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  • Prelude
    It all started on the world of Radiant Haven. Believed to be a safe place for all not only because the world is considered the home of many Keyblade wielders but also the fact that the world itself is filled with light and harmony, or so that is what is on the outside. Unbeknownst to the citizens of the world, the leaders of the Radiant Haven have been harboring a deep dark secret locked away deep underground for quite some time. While many would like to believe that it is possible to live in a world that is mainly just filled with light and peace and that no such thing as darkness could exist in such a harmonious world, the truth is that there is no such thing, the leaders of the world have been hiding a well of darkness that they have been keeping at bay by flooding it with the power of light every so often. Unfortunately, every so often as of late, there have been sightings of what people have said to be strange shadowy creatures lurking in the shadows during the day but even more so during the evenings. Over time, people have started to go missing one after the other and authorities seem to have no answer to it.

    Months pass and investigations turn up nothing, suddenly, however, one night, a large explosion is heard from the Royal Palace. Bursting from the palace itself is a giant heartless, as it wreaks havoc on the world, sending smaller heartless out to slaughter citizens one after the other. Try as they might, even if most people of Radiant Haven are Keyblade wielders, many of them have never needed to draw their weapon for battle before. Because of this, within the span of a day or so, the world that was known to be filled with light was now completely shrouded in darkness.

    Now, with the heartless taken over the entirety of a world full of Keyblade Wielders, with their overwhelming power, they started to expand their darkness to many other worlds one after another. Reports soon began to spread to many of the other worlds about this new threat, some even saying that the heartless have evolved, some saying that they have even seen sightings of Keyblade-wielding Heartless. An individual who had survived the attack on their homeworld even said that the Heartless had learned human speech, that they stated they now were under the rule of a new leader known as the Shadow King. With this knowledge in hand, many of the worlds have all begun to arm themselves against this new threat, knowing that any moment their own homeworlds could be attacked. Many people have lost hope as they believe without the help of actual Keyblade-wielders, it would only be a matter of time that they would all fall victim to this new enemy.

    Even with the looming dark enemy threatening all the worlds though, light will never be completely extinguished. Although it has taken quite some time and many worlds have already fallen into darkness by this point, Keyblade wielders have slowly began to make a reappearance one after another from what reports have shown. Random individuals have begun to awaken to their hidden potential that they have been chosen by a Keyblade. While not everyone has gained them at the same time, others have had time to hone their skills even slightly while some are still getting a hold of their bearings and attempting to understand what the power they wield is.
    Aside from this, there have even been some reports that Nobodies have started to even make a reappearance, although the reports about these nobodies have been overly mixed, some are stating that they have seen husks attacking people while others have said they have seen members from the long forgotten Organization XIII make a return and helping defend civilians. While it is not clear who these individuals are from the old Organization since they wear the infamous black cloak to hide their identity, many people are skeptical about the help from them.

    Now the true question remains, will these new Keyblade-wielders be able to bring peace back to the worlds or will the Shadow King envelop everything into darkness?
    Heey there y'all, new roleplay idea I just came up with. Wanted to give it a try. As you can already tell, this will be a fandom based on the game, Kingdom Hearts.

    Unfortunately for those who were hoping to be playing as canon characters, that will not be the case for this roleplay. This will be MAINLY OC driven. We MIGHT have some cameo appearances of canon characters depending on the need for it, but it will be mostly focused on our OCs. This, however, does not mean the canon characters do not exist. I plan to make this roleplay based on events after KH2 but a little bit before KH3.
    Story *

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I'll throw my interest out. I could use a good KH rp

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