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♛ regal eмporιυм ♛

Welcome one and all to my collection of 1x1 ideas! Please feel free to refer to me as Regal! Here are a few things to know about this thread and it's intents:

➳ I'm a Semi-Advanced to Advanced RPer averaging about three paragraphs (6-8 sentences each) per post.
➳ Most of my characters are MALE but there are a few FEMALE ones as well
➳ I prefer MxM or FXF pairings though I'm not opposed to FXM either.
➳ Do NOT request major changes to these ideas or critique them in the thread! DM me any ideas!
➳ DO make a request on which you might be interested in and I will respond as soon as I can!
➳ Just because you are interested does not mean I will accept your request! Our RP style does have to match up and be at a similar level so please don't be offended. It's just to ensure we both have a good and enjoyable RP together.

UPDATE 3/16/22: Thank you so much for all the interest being shown in my ideas! I'm very happy and excited with all the DM's I've received and I've adjusted the availability of some plots so I'm very sorry if you were interested in one that closed up! Also a brief explanation of STATUS is listed under "Current Cravings"!

➳ If a STATUS says Closed but you still are interested, leave a post stating "Interested in (Idea Name)" and if something changes, I'll DM you!
➳ Once you DM me, please be aware I'll be looking for an RP sample (just an example post) to see your style.

☾ cυrrenт cravιngѕ ☽
STATUS of an idea are as listed:
☆ Available = Still looking for partner(s)
☆ In Progress = People are being spoken to in DM's about the idea; not set in stone
☆ Closed = Spot(s) are taken already
☆ NI = While I made the idea, I'm currently not interested in RPing it. Maybe in the future.

  • Immortality can grow boring. So very drab and unamusing. The God of Luck -a major god- has grown tired of humans relying on him for there ambitions and growth. Can they do nothing without his intervention? Prayer after prayer asking for help in a new job, an acting role or even the birth of new life. In an act of rebellion, he decides to break the balance of gifting luck to the fortunate. His actions directly lead to a war loss that takes millions of human lives straight to the God of Death. Frustrated with the sudden influx of souls, his complaints reach the ears of the Sun God. As punishment, he send the God of Luck on an "impossible" mission to find the missing God of Flowers and in addition, recover the Sun God's lost relic before the Summer Eclipse.

    Unbeknownst to them, a florist with memory loss about where he came from idly sells flowers to the elderly and couples. The last thing he remembers is waking up in a hospital being told that he was in an accident. With no other knowledge but his name and a love for flowers, he opened a shop where he lives and works. The days pass by the same and end with him feeling lost until the day he bumps into an arrogant man in the street. One thing lead to another and his powers explode uncontrollably, revealing his identity as the missing God of Flowers and the arrogant man as the God of Luck. The two must embark to find the Sun God's relic, butting heads the whole way and maybe developing into something more.

    STATUS: Available (0/1)
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