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Fandom Universe Correction Agency: Moon Child (RP)

Cugai faced the young wizard with a look of surprise, at first ready to bonk someone on the noggin, then recognizing that agonizingly loud ca-cawing. "Oh, hey, I haven't seen you two in a while. A little late, but not by a HUGE margin." Cugai points to the large screen behind him. "A large wormhole formed within the fabric of reality, and it's pierced right into my universe." He turns back around. "I'm sending in agents to try to find any stowaways, along with Pepperjack, who's gone missing. We could use your help with that."

Goonfire Goonfire
Universe A
Fugai stood in silence, scratching his nonexistent chin, muttering to himself. "Hmmm....I heard the Caeli were really powerful here...Could be a possibility." Fugai turns to HUNK. "Luckily, we've landed ourselves in a perfect starting spot." He points to the area behind HUNK. From afar, a castle could be seen, standing tall atop a hill. Surrounding the castle were many banners, all flying flags that sported what looked like a spider.

"See that?" Fugai spoke. "That's the castle of Emperor Spider. If we try to talk to him, perhaps we can get a good start on where to look. Assuming that reclusive bastard has made any friends. Keep your ears peeled, HUNK. You're going to notice a theme around here." Fugai starts walking, signaling HUNK to follow. "I haven't really checked up on this place, normally my brother visits our sister Universe, but that's because he uses it as a place to take a breather. Last time I was here, place was almost destroyed by a giant monster."

Universe B
SirPrompto15 SirPrompto15
Outpost A
The path this group has chosen to walk seemed more absent of trees than anything, mostly the waving grass that breezed next to the path ahead. Strangely, as you walk more into the land, you see a branching path ahead, two paths to pick from here.

The first path would lead them deeper into the forest. Oddly, if you walk down this path, you can hear the sound of someone in the far distance playing the flute...badly
The second path leads them on a trail closer to Outpost B, but there's a large crater near by, and someone familiar laying in it, steaming. 1689235085440.png

All was quiet from this path, while there were two around the same area, who knew if they knew of one another's existence. Perhaps, only circumstance would tell. There was a town afar, but it was quite a ways away. As you walk your way to your possible destination, you come across three different paths.

The first path lead more closer to a forested area. A great place for a breather.
The second path was a curve that leads to a small forested area, but also to a dead end. Though, there seems to be a large burrow a the end of the path. !!.png
The third path leads to a campsite, but there seems to be only one tent that is occupied by two strangers. There is also a heavenly aroma. !!.png

Somewhere in Universe B...
The sun. The warm, beautiful sun. It was a wonderous feeling to behold. Laying on the dirt below was a young boy, a teenager, who was soaking in the suns rays like he was on vacation. Though, now that he thought about it, it was rather odd that he was feeling the sun. Last time he checked, he was in an unknown world, surrounded by snow, and talking animals. He slowly began to open his eyes, this sudden revelation giving him enough reason to stop lazying on the ground.

Scratching his navy blue hair, he looked around at the forest that surround him. "What...where the hell am I?" He thought. Slowly standing, he began to walk a little bit, trying to get his body to wake up. He could remember, it was like he was thrown out of his world, and thrown out of the world he was thrown into. Aw jeez, is it going to happen again here?

The young lad then remembered, there was someone else with him. A...well, friend would be an insult. Still, he woundered where that cranky old Orc had gone. Was he even in the same plane? He tried to remember as much as his brain could, but as with any brain of his sort, he couldn't quite get it out. In fact, he seemed so out of it, that he didn't notice the ring of rope that was beneath his foot. Just as he was about to recall another memory of what happened, his entire body is flung up into the air, screaming as he hung upside down.

Back and forth he dangled, now fully awake, he began to relax a little bit, looking around for anyone that was nearby. The bushes nearby started to shake, the boy watching with wide eyes. It could be a cannibal, or a gremlin, or a tax evader...wait- Whatever it was, he wasn't going to wait to see what it was. The boy took a deep breath, so deep that the air around him shifted a little toward his body. He then breathed out, a stream of powerful air shooting out toward the bushes. Whatever was there jumped out of the way, and it threw something at the boy. A golden neck brace latched itself onto the boy's...well, neck. He stopped, coughing as the entity walked up to him.

It was an old man, a small one, too, no higher than Atticus' waist. He wore a grey helmet, and a white robe. On the chest, a scorpion design could be seen. "Well well, seems I caught me a teenager. And I thought that mudfish I caught earlier was bad."

"Hey!" The boy shouted. "The hell's the big idea! Get me down from here!"

The small man pulled out a device, square in shape. "I want to get a look at you." He said. "Tell me your name."

"My name?" The boy asked. "Yeah, it's Uni. Uni Tabathe."

The old man didn't' respond. Something seemed to catch his attention. Looking at the boys arms, he saw what looked like stripes. Grazing his old man hand across it, they felt almost like they were a different patch of skin, rough to the touch. He then reaches his hand over, and plucks a strand of the boys hair, a small yelp escaping the boys lips. Dropping the strand into a small vile, he places it all inside the machine. He squints his eyes.

"Says here, your name is Atticus Chartoff...Impressive Magic Concentration...." The old man kept his eyes on the screen, Atticus looking back up at the rope. He tries reaching for it, only to feel something grab his hair, the grip getting tighter and tighter. The old man looks over at Atticus, glaring. "I knew there was something about you."

"Is it my deodorant?" Atticus said. "I'm sorry that I like the smell of arbor, ok?"

"Not that, you parasite." The old man said. "Says here you're a blueblood."

"OK, just because my hair is an unnatural color-"

"No." The old man scolded. "You're Emperor Centipede's Grandson."

"Ooooooooooooooooh." Atticus said. "I meeeaaan.....I already kind of found that out, a long time ago-"

The old man releases Atticus, glaring at him. "You unworthy filth. Is this what the princess was doing? Running off to spawn this...failure?"

"Hey, I did nothing to you!...uuuh..."

"I am Louse." The old man said. "The oldest serving soldier to the great Emperor Scorpion!"

"Emperor- Hold up, isn't he...ya know...dead?" Atticus asked.

"Live or dead, my service to the Emperor will never falter." Louse said. "I've lived long enough to know that your grandfather was an incompetent fool, his foolish ambition to cut all trading routes to Emperor Scorpion's domain."

"Yawn, didn't ask for a history lesson." Atticus said.

Louse looked up at Atticus. "You are going to remain here. I'll come back to retrieve your corpse. Perhaps once you're dead, I can use you as leverage over that spineless weasel."

"Hey! Wait! Get back here!" Atticus struggled, trying to shake off the thing clamped on his neck. Well, isn't this great. He's lost, and now some old loser with an unknown vendetta against gramps is going to kill him....crap. Atticus closed his eyes. Trying to think of a way out of his predicament. He thought of how he could just pull himself up, and untie the rope. He though of just pulling the rope in half. He thought of- conk.

Without any warning, Atticus dropped onto the ground, slowly getting up, feeling his leg. It had gone a little numb, but everything was still there. Looking at the rope, it looked like something cut- wait, no, something chewed through the rope. Atticus looked up at the tree. Nothing was there. Maybe it was a squirrel? Would a squirrel even do this to a rope? The sound of something rustling near was heard, he turns over to see something standing next to him. It was a little girl. She wore a little Kimono dress, her skin as white as snow. The girl had two large rabbit ears protruding out of her head, and even little buck teeth. Oddly, not the weirdest thing he's seen.

"Uuuummm...." Atticus didn't know what to say. "Did you...Did you cut me free?"

She didn't say anything. She simply stood there, looking at him. Atticus also grew silent. They stayed like this for a good minute, before he spoke again, reaching for her. "Thank you-"

The young girl jumped back in fear, like a rabbit would, quickly falling on all fours, and running away.

"Wait!" Atticus called out. Standing up, he was about to run after her, only to find he couldn't run. "Come back! I just wanted to say thank you!"
Demon Slayer Corps
Universe B
UltraWagonWheel24 UltraWagonWheel24
The Demon Slayer looked at the paths ahead of them
"Someone dosen't know how to play the flute..." Zenitsu said as he Heard the sounds from one of the paths.
"It's would be wiser to follow the path leading to the crater " Muichiro suggested. The rest of the slayer agreed and followed the second path. Both Tanjiro and Zenitsu could locate Someone in the in coming crater( thanks to their respective enhanced sences) as they got closer.
They notice es Someone inside the crater.
"A giant moth, an Emperor Spider... Guess they love giant bugs," HUNK assumed. He didn't inquire about the giant monster attack, as it didn't seem relevant to the present predicament. That's not to say he'd stop his boss from volunteering that info as they trudged through the dense, enchanted forest.

UltraWagonWheel24 UltraWagonWheel24

The mysterious woman kept her eyes narrowed. No, it was just a tiny camp and a cave of some kind—possibly a burrow. Nothing seemed particularly threatening... though any who knew her could say little in her universe intimidated her.

Such a sight wasn't uncommon in her world—travelers, resting in a tent just off the road. Closer she drifted until her feet rested mere inches from the edge of the crude fire pit. Whatever they were cooking, it smelled appetizing. She glanced towards the tent, bending slightly to peer inside. "Hello?" she called to them, seeing if they'd invite her to sit down. So far, the fencer seemed ignorant of the fourth person in this general vicinity.

UltraWagonWheel24 UltraWagonWheel24 Thepotatogod Thepotatogod
Dante was certain approaching these random craters was not a good idea. Across every single title in the Alien movie series, when someone walks towards these craters, suddenly, they've got some like, alien impregnating creature latching onto them. Dante was NOT willing to obtain a couple chestpoppers. Taking out his twin pistols, Ebony & Ivory as a precaution, Dante, with Pixie following close at his side, stuck close to the Demon Slayers.

There were new sounds coming from across the paths. They made the vibe a whole lot more... creepy. Pixie was noticeably shivering. "I-I wanna leave, Dante." Sadly that wasn't really an option right now. Not when there was still work to push through.

Then they made it to the crater's position. There... was something/something in there. This was truly some Silent Hill scenario. Was PYRAMID HEAD on his way?! Getting out as quickly as possible was on Dante's mind. "Hey, I got an idea, let's one of us go check it out. NOT IT!"

Pixie quickly followed his example. "Also not it."
Kaz.pngKaz brought a hand to his chin in thought. “Pepperjack’s missing?”, he inquired, eyebrows raised. “I’m not sure what happened but that certainly sounds like trouble… I suppose that means we’ll go in immediately.”

“Ve better have a velcome back party after zis!”, the raven familiar cawed.

If the mission is successful.”, the sorcerer quickly corrected. “With that being said, I’m fully-charged on spells so let’s go. I’ll make sure to put your scouting skills to great use.”, he smirked.

“Grrr, I detest ven you speak like zis…”

“Hey, you survived last time, no need to berate me.”, Kazwellor sighed. “Well then, we’ll be heading to this Outpost B, I suppose.”, he announced with a bow of his head. He gave a quick greeting to the other agents still present and walked into the portal.

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Goonfire Goonfire
Universe A
"Well, I wouldn't call Emperor Spider a giant bug, he's as human as...erm...well, he's human." Fugai said as they entered the forest. "Truth be told, from what Cugai says of him, he doesn't show his face a lot. You'd hide your face too, if your entire family was tainted for years by arrogant assholes who became trade partners with...ya know what, doesn't matter, let's move on."

Fugai marched on with his companion, for some reason, he begins singing Karma Chameleon. As they inched closer to the castle, they saw many different fauna. The usual ones like squirrels, and maybe a deer. Fugai then pointed up into the sky. It was a dragon, a small one, flying past by. "See that dragon? My universe doesn't have those. I mean, kinda?...but not really? Anyways, funny thing, in most Universes I've visited, dragons are often regarded as fierce, deadly creatures. Here, there just as animal as a crocodile. Dangerous, sure, but nothing special."

SirPrompto15 SirPrompto15 homintales homintales
Universe B
Outpost A Team
As the team made way to the crater, the sight of the damage had become more clear. It was as if a meteor had hit right in the area, but it wasn't a meteor at all. It was Pepperjack. He was lying on the ground, unconscious, and dirty. The large man wasn't alone, however. Looming above Pepperjack was another being, a rather skinny fellow, wearing a white tuxedo, a white top hat to match. He had a brownish-pink hue, almost like a hotdog, and had brown hair poking from his hat. As if he knew the people were coming to check out what happened, he turns to face the lot. "Now, what do we got here? Bunch of suckas wanting to get a glimps of ol' Peppy over here?"

His glaring eyes, and wide smile could foretell of this man's position, but it seemed he awaited for them to do something. "Tell me, strangers. I wanna hear that sweet curiousity."

Tiguidi Tiguidi
Outpost B Team
Like the others before you, you find yourself walking along a dirt path in an ominous, yet peaceful forest. Familiar, yet foreign, the world seems to welcome you with a warm sun, and a nice breeze. This is, however, not the goal here. As you come into this world, you find yourself at a fork in the road. Three paths to choose from.

The left path holds no danger, and seems to lead to some other agents near by. There is also an unpleasant smell of burning plastic.
The center path seems to lead to another branch of paths, but there seems to be someone ominous standing before a deeper forest. !!.png
The right path seems to hold no danger either, in fact there is a pleasant aroma.​

Goonfire Goonfire
Outpost C Team
Before Rose's sight stood an entire campsite, oddly enough, other than the tent and the burning firepit, all around it looked like the basis of an entire kitchen surrounded the camp. The first person she could see was a young woman. From first glance, she looked human, but upon further inspection, she wasn't. She had purple skin, dark purple hair, her hands and even her legs ended with a light yellow color, her skin becoming transparent enough that you can just barley see a skeleton. She had to antennae atop her head, they, too, ended with a transparent yellow, and were pointy like spears. Trailing behind her, a long demon's tail, the same attribute. She also wore what was equivalent to a 1940's dress, for some odd reason.

She didn't seem to take notice of Rose at first, but looked up once she heard someone speaking that wasn't her partner. She leaned in to see who it was, not seeming to recognize someone like her.

"Boss." She suddenly spoke. "We got a "customer.""

"Grr...." A grumbled voice escaping the other occupant. "Is it an actual customer, Dontia? If it's Gael, tell em to piss off!"

Near the fire, chopping up fresh vegetables, was a larger body. It looked almost like a giant elderly snapping turtle, green skin, standing on it's hind legs. He had a chefs hat and appron on, his left arm having a visible tattoo of a skull. He turned around, and saw the visitor. "Aye! An actual customer!" The giant turtle started fumbling around, eventually coming up to her with a small stool to sit on. "I am Chef Dactylo. Please, sit down, make yerself comfertable, lass. I'll be right with you in a moment." He then turned to the younger being. "Dontia! Get off yer arse and take her order!"

"What do you mean?" Dontia asked, a little sass coming from her voice, "You didn't bring any menus for anyone to look for. Ya moron..."

Dactylo grumbled, tapping his fingers on the table he was using to chop up ingredients. "Then...Whatever she wants, then. I'm sure we can cook her up something! So long as it gets you off that stinkin device!" He looks back over to Rose. "Just because I'm feelin generous, I'll let ya have this first meal free!"

"Lies." Dontia spoke silently. "It's because he forgot the cash register, and we can't collect any money...Don't let Gael know."

"I'll fockin' kill anyone who let's Gael know!" Dactylo growled.
Demon Slayer Corps
Universe B,Outpost A
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The group made it's way closer to the unconcious figure. Tanjiro could regonise the scent. Fugai did allow him to memorise Pepperjack's scent on one of his clothes prior to the mission. " It's him! It's Pepperjack!" Tanjiro replied.
The Demon Slayer noticed the suspecious figure looming over the unconcious admin/agent.
"Are you the one who attacked him?" Muichiro asked the man." If it's the case we will not show mercy upon you,despite you not being a demon."
Sgt Kyle Reese

-UCA Watchtower


The former Tech-com Sergeant, Kyle Reese sat in the UCA watchtower, his gun strapped to his back, looking around the area, eying the UCA area, trying to get a grip of the new area and new base of operations. Last he knew, he was on Earth, fighting a machine war on a base, about to shoot down a Terminator.

Kyle sat in a seat, checking over his plasma rifle, a hint burned from the last battle. He had nowhere else to go now that his mission had been completed. He joined the UCA.

He pulled himself up as he eyed the strange other man named Kaz and the others in the room.

Tiguidi Tiguidi UltraWagonWheel24 UltraWagonWheel24 darkred darkred
Beneath his mask, HUNK cocked an eyebrow. Fugai had cut himself off before he could mention more about Emperor Spider's trade partner. "We don't know that," he stated in reply to being told it's not important.

HUNK took mental note of the emphasis subsequently placed on the dragons. They were supposedly common... and concerning enough to be compared to crocodiles. Regardless of their downgraded status, he kept an eye on the sky in addition to his regular search pattern around himself and Fugai.

UltraWagonWheel24 UltraWagonWheel24

Rose nearly recoiled at the sight of these people. They certainly weren't human, yet they were sapient and seemingly harmless. The kitchen layout was strange to Rose, almost foreign in appearance, with a lot less wood than she usually saw in a kitchen in her world.

"Have you tried doing what most merchants do?" Rose asked, interrupting their bickering about this 'cash register'. From what she gathered, they had no way of collecting money. "Just take a small sack and put the gold inside, then write a ledger listing the payments you received." She shrugged as if this should have been obvious. "Anyway, I will have what is brewing in the pot," she also decided, not wanting to complicate the order when they were missing their menu.

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Mentions: UltraWagonWheel24 UltraWagonWheel24 SirPrompto15 SirPrompto15
Pixie, able to sense Pepperjack's current state, immediately took initiative, which was certainly rare to see. Zooming towards the unconscious man. Dante quickly caught Pixie. "No!" Dante spoke like a parent scolding small children. "He's too close to the suit guy. Too unknown." Pixie made a face that made it obvious she wasn't going to idle without good reason. "If we start fighting, you can use the opportunity to restore his energy."

Dante then took out his twin pistols, pointing them towards the man. "Maybe we are. What's it to you?" He made sure to speak loudly, though not too loudly, as to make Dante seem like a weakling trying to assert some unnatural courage. "You've got five seconds to start talking, then I'm gonna start shooting." Dante wasn't adjusting well to all this... communication. It was just wasting everyone's time. "So... talk!"
Universe B - Outpost B
“Not even two steps in and we’re already back in action.”, Kaz mused once he stepped out of the portal. The raven perched on his shoulders departed in the sky to survey the surroundings.

“Zey better be grateful!”, Stroheim cawed. “I vasn’t kidding about ze velcome back party!”

“Well, one thing at a time.”, the sorcerer brushed off, examining the different forks in the road. “With that being said, the path to take seems obvious.”, he mentioned, squinting his eyes toward the centermost path. At this point, stealth would be pointless so he advanced toward the ominous figure, while his familiar stayed high in the air.

“Not too fast!” He heard Stroheim’s voice above. “Ve got reinforcements! Caw! Caw!”

“Oh, you’re right.”, Kazwellor spoke, glancing at Kyle behind him. “Hi there.”, he greeted. “I don’t remember you from last time I was in the UCA. My name’s Kazwellor. Um, do you know if anybody else is coming to help us? We were about to head in this central path over there -wouldn’t want to go too far without everyone.”
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Goonfire Goonfire
Universe A
Fugai lead HUNK through the forest. Nothing to note, really, only thing Fugai did for a while was make toucan noises. The sight of the castle became more and more apparent, it sat on top of a hill, above a small city below. Fugai stopped his bullshit and spoke.

"Spider Castle." Fugai said, "Said to have been built over 300 years, this worlds time, during the reign of Emperor Saint Andrew Spider. Day it finished, he promised that prosperity would come to the kingdom and then some, even wanted to change the logo into a cross, the symbol of health. Until he died of an unknown case of super carpel tunnel, and then his son, Huntsman, became emperor and totally screwed up everything the selfish prick. Buuuuut, I hear the current Emperor is trying to fix this place up."

What seemed like an unnecessary long amount of walking and decent levels of exposition finally led the duo on the hill to Spider's Castle. "Here we are, my scary-as-hell companion. Now, all we gotta do is get up there and speak to the Emperor. Just to be clear, you and I are investigative reporters, and if that doesn't work, you're my seeing eye dog."

With that said, Fugai began walking up the path, singing a dainty tune as he walked toward their destiny. But destiny wasn't going to come easy, children, the sun was beating down on his head, and before he knew it, he fell into a horrible coughing fit. Fugai pressed on, there was no way this hill was going to stop him. He had the power to destroy the whole joint, the sun should be growing hot and steamy because he walked into the room.

That was, of course, til you take a step back, and realize that Fugai's just being a jackass, as they were both already in front of the castle, with no struggle what-so-ever. Standing before them was a single guard, covered head to toe of a bulky blue armor, a spider-shaped insignia on his shoulder. Telling from his visible eyes, he wasn't up for any shenanigans today.

Fugai looked up, whispering over to HUNK. “Ok, HUNK, just follow my lead.” Fugai dragged himself in front of the soldier. "Bonjour! My name is-"

"Piss off." The soldier said. "The Emperor isn't seeing anyone."

Universe B
homintales homintales SirPrompto15 SirPrompto15
Team A
"Woah, hold up, homie. Let the little lady through." The man said, "And put them pow sticks away, I ain't done nothin to ol' fatass over here." Holding up two of his fingers, the man placed them over his mouth, and breathed in. Removing his hand, he exhaled, steam exiting his mouth, along with his entire body. "All I saw, before you weirdos showed up, was Jackie fallin from the sky like some kindo meteorite." As the steam spread across the field, a hand made from the stuff placed itself onto Dante's shoulder, the same with the Demon Slayers.

"Name's Follie Fondue, baddest mofo on this side of Abaddon. Normally, I like to be the kinda guy causin trouble, but even a curious Caseus such as myself can see somethin aint right here."

The wind began to blow around the two, the young wizard stopping to address the soldier as the ominous being before them stayed standing. It looked like a tall being, wearing a sunhat, with long purple and white drapes covering it's entire body. On further inspection, it was like they were made from a hardened skin. The beings face, looking like a white owl mask, looked over to the two. He radiated a powerful, almost overwhelming energy. He awaited for them to approach, and once they did, he spoke with an ominous, rumbly voice.

"You two are not of this world." He spoke. "Yet, I know you weren't sent here because of the wormhole. State you're business."

Goonfire Goonfire

Dactylo glared at Rose, it was almost like he was about to rip off his shell and beat someone up with it…until he stopped, and realized his misstep.​
"Oi, why didn’t I think of that sooner….Erm….One chef's special coming right up!" Dactylo began preparing a plate, first placing down large roasted meat slapping down a small pile of mashed potatoes, with steamed veggies. Also placed on the plate, a shish kebab with shrimp and peppers, a separate plate with a cooked game hen with a fresh pineapple slice, and bowl of a red tomato soup, and an entire goddamn chocolate eclair for dessert.

“Order’s up, Donita!” Dactylo shouted.

The young demoness sighed as she stood up, only walking mere inches to retrieve all that food, balancing it all with no problem, she slides it all in front of Rose. “Enjoy, dear.”

Dactylo started stirring soup inside a large cauldron. Donita folded her arms. “So, where are you from? I’ve never seen armor like that. Is it Abaddonian? Can’t be, they normally don’t make armor for humans.”
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Demon Slayer Corps
Universe B,
UltraWagonWheel24 UltraWagonWheel24 homintales homintales

The Demon Slayers listened to the strange man,who introduced himself as "Follie Fondue" Zenitsu shivered in fear and jumped in surprised as the smoke hand touched his left shoulder.
"That's a weird name..." Muichiro replied."Are you a friend of Peppy-sama?" Mitsuri asked.

Tengen smirked. " My name is Tengen Uzui,flashy god of festivals!"
"Enough already!" Zenitsu shouts.

Something moved from the box on Tanjiro 's back. A small chibi girl with long black hair with orange highlights and wearing a pink kimono and a bamboo mouthpiece came out of it.

She noticed Pepperjack and ran to him. "Wait Nezuko!" Tanjiro shouts and he ran to catch up to his demon turned sister.
"I forgot that Nezuko could stand in the sun again!" Zenitsu added as he followed.
Nezuko stood in front of Pepperjack. She used her healing flames in attempt to heal him.
Unknown Universe

Keith sat on his bed, listening some music and eating some chips, suddently someone knocked his door, he rushed to the door, and opened it.
"O-Oh hi Mr. Jones." said Keith worried, it was his landlord.

"Hi... Keith..." Said the Landlord with an disapointed tone of voice as he looked to the disaster called room.
"You know for being a fully grown 20 years old man you still act like a kid."

"W-What's the problem sir." Keith said as he gulped.
"There's something wrong."

"You own me 2 months." said Jones with serious expression

"Oh... Right..." Keith shouted, mentally he was screaming, what to do now, isn't like he was an multiversal traveler who had a deal with U.C.A. to gain money... wait... a bulb lightened in Keith head, maybe he could win some money by doing some works for U.C.A.
"Wait!!! Mr. Jones, give me one day, i beg you." begged Keith.

"Arrggg, fineeeee Keith but please be quick." Jones said with an tired tone.

"Thank you Mr. Jones." Keith thanked him, he quickly closed the door infront of his landlord

Keith then entered his bathroom, he turned on a swich on there which got him teleported to Universe B, U.C.A Outpost C
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Sgt. Kyle Reese (Tech-Com Sgt/UCA/ )
Universe B Outpost

UltraWagonWheel24 UltraWagonWheel24 Tiguidi Tiguidi darkred darkred


The former Tech-Com Sargeant looked over at the half-elf and raised an eyebrow. This was beyond his usual assignments given to him by John Connor himself.

Then since the half-elf never really gave a reason as to why they were here, Kyle spoke instead.

"I'm Kyle Reese, a new agent of the UCA. Sgt. of Tech-Com. I'm usually a time traveler and might have missed my mission point but I'm guessing you needed our help in some capacity, right?"

--Black Rock ★ Shooter--
Interactions: UltraWagonWheel24 UltraWagonWheel24
Location: Universe B, Outpost C
OST: Story Field “Fuji Forest”

The Black Rock Shooter’s nose piqued at the scent of the aroma coming from the third path, which led to a campsite. Which usually meant people. Which usually meant potential witnesses to whatever it is the Agency’s waiting for. Aside from that, Daiya’s more than curious on what the cuisine on this world is like, seeing as she had barely ate anything since fighting the worms–not that her biology required her to feed, that is.
Universe B - Outpost B
Kaz3.png“I see. Well, for now, it looks like it’s us two -err, three.”, the sorcerer corrected himself, glancing at the raven above.

When he and Kyle approached the ominous, owl-faced figure, Kaz tried to discern this person’s intentions and reasons for waiting before the forest, but was unable. Difficult to do when that guy had a mask on…

“We’re trying to find an ally of ours.”, he simply replied to the masked figure. He turned to face Kyle. “One of our administrators, Pepperjack, has gone missing and he’s apparently somewhere around here.”, he quickly explained. “And find anyone not supposed to be here, I suppose.” He glanced back at the mysterious man. “I promise we mean no trouble.”

darkred darkred UltraWagonWheel24 UltraWagonWheel24
"Will they actually buy that?" HUNK questioned in a whisper. He supposed they'd have to bet on it.

... Never take HUNK to Vegas.

Before Fugai could even finish his introduction, they were rejected. "Says who? The emperor or you?" he retorted with his hands behind his back. He pulled out a small notepad and pen, seemingly out of nowhere from the guard's viewpoint. Still being a good sport, he wrote a header for his notes: 'Scandal in Spider Castle?'

The situation irked the agent. Any other time, he would simply scale the wall with his cloak active, but it wasn't his objective to infiltrate... yet.

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Rose's eyes flickered to Dactylo, her stare still neutral even as he glared. It appeared he merely needed a moment to comprehend what she had said, as he quickly lowered his guard and put together a veritable feast. Rose could hardly believe how much food he was giving away... and boy, was she ever hungry. She started with the soup, as table etiquette hadn't changed for her in 11,000 years; the soup always came first.

"Abaddonian...?" Rose echoed. "I really must be a long way from home—from Gloriano." Her attention was drawn from her food and the conversation when she noticed movement in her peripheral vision. "Is that a friend of yours?"

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Universe A
The man began to approach HUNK, flicking his right arm, causing the armor on it to open, revealing an arm cannon. "Damn journalists. Even when all that's happened, you still poke your noses into peoples business. You parasites better crawl back to whatever pit of hell you came from, else I'll-"

"Cicada." A voice boomed from inside the castle. "Who's out there with you?"

Cicada stopped, turning back to face the doors that were now slightly ajar.

"No one important, my lord!" Cicada responded, rather casually in fact. "Everything's under contro-"

"That doesn't answer my question, Cicada." The voice said.

"Some asshole and his friend." Cicada responded. "I told them to piss off!"

"That's no way to treat guests, Cicada." The voice responded. "If it's just two of them we can let them inside. With everything that has happened."

Cicada seemed to grumble. "Yes, Emperor Spider..." He turns to the two, bowing. "I apologize. Things haven't been right 'round here. Please, come inside."

Cicada walks to the doors, pushing them open, and walking inside, not facing the two at all.

"Damn right, you better be sorry, I'm a fuckin god of war." Fugai whispered under his breath. "Well, at least he apologized. Speaking of which, HUNK." Fugai suddenly appears next to HUNKS head, floating upside down. "Take a note. Big Butts. That's all, I wanna save that for Cugai."

Within the castle was a long hallway, a long red carpet reaching from the doorway to the throne room, lined with patterns that greatly resemble webs. The walls were decorated with pictures of many men, all previous Emperor Spider's that came before. At the end sat three thrones, three people accompanying each seat. The middle sat a man wearing a set of bulky green decorated armor, his faceless helmet showing two draconic eyes glowing within. The helmet had a large red plume, almost looking like he had red, uncontrolled hair, under which showed four extra armored arms folded behind his throne. It was safe to assume that this was Emperor Spider.

To his left sat a woman, pale white skin with wavy, platinum blonde hair. She wore a pitch black dress, which the midsection was removed, showing a large red hourglass tattoo on her abdomen. To the emperors left was a young girl, about 15, with the same platinum hair as her mothers, and her fathers eyes. She wore a brown and black dress, and looked absolutely miserable.

Fugai whispered to HUNK. "There he is. Emperor Tarantula Spider. Didn't think the wife and daughter would be here, too."

"So." Emperor Spider said. "What brings you two gentlemen here?"

Universe B
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Follie scoffed. "Friend? Nah, G. Like anyone would be friends with that fat crank. Kills the vibe. I wouldn't care if he did croak. Leave behind a fine lookin daughter, though. Only friend he's got is Gael, and don't get me started on that S.O.B."

Follie turned around, the steam surrounding his body. "Since you freaks got some kind of connection with Jackie, I'll let ya get him back up on his feet. I got other places to be, anyways. But, when you're up for it, give me a call, you can hit up my crib, hot stuff."

With that said, Follie's body produces a steam clone, floating up to Pixie with a card, sporting his name and an undiscernible phone number. Dante received one too, his having a kiss mark on it. Before anyone could say a word, Follie had vanished.

Pepperjack squirmed, slowly his eyes opened to see the world around him, the pain slowly going away. "Wha- Ergh...Where am I?...."

The being remained silent, looking at the two with glowing eyes. It then peered at the boys wrist. "I've seen those watches before. The Caseus you're looking for also has one." He turns away. "Your friend is not far from here. I can sense that your other allies has already found him." He points west. "The devices they have emit the same energy." He turns back to the duo.

"As much as it pains me to say it, but we are in need of some assistance. I am Harl Verbosis. Pepperjack is the last of your troubles. I sense many that have befallen thanks to that wormhole that formed. One, of which, concerns me the most. It has a power that even a Harl can sense. It's out west. In the bamboo forest. I would confiscate it myself, but I fear snooping around with the likes of you will get the gods to notice...and we don't want that, do we?"

"Hmm..." Dontia thought to herself. "Never heard of that place. Then again, I've never been great with geology." She then turned to see the black-cladded lady approaching the site. She squinted. "Never seen her before... Boss-"

"Tell 'em to take a long walk off a short pier!" Dactylo shouted.

"It's not Gael!" Dontia replied. "It's another chick!"

"Oh...Get 'er a seat, then." Dactylo said.

Dontia grabbed a sack, thinking that this time they'd ask for payment...until she realized that it wasn't worth it, and just tosses it aside. "Hey!" Dontia called to the newcomer. "Ya hungry?!"

As with those before, the area was a woodland place of green and nature and all that good memes. With his watch online, the voice of one of the administrators comes through.

"Hello? Mr. Smith? This is Administrator Cugai. Normally I'd like for you to step into the Watchtower and make yourself present, but we're in a bit of a pickle. You're inside of the universe where me and my brother originate, so, as you can tell, I'm stressed as hell. All you need to do is find any and all stowaways inside that universe, and bring them home. Be careful, CiMos can see that we've got some nasty folk around, and there's something there that super powerful. If you can do this without screwing it up we'll pay for your rent for the next three months. Deal? Deal. Cugai out."

With that said, natures ambience became present once again. From then on, the agent was given three paths to walk down.
The first path lead more closer to a forested area. A great place for a breather.
The second path was a curve that leads to a small forested area, but also to a dead end. Though, there seems to be a large burrow a the end of the path. !!.png
The third path leads to a campsite, occupied by many. There is also a heavenly aroma. !!.png
Demon Slayer Corps
Universe B
"What a weirdo..." Zenitsu muttered as Follie left.
Tanjiro,Nezuko and Mitsuri watched over Pepperjack as he woke up.
"About time you woke up. Fugai and Cugai sended us to get you back to base safe and sound." Tengen explained to the Admin.
"You were unconcious. Nezuko,my sister,healed you." Tanjiro explained.
"We are in some universe known as...Universe B,that's what he said." Muichiro added.
Keith began walking into the third path, the aroma was good, nothing compared to the sweet and godly smell of ice-cream but it was ok, he will probably found some people in the campsite, Keith continued walking, until he reached the place, there were some people there.

"i should begin introducing myself... Hello!!!! yeah... Hi... Sooooo mmmmm... how's the day... mmmm sorry.... ehhhh...." said Keith triying to begin a conversation, failling horribly
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Location: Universe B, Outpost C
OST: Story Field “Fuji Forest” ()

Who’s Gael?” Daiya asked in curiosity, overhearing the name being uttered out as she approached what appears to be a food store. A camp specifically set up to cater to travelers, wherever they may head. No wonder they might’ve seen anything odd. In spite of that, Daiya recalled that she might not want to reveal the existence of other worlds to these natives. Best to lay low and simply wander around for something strange to pop up. When asked if she’s hungry, Daiya’s stomach growled seemingly on cue. Having just finished an all out brawl would stir up an appetite, so she nonchalantly nodded afterwards. “How much is it?” She asked as she began to rummage through her cloak, as if searching for something to pay with on her person.​
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Dante immediately threw his & Pixie's cards into the forest, wanting to forget that awful conversation as soon as it was possible. "The name is Pepperjack, right?" He spoke to his new, now conscious acquaintance. "I won't lie, I completely forget why we came out to this place." Pixie gave Dante a smack on the skull. He already forgot this was a rescue operation. "Ow! Don't act like you're the only one to pay attention to mission assignments." Pixie then went away from Dante's side. How was a Demon so unbelievably sensitive?

"Come on guys, let's leave this universe already." Pixie spoke to everyone while flying above, raining sparkles everywhere, purposely making sure they were getting in Dante's eyes. "There's no sweets anywhere." Of course that was the main issue with Pixie's stay.
Dontia didn't respond when asked about Gael. She couldn't tell if she should count the girl lucky or not, but that's not important. Instead, she just grabs two other stools. "Eh, just whatever you got, I guess." She said approaching. "Hell, a shiny rock would be perfect."

She placed them down and looked up at the other new face, her own unamused. "Nice try there, sport."

"Tell em to-"

"It's! Not! Gael!" Dontia hissed to Dactylo, who was still stirring the large pot of stew.

Pepperjack slowly stood up, rubbing his head as he looked around. "Universe B? The hell kind of name is-....Wait...I recognize this place." Pepperjack walked forward, muttering under his breath. "This is my Universe! How the hell did I-... I was on a rescue mission, trying to bring a couple of stowaways-....Then this blast-...."

Pepperjack pressed the screen of his watch, looking at all the updated information CiMos has placed. "A wormhole...From- Errrgh, just great. I thought we were done with this shit!"

Pepperjack then looked up at Pixie, stretching his arm out, he grabs her and brings her back down. "No. None of us are leavin. My Universe is in serious danger. My daughter is in danger! That wormhole is comin from a universe with guys that should not come here. BUT! Accordin' to CiMos, there is someone here! Somethin that could lead to the end of my universe as we know it!" Pepperjack then started walking, stomping the ground, so hard in fact that dirt kicked up with every stomp. "Tell the bosses I'm doin just fine. But I ain't leavin until I know Brie is safe."

As Pepperjack walked off, a new string of paths made themselves present.

The path you came from... You probably shouldn't take this route...

The first path leads to the west. You can see what looks like a bamboo forest in the distance, and something big and hairy sitting in a steaming pool. !!.png

The second path leads into a forest walk. It's a nice view, but something around the area smells like it died. !!!.png

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