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Chitchat What was your first horror movie?


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I love Halloween. I have so many happy memories with my family when it comes to this time of year. Lots of scares and fun. I was one of those kids who never had a store bought costume and most of our Halloween decorations were homemade or the awesome ones from the 70s. When I was 10 I wanted to watch The Ring. It had just come out on DVD. My mom wouldn't let me unless I watched a Horror movie she saw in the theaters when she was younger. That movie was The Exorcist. I made it through and so began my love of Horror movies.


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You wanted to watch The Ring so she started you on The Exorcist? Holy cow, that's like throwing a kid into the deep end!

My first horror movie was Pet Sematary. I was five or six when I found it on tv and watched it by myself. Bad idea. I was scarred for years. I used to live in one of those old Victorians, and I remember always thinking a dead toddler was going to pop out at me from the hamper that was built into the walls. At this point, I have no idea if a toddler was even part of the plot, but I remember being afraid of that.

Just went and read the synopsis to abate my curiosity, and the movie does indeed involve a dead little boy coming back to life. It's been over twenty years since I saw that movie, so apparently it made an impression!


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I'm pretty sure my first horror movie was Rosemary's Baby. My dad started me off watching all the oldies. He'd tape them when they were shown on TV and if he considered them OK, he'd let me watch them.
My dad had very low standards and allowed 14 year old me to watch things like Hellraiser and Candyman. But I was already reading Silence of the Lambs by that point, so I guess he figured it was ok to let me watch them.

I still get nightmares about Ring (the Japanese version). I watched it alone, in the middle of a bout of insomnia (about 2am) at a friend's house, in the dark. Bad move.

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The Grudge, American version. Consequently it was the movie that affected me the least (and it wasn't that good of a movie either). I feel like as I get older, horror movies affect me more than they did when I was young.
The first one I distinctly remember was "Tremors". I must have watched it three times one summer on Cinemax when I was small, and for a while, I remember being terrified to step on soil.

I don't really know if it counts, but the only one I can recall is the Premonition? My cousin and my aunt came to visit us one summer after the movie had come out on DVD. My aunt suggested to my mom they watch it together. They tried really hard to tell us it was a grown up movie and we couldn't watch. But you know how kids are. They do the exact opposite of what you ask them. I thought it was sooooo weird.
I'm sure the movie is more thriller than horror but again, that's the only one that comes to mind? I feel like there's another one I'm forgetting right now...


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Mine was The Messengers with the chick from Twilight in it... Kristen something. It terrified me. Haha, i don't do well with stuff like that.
I watched a lot of horror movies starting at a young age. My nanny was obsessed with them. I can't recall which one was my first, but of all the movies I watched, the first to give me horrible, recurring nightmares was Gremlins.

Rewatching it as an adult, Gremlins is cheesy and almost a bit funny, but for some reason this was the movie I lost the most sleep over. You can imagine how horrified I was when my mom bought me my first furby.


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The first movie that really terrified my ass was Spielberg's 2005 War of the Worlds. I was afraid of silhouetted palm trees as a kid cause they like fuckin tripods.
I don't really like the genre at all. I feel like it's too predictable and that people have trouble understanding the difference between horror (Deep Fright) and Gore (Blood and the like) much like most creepypasta writers do. Most of the ones I begrudgingly watched with others made me bored rather than scared. Anyhow I said all of that to say that even someone like me had to respect "The Visit."

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Such a delicious symphony of feelings like excitement and despair! Ohh that acting, cinematography, lighting, sound... all pooling into my senses like a.. a... pooling thing! It's a question that never gives you an answer. Modern films are a nice treat, but the old classics are to dine for.

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