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Just Your Average RP Germlin
Hey there!
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My name is Sam, and I'm feeling a little, shall we say, masochistic. And I'm hoping you guys can help me out! Recently, I've been thirsting for some dark content. Deep dark, sink when you fall in, cold to the touch, absolutely fear-inducing content. I'm talking horror, y'all. Lemme break it down:

an intense feeling of fear, shock, or disgust.

So with that definition being out there, here's the deal. I want to be scared. I want to experience that moment of "oh god, no!" And be excited for whatever horrible action is about to occur. Sitting in your chair all curled up, hoping somehow to use your own body as your shield, and avidly reading some grotesque tale.

Little About Me | What I Look For;
- My name is Sam, she/her and I am a humble pizza maker. I've been roleplaying for about 13 years now, so we can call me experienced. But I'm always learning and happy to take criticisms of all kinds.

- I'm located in Las Vegas, NV. So my time zone is Pacific Standard Time (PST) so if you're ever hoping for a reply, make sure to check the time in my time zone!

- I love to OCC with my RP partners. Whether it's about gushing over the characters, the plot, or just about each other's days. Of course, if you're not comfortable with that, that is completely okay!

- I enjoy playing characters of all creeds, genders, and personalities. I do enjoy keeping things equal though, so if I start getting overwhelmed with boys/girls, I'll edit this to make sure state as such.

- I enjoy playing all pairings. MxM, FxF, MxF, Multiple

- There is no theme to dangerous, no action that I'm above (as long as it follows site rules and regulations!).

- I prefer long detailed posts (between 5-6 long paragraphs). I will always return what I am given!

- I love the use of face claims, so I usually use one for any OC. But it is okay if you're not comfortable with that! I just ask for detailed descriptions of your character.

- I am okay with people dropping RPs without a heads up. Things happen, and things sometimes become stagnant. If you're ever looking for a reply from me, please feel free to poke me. Sometimes I lose track of stuff.

- All characters need to be over 18

- Decent grammer and punctuation is always appreciated but accidents do happen! (I'm mobile-bound when RPing so that goes for me too). Cussing is okay in character dialogue. Prefer all RPs to be in third person.

- I prefer 80s, 90s, and modern settings!

Horror Ships I Adore!
I have some ships and pairings in mind that I would love to explore! All of these ships should be considered toxic (though most definitely have the opportunity for sick and twisted romance!). None of these should be considered healthy by any means! Please keep that in mind! The italic ones are the character that I prefer to play, but everything is up conversation! If neither option is Italic, it means I want to play both anyway so it doesn't matter what you pick!

**The Last One / The Agitated Killer
It's been years since their friends died. It's felt like even longer since they have been running from the bastard that killed them. Why won't they just fucking die already?

Red String of Fate Fucked Them Over
They had always thought that the moment the finally found the person their red string was tied to that it would be the happiest day of their life. Little did they know that the person they were tied to was a monster in their own right. Person they are tied to has hurt people, a lot of people. Is this the only way they will find love?

**Survivor / Raider
One was simply trying to outlast the apocalypse. The other just wanted to use the mayhem for their way to power. What happens when the ruthless meets the defiant?

Ghost Hunter / Demon
What happens when the curious digs a little to deep and gets the attention of a the dangerous, seductive, and unholy? (Wanting MxM for this one)

**Deranged Maniac / Helpless Victim
Psychotic and out of control takes an innocent bystander as their favorite play thing. (Lots and lots of triggers in this one.)

Witch / Demon
The powers that be shouldn't have let this mess been at all.

Monster in the Forest / The Hermit
Something was moving in the trees... Or was that just the branches shaking in the breeze. When a frightening monster finally smells human flesh after years of isolation.

Killers In Love
Twice the psycho. Twice the nightmare. Twice the fun!

**Tortured / Torturer
Sometimes a person just wants to cause some pain and terror. What happens when an act of senseless violence becomes an extended dangerous game.

Yandere / Tsundere
Things are gonna get messy

Demon Priest / The Devote
When an immovable object meets an unstoppable force.

Evil Organized Genius / Evil Chaotic Genius
Two powerhouses that, when they can actually agree, can destroy the entire world in a day.
** = Plots I'm really wanting to play!
And of course if you have any ideas or plots you want to do that fits in with my crazy, horror focused needs, please feel free to throw some ideas at me.
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