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Fantasy They Have Come to Town OOC

Fenrir was first spotted prowling the mountains of Iceland and attracted the attention of the circus pretty quickly. It didn't take much to convince him to join, just a promise of people to admire him. He has since been a part of the circus for little over 50 years.
A frightening howl rings out across the circus as visitors approach a rather large tent. A trainer stands outside the tent offering coats to those that approach and as they open the tent's flap a cold gust of wind escapes. Inside icicles hang from top of the tent and the massive frame of a wolf sits waiting for their admiration. Fenrir lowers his head to allow the visitors to pet him and feed him. Fenrir lets out a soft whimper as the visitors have to leave and must wait patiently for the next group to enter his tent.

((Really couldn't get the idea of the circus having a Fenrir imposter out of my head. Unfortunately I couldn't think of a real act for him so he just sits there and looks pretty for the crowds.))


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Am I supposed to write as if I'm RP'ing?

(I was thinking about acrobatics with a splash of danger.)

Anyone would be out of their mind to try this stunt, even without the blindfold. However, this was one of the more basic performances "The Phantom" had become known for. They thought him fearless, but in reality he ceased to believe in hope. He ceased to care about life. This carnival brought about the unexpected, the supernatural, the normal danger level associated with a human acrobat would just appear comical if Gannon were to perform those very acts as a the vampire he is. They were expecting something grand, and death defying. Again this was a basic performance, for him at least, so all he added was another trapeze, a blindfold, and removed the protective mat that would have been below him. This would be enough to pacify the bloodthirsty crowd. He had better acts, but he wasn't supposed to be the main draw this day, and trying to top each act every other performance would make him go out of business...for good. Naturally, you can appreciate gold more when it is set next to copper. Almost without warning he swung off the first trapeze, his face as stoic as ever. In just a few seconds he would let go and perform a backflip in the air. Scratch that, a double would be better. A twist could be added; however, this crowd would probably appreciate the aesthetics, of two deliberately slow rotations instead of multiple rapid combinations. Everything went according to plan, well besides the fact that as he reached out for the next and final trapeze, he couldn't not grasp it. For a brief moment panic set in; nevertheless, it disappeared as quickly as it came. On pure instinct he performed the twist that he intended to leave out, while rotating one last time. By god's grace his legs caught hold of the trapeze, this act was punctuated with a collective gasp by the audience. He finished the act with a single reverse backflip onto the platform on the other side. Even before he could take his blindfold off he could hear the applause rise to a crescendo. When he was able to finally see the crowd he could see the emotions their faces wore, astonishment, relief, pleasure, even a few angry ones that might have wanted to see him fall.

"Damn...they'll make me do this again."

Gannon was with his father when his life took a turn for the worst. He was in search for food, but he and his father were hunted down. His mother tipped the hunters off not knowing Gannon would be with him at the time because his father did not particularly like the child. Gannon had snuck out that night the follow him and he wound up letting him tag along. After his father was killed he was sold to the carnival at age 7, and trained as a carnie. (He has been here 17 years.) After all a vampire would be a great commodity to have. Unlikely to be injured, if injured unlikely to be serious, and long life span.


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Act: Normally the stage is dark then she'll come out and the spot light will shine on her. There's usually a shocked reaction when they see her face. There's 2 ways this can go when she starts singing either there will be a silence as they listen to her voice or there will be a lot of people calling her names and mocking her.

How she joined: There was talk going around and it got to the owner and he went searching for her. Once he found her he basically used his charm to get her to join but the moment she arrived at the camp she realized that it wasn't anything like she was told.


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That is fine. They will get to the field and be working to set up the circus in the darkness before daylight so I will have Oliver wake them up soon


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@Yahhah my apologies I normally give people a while to make their first comments and set up their characters. I hope this rp will move swift enough for you from this point onward.
Not trying to be pushy, and I’m sorry if I came across that way, but I’ve been in a lot of RP’s that die before anything really happens. So I kind of get a little worried easily, I’m one of those paranoid types. But from my experience you can never tell when an RP will go sometimes a day, maybe a week. Then again some RPs last for years. Excuse my impatience.


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No worries, I should have spoken up earlier when the original rp tanked before anything really happened. I appreciate the poke and please never feel that you have to wait to post.


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Lol yeah I see both sides. I seen RP’s last awhile, usually beginnings are slow because ur letting ppl develop and post (availability is different for a lot of ppl) trying to determine who is active and who is not, but I’ve also seen a lot of RP’s die after all the planning and developing characters


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(Ahhh finally got this done! I'm incredibly late, sorry. It's been a harsh last few days... My anti-depressant got its dose upped a bit after I had been without it for a week... ^^')

How they got to the circus: After Nolan's passing, all of his belongings got given and sold away by his family because they were too painful to see. Between said possessions were most notably a picture book with photos of all over the world and souvenirs from trips that others had brought to the teenager, including the Okame mask Yorokobi resided into. After passing by a couple of hands and storage boxes, it ended up in the display of an antique/souvenir shop where for the first time, unwatched and in an ample space it could roam and begin making sense of its scrambled memory plus the world around him. As such, objects around the store were often found moved out of place, or just slightly skewed from their initial positions in the morning, which the owner started attributing to themselves forgetting they had done such thing.

Be it the ringmaster itself or a subordinate, eventually, one of them took notice of the faint magic presence emanating from the shop, acquiring the Okame mask and bringing it to the circus. At first, being in a completely new environment and before a stranger's presence was weird, the Menreiki reacting with suspicion and fear. Yet, as soon as performing was brought up, he was overjoyed, agreeing with it in the blink of an eye.

Whether his expectations turned out to be the truth or not, all that matters to him is the chance to perform again. Or so he's convinced himself.

Description of their act: Nolan's act is rather scattered, in the sense that it's hardly planned or strictly structured. There's an array of things he can do from telling jokes and using puns to playing his pocket trumpet for incidental music to even juggling and balancing on top of a ball. Oh, and must not forget pie-throwing! The aim is not to do anything perfectly though, but always comedically, such as letting go of the juggling equipment mid-performance so that they will hit him in the head and such. Make 'em laugh at his silly antics!

It's, like the one performing it, an oddball of an act. Good for giving the audience a break in-between more serious performances, hyping the crowd up for the next act or even linking acts together in a sort of improvised play if need be. Nolan likes watching the crowd walking into the circus before the start for the purpose of weighing their composition (more adults than kids, less excited crowd, skeptical looking group...) to build his act around them, not the other way around.

Sometimes he'll also ask a staff member to bring his mask to the stage, behind a little curtain so that he can come up from seemingly nowhere and start the act with a 'bang'. Most people just assume there is a hidden trap door underneath anyway...

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