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Fandom TMNT 1x1 Search


New Member
Hey, there the name is Kat ^^ I'm in search of a TMNT roleplay since I've been having a craving for it. I have no problem with the 2003 version nor the 2012 version. I have no problem with OC x Canons! I'm always playing more than one character so things stay interesting. I am looking for someone who can play as Raph or Leo.

I will only do literate roleplays. I hope that you’d put in the same effort that I plan on doing. It doesn’t have to be the size of a book, but I’d still like at LEAST a paragraph or two. It can even go up to multiple paragraphs! I like that! Spelling and grammar errors are fine as long as I can still understand what you were trying to say xD

Also, I love talking in OOC It's not a must, but just a little heads up

If you would like to get in contact. I highly suggest that you PM me :3

I hope I hear from somebody soon!​


New Member
I’m interested ^^ I can roleplay Leo for you. Just a heads up I’m heading to bed right now so I’ll respond tomorrow.

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