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  1. Plenty of people like putting things in their food that other people would probably be disgusted at the mere thought of. What are some weird food combinations that sound gross but you think taste great?

    I'll go first!
    I put milk in...ramen. I don't usually put milk in the non-spicy or mild kinds though.
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  2. What is wrong with you... JK I put cinnamon in mine

    Hmm. I once made a salmon glazed in a honey and soy sauce mix then battered it in pecans.
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  3. Doritos and chocolate.
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  4. Cream cheese and jam.
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    pickles, cheese, and milk chocolate.
    try it before you judge too hard
    I actually haven't tried it I just posted a random mix of foods. I have no idea how good or bad chocolate, cheese, and pickles taste. On the other hand, I'm not judging it too hard before I try it ^^
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  6. Sausages with ice cream and honey.

    Tasted pretty good, actually.
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  7. What the police said upon finding his body:
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  8. Ketchup on noodles!
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  9. Ketchup on ravioli. And peanut butter/cheese sandwiches. I also love cottage cheese on Saltine crackers.
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  10. bacon and whipped cream
  11. fingernail clippings, frozen white grapes, and sriracha in a bowl of pepsi.

    don't try it and judge real hard
  12. sushi and wasabi icecream

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