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Other What's your biggest pet peeve within roleplays!?

What do you absolutely hate the most within rps!?

I absolutely hate when people simply just block you from nowhere and you don't find it out until you log in the next day to find out you're unable to send messages

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When the character’s personality doesn’t match their role.

For example: kind bully, softie soldier, rude assistant, etc.
When they make their characters back story overly tragic, to the point where it just isn’t believable at all.

Fair enough, if you feel your character has a tragic backstory go right ahead and have it but at least try to make it realistic.


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- Forced romance.

- Situations where you're essentially the unpaid therapist to your partner's character the entire freaking time.

- Creating an elaborate world only for your partner(s) to demand a run of the mill, slice of life story.

- Romanticization/Glorification of abusive and/or unhealthy relationships.

- Forced romance.

- Partners who can't handle conflict between the protags.

- Being expected to lead and come up with everything in a 1x1.


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GM's that do not know how to properly push the story forward. I don't mean just rolling out a new situation, but a good story comes from GM having inflate and flourish situations that player characters have made, thus giving players a better a feel of importance and engagement.


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When it is blatantly obvious someone has not read your post.

Tove writes: Henry was ready. With his hand firmly on the hilt of his dagger he prepared to do battle no matter the outcome. He spoke to his comrade while keeping his eyes on their adversary. "Are you ready?"

Partner writes: *The next day* Victor walks downstairs. "Good morning."

So what happened to being in the middle of a battle?

And let's not forget when they don't bother to read your request thread but pretend to.
The pet-peevees are:

-the clichés characters (orphaned, bright hair, démon thing),
-an OC that is not the person creation, yes i know, not many can draw, but still, isn't it nice to see something different than Google images?
-obssession with romance and erotica, besides, the genres are very overused..
-Angsty people, i hate to see a bio filled with rage, excessive swearing and the "if you touch him/her, you are dead", like no, i don't think they own everyone..
-Changing a canon-character sexuality for the sake of the roleplay, if the person doesn't stay true to the verse, it's just disrespectfull for the original creator, even if the verse is a marchandise stuff.. quick exemple: neither Zoro or Sanji are gay, is it so hard to stay true to the verse? or Chris and Wesker, or Harry and Malfoy, in both cases, there is two guys who hate each-other..
-mental-illnesses, seriously? like really? it's seriously the worst thing, what the point of gloryfying that?!
-sometimes, lack of informations in a RP request, when it's just "hi i want to RP", i never know what the person has in mind,
it's more something you can say in a bakery "hi, i want a bread".
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Wordiness. It's like writing a school essay with a lot of filler words so you can hit that word count lol.

Oh and excessive use of :
- "ABC" he said.
- "DEF?" she asked.
- "No, GHI" he said to her.

There's other words out there that can better capture your expression. Like: yelled, replied, cried, thought, muttered, whispered, etc.
The moment you type that "?", your reader should already understand that whoever is talking is asking.

ya feel me

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A few things

-GM's that drop off the map without saying a word
-Players that agree to RP with you and say they're interested then after 1-2 posts they disappear
-Waiting longer than a day to reply to an RP
-Slow RP's that start bright and unique but dwindle quickly as no one has the capacity to post more than once a day or even week
-When people post an interest check for their RP that isn't somewhat ready to go already. I understand that stuff takes time but I hate waiting 1-4 weeks to get an RP off the ground. It kills momentum and people inevitably lose interest when they have to wait for so long which destroys potential RP relations and partnerships.


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One thing in particular.

You join this super intricate RP and it's just getting started and then suddenly, BOOM.

Everyone stops replying at once, and it comes to a complete stop.
Well, while I'm not fond of ghosting, Mary Sues, obvious self-inserts, etc. I would have to say my biggest pet peeves are a rigid adherence to roles and tropes and when it feels like I'm roleplaying with a doormat.

The former because it's just so boring and cliché, let's go outside the box a little. I mean, I understand that people have preferences but roleplaying is a collaborative medium, everybody gives in a little. If you can't budge even a little it just feels so frustrating.

And then there are the people who only post reactions to what you're writing without ever furthering the plot. It's so frustrating and disheartening to have to think of ways of moving the plot along without taking control of their character.


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1. When folks start an RP with you only to never make it past the 2nd or 3rd post. I don't know if that happens frequently for all of y'all but it happens to me 9 out of 10 times.

2. Also when people mirror my posts. Like please, don't expect me to carry the RP on my own, you dumb bagels.

3. Going off point 2, I'm also averse to people who plan out everything they plan to write. It kinda stales up the RP because one of roleplaying's greatest perks (imo at least) is the unpredictability of things to happen. You and your partner can take turns making sudden twists and unexpected jerks in the RP. If everything's listed out for you already, why not just go write a book instead...

Of course, I'm not extending this to pre-planning certain scenarios for RP cause OOC chatter is to be expected and it's nice to ensure everyone's on the same page. I'm talking about continuous excessive planning.


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3. Going off point 2, I'm also averse to people who plan out everything they plan to write. It kinda stales up the RP because one of roleplaying's greatest perks (imo at least) is the unpredictability of things to happen. You and your partner can take turns making sudden twists and unexpected jerks in the RP. If everything's listed out for you already, why not just go write a book instead...
I agree. I like some planning to establish characters and a bit of plot but to plan out what I'm going to write oh no. There's no fun in that. I had someone once want to plan out where our characters would meet, what they would say. They even included what my character would say and react. I'm like okay sounds like you want to do this on your own.
In open group RP's when someone posts an overtly conveniently way to join the rp. I'm not about exclusion, but it'd be great if someone takes the time to think of a good way to oin in. Like in a RP I had a good detective vs. underworld info broker scene going and at the very end someone ruined it with a one liner saying "The whole time X person had the place bugged ".....that was it. It irritated the crap out of me.
Formatting. I despise non-standard formatting so much you fucking useless snowflakes with all your bolds and underlines and colours and borders to show off. Play like a normal human being and not a pretentious 12-year-old Tumblr girl you piece of shit.
I think I hate when someone tries to take over my character. Like, in their post they write that my character does a reaction to their character's words. Also when a character is too overpowered...it doesn't make any fights fun.


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I went through this thread a bit, and there were some points I felt the need to play defense for, moreso in respect for the dignity of those, like myself, who sometimes incurr in some of these pet peeves. I just want to clarify that I'm not trying argue here, your pet peeves are your own personal matter and you are free to have them. What annoys someone isn't always a logical calculated response, sometimes things just irk you. So all I want to say here is not "you should not have this or that pet peeve" but rather "this is why some people feel it is legitimate to do this" or clarifying a couple of misconceptions about the specific topics.

I totally get the first person thing, I can only role play in third person
Hmm... I mean, you are of course entitled to your own opinion in the matter, but I do feel relevant pointing out that the few people I know who roleplay in first person generally don't demand their partner do the same, myself included. Again if you have a problem with first person, that's your right and your own business, but I did want to clarify that nobody's telling you to change into first person (that I'm aware of), some people just like playing from that POV.

Obviously I can't speak for everyone but I format because I like to format and look at the format. Sometimes I like it because I had an idea I thought was cool or because I thought I could create atmosphere or make something thematically interesting. There have even been times when I've hidden info about the character on the formatting symbolically. And there are times when I just did because I thought it looked nice and I wanted to make my posts look nice like that. There is nothing wrong with simple posts and I do use them just as much, but other than terrible generally unreadable formatting I don't think there is anything wrong with formatting posts either, and don't think it's right to write them all off as something as petty as "show offs".

Of course, regardless of that, your pet peeves are your own and as I will get to in a bit I do have my own pet peeves and not all of them are really fair.

why not just go write a book instead...
I thought I might adress this topic with this quote, because it is an interesting aspect that often comes up when I talk about planning and structure. While I couldn't possibly name every reason why, here are a few:
1. A book does not have the interaction of discussing with the other person or engaging with their ideas and views
2. A book will not necessarily have someone to read it
3. A book's story tends to be less personal and less immersive for the author because they are not participating with their character, they are writing the whole thing and the character is just another face in the crowd of what they are writing.

For reasons like these, the writing and sharing of a book is not equivalent to full-planning writing. I would also like to express (though, yes, you already kinda pointed it out) but the idea that twists and turns and the unexpected are a fundamental part of roleplaying is common but not universal. Even the idea that they are a good thing necessarily is not universally accepted. There are people who are more interested in seeing a scene being fleshed out and in the quality of the writing rather than the surprise of the writing. People who appreciate atmosphere and seeing the puzzle pieces being beautifully put together rather than travelling a journey of unknown destination.

One could view this as a well-written mystery book. If a mystery book can only hook you because you didn't know the culprit then in the eyes of many, myself included, you might as well buy one of those boxes that come with random junk. A good mystery novel will be enhanced by knowing how it goes, and to those like myself so is a story you write yourself, be it a book or a roleplay.

Still, if you don't enjoy it or are even irked about it, like I've said plenty of times here, that's fine. You do you. Just wanted to shed a little light onto the thought process of people who do want to plan. That said, if someone tries to impose a plan you didn't agree to or want to work out onto you, then that's still an assholish thing to do.


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I think I hate when someone tries to take over my character. Like, in their post they write that my character does a reaction to their character's words. Also when a character is too overpowered...it doesn't make any fights fun.
One of the ultimate peeves. I've noticed that when I introduce side characters I have made the other person will speak for them and try to control them completely. Any character I make unless I specify otherwise I would rather be left up to me.

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