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General Rules:
- Please be courteous and kind to other players at all times.
- I do not expect you all to write essays, just enough so that other players have something to work off of for their post. Please keep in check your grammar and spelling but I'm not going to hound you. I would like posts to be easily readable and things make sense.
- NO controlling other characters/cast. This is in regards to player characters or PCs, not the other trainers or suck NPCs. Doing this will get you a message from me asking you to stop.
- Please try and write your character's name somewhere in your post so we know who is posting and also use names when speaking to another player.


Queen of the Nerds
Zerozero: "How will this RP work?"
LunaticLove: "The original version of this rp was run with the original poster and another rper playing as the ring master and beast tamer while the others played as carnies who perform."
zerozero: "I mean in terms of what the players would be doing."
LunaticLove: "Mostly I assume they would be performing in the circus and trying to not get in trouble with the ring master"
Kazig: "I'm pretty sure a big part of the main goal last time was to find a way to escape"


As doom approaches I watch the rainbows bloom
Ace watched the crowd with wide eyes. She pretended to be shocked at all the faces in the crowd.
"As you see I have nothing up my sleeves! Ha! I don't even have sleeves! But watch as I make this coin disappear!"
She held up a shiny gold coin in her ungloved hand. She flicked it up into the air twice, her eyes following the movement. She threw it to her other hand, catching it without blinking. She threw it back to her other hand and flicked it back up in the air once more. But when eyes followed the flick the coin was nowhere to be seen. She held out both hands to show it was gone. She ran up to a woman in the front row.
"Ma'am are my hands empty!?"
The woman nodded and Ace held her hands up to the crowd, turning slowly to show everyone. She snapped both fingers simultaneously, coins flicked outwards before hitting the ground with little metallic tings. She snapped her fingers again, two more coins. Another snap, two more coins. She snapped her fingers a few more times, bowing to the crowd as they cheered.

@LunaticLove Here's Ace. I'll get Nasha up later.​


Queen of the Nerds
@animegirl20 @LittleBlindKitten @Kazig @xxxtentacion @PyroMonomania @LazyDaze @Yahhah

Hello everyone and thank you all for the interest in this rp. I have reviewed all of your characters and would like you to each post a few sentences explaining what your performance act would be if you are a performer.

Also we will begin this rp on Wednesday evening I will tag you all in the first post to begin. Just so you all have time to think about your character and their interactions, please use this thread to talk to each other about friendships, enemies, and other relationships that would have formed since your character joined the circus.

I would also like to know how and when your character joined the circus. I will let you all know that Oliver, the owner/ringmaster, has been raised in this circus and took over the circus from his family 7 years ago when he was 22.


As doom approaches I watch the rainbows bloom
Joining the circus:

Ace found herself standing outside of the tent without any recollection of going there. She was found and captured shortly after. This was only two years ago.

Nasha was found wandering and got captured, forced to participate in the circus. This was just after Oliver inherited the circus.
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Here's Sullivan
Sullivan paced back and forth as he felt the smaller non-display cage being wheeled about. He flicked his tail tassel in agitation. There was hardly room in this accursed thing to turn around. Let alone pace he was just changing directions every step. He growled, and when the door was open the massive lion rushed out. Banging his body against the mesh that separated him from the humans. He slowly pushed himself back. Instead of screaming in fear. (Which was the appropriate response when a lion wanted to eat your face). The fools were whooping with enjoyment. His ears tilted back. A lion "tamer" was stepping into the ring. Wooden chair in hand and a "brave" look on his face.
Sullivan yawned. Being a bit of a ham and licked his paw. Seemingly ignoring the approaching human. Nope, you're not worth my time you useless skin monkey....just a little closer. Once the man was in reach and seemingly arrogant of his dominance over the lion. Sullivan reared up and swiped the chair out of his hands. Roaring ferociously. It would be so easy to rip the man apart and bask in the glory of a victorious kill....Damn this circus. The crowd gave a gasp of fear. Sullivan yawned internally as the man put up his dukes and punched the lion in the stomach. The lion barely felt the impact. Sullivan almost rolled his eyes as he gave an over dramatic bellow of pain and flopped over seemingly defeated. One eye half open Sullivan internally sheathed, one day there wouldn't be a net blocking his escape, then he could kill, and hunt all he wanted. (Spooky).

Sullivan has been with the circus for five years now, he was terrorizing a native village when he was eventually captured, when the circus saw one of the deadliest beasts nature could offer and nodded. Yeah that would make a good carnival attraction for the kids. @LunaticLove


As doom approaches I watch the rainbows bloom
Nasha walked out into the ring. She held a scythe in each hand, holding her arms at her sides as her hips swayed with each deliberate step. She twirled them around with expert flair and precision. Her lips quirked beneath her mask, her eyes catching on those of men and women in the crowd. There were pedestals set up with various items placed on them. She approached each pedestal and sliced into each item with no difficulty. She walked to one and cut into it with the tip of one scythe, tossing it up into the air. She jumped and sliced it into three different pieces.
The crowd roared as she placed both scythes in one hand and pulled a dagger, decorated to matched her main weapons. She held it up high and brought it down, throwing it at the remaining item. It pierced it and knocked it off the platform.
She turned and bowed, holding one scythe in each hand, and promptly walked away.

@LunaticLove Here's Nasha.​
I'm currently looking through my photobucket to see if I can come up with a new character. I started to go with a nekomata that could behave like a pet to the ringmaster but couldn't really come up with an act for him if he did have to perform.
I'm currently looking through my photobucket to see if I can come up with a new character. I started to go with a nekomata that could behave like a pet to the ringmaster but couldn't really come up with an act for him if he did have to perform.
If they're a cat person they could do acts of balance or acrobatics like tightrope or trapeze
Ornn was captured in a small fishing boat’s net and was held hostage as a town attraction. It eventually got the attention of the carnival that was in another town some miles away and they wasted no time acquiring the merman. He’s been at the carnival for 3 years now.

For acts I’d think maybe aquatic tricks like a dolphin at Seaworld or maybe just an exhibit.
Isabella always knew of her fae heritage and rejected the idea of it as soon as she found out from her mother who told her about her father that had never been there for her leaving her with questions and anger. She felt like an outcast from her human peers and her lonely days let her brood. She started exhibiting psychopathtic behaviors and bit by bit her remorse and guilt were removed. Her charming outside was a trap and once she had you snared, it was over. She didn’t mean to work at the carnival but when she visited it out of pure curiosity she could almost feel the power that ringmaster held over the carnies, a power not accessible these days. The carnies were completely at the trainer’s mercy and it was Isabella’s twisted fantasy. She’s joined the circus at the age of 18 and has been enacting her reign of terror ever since.
Still thinking on a good character, I've got a few that would make good trainers. As far as carnies go I've got a kitsune and a giant wolf that I'm looking at, not to mention the nekomata I mentioned earlier.

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