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Video Games What are your favorite games?


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As the title says, I want to see what everyone's favorite game is and whether or not I've heard about it.
Some are games I have heard of but never played, some are just plain weird but fun, heck some are just guilty pleasure games I play after rpn.

Favorite games I heard of but dying to play:
Bendy and the ink machine (can't play because one, it's $20.00 on steam which is pretty crazy; two, I don't have a computer to play it on :( )
Overwatch (can't play because no computer, I'm on mobile and I'm not sure if they make one for mobile)
Cuphead and mugman

Guilty pleasure:
Dragoncity (used to have a big clan, now I need to get back in it)

Weird games I find fun
MOP: operation clean up
Dragon vale (similar to dragoncity but much older, 2010 to be exact.)
Code combat (One my coding camp gotten me into playing, it's addictive. Teaches you the basic languages of python, java, even syntax.)

Will edit this post for more, but looking forward to seeing weird games from everyone


BlazBlue Centralfiction
BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle
Chrono Cross
Final Fantasy VI
Tales of Vesperia

Guilty pleasure:
Dynasty Warriors, although I haven't played for a long time. I think the last one I played was DW6.
Pokemon games, kind of. They're all the same in gameplay but I keep playing them for some reason lol
Overwatch. yeah. I'm not a fan of FPS but sometimes I'm too tired for League of Legends and want to play something faster-paced. Overwatch does the trick for me.


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Currently, my super obsessions are:
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons
  • League of Legends
I used to be really big into FFXIV but I've taken a break from that. I'm on the lookout for New World and Blue Protocol.

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Pokemon, hands down. It's practically my life.

I'm also fond of Crash Bandicoot, Spyro (original series), Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy XII, Fire Emblem, Super Smash Bros., and various classic Namco games such as Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Dig Dug, and The Tower of Druaga.


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League of Legends probably my most played but I'd describe it as a love/hate relationship.
And then some personal favorites I grew up with:
APB Reloaded, Talesrunner, Dragon Age


Most of the stuff I play are on mobile nowadays. XD

Fate/Grand Order - I'm a Nasuverse fan so I was always going to fall for this game. I still remember the hard grind where I had to make do with only a bunch of 4-Stars and 3-Stars. Didn't even get a decent Saber until Camelot. So it was so satisfying for me to finish the game's first storyline and I'm definitely looking forward to how Lostbelt turns out. On a more technical note, it doesn't seem to consume a lot of mobile data so it's become my second go-to-game when commuting or waiting.

Granblue Fantasy - I mean, GBF is just epic. Music and characters are awesome. Gameplay and grinding's a bit weird though. It's also very generous at giving away free stuff. But, you kind of need fast internet speeds if you want to do raids so it's really best played on the browser.

Bang Dream Girls Band Party - Standard, anime-style rhythm game. At least it's band-based and not idol-based like Idolm@ster or Love Live which I'm not too fond of. At least three of the bands in the game actually perform IRL. Love the music and characters. Gacha not so much. It's my main commuting game since I don't have to think as much and loading speeds are rather fast. It's a lot more susceptible to spotty connection than Fate/Grand Order is though.

Alice Gear Aegis - I just installed it like, three days ago but it's been fun so far. It's probably the only gacha game I have spent money on but in a roundabout way. It's about mecha girls and Kotobukiya releases model kits of the characters. I bought one since I collect kits and it came with a code to get that character's powerful weapons in the game. So uhh, yeah. Win-win for me.

All of these are free as well so I never had to spend for any of them bar Alice Gear. I've been playing for a while so I have accumulated a bunch of SSRs and limited SSRs using just the free currency you get. Having other hobbies help stop my urge to spend on them.

For non-mobile games:
God Eater series
Danganronpa series (Damn V3 and its 26 GB file size though. It's the only barrier stopping me from getting it)
Nier Automata
Starcraft Remastered (Not a competitive player though)
Pokemon (Excited to buy a Switch on my birthday. I'll be going for Sword because of Hydreigon. XD)
Persona 3 (4 and 5 look good but I only managed to play P3 on the PSP)

Guilty pleasure though? Zoids Legacy for GBA. It's like Pokemon but with Zoids and 10x more unbalanced. It's not that great of a game but I don't know. I always love replaying it right from the beginning, messing around with different stat growths, weapons and Zoids.


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Final Fantasy IX (underrated imo)
Tales of Abyss/Berseria
Sonic Unleashed. Some hate it, I love it
Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2
Megaman Command Mission
Mario Odyssey
Animal Crossing GameCube version.


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Hearts of Iron 4
Victoria 2
Europa Universalis 4
Total war: Napoleon

Pretty much all I'm playing right now
Dishonored 1 and 2
Star Wars Battlefront 2 EA (its gotten a lot better since the whole pay2win fiasco)


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Half life Black Mesa. Black Messa if one source has you believe. [God help me]
Half life 2+1+2.
Call of duty ogs like finest hour and United offensive.
Dynasty warriors, specially the third one. [It's an absolute masterpiece.]
Resident evil 2, 3, 4, 1 remake, and 2's reimagining called a remake. Revs 1+2.
Unreal tournament 2004.
Half life opposing force.
Half life blue shift.
Roblox. [I don't see why this is embarrassing, kiddies I presume.]
Half life alyx.
The dead or alive series.
Silent Hill 1, 2, and 3.
Necrovision lost company.
Garry's mod.
From the depths.
Space engineers.
Dishonored 1, 2.
All the Hitman games.
War thunder.
Danganronpa series.
Nier automata.
Warhammer 40,000 space marine.
No more hero's.
Bayonetta and 2.
Metal gear series.
Fallout series.
Elder scrolls Oblivion, daggerfall, Morrowind.
Max Payne series.
Matrix games.
Postal 2.
Command and conquer series.
Men of war series.
Company of heros series.
Everything associated to hyperdimension neptunia.
Steel battalion series including heavy armor.
Guilty gear xrd.
Many, many more anime titles. Both conventional, vocaloid, sexual, and damn right weird.

Stockholm syndromes.
Hunt down the Freeman.
Silent Hill: the room.

Guilty pleasure
Everything to do with senran kagura. [Because it's apparently extreme even to me.]
The God's chain II, for the sole reason that the bastard had the balls to make another one. Still horrid as ever.
Miku Hatsune games, I do far too much just to listen to a few songs.
Dark elf.
Dragon age Inquisition.
The saboteur.
Way of the samurai series.
A game literally called wet.
Postal 3.
Mafia 3.

Crap I like to spite.
The God's chain.
Dynasty warriors 9.
Dawn of war 3.
And so much, much more.

Inb4 "why this gasmask bro stuffin' p0r0ns in me thread?" Lol.
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Half life Black Mesa. Black Messa if one source has you believe. [God help me]
Half life 2+1+2.
Call of duty ogs like finest hour and United offensive.
Dynasty warriors, specially the third one. [It's an absolute masterpiece.]
Resident evil 2, 3, 4, 1 remake, and 2's reimagining called a remake. Revs 1+2.
Unreal tournament 2004.
Half life opposing force.
Half life blue shift.
Roblox. [I don't see why this is embarrassing, kiddies I presume.]
Half life alyx.
My man.

I already knew you were cool, but Dynasty Warriors 3 is the cherry on top of all that.


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World of Warcraft
Several TCGs, namely Shadowverse, Hearthsone and Magic the Gathering
Starcraft II


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The Kingdom Hearts series, a few Final Fantasy games like X and XIII, Tales of the Abyss/Zestiria, VA-11 Hall-A, Danganronpa(never got to finish it though), Overcooked(playing with friends in a non-competitive way is more enjoyable to me than being competitive), Lots of indie games like Angels of death, Ib and the like.


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I don't play a whole lot of games these days. I mostly hang around driftin.io whenever I'm bored, but I do occasionally poke around in Minecraft, Terraria, and Slime Rancher.

Undertale will always hold a special place in my heart as my favourite game.


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Ah! I got into video games only a few years ago but here are some of my faves! <3
-Animal Crossing New Horizons
-The Forest
-League of Legends
-Fire Emblem 3 Houses
-Persona 5


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I think Bloodborne would have to be mine.

From software has an excellent attention to detail I struggle to find in others, and not only does it faithfully present the core ideas of both Lovecraftian horror and the wider Gothic horror genre, even without the big monsters. It also does a very good job of flipping the hero's journey and deconstructing it. I really don't think there is another game like it right now.


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I love Bendy and the Ink Machine too!! So excited for the new game of it!

My other favourite set of games has to be the Diabolik Lovers series as I loved the anime and the games are just as good!!

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