupation: Student

Personality: Okay, How should Explain what Tobias is... Well to put it short Tobias is a Problem child with Anger issues that gets into violent fights. Tobias has been a Ranbuncious kid that starts up fights because students would either pick on him or call him "No-eyes" due to his eyes. Tobias refers to be away from people and likes playing his guitar in his free time. Tobias can be a bit of a jerk because he won't probably help you if you have a problem but if you are friends with him enough he'll help you.

Hero/Insurgent Classification: Level B
Power: Monster Physiology: Tobias has the ability to transform into a 10-foot-tall Quadriplic monster with purple fur and andy striped horns, He can also Breathe fire because of his father's ability to do that.
Power Level: Level 2 will grow into 3
  • Talent in Musical Instruments: He knows how to play Instruments, mainly The guitar, Which he loves
  • Quick Thinker: After a Whole bunch of fights in his years, Tobias has learned to Think on his feet when he's in one
  • Singer: While being a Guitarist, Tobias has practiced singing with his mother sometimes.
  • Power exhaustion: Tobias using his powers can result him in exhaustion after a few minutes of use of his powers if he gones longer than that he'll well- pass out for a couple of days to recover.
  • Anger Issues: Remember when I said that tobias has anger issues, well this can bring him down because when he's mad, you should run because he'll become a destructive fiend that won't listen to anyone.

History: System Error Unable to Bring up Student's File

Name: Malik Lee Harris
Hero Name: Maelstrom

Race: Metaman (Experimented on)
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Height: 5’6
Weight: 126 lbs
Eye color: Goldish Hazel
Hair color: Brown
Occupation: Student

Personality: Malik is a headstrong individual who thinks that only the present and future matter and that the past shouldn’t define who you are. Other than that he is determined to become a hero despite his upbringing. Despite the cheerful demeanor he puts on, if he’s ever reminded of a “certain day” he’ll become rather aggressive as well as a bit fearful.

Hero/Insurgent Classification: B
Powers: Beast Shift - Malik can shift his limbs into monster like claws to enhance his strength, speed, and agility. He can also climb walls with them
Power Level: 2
Abilities: • Stamina - Due to the nature of his power, his body needed to be trained in order to handle its speed. His training paid off and now has slightly better stamina than most humans.
• Gardener: Malik has somewhat of a penchant for growing plant and is very knowledgeable of some kinds (most plants look the same to him sometimes)
• Pickpocket: Something of an old habit. It has varying degrees of success
• Muscle Strain: If he uses his power for more than 10 minutes, his arms will suffer extreme pain and must be reverted immediately. After that they need to be on cooldown for 5 minutes.
• PTSD: Due to what happened on that “certain day”, anything that reminds him of that day will make him aggressive to the point where he isn’t rational.
•Painkillers: A rather limited supply of painkillers to help him be in action for a little while longer

Error - Classified information within document. Unable to access without higher clearance
Student Identification - Dellis, Echo
NOTICE - Special attention required. Sensitive information on high-risk student contained within.

You do not have clearance to access one or more sections of this document. This document requires a clearance rank of [DATA EXPUNGED] or higher.

Identifying Information516657_qVJiWq79.png

Name: Echo Dellis
Heroic Alias: Dolos

Race: Metamen
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Height: 5'1
Weight: ~90lb
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Black

(Image credit: Picrew)

Personal Information

Occupation: Student

Echo is characterized by her charm and sharp wit. She exudes an aura of absolute confidence and charisma. She is generally quite sociable, and engages with others quite frequently, but is still regarded as intimidating thanks to her sheer force of will.

Beneath her charming exterior, however, Echo's personality is quite... concerning. Though she is a good person at heart, and her intentions are (usually) pure, her methods generally garner disapproval from other heroes (that is, if she doesn't cover them up first). She can be downright sadistic towards those she deems to be wicked, taking pleasure in the idea of making them face equal consequence for their actions - even if the consequence is incredibly disproportional. This is even more obvious when these "wicked" people have hurt her or her friends, physically or otherwise. It's generally seen as a very bad idea to mess with her or her friends - she does not take it well. There are some lines she won't cross, but said lines are few and far between.

She is also quite temperamental, but is easily able to conceal her true emotions beneath a friendly smile. In fact, she's very good at hiding her feelings and thoughts - meaning that even when she isn't using her powers, she's incredibly difficult to read.

Submitted by [REDACTED]

Hero Classification: C** (Please see disclaimer in footnotes)

Data modified due to clearance level.


Echo's power is Mental Manipulation. She has presented with the ability to influence minds in dangerous ways. The full extent of this ability is unknown as of now, but she appears to have influence over emotions, actions, and one's perception of the world around them. Reports have stated that she is capable of forcing targets to carry out her commands, summoning illusions to disturb the target's perception, and amplifying/neutralizing the target's emotions and feelings about others. There have also been rumors of much more disturbing applications of her abilities, but due to her power over perception, whether these rumors are true or not is unknown.

Her powers are difficult, but not impossible, to resist. Some people are simply more resilient to her power than others, and she will have a harder time influencing them.

Power Level: 2** (Please see disclaimer in footnotes)

  • Intelligence. Echo is widely perceived as wise and intelligent beyond her years. Her resourcefulness and cunning make her even more dangerous, especially considering her power.​
  • Mastery of Technology. Her deep passion for technology has led her to become an expert in the field. In situations where her power is not useful, she often works as a saboteur instead. She does have a variety of gadgetry, but nothing that will aid her offensively - she's too confident in her power for that.​
  • Physical Weakness. To compensate for Echo's immense mental power, they severely lack physical strength. She is able to function normally and without aid, but is extremely vulnerable to physical attacks and possesses very little muscle strength. Entering hand-to-hand combat, even if armed, would be akin to a death wish. Because of this, she has very little offensive capability, and will very likely lose to a mentally resilient target.​
  • Vindictive. Echo is highly vengeful towards those unlucky enough to have slighted her. "Revenge over reason" is one of her primary characteristics.​
  • Somewhat arrogant.​
  • Various inventions and gadgets, including a [REDACTED], a variety of [REDACTED], and a [REDACTED]. Full extent of arsenal is unknown.​

Historical Information

* it's rude to pry, you know. ^-^ *

** This subject has been deemed to be a much larger threat than their rank implies. Their power is not destructive, but is still extremely dangerous. The subject does not appear to possess any malicious intent, but should be carefully monitored. Exercise extreme caution.
"If you stand in my way, I'll tear you down."
Elysia Rose
Hero Name : Bombastic
Female | 15 | 5'10"| 128lbs
Race: Meta | Hair Colour: White | Eye Colour: Purple
Hero Classification: B | Power Level: 3
Equipment: Switchblade | Calcium Nitrate Powder Packets | Box of Bandaids | Gunpowder in a polycarbonate tube (So it does not break dramatically)
A fiery and motive-driven person, Elysia comes off as brash and selfish to first impression– and no, it does not change once you’ve known the girl long enough. Thinking only for herself and her goals, it’s hard to work cooperatively with how impatient she can be. A real loose cannon.
Growing up in a household teetering stable and unstable when it came to finances, care and safety– it was hard enough trying to raise a child with a temper of a ticking time bomb– more so that said child WAS a ticking time bomb. With a drunkard of a father and a mother who couldn’t look her in the eye- it didn’t take long for Elysia’s childhood to turn sour. Going down a path of petty crimes and stunts that’d catch the eyes of kids around her age, having the attention on her awoke an adrenaline junkie from her slumber.

Having run-ins with cops and constantly arguing with her parents, they thought the best way to put her abilities to proper use was to enroll the fiendish child in a school dedicated to training people to fight for good. Albeit, Elysia wasn’t excited for this- she reluctantly agreed when proposed that it’d be an environment to test her explosive capabilities to the limit.
Unbeatable Stamina: Due to her past of doing dangerous stunts, Elysia has impeccable stamina and agility.

Fast Reaction: Having quick reaction time, she can quickly assess a situation and react to movements at a wickedly fast pace.

No Pain, No Gain: Her last ‘ability’ would be able to take hits and recover excellently, mainly due to blast impacts that she makes when using her powers.
Powers | Self-Destruction
Boom-Bah-Da-BOOM!: Elysia’s body channels energy and can make outward explosive blasts– depending on the amount of energy put into a blast will depend on the severity of it. Elysia, herself, takes no damage from the initial impact, however the aftershock can affect her. Her energy can also be channeled into specific parts of her body with the use of gunpowder– allowing her to do channeled explosive punches and kicks.

It’s not outwardly said or noticeable by Elysia’s personality, she does however have an attention complex, which can sometimes affect her mood (making her more irritable or upset.)

Because of how much she channels blasts into her fists and knees- she’s constantly having to bandage them up, and the blasts typically dampen her bone strength in those areas- hence the calcium nitrate packets.

Her powers aren’t as effective when she’s lovesick, causing distraction and weakness.
"There will be none spared."
Attano Corvo
Hero Name : The Red Devil
Male | 15 | 4'7"| 235lbs
Race: Meta | Horn Colour: Maroon | Eye Colour: Amber
Hero Classification: C-B | Power Level: 2-3
Equipment: Set of Gauntlets | Dark Leather Satchel
Attano is an introverted asshole, who dislikes spending time with the people around him. While he does somewhat care for those that are close to him, he wouldn’t actively go out of his way to interact with them. Or anybody for that matter.
While he finds the more quiet places enjoyable he doesn’t shy away from the more active places. That being parks or malls. Just like any normal introvert after some time spent outside he’ll become irritated, annoyed or exhausted. He does enjoy what life has to offer, but he’s somewhat unhappy with how the world’s treated him ever since his upbringing.
Ever since his birth, Corvo saw how unfair the world was. How some people can just step out into the light and take what they want, do what they please. And who’s going to stop them? Some heroes. The young Meta never wanted to become a hero. But after watching his mother die in front of him, protecting him as his father fought against a villain, he was left with no choice. The sight of how both of his parents met their end put the fire in his soul out. Ever since then he’s been bent on training, preparing and waiting for the moment he could join Lone Oak. As foolish and as revenge driven he was, what else could he do? There was nobody he could vent to. No hero to save him or his family. He knew the risks, just like his father did. He wasn’t going to allow another family to meet the same sad end filled with sorrow.
Infernal Cook: Attano, while having nobody to cook for him, became a master of the art of making himself any kind of dish. It was a hobby and an enjoyable one at that.

Ignited Boxing: While also looking for a way to better himself and to train his body. Hone himself. Corvo joined a Boxing Gym. There he learned the basics and kept training without applying for a boxing license. He wasn’t interested in beating anybody who was at the greater disadvantage. Where was the fun in that?

Powers | Draconic Soul
Infernal Body: Attano was born with a much stronger, dexterous and durable body, covered and layered in scales that are bullet-proof and fire resistant, and with a tail. His horns grew not too long after. Corvo can naturally absorb great amounts of heat before becoming too dangerously hot. Attano himself can set fire to his hands and combust them into flames, allowing him to heat and melt metal with physical contact if enough time is presented to heat himself high enough. He can also blow out fire from his mouth.

Concentrated Beam: Attano breathes in before he begins to fill his cheeks with flames, collecting and storing energy into them. He then fires it out in a tiny, concentrated beam, capable of cutting through stone and metal. While it does take some time to do it and it requires concentration to pull it off, he can deliver a nasty blow to anybody in his path.

Exhaustion and nutrition deficit. Attano requires a lot of food to keep up with his body. His own body burns large amounts of calories to release any of his attacks, if he goes out on a hungry stomach, he’s not going to be able to perform well enough. He won’t be able to heat himself up at all and he won’t be able to blow any fire out. On an average day, during the morning he consumes several whole baguettes. During lunch he has around one or two whole chickens and at dinner a salad. For balance.

"I get things done, one way or another."
Tiffany Cissnei
Hero Name : Feline Fatale
Female | 15 | 5'7.5"| 131lbs
Race: Meta | Hair Colour: Red | Eye Colour: Blue
Hero Classification: C-B | Power Level: 2-3
Equipment: Wrench | Prosthetic Arm | A Case of Nails, Screws, Bolts, etc.
Tiffany is seen as rough by most people who interact with her. She's boisterous, confident, and rarely listens to the advice of others. She takes pride in what she does, and enjoys mechanical tinkering as well as the occasional fight. She is normally reckless when fighting with others, expecting them to cover her vulnerabilities, however she is a calculating and careful combatant when alone.
Tiffany was born in a stable household, with an "older" brother born the same year as her. She did okay in school, but had a rebellious streak even during her childhood years. Getting into fights, terrorizing neighborhood animals, and even a small stint of minor vandalism. When she got older, she didn't really change, she barely didn't get held back year by year as she began to refuse to do more and more schoolwork. She did find one thing she both loved and excelled at though, besides getting into fights.

Along with her brother, she did a bit of experimentation with Hema, she didn't have the discipline or patience to really be successful, or at least that was what she and others had assumed, but she exceled at it, a natural, instinctual skill more refined than what she could have gotten with decades of training. She had always managed to beat a few bigger kids and teens up, but this made it all the more clear. That wasn't what she loved though, no, instead she found a passion in tech classes, and engineering. Staying after school for the first time of her own will, she spent hour after hour doing woodworking, and then soldering, programming robots, and then anything else she could get her hands on. Or arm in, in one instance. All the while her brother seemed to be spending less time after school, and even home. She never really thought about it, until she came home to cops around their house. Not for the first time, but this time, it wasn't because of her. Leasath had gotten hurt, bad, almost killed. And she wasn't around to help him. When he went to Lone Oak, she didn't think twice before following.
Information Absorption: Despite what most people think, Tiffany is just as intelligent as her brother, she just doesn't make use of it most of the time.

Engineering: Tiffany knows her way around a well stocked workshop, and is skilled at small scale construction, design, some level of computer science, and even some electrical work, especially for her age, she is very advanced in those subjects.

Athlete: While her powers are partly responsible for her great athletic ability, Tiffany is no stranger to exercise, physical labor, or sports.
Powers | Martial Prowess | Feline Traits
Combat Affinity: Tiffany is skilled in the use of anything she holds that could be used as a weapon, improvised or otherwise, when using such item as a weapon. This includes weapons or devices not typically effectively usable by a person, such as vehicle mounted cannons.

Warrior's Body: Tiffany is stronger, faster, and more durable than the average person by a significant margin, she is not super human in any of these aspects, but near the peak of human achievement in each.

Eye of the Tiger: Tiffany has obvious feline characteristics, and has enhanced senses across the board, with a cat like level of hearing and sense of smell, though with much more highly developed eyes, better than even typical human ones, and especially good night vision, closer to the caliber of an eagle's, though with full color perception. Her tail also helps her balance, and is barely prehensile enough to occasionally be useful.

Her enhanced senses also make her much more prone to sensory overload.

Art by Nakano Art

omg.jpegIdentifiable Information

Name: Uzochi Muratović
Hero Name: The Orange Strike
Race: Metamen
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10
Weight: 145
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Orange

Personal Information​

Occupation: Freshman
Personality: Cocky at times, a little hot headed. Somewhat reliable, he's a nice person, he can work in a team, but he usually blames someone. He's a encourager + a blamer, but he has other traits to make up for those nuisances. Overall he's a hothead, but he can be nice at times, pretty reliable, and can be someone great in a team.

Classified Information​

Hero/Insurgent Classification: B
  • Ultra Instinct
Sniffing out any danger in super reliable times, he can be a menace. His abilities can save anyone from dying, he can use his senses to come to clues, and to find the objective, he's a killer when he has the grasp of this power, its hard to stop him, but its unusual for him to get it, and its hard to obtain.

  • Sniper Kick
This is a kick only able to be used at certain times, when he's got the exact timing of it, it's a sniper kick it creates a force for his teammates, and can snipe any of the opponents bodyparts if they're weak. It's a strong move to use when your teammates are injured.
  • One Last Chance
This move happens once in a fight one time, and it's only at the verge of death, one last chance is a killer blow that can kill your opponents, but it can kill yourself if not used properly. This move is impossible to gain, and it isn't 100%, you only got a 10% chance of making it alive long enough to do this move, but it fits perfectly with his other moves like killer instincts, making him a huge threat lasting long enough, although because his power isn't strong enough yet, this isn't a insta-kill, and it will harm his body in a giant way.

  • Loud Nerd
Although being a nerd, as I've said before, hes loud and hot-headed, he can get into fights, not that easily, but way more then other people, he relies on his smarts, and is a nerdy kid.
  • Partier
He loves to have fun, and have some parties, though, sometimes he probably shouldn't go..!
  • Mediocre Cook
His cooking is really hit or miss, its bad, or its really good, though I think it's only good when he tries to make it..

  • Cocky
This can be a huge disadvantage, if he thinks other are way weaker then him, he can get killed quickly, you've gotta change his mindset before he can get seriously harmed, its also why its better to work with him in a team.

  • Long to heal
He takes a long time to heal and recover, if he used one last chance... even I wouldn't know what would happen to his body, but he's a strong folk, and he's not afraid of pain killers, or bad tasting medicine.

  • Painkillers
Uses them often to keep his body a bit more long lasting, considering he has a weakness to healing.
  • Pistol
He often carries a pistol just incase for coincidental situations.

  • Killer Boots
Although the name sounds ridiculous the boots are not, and they play a huge role in his sniper kick, his shoes obtain 80 knifes at once without pain, he got it from nice old lady in a small town. These can also be used like punching, they play a huge part in his hero gear.


History: Uzochi is a black teenager, growing up as a black person, he's been attacked by racists, but he's pushed through it and has made a small name for himself on the land of Erth, but that didn't stop him every from creating an opportunity. He will always hope to exceed his expectations!

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