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Fandom ❆ Winter Wonderland ❆ [ Special AniMangaGame Search! ]


always seeking that illusive partner
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This is a side to my main thread! If you want something that's more firm & plotted, please check there! (Currently NOT bumping main thread, only this one)
That said... This will be my winter indulgence thread! I've mentioned such in brief over in the main thread, but this thread will outline such better, and to note.. I will only be accepting roleplays from this thread from date of posting until Dec 31st.

Winter & the holidays that come with it are well known for all the warm and nice feelings they give off, be it with friends, family or lovers. Thus I propose just a silly little warm and fuzzy feelings rp search! Have you ever just wanted to indulge in cute, silly, fluffy things away from all that more in-depth stuff? Yeah, me too at times! Hence, this thread.

What I'm searching for with this thread is pre-established relations (after discussion), wintery, good feelings doubling roleplays! Quick & easy no? I'm not even gonna make a long spiel of rules with this one;

✔️Writers aged 18+
✔️Romance ✔️Family ✔️Friends ✔️Ect
✔️MxF ✔️FxF ❌MxM
✔️OCxCanon ✔️CanonxCanon ❌OCxOC
✔️Thread rolplay ✔️PM roleplay ❌Discord roleplay
✔️PM ooc ✔️Discord ooc
✔️ 2+ paragraphs per character ❌One-liners

Simple huh? Feel free to ask if you still have questions~ Though if you do contact me requesting something that's already marked as a no... I reserve the right to not respond. :<

But what fandoms is Carni looking for I hear you asking! I'm just going to throw down a simple list, so come at me with who you wanna play for me, who you want & what kinda fluffy shenanigans you wanna get into!
If you think I'll know something not listed, do ask!

Love Live
Uta no Prince-sama
Ensemble Stars!
Sword Art Online
Tales of
Final Fantasy XIV
Persona 5
Lucky Star
Haruhi Suzumiya
Isekai Mahou
Seirei Gensouki
Abilities Average
Catulus Syndrome
Magical Girl Raising Project
No Game No Life
Blue Reflection
Death End Re;Quest
Mary Skelter
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