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Multiple Settings Werewolf Roleplay?


Zee Goth
Werewolf Pack Crimson Moon had attacked the pack Violet Skies. The alpha of Violet skies won the battle but he lost far more than what he had won…

His five year old daughter Celeste had gone missing during the fight.The Pack searched for her but to no avail of finding any trace of her.Assuming she was dead the pack mourned her without the closure of finding her body.

15 years later….

The pack Violet Skies and The largest pack called Blood Dawn were allies as they lived in harmony.The Alpha Richard of Violet Skies began to demand the Crimson Moon pack pay for their attack 15 years ago and robbing him of his daughters life.

“If Celeste was here we would be celebrating her birthday and her gaining her wolf.”Alpha Richard tells the youngest pack alpha in the history of alphas who is the Alpha of Blood Dawn pack.

The 22 year old male sighed as he calmed the older alpha down before his beta brought him a invitation to the Crimson Moon Alphas engagement party.

Deciding to attend the Blood Dawn alpha never would have expected to meet an orphan girl whom is his fated Mate, but there is something about her that he finds familiar he just can’t put his finger on it.


This is the newest roleplay idea I wanna do.

I’m in search for a partner willing to play as the Blood Dawn’s Alpha while I Play as his mate.
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