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Fandom Third Realm

Sub Genres
AU, Cyberpunk, Magical, Multiverse, Super Powers, Supernatural


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Earth shares some portals with a magical fantasy world similar to Third Earth from the Original Thundercats. Meaning, a world where most life is populated by anthropomorphic entities such as beastmen and catmen, etcetera, a world of mysterious origins that could be linked with Earth, for example, but has a mixture of archaic technology with some more modern and sci fi combinations. The fantasy world is likely post Apocalyptic and has been in the process of restoring civilization for centuries, and this is where you come in, in lieu with fandom given power ups from characters throughout media and just about any given franchise.

It wouldn't start out as a save the world scenario, it would be more like an investigation in what is going on, how did you get there, why do you have your powers, and how do you get back home?

Character Creation:
Sex/Gender: (Sex, as in male or female, not "Yes please")
Appearance: (Image or a summary of appearance in text is fine)
Description: (Can include a brief history, or not. A history is optional, a description is not).
Theme: Ninja? Wizard? Assassin? Robot? Whatever your theme, if there is one, put it here.
Power Up: You can use the vsbattle wiki if you want, in this case, don't go above Tier 7. You start with one and eventually you will get more. Power ups are just the power sets you get, you give me a link to a fictional character you want the powers and abilities from.


Yukari is <3
I'm sexually identified as "Yes please", and your opening post triggered me. Czech ur privilege.

Dead meme aside, I'm all interested for this RP.


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Okay, this is officially on hiatus until the 26th. . . I didn't intend on this having to wait for so long.

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