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Fantasy Wiked Woods RP (A witch is amoungst us... or many?)

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Action, Adventure, Magical, Mystery

Beautiful Disaster

Howling, yet alone.
Hello!!! I would really love to do a roleplay with witches!! Problem is: I only have a setting and a plot ideas! I need your help to come up with something more! Something we can go on with for a while hopefully! Please read my rules below and then pm me or post below to get my attention!!!

  1. Please be literate! I really don't want to be the only one writing paragraph's and get two sentences back.
  2. If you are stuck and don't know where to go with you reply, please ask me OOC so we can discuss the next step. I feel like this is where a lot of writers block and two sentence replies come in...
  3. If you are going to be gone a while, say something please! Or if you don't want to roleplay anymore for any reason/can't anymore, please tell me! My feelings don't get hurt that easily ;)
  4. NO GOD MODE. Your character has to have weaknesses. You can't dodge everything that is thrown at you, unless you come up with some awesome dodge scheme where I absolutely can't say no because it was so flippin' awesome, then sure dodge a move that would normally hurt you.
  5. We will discuss character sheets over PM. Or where ever we decide to roleplay on!
A little about me:
I don't mind being either female or male but I prefer to play female! I really don't mind what we roleplay on, as long as it is not Discord... there is a 1000 word cap when sending replies and that just won't work out :P In real life, i'm a 27 year old lady who watches Disney movies and has seen The Office probably 9 times already and still will watch it again. I have two kitties, Freya and Kafuka! I love watching anime and playing video games in my free time as well!!

Plot idea and setting:

One of us can play the Witch the other a human or both being witches? The Witches are nice but everyone hates them based on legends. They live in the forest and always had. It's easier that way. They have access to nature, making it easier to find what they need to make potions and preform rituals, so why leave? The Walker family is the oldest and most well known of the witch generations and that is where you would be from. The youngest of the family and trying to adjust on how to be a witch. You love what you are and don't want to hide it but it's hard in a world where everyone dislikes what you are. Your grandmother taught you everything you know and was still teaching you but suddenly passed away. Your mother hates the fact that she is a witch and doesn't even practice witchcraft anymore. She hides her books under her bed and they have been there for so long they have cobwebs. She travels often selling things she makes and is home probably once or twice a year. So no one is really around to teach you how to be a witch and you have learned all on your own, since your family is miles away from you after your mom moved you up deeper in the woods, practically the mountains, hoping that you too would give up witchcraft. Something happens one summer vacation, a murder. But no one knows it to be a murder, only that the boy hasn't come back to school in a few weeks, but you know it was a murder but how will you tell anyone and not be blamed for it? Was it actually a murder? Was it you who did it because he died in the woods and the woods belong to the witches? Guess you should find out...

Setting: I'm thinking a place we just make up. The city being at the bottom of a mountain, smallish town where most of the people in town know each other but more people come every year. There isn't really any attractions, just the woods that lead up to the mountains and now a murder.

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