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Quickly, the young male pulled his head free from the fallen tree, having finally grasped the tail feathers of the pheasant in his jaws. He sat back with the rabbit and phesant hanging from his jaws.

He shook his snout, dislodging a few bugs from his whiskers. He dropped the freshkill to the ground, shaking his head some more when he heard some movement to his right. His head snapped up and over in that direction, in time to find another wolf rolling around on the ground.

At first, his fur immediately stood upright and his hackles raised in shock. OHHHH NO, somebody had found him with his hunt! This was bad! He was hunting without the Alpha’s permission, they were going to kill him, and then who would feed the Omegas? THIS IS BAD!

But, then he realized that this wolf- a female, from the looks of it, didn’t bring any of that oh-so-familiar Winson smell in his direction. Wait... this was a stranger. Someone who wasn’t a Winson. His fur finally laid flat and he tipped his head to the side in confusion. If his wolf form had eyebrows, one would be quirked high up on his forehead.

The male glanced around, then called out, “...uhhh... hello?”




Miley rolled back over to her stomach as the male spoke to her. Her head swiveled towards him and her tail laid next to her side. She cocked her head to the side for a minute, looking at him before yawning and standing up to show the rest of her body and to get a better look at him before saying, "I'm not on your territory so I wish to not fight. If you come at me, however, I will defend myself." She wasn't trying to sound formal, but that was how her father taught her to address situations as this. Straight forward on what she wanted but not threatening. She shook some dirt off her black and tan marked pelt before sniffing the air once more to make sure there wasn't anymore of Winson coming. "Why are you alone this close to the border of your territory? Solo hunting or running?" She asked, pacing towards him slowly before stopping a few inches from him and noticing the bird at his paws. "Ah, hunting... But not enough to feed a whole pack. Almost like you're trying to sneak it.. it's so small." The black she-wolf chuckled for a minute before walking back to her spot in the middle of the unclaimed territory and plopping down. It seemed this wolf was no important to Winson and wouldn't be the best wolf to introduce her into the pack either. If anything, he would get her killed.
“... I didn’t intend to attack you. I guess I’ll ask you to extend the same courtesy?” He replied, looking at her curiously. Should I be attacking her?

He watched as she approached, his stance not changing, but his ears shoving back. He was surprised that this stranger was just walking right up here. He blinked, then shoved his ears forward, offended, “It- it’s not that small! I mean, it’s not the biggest one there was, but they- who asked you anyway!” He snapped frostily before shoving the food back into the log with his leg.

“What are you doing here anyway? You don’t see me wandering into stranger territories and chastising people for their hunting skills!” He stated, standing up tall, letting his body extend to full height for the first time in a long while, towering over the female. He wasn’t used to being this snippy and sarcastic, but damn if it didn’t feel GOOD. “Sheesh, you don’t even know me...”

“And my... hunting needs don’t concern you...” he mumbled, then spoke up again, “Why are you hanging out on the border of Winson and Hendrix territories anyway?”

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Miley huffed as the male got defensive then asked why she was hanging in the middle territory. Her eyes shifted towards him as she flicked one of her ears when a fly landed on it. She noticed him get more defensive and hold his head up like he was someone big. That made the female stand up and hold her head up high as well and her fur stood on end along her spine. Her height barely reached his as she stood up against his defensive stance. "I can obviously stay here since this land is clearly not claimed and is for anyone." She growled as she took a step closer to him. She wasn't the one to back down from a challenge. "I'm not in a strangers territory, as this isn't marked. But... I can easily cross over into a strangers territory." She knew she was pushing it, but she wanted to see how high and mighty this male was.
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Scarlet felt unsafe. She was in a weak shape and inside an unfamiliar territory surrounded with a pack of strangers. Furthermore, she knew that fighting her way out of the situation would only result badly. The loner slightly flinched when the healer moved her hand. She braced herself for whatever it was she was about to do but nothing came. She observed that the brute by the doorway looked calmer now compared to earlier.

The healer had a point. If they wanted to harm her then they could have done it ages ago. However, Scarlet refused to drop her doubts about the strangers. She found herself tilting her head ever so slightly to the side as the healer said an odd phrase which somehow stuck itself into the loner’s mind, “...Wolf promise…?” she repeated while looking perplexed.

The beta on the other hand began asking a question. He was right. It was a simple one. Except that she doesn’t even know the real answer to it. Dry lips opened and closed, the she-wolf seemed like she wanted to say something but doesn’t even know what. Then she remembered a certain word she would often hear others say when they see her, “…Scarlet.” her voice was only a bit louder than a whisper as she kept her head low in contemplation.

Suddenly, she smelled a new scent approaching. It was probably the person whom the brute was referring to earlier. Scarlet raised her eyes off the floor and tucked away the stray strands of red hair getting in the way of her vision revealing the calculating and vibrant emerald eyes underneath.

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Vern looked over at Diana, sending a soft smile before looking back over at the loner they had found. "It's similar to the human way of a pinky promise, though it's more so like a promise she intends to keep," he responded to her question, hooking his thumb over at Diana, "Isn't that what it means?" he asked quietly, eyes moving towards the short-haired healer, he hadn't ever really learned terms like that, he had missed out quite a bit from his teenage years so for all he knew he was completely wrong which wouldn't be entirely far fetched. Though once he got veered off task he quickly put himself back on point. "Your name is Scarlet? Well, Scarlet, you have entered Hendrix territory--" he was interrupted by his alpha as he seemed to arrive, standing in the doorway behind him.

Clearing his throat he grinned at the sight of his friend before motioning to the loner. Ruffling his black tousled hair, Vernon stepped aside, making way for Alex to step in and see what they were really dealing with. "She goes by Scarlet, found her with Diana, passed out in the forest," he informed. He took a rather more relaxed approach which would be considered odd. Vernon was easily a workaholic and it'd be expected he would get all serious the moment his boss might appear, however, that was not the case, Vernon got along well with his alpha having been friends for a while before taking on their assigned roles. "We can feed and clothe her right? Least we could do, and Diana is already determined to fix her up," he added quietly, turning to look over the loner, "I don't think she could be a threat if she is treated decently. The most she can do is get scared of us half the time."
Drew narrowed his eyes at her and snorted angrily, before rolling his eyes and sit back on his haunches, shifting his weight towards his back paws and drawing his head up even more.

“Ugh, forget it, look, I don’t have time for this,” He growled, grabbing the food back from the log and looking at this strange female. “I’m new to this whole ‘werewolf’ thing, so I don’t know what you’re expecting, but I’m not gonna sit here posturing for five hours.”

He grumbled and turned to walk away, “I have stuff to do, people to feed, and a room I need to sit in for the rest of the day, cause that’s my life now apparently. So yeah, go ahead, sit there for as long as you want. I just feel like I should warn you, Styx will actually kill anyone he feels is threatening his... ‘reign’. So I’d be careful about letting anyone else see you.”

With that, he grabbed up the rabbit and pheasant, before turning and preparing to walk away.

Alexander Helhime - Hendrix Alpha - 25
Alex watched the new female, "Well...if Diana has decided to fix her up not much either of us could say to change her mind." He said with a slight chuckle as he glanced over to Diana. He knew she was always serious about her job which made her one of the best healers they had. "I don't mind as long as she has no associations to the Winson Pack. I actually made extra food for any of the pack members who might wonder in the kitchen for a simple and quick breakfast. So if she likes pancakes, eggs, and bacon then by all means get it for her." He walked over to the girl named Scarlet, "Though a part of me doubts you would be working for the Winson Pack...So tell me Scarlet, where did you come from and do not lie to me that is something that I hate the most." He said watching the look in her eyes for any flicker of doubt or hesitation.
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Diana - Hendrix - Healer
"Yes, that's what it means. So, if I break my promise, I lose my honor as a wolf. Old people stuff. But it works, doesn't it?" She smirked at Vernon, showing again the two little fangs that never quite went away. The smile didn't reach her eyes, however. She was clearly worried about the woman in front of her, and being unable to do her job made Diana crazy. She still nodded when they learned the stranger's name. Progress!

"Scarlet is a nice name. It fits you." When Alex stepped in she turned to look at him. As grumpy as the healer could be, she clearly got happier when surrounded by her clan. "Alex! How is your mate? And Dani? And yep, you're right. Scarlet here is my patient now. I bite."

She hadn't considered whether the wolf could be from the rival clan or not. The truth is, Diana would have helped her either way, putting a risk to herself. For a werewolf who prided herself on being clever, she had too little concern for her own wellbeing. Still, with two of her favorite wolves standing right there, she doubt there was any danger.

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The Alpha, for once, listened to his brother's explanation on what could be happening with the mentality of the new female. Whichever of his brother's theories it was, females were a strange bunch. Most were weak, though with the odd exception, and were often for nothing better than bringing new life into the pack. Sometimes they failed at even that. Artemis certainly had, and he had only allowed her to live after that because the pup had never been fathered by a wolf of Winson. It would have been weak anyway. But if she failed again... Well, clearly then it was something wrong with the female, and she'd have failed at her only purpose.

He rumbled at Janus, as he spoke of it being a potential for bad pups, "Weakness will not be tolerated in this pack Janus. We shall see, and any weaknesses shall be... dealt with." He rumbled, crossing his arms over his chest, blatantly ignoring the deep cut across his chest. After every fight Styx had ever had, pain no longer bothered him in the slightest. He watched, curious and confused, as Sky ran off after Styx had shifted, wondering why had mind had very suddenly been changed.

Of course, then Arisa came out, asking about an appointment with Janus. His brother was unusually quiet for a moment, before he snapped at the Omega. Styx straightened his back a little, pleased at his brother's words, and growled, prowling closer to Arisa, wrapping his fingers around her throat and giving a slight squeeze, hopefully enough to quieten that overconfidence in her, as he glared down at her, "Why do you insist on speaking when not being spoken to, Omega?" He snarled, baring his human teeth, "My brother will see you when he wishes, never before. And certainly never when asked to by you."

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Ash was very worried when the Alpha growled, flattening her ears and whimpering softly in fear. She knew, all things considered including her injury, that she'd never outrun him if he was truly angry with her. But he gave her only orders, as she nodded her head in a worry, fleeing from the room to follow said orders. She almost fell down the stairs in her haste to fetch the orange juice and milk, her leg buckling beneath her on one of the last steps. Still, she yelped, but brushed it off, focused on her mission. She couldn't anger the Alpha by failing at getting orange juice and milk.

She paused in the kitchen, realising she'd have to shift to carry what was needed. She hated doing so, years of being wild meaning she rarely had in the past, but she did so carefully, with small whimpers at the back of her throat. Her shoulder certainly hurt from the shift, and she rushed to find a large, discarded jumper on a nearby seat, pulling it on. It was far too big for her tiny body, falling to her mid thigh, and she was quite relieved to be covered with something warm.

Hurrying to get milk and juice with shaking hands, she moved back up the stairs and to the Alpha's room, keeping her head down and her eyes to the ground. She held the drinks out, shaking nervously, "I-I have your drinks. A-Are they okay? C-Can I get you a-anything else?" She rasped, shuffling on her feet.

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Nodding at his brother’s words regarding weakness not being tolerated in his pack, Janus watched as Styx reacted to Arisa speaking to him and his own response.
When Styx straightened, Janus remained where he was, taking in everything. When Styx moved forward and wrapped his hand around Arisa before speaking to her concerning speaking before being spoken to and how Janus would see her when he wanted, there was just the slightest change in emotion as a smirk appeared on his face at the warning towards her. “I’ll give you any further results alpha of Sky,” said Janus as he headed past his brother. Pausing as he passed them, Janus glared at Arisa before continuing to the house and heading inside.

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Miley huffed when the male left and was fed up with her. She was a little satisfied she got under his skin, but her plan didn't go as well. The female walked back into the middle unclaimed territory before looking over the Winson border. She could just cross and get attention that way, but she also wasn't looking yo die today either. The males words rang in her ears as he said things about Styx, the alpha. She already knew the pack wasn't friendly, and she always wondered on how they would accept her. She wasn't 100% sure that they would honestly.
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It had been at least an hour since Tesák had left. She lifted her head, shaking off a rotting piece of tree bark before climbing shakily out of the hole. Her paws felt weird- tingly and weak, but she gritted her jaw and pressed through the forest. Styx would not miss her absence, as she was known to slip away to do her duties alone. It couldn’t hurt to hunt for a bit, right?

Tesák skirted along the edge of the Winson territory, her nose to the ground as she scented for prey. About halfway on her journey she recognized the scent of the male omega, Drew? She cocked her head and lifted her snout. His scent was mingled with that of pheasant and rabbit blood. She sniffed angrily. He couldn’t eat that much. Why did he need a rabbit as well?

Leaves shook as the wolf shouldered her way through foliage. She hissed in annoyance as a branch whipped across her face, leaving a trail of blood in its wake. Finally, she shover her broad shoulders through a tangle of branches and emerged in front of the pack house. Her paws were soaked in marshy dampness, and she hissed as the wound on her shoulder stung.

In her human form, Tesák stalked into the pack house. The beta snatched a towel from the kitchen and ripped away the sleeve of her shirt, ignoring the pack members milling around outside. She slapped the towel on her wound and approached Styx. He also was in an especially bad mood. Tesák wasn’t afraid as she stood near him, watching him threaten Arisa. She smirked as he wrapped his hand around her throat, then Tesák walked to his side.

“Sorry for the interruption, but we need to speak,“ she said, shifting her weight to one side. She probably looked like hell, but she had to tell Styx what had happened. It would most likely worsen his mood, but it was better than hiding it.



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Purnima “Nima” Kaur

Nima was outside the Hendrix house, skinning a brown hare she had caught just an half hour ago. She didn’t really care for a lot of the human food that was stored in the house, other than Cheetos obviously, so she often just hunted for her food. Some found this strange, how she’d rather hunt small game alone than big animals with her pack but there was just something about doing it on your own that gave her a thrill. Besides, rodents tasted better than deer. Today she decided to be a little fancy though, as she decided she was going to actually cook the hare rather than just eating it raw with the fur. Hell, maybe she would share it too. It was a fat one and she was in a good mood today for whatever reason.

Once the rodent had all of its skin removed, she proceeded to carry the corpse inside as she contemplated how she’d like to cook it and what specifically she wanted to make today. These were the days she wished she paid more attention when her mother made meals. Would’ve made this sorta thing a lot easier for her...​

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Chiaki smiles softly as the omega came back in her human form. "Its nice to see you this way every once in a while," she said encouragingly. "If you need any spare clothes in sure I have some spares I can give you since ya know...I'm pregnant and all that," she chuckles. Chiaki happily took the juice and milk and handed the milk to her adopted daughter.

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Janus found Sky within the infirmary waiting for him. He shut the infirmary door behind him with a bang, causing the girl to jump. Smirking to himself, he walked over to the table and continued his preparations from before with the disinfectant paste. “Your bite will scar...possibly the wound on your arm as well though I can do my best to heal that so the scar is minimized. As for your broken shoulder, it will take six weeks. You will come here every week for progress and then will need physical therapy to get movement back again.”

He began spreading the disinfectant poultice on the girl’s arm and wrapped it in bandages. “Do not get those wet and don’t do anything to strain the shoulder or risk becoming lame. I don’t feel like losing the rest of my tail from a somewhat good looking female becoming lame that my brother potentially has his eye on.”

Sky sat still as the disinfectant was spread and her shoulder was checked, the healer speaking of needing physical therapy. “Why did you lose your tail?”

“I pissed my brother off and was punished for it,” Janus said. “You remember what my brother said about your place here? You are for my brother only as are all the females here. Though I do not know why he has kidnapped and breeder ranks here. Nor do I know what Luna rank is for Hendrix.”


“Concubines...prostitutes that aren’t paid money. That’s what all women are good for. Making children.”

Sky was confused and it showed. “No sense at all and yes, I remember. I am not allowed to ask questions or get help from anybody here as Styx...” A growl interrupted her and she flinched. “...Alpha said so and wants me to...flounder?”

Janus was packing things up as Sky answered, giving a nod to her. “Correct.”

Sky thought for a few minutes before speaking. “Is Styx dating anyone?”

Janus dropped the bowl on the floor and then spun around to face her. “Why?”

“Well...he seems angry.”

And? “No woman would dare refuse Styx. He’s alpha and can have any woman he wants in this pack, even the bitch of a beta if he wanted to. Mother and father certainly never denied him or our sister. Possibly in Hendrix as well such as the captive who is pregnant. Styx...is not dating anyone and I cannot see him devoting himself to one woman. This pack...they have never respected women. They have never had mates and females are not in charge here. The...why did you leave when the alpha turned?”

Sky frowned and dropped her head to look at her lap. “He’s scary like that,” she said in a whisper that he wouldn’t have caught without his hearing.

Janus stared at her for some time before turning. “Get out! Do not come unless you are called for!” As Sky stared at him, he picked up the bowl and threw it at her, Sky falling out of the chair and running outside the infirmary.

Janus glared at the open door before stalking over to it, taking the handle in his hand and shutting it. Turning, he made his way to the bowl and picked it up where he then went to the sink and dropped it in before beginning to fill the sink with water and soap after plugging the sink. They always got everything handed to them. Even now Styx gets whatever and whoever he wants. Lucky bastard!

Sky ran out of the infirmary, frightened by the sudddn change in the healer. She ran through the house and found herself back outside and around the side of the house where she sat down on the grass and pulled her knees up to her chest. Janus meanwhile went to get a bottle from his study as he let the sink fill.
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As Arisa stood their timidly she continued to smile before Janus snapped at her suddenly, wincing a little at the loudness she tilted her head, "Concu- oh! you mean a breeder righ?-" her words were cut off as Styx stepped forwards and wrapped a hand around her throat, squeezing, letting out a few chocked back breaths as Janus walked by unfazed and muttered on a totally different subject she glared lightly in her mind, though didn't show it on her face, not in a menacing or hatred way no, but more in the sense of a small child determined to make friends with someone.

As she looked back at the Alpha she closed her eyes a little trying to focus through the tearing up, "Y-You're go…. Going t-to aggravate th…. the i-…. injury-….." she stuttered, lightly pointing to the deep cut without even seeming to bother too much about the chocking, still getting just enough breath to get by, this wasn't the first time, and though shed jumped at the start, and clearly knew of the danger to some extent, she still seemed far more focused on him, a tell tale sign of a young healer in training, one of a slightly idiotic wolf as well to be honest.

As Tesak approached her eyes had to squint to see the females form between the watery layer covering them not from crying but from the stinging of her breaths, she didn't gave a wave or smile, but it was clear she would have lest the situation at hand not be present.

As she spoke she let out a light gulp, of well, at least it meant he'd let go, right? argh, but going outside would cause such a bad risk for infection!? she got frustrated at the thought and it showed a small bit on her face.

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Purnima “Nima” Kaur

Finally deciding to make some roasted hare, she made the marinade and put it on her soon-to-be meal. Now, she’d have to wait unfortunately. This wasn’t one of her strong suits but she couldn’t just eat everything raw, Nima knew she had to mix it up every once in awhile. The waiting made her mind wander to something that had been bugging her for a while. Arisa, the Winson pack, and the fact her pack mates were acting like wusses. The fact she has to be careful when going out alone because she’s small and “exotic” was completely ridiculous. Why did SHE need to be careful? Winson pack is the one snatching people! They should’ve done something by now! Who the hell even knows if Arisa is alive, let alone okay? With a hunger for food and justice, she decided she’d need to have a word with her alpha as soon as she saw him about her... Concerns.

Enough time had past by the time her brooding session was over for her to put the rabbit in the oven, and so she did just that. This would quench her hunger, but would her alpha quench her need for justice? That remained to be seen.


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Danielle Hendrix Age 4

Dani just looked at her mother as she looked at the lady as she snuggled against her mum she didn't trust people or anyone that often she just grabbed her milk she didn't trust the lady that was talking to her mum. Dani smiles at her mum as she smiled she don't trust people that easily but she trusted her adopted mum and dad" thank you Mummy" she says as she looked at the girl that gave the drinks she just held onto her mum as she was whimpering a little. She just ate her pancakes as she smiled her daddies food were always good she knew her parent's friends were nice but she had trust issues she missed her real parents she didn't know they were dead. @Sgt Gomez @WolfOfProphecys


There was something about the three of them. Scarlet observed as she noticed the new glimmer in Diana’s eyes and the softness in the brute’s smile as the alpha of the Hendrix clan walked in. Even a friendless loner such as herself could tell that the three were very close with another. She watched silently as they interacted with one another, nodding her head subtly when they told her about the wolf promise.

Scarlet couldn’t help but hiss when the alpha walked closer to her. He was inquiring her place of origin and the loner could identify a threat lacing at the last part of his sentence. “…I don’t know.” she answered weakly. She couldn’t remember anything. It was like she just woke up from a dreadfully long nightmare and it drained any memories from her. The alpha was observing her, his eyes focused on hers so he could tell whether she’s lying or not and it was making her uncomfortable. She averted her gaze, “…Hungry.” she confessed while the tip of her ears turned into a light shade of red.

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Janus Kagore-24-Healer-Winson-Human Form
Janus searched through his cabinets in his study until he found what he was looking for, pulling out an unopened can and grabbing a glass. Cracking the can open, he poured out the amber liquid into the glass and sat down in a chair. Lately this had been how the healer had quenched his thirst through alcohol unless he was out looking for something in the forest and then took the chance to fill up on water. He really had no intentions of seeing that girl until absolutely needed, not understanding her at all.

Going over the exam from Sky, he focused on his brother and relaid the medical information mentally, making a mental note to put that in the new file he had created as of forty-eight hours ago for her. Personally Janus was glad his brother’s pack didn’t have pups. He couldn’t imagine they would live very long, even if they were strong since Janus didn’t tolerate them. In his mind all these females were worthless, they didn’t carry to term or bred weaklings which were exterminated but what did one expect from a concubine? They were generally weak in body and mind anyway...actually all omegas were by definition weak.

There may be a fluke like Styx but Janus knew that was rare. Bad blood produced bad blood. Weakness produced weakness. Usually was the case from his study of other packs.

Janus slowly sipped at the alcohol as he got to his feet and walked over to a filing cabinet where he opened the top drawer and pulled out a thin file before writing down his notes on Sky’s physical exam and his opinion on her mentally before he got too drunk to remember. Writing down his personal notes in the comments on her overall condition, he concluded she was in good physical health with questionable mental health before signing off and putting the paper into the girl’s folder and sticking it back in the top drawer, closing and locking it. Dropping the pen on the the desk, Janus downed the glass before pouring himself some more, tossing the can into a wastebasket. He really needed to get out or his brother would be down some females by the end of the day.
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Alex glanced to Diana, "Ahh both are fine, but Chi was tossing in her sleep a bit. I told her to come get a check up with you once she felt like it." His eyes traveled back to the red head, he honestly hadn't thought that to female would have memory loss. Now he felt sort of bad for pretty much demanding stuff she couldn't even provide for her own wellness of mind. He reach out on instinct ruffling her hair slightly, his yellow eyes holding nothing but gentleness in them now. "You're okay now...we will get food into you and Diana here will get you back into top shape in no time. Until you can remember you can stay here if you like." He pulled his hand back blushing slightly, "S-sorry...that sort of became habit with my daughter when she had nughtmares..." Though this was a full grown woman in front of him her memory loss made him think of her as nothing more than a scared child. He stood once again, "I'll be back with some food, you two want something to munch on as well? While I'm out might as well make one trip. Also while I go get the food you can go get some clothes for her Vern." He glanced over to Scarlet, "I'm the Alpha of this pack, my name is Alexander, welcome to the Hendrix Pack Scarlet. Though I'm sure these two have told you something similar as the Alpha I feel I should introduce myself properly." He said with a grin though a slight blush ccoverdd his cheeks still a bit embarrassed that he had ruffled her hair like she was a child just a few minutes ago.
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Purnima “Nima” Kaur

Once the hare had been put in the oven, the young woman decided she should do something to pass the time rather than silently ranting about the many big issues currently going on with Hendrix. She decided to go for a walk on her own to calm down and clear her mind, one of her favourite pastimes. If she ran into Alex, then she’d stop and talk to him about her concerns, worries, and frustrations, but if not, she’d actively track him down after her walk.

After double checking to make sure her hare was at the proper temperature and wasn’t going to explode or anything, she began to make her way outside of the house, keeping an eye out and taking note of the scents in the air for any sight or whiff of her alpha, just in case he happened to be nearby and she could just get it out of the way right now.
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Garas stared for a moment at the now nude Omega, he felt he was making a wise choice, this was something he would definitely benefit from and it may not get him in trouble if he was smart about it. She was still afraid however, he wasn’t sure himself if she should have been or not…hmm he probably wouldn’t, it wasn’t in his nature to like being feared by others, he did just want power though. Artemis asked how they would fake it and he smiled. “Weeeelll I’m still gonna have to realistically injure you, it just won’t really be a punishment, we make scratch and bite marks, they should only hurt a bit if I place them correctly.” He finished stating before getting close to her and gently bearing his sharp fangs into her shoulder and arm drawing blood from her and creating teeth indents. To her surprise, it shouldn’t hurt as much as she thought it was and it looked realistic enough for the Alpha to think anything besides his punishment was good enough. He then used his claws to begin making marks around her body. “There, see it wasn’t that bad right? Now we need to just make loud noises with like you howling or something and crashing sounds.” He suggested wondering what she would think of his plan.

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Vernon tossed a glance between the two, watching the loner carefully and then mindlessly snickering when he saw Alex pat her head like a child, he had to clear his throat to stop a suppressed chuckle from escaping. He found it amusing to nitpick at the alpha's informal treatment of the pack, it was a wonderful thing in his eyes. Treating the pack as a family than strangers was amazing in his eyes, that was similar to how he did it, and since his old friend was the big bad alpha male, he found it amusing when he let go and acted like a father more than anything. The black haired brute watched until Alex found himself finished with questioning the loner, he didn't find anything odd about her forgetting, he was once in a similar boat. When he had ventured out of pack life, he understood what it was like to lose control and never get it back.

"Sure thing," he mused once he was asked to fetch Scarlet some clothing. Vernon wasn't sure where he was supposed to get some from, so he believed a larger shirt might work, "I'll be right back then," he informed as he turned away, shaking his head in response to Alex's earlier comment on the food. He wasn't very hungry nor was he enticed by food, Vernon was relatively more of a lunch eater. Breakfast didn't always entice him, he found the meatier foods were more to his taste. He walked away and out of the room, his feet making light noises as he strolled down the hall quietly, one of his hands running through his head of ebony hair mindlessly. He found his way into his rather plain old room. It wasn't extravagant nor dazzling, simple grey and white sheets and covers, a chair in the corner, and then a nice old dresser which was his destination. After getting to his room he turned and left with a large cotton shirt of his, he wasn't going to steal another's clothes, he'd have to consult some of the girls to hopefully get her some real clothes that fit.

"I'm back," he chimed, holding up an orange t-shirt. "I don't have any bottoms to fit, but the shirt can work until we get you some real clothes," he informed casually holding the t-shirt out for Scarlet to reach. He knew not many would honestly care, most of the pack didn't exactly shift with clothes one so someone wearing a shirt which might go down to their knees or lower wouldn't really mind. He had stretched it out more to make it longer just in case as well.

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