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Video Games What are your favorite games?


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I love it as well, I still watch the walkthroughs. Besides Boris and the dark survival, I am waiting for the dark revival. ^^
Same! Boris and the Dark Survival was alright, but it had no Sammy Lawrence and he's the main reason I love BATIM so much xD Hoping to see a bit more of him in BATDR though!


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Throughout my life, Skyrim and Minecraft no doubt. Right now though I've been playing a lot of Stellaris and Subnautica.

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Zelda Ocarina of Time will always have a special place in my heart because of nostalgia. Same with Banjo and Kazooie games, Spyro, Final Fantasy, Silent Hill and Crash Bandicoot games.

My favorites are FFXIV and Monster Hunter World are what I currently love. Some from recent years is Horizon Zero Dawn, absolute gem, and Life is Strange series.

My guilty pleasure is the Sims lol
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i don't use rpn anymore, sorry everyone <3
League of Legends is my current favourite even though i’ve been playing it for years.
Call of Duty warzone and town of salem are also pretty good i must say.


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If I had to pick a single franchise then it'd be Smash Brothers. I'm sitting at about 1200 hours for the latest release and have long since lost count for the others. No matter what's going on in my life or the world I can always go back to that series and time will melt away.


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See if you can guess it from this:

"No mind to think.
No will to break.
No voice to cry suffering.
Born of God and Void."

Hollow Knight!


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See if you can guess it from this:

"No mind to think.
No will to break.
No voice to cry suffering.
Born of God and Void."

Hollow Knight!
Hollow knight is popular these days, yet I haven't played it :(


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Absolutely Red Dead Redemption 2, that game just blew my mind in every way. I also love kingdom hearts, pokemon and animal crossing! Been dedicating a lot of my free time to those lol. Bioshock was pretty neat too, and my guilty game is probably wolfquest or some kind horse riding game lmao.


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Likely not the most interesting game but I enjoy Civilization and strategy games.


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Darkest Dungeon without a doubt, not only does it do a Lovecraftian plot well it's actually an ORIGINAL Lovecraftian plot and on top of that it has excellent gameplay (with the exception of a bit of harsh RNG but eh that fits with the game's theme). I can't wait for Darkest Dungeon 2 to come out!


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Early Assassin's Creeds (I, II + Brotherhood). Some of the newer ones seem interesting too (especially Odyssey) but I've yet to play anything newer than Revelations. I'm so far behind it's actually hilarious(ly sad).

Mass Effect trilogy. I still haven't played Andromeda. Can you see a pattern here?

Far Cry franchise starting with III (as I haven't played I & II and do not intend to). My favorite is definitely the fifth one, as I love me some good ol' Americana, religious themes and imagery, and twisted cult stuff. It's up there with my absolute favorite games of all time, despite the rest of the franchise being a bit more on the guilty pleasure category due to... a lot of reasons. If you know anything about the series, you know why it's problematic, as the kids would say.

Outlast. Another problematic fave, but it's right up my alley. (If you couldn't guess by now, I still haven't played the sequel.)

Bloodborne. This game alone was worth turning my coat and getting PS4.

Death Stranding. Not gonna elaborate.

Red Dead Redemption II. Don't get me wrong, I loved the first one back in the day, but holy shit the sequel is absolutely breathtaking. The story, the characters, the world... Wow. That reminds me, it's about time for another playthrough...

And last but not least: Control. I've always had a soft spot for Remedy games (Alan Wake used to be one of my favorites!) but much like R* with RDR2, Remedy really outdid themselves with Control. Honestly, this game is criminally underappreciated even though its niche seems to be all the rage nowadays. (Yes, I'm looking at you, TMA and SCP. If you like them, you will love Control.)

There's probably tons of others I forgot about but here goes...

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I don't think I fit in here :X

HALO will forever be my favorite game franchise, since I was a young'un. Specifically CE, 2, and Reach
Civilization (II, III, V)
Age of Empires (all of them!)
The Last of Us
Horizon Zero Dawn
Star Wars: Republic Commandos
The Witcher (mainly Wild Hunt)


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Hmmm, let's see...

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate
(im fighting with dual blades aerial style and hell there's nothing more fun and satisfying than to bring those monsters down! I'm currently getting my ass handed to me by Ahtal-ka...)
Skyrim Legendary Edition
(Clearing an entire bandit-infested fort armed with werewolf powers. Hell. Fucking. Yeah. Alternatively, combining thief skills with Mephala's Ebony Blade and Boethiah's Ebony Mail. Makes you feel like a friggin God.)
Scavenger's odyssey
(The first game I played on PSVR. It's short, but Ohh I love it to pieces. The entire movent and aiming control is... Heaven.)
Animal Crossing
(Especially Wild world, new leaf and new horizons. Ahhh, nothing better than a chill walk across my island or receiving oddly flirty letters from Kyle and Raymond.)
(can't end this list without this one! What would I be missing if I wouldn't be attacked by Zombies and Skeletons anymore? Or without having to rebuild half of my house after that loaded creeper attack? My life wouldn't be complete XD)
The Legend of Zelda
(Do I have to narrow it down? Mh... Ocarina of time, spirit tracks, Windwaker, Breath of the Wild... I think. Those soundtracks ;w; )
The Bridge
(guess most people won't know this one. It's quite the challenging puzzle game, requiring you to think outside the box and use the obstacles thrown your way to your advantage. It's really cool. If you have a Switch, try it!)
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Sonic the hedgehog (earliest franchise I played/started out with)

Pokémon until XY

Need for speed

assassin’s creed


the last of us remastered

horizon zero dawn

god of war franchise

Medal of Honor franchise though haven’t played any since rising sun.

five nights at freddys


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Hey I just realized you're into Dragon Vale?
Well my friend, count me in! I've been playing for years. ^^
I am, I am. It's been a favorite childhood game that my family blessed me with (been playing since I was seven or so, don't ask why...)
The soundtrack is beautiful, and I can't stop (someone stop this girl before she makes a group role play featuring the game!)

Any who, I just gotten back into it, but I'm sure to improve much on it, and glad to hear you play it as well ^_^

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Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel
Persona 4 Golden
Persona 5

Currently playing Persona 5 royal and loving it.

Uncharted Series

The Last Of Us. (Even though I never finished it lol. My PS3 crapped out on me half way through the game and since then l could never pick it back up.)


BeamNG.drive is an open-world vehicle simulator with soft-body physics, and it's been in Early Access on Steam for quite a few years but the thing is that it's not stagnant.

It's constantly being developed, new updates released, and I find it already beyond amazing in its current state so I'm super excited for what the game will be like upon full release.

You need some pretty decent dedicated graphics on your PC, but I'm in love with the game.


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I am contractually obliged to mention Sunless Sea and the sequel Sunless Skies. Also Fallen London, the browser game they're based off. If you like text-heavy stories that paint a fantastic picture of a bizarre, eldrich world through words and music... I have to recommend them.
If you need more detail, here is the simple description: London was stolen by bats. Now it is in a vast underground cave where the laws of the Sun do not apply. Death is merely an inconvenience. Terror lurks beneath the zee. Bees are the messengers from Hell. Sunlight drives people mad. Obey the Dawn Machine. Eat your crew.

And... okay, Hollow Knight has been mentioned a few times, but I can only agree. I love the art style and the vague, go-search-for-it-and-speculate nature of the lore. I suck at the boss fights, but I love the exploration aspect and the characters, so it all evens out. But even I managed to complete at least the vanilla ending.
I love the music, too- I still listen to the (non-fight) music while writing. My only real regret with this game is that I'll never again be able to experience it for the first time.

Hyper Light Drifter is an 16 bit-style action adventure.
Despite all this (maybe because of it), the music, the world, the colour schemes... beautiful. Challenging but so engaging. Simple mechanics (shoot, slash, dash) that combine to make complex challenges and boss fights, all which tells a story with almost no text.

What else? Prey. The 2017 game. Honestly the name definitely let this game down: I think it was to do with the publishers having it copyrighted and wanting to use it, or something like that. So people think it's a sequel or remake of the original "Prey", and then either pass it over or are disappointed. They are wrong.
Like Bioshock (which I also love), it's a System Shock type game, made by the people who did Dishonored, and shares a lot of the same features/attitude. Overall "Neuroshock" would be a more accurate title. The setting is an alt-universe, art deco space station. There are aliens. You can use alien abilities to combat or avoid them. Being an "immersive sim" style game, there are several ways to surpass each obstacle. It's creepy and engaging, with enough twists to keep you entertained. The "microgravity" areas are surprisingly fun (everyone else seems to hate the GUTS but I really like it) and there's always something to find no matter where you explore. The platforming gun lets you break all kind of rules. I also love the details! Every single crew member is accounted for, with a name and usually a brief history you can uncover through audiologs or emails if you care to look for them. But you don't have to. Live your own lives, I dunno.

The Talos Principle absolutely gets a mention. Listen. I love robots. I love puzzles. I love backstory and the gradual building of a world, reading found texts to piece together what's going on.
But plenty of people have played this game without bothering with the texts or looking for backstory, and enjoyed it just for the puzzles alone, so there you go. They're the kind made of simple elements but able to get surprisingly complex. There are also lots and lots of Easter eggs, if that's your kind of thing, and you'll probably encounter a few even if they aren't. The music is soothing and the locations are beautiful, despite being a puzzle game. There's also a healthy dose of philosophy, but IMO it manages to do this without being pretentious once you figure out what's going on. And the DLC is fantastic. I put off playing it for ages because I didn't want my experience with the game to be over.
I really do love this game. It gave me an ache in my heart. I wish that more people had played it.
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I'm obsessed with Fallout 4 right now! I will always love the Fallout games, although I never played 1 and 2. I was a young teen when I got Fallout 3 for Christmas one year, and I've been hooked since then!

I recently enjoyed Witcher 3, what a beautiful game!! Longest story in a game I've ever played - so much content.

The Dead Space series I also really liked, I played all 3. Tales of Symphonia was a game I was obsessed with when I was younger but it never had a huge fandom, at least not when I was around for it. Didn't care too much for the second one. I've played a decent bunch of games on consoles, those are just what come to mind!

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