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Realistic or Modern The Window That Separates Us


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“Exactly I mean we’ve been friends long enough for me to know he wouldn’t hurt me and he hasn’t he just means a lot to me.” She said saddens until Reese grabbed her hands and they both got excited about the prospect of finding Airi someone.
Airi smiled for the picture and nodded “sure does but it’s a wonderful feeling makes me kinda wish we had known each other for years, you rock!” She giggled pumping her fist to the air.

“Hmmm that is strange but maybe none of them were the one for him, it’s not all about looks you need someone with the whole package.” She said giggling in her tone “me too don’t worry!”
“Your right so many options sometimes too many. Erm what do you think I should do?” She asked Reese rather shyly.

“Sure I can do that” he said walked towards Nox and stood before him “don’t think I wouldn’t try?” He smiled turning back giving Nox space.

“Hmmmm, true though might I add you can’t run a successful business on a mind that Is focused on other business?” He said looking Nox up and down his gaze soft and relaxed for a moment but it was over just as fast now he was looking away.

“Hmm, perhaps? Or maybe you just caught me off guard.”
Jericho smiled “thanks I’ll keep it safe in my pocket and when you feel guilty I’ll just hand it to you.” He said placing it in his jacket pocket patting it securely in.

“Oh I’m not here to help I’m just here to get you out the door right now. But you do realise by me not helping you it’s helping you as that’s what you want right?” He folded his arms once again followed by a sigh.

Jericho sighed. “Then stop pretending your okay, your not fooling anyone. It’s okay to be broken, but…” jericho walked over to Nox “just because you are broken doesn’t mean you have to stay broken you’ll make it out the other end, you’ll see, with or without someone that choice is yours, besides wouldn't you drop everything that's going on right now with you to be there for her? Why do you think it’s any different for you?” He questioned tilting Nox’s chin up to look at him for a split second they locked eyes. Jericho pulled away just as quick and walked away. “I’m not asking you to open up to me, heck I never even asked you to be my friend. But you know what this crap happens alright and it’s okay to close up, it’s okay to shut down, but for all that is good in this world freaking realise your worth, you put yourself that low but it’s just letting whoever did this to you win, that I’m sorry no one will stand for.” He said walking away flicking through the business cards.

“Cool, you do you Nox, if that’s how you are then that’s fine, hmmm, I can see how one would think it if they read between the lines, huh, guess there might be some truth to it after all aye pikachu!” He smiled at Nox with a slight giggle in his voice.

“Oh now flirting is a strong word, try I don’t know compliment? Wow you just admitted you have it all.” Jericho stood there shocked beyond words.
“Hmmm, you sure fooled me guess it’s a curse being that beautiful you make a whole room light up as soon as you step in. Wouldn’t know the feeling I’m just a punk after all” he smiled slightly back at Nox.
“Mkay but it’ll just make me keep checking in on you”! He turned away and muttered so quietly *as if I need a reason to* coughed and followed in after Nox.


Jericho looked saddened and softly gazed a look to Nox “I’m sorry, didn’t mean to upset you” he brushed his hand passed Nox’s hair quick enough Nox couldn’t slap his hand away but long enough his ex would suffer. As Jericho was dragged away silently he said to himself “ow,ow,ow,ow!”.

Airi kind of scared by Nox reaction hid behind Reese the whole time. Whilst Jericho was in direct line of Nox’s fury.

Jericho sighed as he was pointed at and then watched Nox walk off.
“Sure send the one he hates to go and save the day…” he said sarcastically, Airi gave Jericho a look which finely prompted a “fine!” He huffed as he stood up he grabbed the Treats from Reese and headed into the crowd darting through people and his uncle trying to get his attention but was more focused on finding Nox.

He walked and just in the distance he saw Nox and started to run to catch up till he was walking beside him. “Hey you forgot your yatsuhashi, look I’m sorry about what I did I just wanted to get the guy away from you, no one deserves to be harassed. You doing okay?” He asked brushing the hair from Nox’s face.


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"hmm..Well i suggest you do what your comfortable with! I ain't you so i can't say for sure what works. If you're open to doing blind dates, using a website or app to find a potential partner then go with that! Or you want to take things slow then just wait to see if someone catches your eye! you don't have to rush love. It's better if you don't. But in the end, what do you want? It depends on how you view your relationship status. Single and ready to mingle or you might be just looking at it. Not wanting to get a deep dive into it. You get what i mean?" Reese asked.

"Are you saying i can't run my business?" Nox snapped before sighing. "I can run this business just fine thank you very much. I don't need your advice, you already have your stall up and running so you don't need to bother with mine. I managed to get this far so I think i can handle this location just as well." He looked over at a painting hanging on the wall and muttered something under his breath.

"What? No. i didn't mean it like that- Oh fine. Whatever. Sure. I'll hold you to that." he grumbled. "But just so you know, I'm not the type to feel guilty so i think that piece of paper will just be collecting dust for the time being. So sorry." He said sarcastically. "Well it doesn't seem like it but whatever. I guess i'll take your word for it.." He sighed. "And what are you saying? God just drop it. I'm not in the mood to keep arguing with you about trivial things like this."

"Oh do you think i haven't noticed? I know i'm not fooling anyone and i don't care about that! I just don't want people prying their noses where it doesn't belong. Is it that hard to understand? I don't care if people know i just don't want them trying to fix it." He grumbled. "I know it sounds stupid but that's just how I think of my situation. how i see of it after so many years of neglect."
"Right..Stay broken yadda yadda." he flicked Jericho's forehead when he got too close. "I'm aware of that and i know i can do it without someone like you by my side. Just you see..And of course i would...I already told you dang it! I'm not repeating myself because you can't comprehend it."

Nox looked at Jericho when his chin was lifted, his eyes widening before he immediately slapped Jericho's hand away. "dontcha think that's a bit intimate for someone like us." he scowled, rubbing his chin in annoyance. "You just said yourself, it's ok to close up. And that's what I've been doing so why does it matter all of a sudden? Acting like my own knight in shining armour aren't ya.."
"My worth? Jesus you sound like my mum when she was alive." He said shaking his head. "All this poetic stuff really showing now of all times.."

"Why the hell are you calling me pikachu you dolt?!" Nox yelled, hitting Jericho on the top of his head. "No nicknames. I despise them. You little shrimp." He hissed. "Compliment is always the same. That's why they always said but i saw under that. It doesn't seem different with you. I'm smarter than I look." he grumbled. "Course i do, so i don't need you in my life. What part of that do you not understand?"
"What the hell?" Nox asked. Dumbfounded at the words he was hearing from Jericho. "Shut up-!" He yelled. "What are you saying? Is there something wrong with your brain?? You're not that smooth. you know that right??" He shoved Jericho's face out of the way as he walked past him. Ears slightly red from the comments.


"I.." He said, his face just the slightest shade of red as Jericho moved his hand through his hair. "Shut up and move your ass." He hissed, dragging Jericho away. Regaining his regular always pissed off demeanor.
"You don't do that ever again." Nox threatened as he walked off. Reese quietly snickered to herself as she watched him storm off. "well..wasn't that a show? Now go on. Follow him. I'll walk airi home, don't ya worry.." She smirked as she put the sweet's in Jericho's hands and waved him off.

Nox jumped slightly when he heard Jericho. He rubbed his face and groaned, his whole body tense from the scare. "Jesus. What crap did Reese send you?" He asked as he looked at the sweets in Jericho's hands. "oh." He took the sweets and relaxed his shoulders. "It's whatever. The geezer just doesn't know when to stop.." He looked away quickly when Jericho touched his hair and coughed into his hand awkwardly.

Nox looked behind him and rolled his eyes, picking up a rock and chucking it at the unsuspecting person following them both. "Their hiding spots are always easy to see. It's honestly comedical at this point.." When Jericho offered to keep walking him home, Nox didn't put up a fight. "alright..Not like anything i would say stop you.." When they arrived at the flower shop, Nox asked where Jericho slept. When he didn't give a clear answer, Nox put the pieces together and sighed. "Nope. i'm not hearing it. You're sleeping on the couch in my apartment." Not listening to Jericho's protests as he dragged him over to the tattoo parlour.

Nox unlocked the door and stepped in, ushering Jericho in as they climbed the stairs to the next level. Nox opened the door, tossing the keys onto the side table right next to the door and made a beeline to the kitchen. "Not much to see but i am safe to bet it's better than the floor. You can sleep on the couch and i'll get you some pillows and a blanket. Do you want something to drink or do you just want to sleep?"


The Lost Princess 💗
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“Hmmm, I guess that makes sense I will probably say then see what happens I’m a mess when it comes to socialising with someone I’m crushing on.” She giggled.
“I guess not too deep yet, get to know them and such. Takes me a while to be a hopeless romantic.”

“WHAT!” Jericho exclaimed as he looked at a Nox “I never once said that I don’t doubt one minute that you can run this place with your eyes shut take a week of and still make as much if not more than if you were here daily.” He sighed.

“Well that’s perfect something we can agree on then.” He smiled.
“Well that’s a good thing then, rather it collect dust than you feel guilty.” He brushed his hair from his face and rolled his eyes “never mind that, anyways I’d hardly say it’s an argument about trivial things.”
He said leaning back against the wall.

“I get it, I do but you leave yourself like an open book shrouded in mystery if you hide it all away, makes for a “I wanna know what’s going on and if I can help” vibe if you keep doing what your doing and clearly it’s recruiting more people.” He said rubbing the back of his head.
“Many years huh?? That’s a tough break. The longer it goes on though, the harder it is to get out of it though.” He said pondering for a second.

Jericho laughed when Nox flicked his forehead “True you can do it in your own without someone like me, however the real question stands….” Jericho turned and looked out the window with a slight look to the side “would you want to?” He said looking back and then just moving on passed what he said.

Looking for a moment into Nox’s eyes and looking away when he got battered away he smiled “intimate? Now who’s reading into things?” He questioned “anyways what’s that suppose to mean, to intimate for someone like us?” He questioned raising his eyebrow.
Jericho sighed brushing his fingers along the edge of one of the chairs “I mean by all means you can do what you like no one is telling you to do any different, the only thing that’s being said is others want to help and be there for you, we can’t fix it only you can. Doesn’t mean you have to be alone through it all though. Awh, you think that, cute! I thought i was just trying to be annoying in your eyes, guess I misjudged that part!” He smiled. Knowing full well what Nox meant.

Jericho headed next to Nox and sat on the arm of the chair he was sitting on “ sometimes we all need something like that, I guess we may not be far apart as we thought.” He said placing his hand on Nox’s shoulder. “You like the poetry and sweet words, there is plenty more where it came from.” He smiled, Walking off shortly after back to the wall.

Jericho flinched as he was hit across the back of the head “hey watch it!” He said rubbing his head “sure, sure no nickname I despise them… proceeds to give me one!” He smiled “kinda like little shrimp means I can swim my way to your heart….” He said knowing full well the reaction he would get “lighten up will ya don’t tell me you lost your sense of humour already?” He smiled a cheeky smile.

“True my actions speak louder than my words, but my poetry and actions combined is a different connection.but who ever “they” are I’m not like them.” He said as he adjusted his jacket.
Jericho stood there blankly “fine you don’t and if you had your way probably won’t, keep pushing me into the dirt if it really makes you happy, but nothing will change unless you make it……pikachu.”

“Hey I don’t have it all, I’m not claiming too, smoothness isn’t my forte, but I’m not a quitter and lastly not scared away by your words to me, from all the crap your going through I’d say your putting it lightly. With all the words I said they are true, you do certainly caught the eye of someone.” He said walking behind not batting an eyelid at his statement. Though he was referencing his mother when she first met Nox called him handsome and such there was a part of him that mean himself mainly.
Jericho looked towards Nox as he was dragged by Nox’s hand pulling his shirt. “ fine I won’t geez!” He said readjusting his jacket watching Nox walk off and the girls standing before him.

Jericho sighed “why do I feel like I’m being set up?” He grabbed the treats waved the girls off and headed through the crowd.

He looked up at Nox and handed the sweets to him “these I don’t really know what they are.” He said rubbing the back of his head.
“He really bothers you a lot, has he being doing this for the long time you spoke of?” He asked trying not to pry but more concerned.
When he didn’t get much of an answer he just brushed his fingers through Nox’s hair, it was soft and well maintained.

Jericho looked back and then towards Nox “wow this guy is obsessed with you that much he’s now stalking? I guess it can be seen as comical the way he tries” he shrugged.

“Hey not what kind of person would I be if I let you walk home alone besides you just moved here, can’t let this guy ruin it now besides I heard about them types of people they are just…. Yeah not letting you walk home alone, besides we’re going the same way anyways.” He smiled.

After Nox asked where he stayed he didn’t know how to answer couldn’t really tell anyone he l slept in the cupboard on the floor of the flower shop. As much as he tried Nox offered him to stay and jericho was shocked, trying to protest with no avail Nox pushed him in not taking no for an answer.

When Nox opened the door letting them in and they headed up to his apartment jericho looked in awe, the place was beautiful the most stunning place he stayed in next to Airi, her family was in a comfortable situation with money and such.

Jericho looked around the living space and his eyes not knowing where to look he just turned back to Nox and sighed “how could you tell?” He asked softly heading towards the kitchen area Nox was in.

“Blankets and pillows? Thanks that would be great, a drink please he stood there staring at the left over treats like a dog waiting for a command to fetch. He hadn’t eaten in a while, well since yesterday when Airi brought him some sandwiches. He sighed “ I didn’t even get time to get some food or any of that cake.” He said slumping on the counter. For a moment before taking his jacket off and placing it on the chair, he was quite thin compared to what he should be. He looked up at Nox “thanks for this it means a lot but I thought you didn’t need me around or want me around, why didn’t you just let me go back to the shop to sleep on the floor.?” He questioned dancing his finger around the worktop waiting for the glass of water before setting the couch up snuggling into the blanket before closing his eyes he yelled out “Goodnight Nox, Sweet Dreams.” Closing his eyes falling asleep in an instant.


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"is that so? Who are you talking to that makes you feel the butterflies??" Reese asked, pushing Airi lightly to get an answer. Her eyes wide as she awaited a reply but frowned when she heard nothing. "Awww. not going to tell me? Don't ya worry your head over it! I'll find out some way or another. I just loveeee dealing with relationships! so nice seeing it blossom once the other person found their missing piece! I'm sure the person likes you back!"
"Not too deep yet? Of course! You want to make sure you're really comfortable with them before you can pop the question! Some people like to take it slow instead of rushing head on!"

"don't look at me! your here acting so lovey dovey with me, it feels painfully obvious.." He sighed as he brushed the hair out of his face and stretched his arm. "What? No i mean..It's all..i mean we don't like each other. Why the heck would we act like we were some old time lovers hm?!" he reached for a can on the table and opened it. "It's starting to sound like some sappy enemies to lovers arc or some other crap.." He inspected the drink and put a single ice cube in it before taking a sip.

"WHAT?! NO I DIDN'T MEAN THAT!" He yelled. crunchy the can in his fist as the liquid poured out. He yelled something incomprehensible in outrage as he threw the can across the room. Getting up to wipe the spilled drink with a towel. After wiping the liquid off himself and the wall, he sat back down and looked at Jericho with annoyance when he sat on the armrest. "What are you doing shrimp?? Get your ass off the chair." He said lightly shoving him off. "Oh hell no. I don't like any of that bullcrap. Now your just spouting nonsense!"

"I ain't watching nothing when i'm around you! You act like you have no filter. Saying rubbish and what do you think is going to happen after spouting crap like that??" He turned away, grumbling about something. "Well ya. I hate them but i give anyone i meet them! It's just how I work." He proceeded to play with his rings as he stared blankly at the wall, avoiding Jericho's eyes. "What?!" He stuttered as he turned around sharply, staring at Jericho as his face reddened slightly. He shoved his hand into Jericho's face, pushing him away as he covered his face with his other hand. "Don't go saying stuff like that!" He hissed under his breath.

"I..oh just shut up." Nox said, wanting to wipe that smile right off Jericho's face. "I lost nothing, my humour is still intact but you're just pushing the wrong buttons." He grumbled. "I'm aware. The latter would have yelled at me to shut up at this point." He said looking at a photo hanging on the wall. It was a photo with Nox standing on the side with a pissed face as Reese stood with two other figures, holding up a sign and another person standing next to Nox, their face clearly burned out with a cigar. "WHAT?!" He yelled, face reddening as he looked at Jericho with daggers. "You don't give me nicknames!"


"it's sweets you pinhead. Have you never seen them? Here, try one." Nox said roughly, taking one out and shoving it in Jericho's mouth. Watching him chew before walking away. "It's a desert, famous in Kyoto. it's made out of mochi and sugar. Along with a pop of flavour, usually cinnamon. Or red bean paste. But matcha, brown sugar, strawberry, plum, sweet potato, cherry blossom and more recently chocolate are also used as fillings. I got an assortment, the one you just ate is cherry blossom."

"Jesus what's with your attention to my hair?" Nox snapped. "That's all you've been doing. Touching it." He sighed and threw the rock. "Love makes you crazy, that's what people said and i didn't think much but now. That's all i think of.." He rubbed his face and chewed on a yatsuhashi. "Someone insane i guess." They both walked home under the moonlight, Nox making sure to look in every corner and was ready to punch any person who looked sus.

Nox opened the door and kicked off his shoes, setting the yatsuhashi in the fridge and went to find some pillows and blankets. "It's not much to look at but it's home for me and now you because i would be going to hell if i sleep in my bed knowing you are sleeping on a bug infested floor." He scoffed. "I can tell, you're as skinny as a toothpick. Skipping meals eh? You look like you haven't gotton any decent sleep and i want to make sure you do that because as much as i hate you, your dead body would not be nice to wake up to."

"don't worry your pretty face over the cake. I'll get some, i know the owners of most of the stands. I'll pester Reese to pester Airi to get me the name so i can get your cake. And no i won't be taking no for an answer. Now sleep." He ordered as he tossed the pillows and blankets to Jericho. "I don't want to see you sleeping on the floor. Well better word, imagining you sleeping on the floor. Is that a good enough reason to shut you up?" Nox asked. "Night stupid."


Nox awoke before Jericho and went out to go get some cake from the stand after impatiently waiting for Reese to get back to him about the stand. When he got to the stand, he got one full cake instead of slices. When he got back, he set it on the counter and wrote a quick note. He made some breakfast and put it with the cake on the counter. The note stated that the cake was Jericho's along with the breakfast and he was off to do some errands and would be back in a couple of hours.

Nox walked along the buildings, relishing in the fresh crisp air as he thought about yesterday's events. So much happened and he had quite a lot to think about. He turned the corner to a cafe. Ordering a pastry and a smoothie to enjoy on his walk back from errand running. He watched people set out chess tables and other games to play as he thought about Jericho and his feelings towards him. So much to think about during the season of love...


The Lost Princess 💗
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Erm, no one I guess, only one I speak to regularly is Jericho?” She said sighing.
“That’s why I didn’t answer…” she said looking down rubbing her arm.
Airi looked confused “you think I already liked someone? Oh no, no one on the pipeline yet.” She waved her hands infront of Reese.

“It’s only your interpretation of it, is it thst obvious or is it what you want to see as obvious?” He smiled.
Jericho laughed “I dunno but you started it!” He said looking away and stepping a distance back so he didn’t get hit.
“Huh, you thought I was a villain im offended. But again it’s only as you see it, I just see a friend trying to help a friend.”

Jericho watched the annoyance on Nox face and looked back at him he saw the annoyance as he sat on the side of the chair grow more and more but he just smiled sweetly.
“I’m sitting next to you pikachu! What are you doing?” He asked waiting to get hit or swiped off the chair which shortly he was.
“Oh come on of course you do don’t see you walking away, your still listening?” He said softly.

“I mean not being hit round the head, jeez!” He said still rubbing his head. “Am i the only little shrimp though?” He asked eyes sort of wide as he asked.
“So you want me to stop telling the truth? That’s all I’m saying, you know you just went a little pink right?” He said softly looking at Nox.

“Or the right buttons?” He said not realising where that small confidence came from and immediately recoiled “no I didn’t mean like that I erm, oh…. I just didnt mean it like that..” he said trying to justify*what must he be thinking* .

Jericho observed the picture also noticing the pictures cigarette Burns over one person in particular. He jumped back when Nox yelled a “WHAT” at him he turned and chuckled “why not, if I have one surly you should, don’t ya think pika?” He smiled brushing his fingers through Nox’s hair.
“Oh erm, not really I’m not actually from here we moved here after something with my dad happened.” He said looking at the sweets “sure does look delicious though!” Before he could say anymore Nox shoved the sweet into his mouth and he’d never really had many sweet treats so it was a little overly sweet but the flavour was bar none. The tastiest he’s tried. “Cherry blossom you say, it’s beautiful, thanks.” He said wiping his mouth with his sleeve.

“I’m sorry it just looks so fluffy and feels so soft. It’s hard to resist.” He said recoiling to himself . Jericho shook his head disagreeing “not makes the wrong people crazy, if your crazy in love there is issue, no one should love someone that much it drives them insane to the point of obsession. If you can have time apart form the one you love and do your own thing and trust nothings gonna happen and be able to not be clingy, clingy then your doing just fine.” He smiled as they walked home in the moonlight together, felt nice, felt comforting.

Jericho looked around still in awe and stood still when he heard the words “wait what? Since when did you care about that? I mean it means a lot and I appreciate it a lot but still like you know you don’t have to torture yourself for me right?” He said hoping he still kept the offer he didn’t wanna go back to sleeping on the floor.
He looked down himself “skipping through no choice I can’t afford anything with the bills I have to pay. I mean I guess that would be a pain Huh the one you hate the most gone forever!” He said as if he hasn’t had the thought of that actually happening from his current situation.

“Huh, you think my face is…..pretty?” He said slightly turning red and quickly placed his hands over his face making out he was tired.

“I’m so confused why your doing all this for someone you hate? I mean I guess my words will never be thanks enough but for now it’s all I got.” He smiled.
Jericho grabbed the pillows and blanket and headed for the couch he smiled a last time before closing his eyes “I guess it’s a good enough reason!” He said before shutting his eyes and sleeping.
The next morning Jericho awoke from his slumber and what a slumber it was, one of the best nights sleep he had in a while. Rubbing his eyes he smiled “wow he actually let me stay.”
He stood up stretched and headed to get some fresh water but noticed a note and cake and breakfast on the side. He smiled softly reading the note and seeing the cake. He wiped a tear from his eye and grabbed a drink and his breakfast and sat at the counter to eat it “thanks pikachu.” He said smiling inside of how to take all this did he really hate him? Was it all an act? Is he just being nice? The questions raced in his mind. Though one things for sure something strange was happening. He anticipated Nox’s return like a dog with their owner. Though the feeling inside he couldn’t understand… butterflies? We’re they? He didn’t know. He just knew he wanted to see Nox come back so he could thank him.

Jericho sat there thinking to himself “is he really something more, his presence makes me happy his good will gestures make me happy even his freaking nickname makes me happy. But what if he doesn’t feel the same.” He said sighing. “Guess there is only one way to find out.” He said rummaging his wallet counted all he had and the tips he had “well it’s not enough for like the fanciest place here, but somewhere decent. When Nox returned Jericho waited a moment before actually speaking “hey hope your errands were Okay and thank you again for everything you’ve now offered me please let me take you out for dinner, it’s the least I could do. So whaddaya say Pikachu?”


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"Well i'm still hitting you on the head, you're not moving to avoid me so i say that's a welcome to keep on hitting you on the head you dimwit." Nox retorted, "Now if you don't want to get beat up into oblivion then move your ass away from me!" He sighed, shoving Jericho away from him as he turned away. "Well no. I would rather get the truth from you, i think everyone would unless they're mentally not good." He scoffed, "WHAT?!" He roared, immediately shoving his hand in Jericho's face. "YOU SAW NOTHING! I AM NOT PINK THANK YOU VERY MUCH!" He hissed.


"isn't that dandy?" Nox asked as he moved his hand through his hair. "whatever, be glad your first sweet is this. 20/10 love it." He said as he shoved one into Jericho's mouth. "Of course there are other sweets available for consumption. Did you eat the ones i sent you? Handmade by your neighbour. Made with hatred." He joked as he ate one himself. "Course. Can't have you going through life without trying one can I?" He asked, reaching over to wipe something stuck to the corner of Jericho's mouth absentmindedly before going on as if he did nothing.

"Right.." He said, narrowing his eyes at Jericho. "that's what they all say but i'm getting suspicious. It's just some regular 'ol soap.." he frowned before sighing. "People go crazy all the time for different reasons. This crackhead is for love. Love..doubt you can call it love after all that has happened between us. More of just one sided obsession. But i digress." He looked at the moon, relishing in the soft glow it emitted as they walked back.


"Just now, i think i would be torturing myself even more if i turned a blind eye." He said as he rummaged through the refrigerator. "Besides, despite how much you protest, you don't want to go back to the floor don't you? So shut up and accept it. If i hear one more peep then your getting booted out. And i won't feel sorry for your sad sad state." He said, chugging down some water. "Well not on my watch. Going to make sure you stay alive because if you keep going through this, all i'm going to see is your dead corpse. Your going to eat as a regular human being for once."

"Nah, you're annoying but i don't want to see you dead as a stick. Because who would i tease? Joking but like dude. Don't die on me." Nox said half heartedly but it seemed like he meant it truly. "But i think you don't know how damaging your lifestyle is to your body, did it even click that you might die from this? Because from your tone and choice of words, it doesn't seem like it."

"Bro. No, i think it looks like a rat nest." Nox chuckled. "Did you not hear me? Too bad, i ain't repeating. You either think i said it looks pretty or a dumpster can. Take your pick." he said leaning on the table, noticing Jericho's red face. "Hate. Hate is a strong word, how about i mildly dislike you but not enough to leave you cold turkey." He said as he opened the door to his room. "told ya so."


Nox opened the door, holding his smoothie and bag of sweets and dropped the keys in the same basket on the table next to the door. He walked through and noticed Jericho sitting at the kitchen island. "Hey." He said as he set down his drink in the refrigerator. "What do you want? You look like you're about to burst." He scowled. "Dinner eh? And i thought you were a broke ass. Bet you still are." He said looking at the wallet with intensity. "whatever. Fine i guess." He said. "How about 6:30? I know this neat place that you would enjoy." He said as he slid a piece of paper containing info on the place. "Jasmines" A simple flower cafe known for its treats and delights. Classic japanese cuisine along with a punch of flavour and fauna. "I know you said you wanted to treat me but hey, i would rather you save that for something else then treating me to dinner."

At 6:00, Nox waited in the living room, scrolling through his phone. Wearing black jeans and a white shirt. Rings shining under the lamp and his hair freshly combed through. When Jericho entered he got up. "finally, jesus you take a while. Let's go." He grabbed Jericho's arm and dragged him out of the apartment to a local parking garage. When Jericho questioned where Nox's car was, he grinned and pointed to the motorcycle. Sleek and black with a silver finish. "get on loser, or are you scared?" He asked tossing Jericho a helmet.

The ride was a slow one as he took the more scenic route, though he didn't tell Jericho this. Nox arrived at a two story cafe, with flowers and vines wrapping all across the building. A sight to see. Nox got off and helped Jericho off as they walked to the cafe. "Table for two?" Nox said as he took out his phone. They were both led to a balcony table overlooking the harbour. Nox sat down first and handed the menu to Jericho. "Get whatever, i'll pay because i want you to eat something because you want to eat it. Not because it's cheap."


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“Okay, okay!” Jericho chuckled “you win!” He said mildly swiping at Nox. He felt Nox push him and moved back away still giggling.
He looked back to Nox and nodded “I agree things build on lies even if you do dislike someone, I don’t know just leaves a bad taste. Closing up and lying are two different things though.” He said brushing his fingers across the chair.
Jericho once again proceeded with a “hey watch it” but this time more happily. “It’s not my fault your pink is it?” He said softly with a big grin on his face.

“I mean I thought it was?” Jericho said kind of confused as to the response.
“Well your obviously picking the good ones? Besides your recommendations haven’t disappointed me.” He said enjoying the flavour of the next one Nox shoved in his mouth once again. Instead of commenting like he felt he shoudk to normalise from what is happening, Jericho just… let it happen he was enjoying this connection they had wasn’t hate, Sarky comments was just them and heck Nox was even feeding him. Jericho felt the butterflies moving around in his stomach. “The ones you made….. erm I did it was one of the best treats I’d tasted. I’d put it above the cake that I get once a year.”he said brushing his fingers through his own hair in a sort of nervous patch.
“I guess not, thanks for sharing.” He smiled softly his eyes looking into Nox’s as Nox reached over and wiped something of the corner of his mouth. Jericho stunned froze for a moment slight pink could be seen reaching his face.

He looked over and sighed also “ I guess that makes sense.” Jericho looked at Nox as he spoke listening on every word, Nox was his focus.
“I mean it probably started out as love but perhaps developed into the mess that they are now. It can happen love is it obsession or control over someone.” He looked at Nox placing his hand on his for just a moment “your worth more than what they did to you. You’ll find love again in the most strangest of places, someone will come along and snap you up, treat you how you deserve I guarantee it.” He smiled taking his hand away and looking up at the moon as Nox did.

“Well thanks Pikachu.” Jericho smiled softly looking towards Nox.
“I mean not really it was uncomfortable as heck and the days I’m just that tired and first the mop bucket is filled and it spills sleeping in pool of soapy water isn’t really the most pleasant.” He shuddered thinking about it. Jericho sighed “okay, okay” he chuckled “thank you”.

“You say it like I refuse to eat? I would eat whatever is infront of me, just can never afford to get anything, I mean look.” He pulled out his phone scrolling to a bill for his mothers assured care programme “ ¥1,361,780.00 that’s like 10k in USD. It’s a lot of money to pay even in instalments, the shop doesn’t make that much lucky if we get 200.00 a day.” He sighed “if I could have got cheaper I would but it means her being like 3 hours away. And if she needs me I can’t be there.” He said

Jericho laughed a little “noted I’ll try my best! Though with you around I don’t think I’m going anywhere.” He smiled.
Jericho sighed “I know, in the back of my head it’s a thing it’s real it could happen, but I guess with everything going on it just slips my mind, tomorrow is my first day off in a year. I work 7 days 10+ hours a day.” He said not proud of it and the want to have more from life was clearly there. He was broken by the current state of affairs and clearly on the brink of a disastrous road health wise without intervention.

“What the heck, a rats nest!” He giggled.
“I think I’ll take the second because if I take the first one might actually be a compliment and besides cant disagree with the rats nest I mean no one’s ever even going a glance at me just get pointed and laughed at “there goes flower boy, oh look it’s mummy’s boy always with his mum.” Little do they know she’s sick but still always insulted never loved.” He said looking away avoiding eye contact at that very moment.
“I mean it’s better than hate so I’ll take it.” He smiled slightly looking back at Nox.

As Nox came back Jericho prepared himself to ask a Nox out for dinner and when he obliged he kept cool though internally he was screaming happy like a little girl. “Well I am broke but I can spare enough for dinner for us… well I think.” He said looking at Nox.

Jericho looked over and nodded “sure 6:30 is good and thanks I’ll get it booked looks wonderful.” He said scrolling through his phone at the website of the place.
“But you’ve spoiled me enough but I’m not gonna argue, I don’t wanna seem rude or ungrateful for your offer. Thanks Nox!” He smiled then typed the number in his phone he stood up walking around waiting for them to answer in doing so he walked passed Nox brushing his hand from Nox’s shoulder to his hand and walking past, no eye contact, no glance no nothing as he started to talk to the person on the other end of the phone.

6:00 approached and Jericho had one other outfit that was back in the shop that he grabbed before getting ready a black tee and black jeans and his black leather jacket. “Sorry I wanted to look less of a rats nest for you!” He smiled a little shyness creeping through from how much effort he put into getting ready.”
“Woah you ride motorcycle! Sweet! Your full of surprises Nox!” He said smiling as he grabbed the helmet and jumped on. “I’m not scared, as long as I have you with me!” He said as he sat behind Nox and held onto him as they set off.

Jericho was amazed by the scenery and enjoyed the route there was pleasant and the most relaxed he’s been in a while, he took the help off and thanked Nox. They then entered the cafe. Nox got them settled down and handed him the menu, he nodded “sure thanks the Yakisoba looks good!” He said then flipped to the desserts section as if they didn’t have cake at home “oh I want a Taiyaki!” He said excitedly like I kid in the candy store.

After ordering food Jericho looked out at the harbour the wind brushing through his hair and his eyes sparkling as the sunset flushed over him he looked back at Nox “so if I might be so bold as to ask your past it haunts you and scares you from moving on in the future, you know that’s letting him still control you, you don’t deserve to be miserable, this guy is nothing no more, he can’t hurt you, he won’t hurt you. As long as I’m around he won’t lay a finger on you.” He said placing his hand on Nox’s. “I really want to see a genuine happy Nox, that smile of yours melts hearts, the world deserves to see it.” He said taking his hand away enjoying his food and a proper meal out for the first time. For once he felt normal, felt like he was enjoying life in that moment and surprised of all people he was enjoying it with.

Jericho looked towards Nox looking down “thank you for all of this, it means a lot and nice to be able to have someone to talk to I don’t often have that Airi doesn’t live round here she only comes in the summer, so I’m most of the time on my own. So it’s nice to be able to have someone around. Your a great guy Nox that guy whatever he did to you doesn’t deserve to rent space in your headspace.” He said lifting Nox chin up with a small smile and pulled his and away and raised a glass. “To new beginnings?”
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"What? No! I would rather die than get red because of you. Don't get so chummy about it you broken lightbulb." He sneered. Getting quite creative with the nicknames. "Now take that grin off your face or i'm going to peel it off." He said, ready to grab something to club Jericho in the face. "Course i am, i make treats all the time. I should know what's good and what's bird poop."
"Good. If you said it was bad then your insides are going to be turned into outsides because i am not kidding around when it comes to treats." He said staring down Jericho. "Well that's good. I guess. Depending what those stupid cakes are.."
"Jesus, red as a tomato. Don't take it to heart. Just making sure you don't look like a pig.."

"probably did sometime or later. He used to be decent but then he took a dive off the diving board into hell because who doesn't anymore in this time and age? Everyone is going to hell cuz everyone is going to die. He just did it early and now is a crackhead stuck in someones body. It's a regular life now." He said. "Whatever. Now take your hand off mine." He said by swiping his hand from Jericho's grasp into his pant pocket. "Sure. Sure. Love prevails. More of just a doom for some people."


"Can you stop with the nicknames?" Nox asked before rolling his eyes. "I told you i don't like them. For me at least because other people are different." He put a water bottle on the table next to the couch and walked away. "But it's like your own miniature hell you made yourself because the world is crap and people monopolise. Capitalize whatever you see it as. And now your sleeping in water so i think this is your best and safest bet out of whatever crap that is."

"Bro. I didn't mean it like that but whatever, pop off i guess." He said staring at the small phone screen. "1.3 million yen eh? What does your mother even have for it to cost an arm and a leg on the black market." He scoffed. "course you gotta pay all the bills for upkeep so it does add up. Before my mother kicked the bucket, she was sick as hell. I didn't want her in pain no more so i asked her and she said yes. Life is too lacklustre to spend your life in a bed in pain. Of course that's not the same for everyone but some people, works like a charm but others want to keep on fighting till their body gives out and to them i give them props."

"But i digress. It's a hard life your living so i applaud you for staying alive and kicking till now. And is that so? huh. You definitely got a one way ticket to death road if that keeps up. And i'll make sure it won't. You need to focus now on keeping yourself alive because who is going to take care of your mum when you're too busy digging your own hole? Heck you might die first if she doesn't." He said patting Jericho's back. "But it's never to late to turn around and get better."

"What? I ain't lying. And besides, those aren't about your face. Just your occupation and from the looks of it, sounds like kids. Kids don't gotta filter. They just say whatever they want to say despite if it's rude or ignorant. Or both. The only person who really cares about what they say is you, confidence is key. You gotta show them you don't give a damn cuz it's your life not theirs. They don't know nothing."

"I would like a I know rather than a I think. Let's just go to this place at 6:30. Sounds good? If not i can change time or place. Or both, a piece of cake."
"Cool cool. Wear whatever, this ain't some gucci place or something." He said as he walked away to do something else. "Right..let's just go." He said walking towards the garage. "You look fine, looks the same you did at the festival."
"Yes i do, hop on." He said as he helped Jericho on and handed him his helmet. "Here we go with the sappy stuff, it's just a motorcycle"

"What?" Nox asked, his chopsticks lifted halfway into the air. "Can we not talk about this here..." Nox said, avoiding Jericho's question. "I don't feel like sharing my whole past with someone i just met. Plus it's hard for me to spill even to someone who i have a good connection with. I know you want to help but i have my boundaries." He said setting the chopsticks down. "right well i can be just fine without your help." He took his hand away and looked in a different direction than Jericho's. "You never saw my smile. Why do you think it looks nice?" He stopped and sighed, rubbing his forehead. "sorry. Just..tired."

"Of course, my pleasure. I want you to get some food, real food and not crackers or whatever you can scrounge around on your one second break." He said, giving a small nod. "is that so? I thought i would be a bit shallow or boring since we don't have much in common."
"Oh?" He asked. "I wasn't aware." He waved for the desert menu and handed it to Jericho. "see something you like? Or do you want something from the stalls."
"Oh well he does. Kinda hard to evict someone like him out but it's a work in progress..." He didn't look at jericho and pushed away slightly from the table. "of course. to new beginnings." He said raising his glass.


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“Broken Lightbulb? You really have a vocabulary of nicknames pikachu” Jericho smiled and when Nox threatened him he quickly wiped the smile away and sighed.
Jericho laughed “yeah I’m sure you do, from the beginning to end every bite was sensational. You really are quite the cool you know!” He smiled looking at Nox in the eyes. “Oh I bet, can’t deny that to be honest best treats I’ve had in a long time, thanks for making them, maybe another batch soon?” He asked his eyes wide as they looked Into Nox’s.

“Why don’t you try a piece and find out for yourself? Then you can do the comparing from a chef such as yourself your palette will be quite the exquisite taste.” He thought about that cake and making his stomach rumble he sighed a little to override the sound of a gurgling hungry stomach.
“A pig, we’ll that's offensive, I’d say more of a piglet with the cute ears!” He said almost huffing as he moved passed Nox.

Jericho listened to every word that Nox said and tilted his head “that’s….that’s not normal. No one goes of the deep end of anything it should get stronger with time and besides his normal isn’t normal… who sees that as normal?” Jericho question hardly believing what he was hearing.”he needs help and needed to help himself before he could love anyone, or else stupid things happen. Clearly like he done and it hurts those who shouldn’t be hurt like yourself.” Jericho placed his hand on Nox’s but was instantly swiped away, he sighed and stood up and looked at the art on the walls.
“Perhaps, you just need to find the right one to share love with before you can open your eyes to love.”
Jericho sat on the couch and sighed “fine I’ll stop with the nickname.” He sighed watching Nox put down the water bottle and walk away.
“So I made it like that, it is what it is money grabbers will always be out there and for me to still keep the shop and actually warrant some sleep no matter where it is I had to sell our old house that was fun and cancel my university fund, I won’t be able to study not now. But yes staying here is the best and safest bet but I don’t wanna be a hindrance to you?” He said almost puppy dogs eyes.

“You implied it!” He said with a smile before it turning to a more depressed look.
“So she has a bone disease so if she falls does more damage than good and forgetfulness seeping in she forgot who I was the other day.. so she needs 24/7 care she can’t really walk well has to sit down a lot has a wheelchair and such” Jericho sighed and thought to himself *huh so we’ve been through something similar* he nodded “that’s not great im sorry to hear that.” He said not really knowing on what to say or even how recently this event was he didn’t b want to press matters.

Jericho smiled a little “ thanks I try my best, the few times I passed out from lack of food or water is questionable though, but a story I’ll spare you. I know and I don’t like it, kinda scares me but then like you said who is gonna look after mum if I’m not around.” He looked down and felt the touch of Nox’s Pat on his back and instantly de tensed. “Who knows, let’s make sure we don’t find out.”

Jericho tried hiding his face from the appearing blush from Nox’s words he nodded his head faster with each point he made.
“That’s true still though it’s more the situation as you know they know who I am or used to be before all this.”he sighed “but I agree they are no filtered and just a disgrace sometimes with what they say.”

“Let’s it will be lovely im sure and 6:30 is perfect, hey I can’t let you be seen with something like this now can I?” he said looking down at himself.”
Jericho followed and smiled “awwh you remembered.” He said joking around as Nox helped him onto the bike and handed the helmet to him which he placed on his head.
“Not just a motorcycle a gorgeous one. The paint work is stunning of that of a poster?” He said kind of excited.

Jericho recoiled and sat back in the chair looking down at his food swirling the chopsticks inbetween the food. “Sorry was trying to just make conversation.” He sighed.
“I get it, sorry for pressing. I’m sure a good movie and popcorn when we get back later can help?” He smiled slightly showing every ounce of him trying to in some way please Nox.
“I know, I know I’m the last person you’d ever yadydayada!” He said rolling his eyes. You repeat it so much I have it memorised.” He said taking a few bites of the food he had ordered.

“Well, for starters when your happy your eyes smile it’s a trait that happens in some like if an tell of your smiling without smiling. And I just imagine it’s a sight to see, a smile is the most attractive thing on a person next to their heart and personality.” Jericho looked over a little sad, “we can have an early night tonight, watch a movie or show or something and then head off to sleep I think we need it.” He smiled enjoying all the food he had.

“Thanks” he smiled “I can assure you it’s been far better than the crackers around. I think they were even out of date… but that’s besides the point. Moving on swiftly.” He said taking a sip of his drink.
“Yin and Yang work perfectly together, what makes us no different. Opposites attract and such? Like you draw them in before you start thinking I’m implying something.” Jericho shrugged.

“Well now you are aware!” He said wiping his face after finishing the meal and being handed the menu. He brushed over it and shook his head. “I’m good thank you maybe some cake later this evening.” He said thinking about it having his eye on it the whole day.
“I can imagine he’s not the easiest to deal with but hopefully you won’t have to do it alone much longer. Like maybe least at home now your not on your own maybe he won’t show up as much or something?” Jericho said as he then proceeded to raise his glass as they raised cheer for new beginnings.

As they got the check and Nox paid for the food Jericho said thanks once more and they both headed back to Nox Motorcycle and drove back home as the sun set.

Before getting near home Jericho pointed out a space on the beach he wanted to show Nox, he got him to pull over and Jericho dragged him quickly to this one spot was on a little sand dune that raised up just a bit with the most breathtaking view of the sea. “This is something you can say you move here for, couldn’t have you miss this.” He said standing beside Nox, encouraging him to sit down beside him for just a moment. “I come here a lot when I just need time maybe it can be a spot for you if you just need to breathe, what more could you ask for here.” He said staring out to see, the wind in his hair the setting sun reflected in his eyes as he turned his gaze to Kox.
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"If i have a mouth and a brain, i'm going to use it to my full extent." He smirked, flicking Jericho's forehead. "Not going to give you just any name when i can give you a multitude of them. Make them creative unlike my father who would just take whatever word came to mind and call me that." He moved his hand through his hair and he gave a sigh. Reminiscing of the old times when his father used to be in the house. "But i digress. It's nothing you need to worry about. Nor ask about it because it's none of your business you dimwit." he said slightly reaching up to ground his hand into Jericho's head. Moving his hand through the hair before roughly rubbing it. "You know how I hate that you're taller than me, shrimp. But unlike you, i can club anyone's head wherehas you would run away like a puppy."

"Another batch eh? Guess i wrapped another one into my baking." He said, scratching the back of his neck. "All my friends adore my cooking and my ex, the one who would never touch sweets would eat mine. But knowing you, don't have treats all the time so i don't think it's going to be hard to impress you." He folded his arms over his chest as he stared blankly back at Jericho. "Your eyes are as wide as saucers. Anymore and you would be called an alien. How about i book a plane over to the United States Of America and drop you off at area 51 hm?" He asked, a grin crawling over his face.

"Bro. You act like i just make something and don't try it out. Of course I try everything i make to make sure it's perfect." He said reaching into his pocket and handed Jericho a small flower cake that was in a see through box. "I ain't picky with food. I'll try and eat anything. But peanut butter..that can die in hell. Tastes like dog poop." He said rolling his eyes. "You can't hide the fact you're hungry. Eat this, made this a day ago or something. Something new that i haven't made yet. Though i have made something similar and my younger siblings love it."

"No. You're a goddamn pig, pigs are pigs. Nothing will make them different you trashcan. Do you want me to call you something worse?" He sneered as Jericho moved past him.
"Course it isn't normal. Jesus your slow at figuring things out. Are you living under a rock or something?? Bro. You think i haven't figured out by now?" He scoffed. "He does so there's that. Someone thinks that's normal. What else can I say? He needs help, I'll agree with you on that but he didn't get any. Said he didn't need any. Look at where that ended up. Drinking, smoking and now drugs. Heck, got me into it i'm ashamed to say. Since i was the closest person he had to share his addiction with.." He rubbed his face as soon as he said that. Looking down at the ground shaking his head. "Spilling crap i would never have before. I feel like i'm drunk. High and chasing that fleeting feeling...I'm not though. That's what making the lines blur.."

"I guess so. But sometimes i wonder if i'm too far gone. Maybe i'm just a lost cause. Wandering the endless plane of life. Starting to sound like you..I'm going insane.." He looked up at the ceiling, moving his arm to cover his face. "He was clearly insane. Lost his edge before i met him and using what was left of his sanity, twisted me in his pit of hell. Now i'm stuck in there, acting as if i was just a normal person with their own small quirks." He reached down into a jar and took out a small metal case. He held it tightly before letting it fall to the ground. His face looking more shallow then before, the once arrogant and cocky attitude, gone to the wind.

"It's fine. Don't worry about because i sure didn't. Didn't bother giving her a funeral. Just let her rest in pieces because what was i supposed to do you know? She was a drug addict. Just like the old man. Already tore herself from the inside out, just had to wait till she pushed herself over the edge. Walked into her lying on the floor. Empty and lifeless, just like the bottles lying next to her. Sometimes it scares me because..nevermind." He stopped what he was saying as he turned away to look at the clock ticking on the wall. "I wish I wasn't a motor mouth..I used to be able to hide it like it was just a passing rumour. Wonder what happened..."


"Hey, I ain't judging. you look pretty dashing in whatever getup you're wearing if you catch my drift." He chuckled, nudging Jericho in the side. "Course I remember. You gotta remember a lot of things for let's say your job. Or maybe things happened and you needed to use your brain to make sure everyone around you didn't fall apart. For me, i would say the latter.."
"Thanks bro. I painted it myself, I'm a D.I.Y person myself. If i can get it done myself, i will. Gives you experience and the perhaps one time you may need to use it."

"Nah, sorry i have things to do. Maybe later?" He said picking at his food, not seeming to want to eat. "Are you enjoying your food? I hope it was to your liking." He said taking a sip of his drink as he looked over the harbour. "Well i guess that's good. Making sure i'm the only person on your mind because of what i say." He snickered. "Now eat up, you don't eat much so i want to make sure your going to sleep not on an empty stomach."
"Huh? That's what you think of it?" He pondered what Jericho said for a moment. "So if someone doesn't smile pretty. then they ain't dateable anymore." he asked. "Well you never seen my smile and i will assure you, it will make you run to hell." He chuckled. "So you better skadoodle along when you have the chance."

"I told you, I have things to do. But perhaps some other night." He said as he picked up the dessert menu and looked over the treats. "I hope so, if it wasn't then your one tough nut to pick expired crackers over classic japanese cuisine. Or just demented. I think it's the latter." He leaned back in his chair, enjoying the moon setting over the harbour, pushing the sun down. "Choose your wording more carefully or else i'm going to think your hitting me." he said taking a sip. "But i guess that makes sense for some people and their love dynamic."

"Are you sure? Or would you just rather the cake. I can see that look in your face." He said waving for the bill. "I knew it. But i will pass, besides i bought it for you anyway. I have errands to do so i won't be home for a bit." He paid the bill and got ready to leave. "not sure but i'll save that idea for tomorrow. And he would either way. he is that type of stalker who doesn't give a damn. Whatever wall that was in front of him, he would break some way or another."

"What do you want brat?" Nox grumbled as he pulled over. "Oh this. I don't know man. i ain't one for scenic views being the only thing i move here for." he said sitting down next to Jericho. "Nah, i like more secluded areas. This feels like it's crawling with tourists." He looked over and pointed to another couple not far off, also sitting on a bench overlooking the sea. "It's nice though."

After they got home, Nox made a beeline towards the living room, scooping the small metal box and shoved it into his jacket. "Thanks for the company at dinner. Hope you enjoy the cake and sleep well. I have some things Reese needs me to do at her house and it's urgent so i'll be gone for a bit. Take whatever, it's just food. Don't worry about me." Without another word or hearing what Jericho had to say. he slammed the door shut and left the apartment in silence.

Nox drove the motorcycle to an empty parking lot, he leaned against the concrete parking bumps and took out the metal box. A convenience store sign was his only source of light a couple blocks away. He looked at the box before closing his eyes, Jericho's face popping up frustrated him more. He hauled his body up to go to the store and buy a couple bottles of beer. He went back to his spot, opening one of them and hearing the satisfying click of the tab cracking open. He dug an old lighter out and opened the metal box. Three cigar boxes laid on the insides covered in a small layer of dust. He took one cigarette out and lit it.

He took a puff and a drink from the bottle, watching his vision start to sway as he kept on going. His confusion fueled with anger made his brain hurt as he finished a box of cigarettes. Jericho was on his mind as the beer bottle was set down. Empty. Vision was fading and head pounding as he struggled to stay awake. He needed to, he couldn't let anyone see him in his drunken state. He couldn't drive though, as he was far into his state of not knowing right or left. Calling someone would basically be telling someone he was doing not good stuff in the dead of night. His best option was to pass out in the middle of a parking lot and hope he woke up early enough to not cause questions.

Why was he like this? What set his mind ablaze? Was it the memories flooding back from his childhood? Or when he saw his mother dead on the ground. Empty pill bottles lying all around her or was it when his dad said he was going to get a pack of cigars but never did he see him again. Perhaps having to parent all four of his siblings when he could barely keep himself together. It could be the fear of his ex who made living in his house his own jail. Or perhaps it was a specific person, worming themselves into his life uninvited. Maybe the feelings that he feared now settled in his gut.
As his vision faded, what lay right next to him was a sight. Three empty cigar boxes, all the stubs stuffed into a small trash can along with four empty beer cans. And the sound of someone walking towards him, their feet hitting the pavement quickly.


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Jericho looked over tilting his head slightly “Oh I see” he said rubbing his forehead where Nox just flicked. “It must must have been tough, no wonder you have a thing about nicknames. Sorry if I fuelled anything, thought it was just some banter that we had going on.” He watched as Nox filed his fingers through his own hair reminiscing on how soft it was.
Then he watched as Nox moved his hand looking ready to ground his head, he flinched a little and closed his eyes ready to embrace the pain that would soon follow, but much to his surprise instead running his hand through his hair his flinching reaction calming and a small soft calming smile appeared accords his face and chuckled “I can’t help my height, but I can still be little shrimp if you desire?” He said trying to brush his head away from Nox rubbing his head.
“Maybe I would maybe I wouldn’t you don’t know” he said batting Nox’s hand away in a playful manner.

“I mean if I can be honest? I’m surprised you opened a Tattoo Parlour not a bakery with your talent but I suppose choosing between your talents must have been tough no?” He smirked back. “Or maybe your cooking is just that out of this world you don’t need to do a lot to impress?” He shrugged.
“I mean sure, I’m down with that, if you’ll accompany me I’m scared of flying…” he said looking down sort of embarrassed.

“No,no,no of course not it’s a chefs job to try and test before serving.” He said waving it off hoping Nox didn’t take it as an insult.
He held his hand out taking the small intricate flower cake admiring the detail Nox put in. “I mean I haven’t had peanut butter before but I’m sure it’s not the greatest of tastes. Is…Is it that obvious?” He said looking down at his stomach. He smiled softly as he looked at the cake once more and started to eat it, his face lighting up instantly. “I can see why your siblings loved it so much!” He said wiping crumbs from around his face.

“I mean I guess, so I’ve never seen myself as much else so sure if you wanna call worse for ahead.” He said shrugging it off like he was called it on more than one occasion.
“For real? Yeah pretty much the past few years have been like living under a rock for me.”

“Woah the guy literally needs help, also dragging you under with his bad habits, I get how you may have a struggle parting with the addiction he drew you into.
“I mean I get that lack of sleep has the same chasing high. Running on adrenaline of coffee and occasional energy drinks.” He shrugged also looking ashamed.

Jericho sighed a little “I mean I’m offended. I don’t have that much of a bleak outlook on life.”
He said rubbing the back of his neck. Jericho sat beside Nox “we’ve all done crazy things for love, we fall through the pits, get hurt, twisted and sometimes deceived but we still keep at it. Everyone is not always who they say they are. Normally there is a user and the one who is used. It’s why things are hard to let go of, no matter how much it stings.” He said watching over the silver case not mentioning a word about it.

“Well that’s an interesting story if I ever heard one” he said looking at Nox “ I get that you did what was best to protect you and your siblings from probably the terrible things that came from her choices.” He sighed a little when Nox said never mind instead of continuing truth was he opened up a heck of a lot more than what he said he would. It’s gotta be quite a toll on him, Jericho thought.
“Maybe you just found someone your comfortable to confine it all too? Perhaps? It happens. But don’t push yourself to tell more if it’s too much to go through. Like you said you just met me, don’t wanna make anything more awkward for you. But if you do ever wanna get things of your mind, just yell me I’ll be there I’ll listen and do what I can to help if you want it of course?” He said rubbing the back of his neck once more.

Jericho smiled with a hint of blush as Nox complimented him. “ for sure lot of things to remember and I guess making sure everyone is okay is all in your genes it’s a cute tendency to have if you ask me!” Jericho nodded you have so many talents is there anything you can’t do, a guy who does everything for himself is a winner in my books, best way to be is to make it through doing things yourself.” He smiled nudging Nox back.

Jericho was a little shocked at the rejection for movie night but nodded his head and didn’t press the matter “no worries maybe some other time, when you are free and want too!” He said taking a small mouthful of the food infront of him noticing Nox not eating much *boy what’s eating at him* Jericho wondered.
“Sure the food has been wonderful, thank you for suggesting it.” He smiled before swallowing a little too fast at Nox’s next comment causing a small cough to appear. “I didn’t mean it like that…” he said before swigging back the glass of water. Doing anything to stop the blush that was rapidly rising to his face.
“ I mean sure but why are you so worried about making sure I eat, you have a lot more to worry about than this little shrimp you just met?” He said as he continued his food enjoying every bite as if it were the first.

Jericho rolled his eyes “no what I mean is that your beautiful inside and out but your eyes just give a subtle indication of when your happy when the reflex of of your smile can’t show. As in perhaps your Able to hide a smile well but if you are smiling your eyes reveal all. Maybe I haven’t seen your smile but your stunning anyways, your smile would just be the icing to the cake for anyone, wouldn’t have to see it to know the facts.” Jericho said very nonchalant still enjoying his food and all words were said without eye contact with Nox until he took a bite and returned his gaze back up to Nox. “Make me run to hell? You really wanna test that theory?” He smiled as he placed the chopsticks on the bowl infront of him content with the food he had just finished.

Jericho nodded “sure, sure it’s fine no worries” he smiled at Nox but slight disappointment could be seen in his eyes. “What the heck? Your so judgemental. Who in their right minds would pick crackers over this! Honestly your view of me is actually the opposite of what is fact on everything.” He said sighing as he took the napkin infront of him and cleaned his face before placing it back down again.
Jericho took a deep gulp and nodded in his mind it was all over the place, certain things yes he was but was he? He shook his head and pulled himself together. “Sure noted and exactly it’s skit how things can work sometimes.” He said swiftly moving on from that topic.

“I mean the cake I’ve had staring at me all day so I think it’s best to have a slice and considering you went out of your way to get it for me how could I say no?” He smiled eyes beaming until he remembers Nox wasn’t going to come back with him for now. “Sure no problem. I’ll probably head back and head to sleep anyways.”

“Mhhhhm, perhaps but if I’m around I’ll be beside you no matter what. I got your back.” He smiled “thank you for a lovely evening and lovely food.”

Jericho tapped on Nox to pull over and smiled when he did and jumped off the bike and dragged Nox to the bench at the edge with the view “you can’t move here and not see this! Wait full of tourists? You think, they don’t know this area it’s mainly locals. But look at that sun set with the sea at the horizon.
“ they look happy don’t they? Messing around in the sea, it is nice here.” He sat looking out for just a moment before they headed back to the bike and headed for home.

When they got home Jericho watched as Nox darted for the same small silver tin and was practically rushing his words and couldn’t get out the door fast enough. Jericho looked as the door slammed shut and muttered a “see ya later Nox” sadness seeped in his tone. He headed to cut himself a slice of cake fumbled around for a plate and headed to the couch where he’d be for the rest of the night.

He scrolled his phone for a while as he ate his cake not really thinking of much else. Jericho washed the plate up and put it back in it’s place before getting ready to catch some sleep. He closed his eyes for a couple of hours before his phone was blaring, worried incase it was his mother he jumped and answered. “What’s up is everything okay?” He said panicked heart racing.
“Hi Jeri it’s me and I have a reese here too she’s on loud speaker too, we just wanted an update on things…also it’s a video call and all I can see is your ear silly! ” she said subtly hinting.
Jericho took the phone from his ear and sighed “what’s up Airi, hey Reese!” He said and Airi piped in “that doesn’t look like the place you told me, OHHHHH IS THAT NOX’s place? Your staying with him aahahahahaha tell me everything!!” Airi squealed with excitement. Jericho rolled his eyes “nothing happened I just can’t stay there no more and Nox wouldn’t let me stay on the streets and anyways, How’s Nox getting on with whatever it is you needed doing?” Jericho said rubbing his eyes. The silence and confusion in the tone he got from them was enough to send worry through his mind. “Reese where’s Nox?” He questioned as his heart raced a little more as worry started to set in.


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"Could be. But after a while you just have to grow up. Get used to it because no one is saving you from it. You have to accept that this is your life. You are too weak to fight back so you act like a lap dog. At least that's what my mum did. That old hag.." He grumbled. "It's whatever. Just be a bit more careful of your mouth."
"Just shut up." Nox grumbled, putting his hand over Jericho's mouth and squeezing his lips together. "Unless you want me to rip these off your face. Shame because these are some nice ones." He snickered as he saw Jericho turn red. "Doubt it. You're too much of a softie to throw anything unless it's a complaint." He said, still not moving his hand from Jericho's head.

"Hm..I get that a lot. But art is what draws me to it. Of course I love baking more than art but i would rather turn something i wouldn't mind losing into something to keep me afloat. Sometimes, if you do something for a while. It loses that shine it once had. Burnout and i don't think i would live if i had to lose something that kept me alive in the times of chaos. Course it doesn't happen with everyone but fear is what holds me back."
"Guess so but that's what you get when you hang out with the wrong people. Becoming more and more like my parents because they had their own little problems dealing with drug abuse.."

"But why you of all people. We just met. We just god damn met and here i am letting my life tumble out to you." He scoffed. "Guess so. Or at least my mind thinks so." He sighed. "Right..I'll keep it in mind but i doubt that will fix anything. Maybe..only time can tell though."
"Is that so? Do you think it's cute? At this point everything i say or do will be cute now. Which i find not the most flattering thing someone has told me."
"You're not convincing me of anything. Just that you have the blandest and shallowest taste in men if all you want is someone who is perfect and has everything. But i will agree with you on that statement.."


"Ya. Totally." He said absentmindedly. "Of course. I wanted to make this dinner at least somewhat memorable. Some place to go back to cuz it's familiar or something like that." He said as he twirled the straw in his drink. "You sure? Because this whole time it really felt like it. And the blush. You gotta hide it better if you don't want someone to know something."
"Because that's just how i am so deal with it." Nox snapped. "Growing up as the parent to siblings does something to ya if you catch my drift. It's not a bad thing so eat up." Nox said, leaning over to take Jericho's chopsticks and shove a dumpling into his mouth.

"Oh here we go with the sappy stuff." Nox said leaning back in his chair. "The more you say is making it obvious that you have a crush on me. Because who the hell talks about this stuff in front of someone they just met?" When Jericho avoided the question Nox chuckled to himself. "Bingo.."
"Is that so? Is there a book on this because you're just spouting information after information. Bit creepy."
"Nah but i wouldn't mind doing it sometime later when i'm ready." He said sipping his drink, staring at Jericho.

"Well i moved here and haven't seen it till now. Does that count?" Nox grumbled as he kicked the sand up with his shoes. "I was being sarcastic dimwit but still, too populated and there are people everywhere even if they aren't in this exact location so it's a no from me." He said as he crossed his arms. "Looks fine. Looks the same. Unless you're seeing a different sun then that's a different topic."


"YOOOO JERICHO!!" Reese squealed through the phone. "WELLL?? Tell me the deets!" Her and Airi were seated on the couch wrapped in a blanket, most likely watching something on the TV before they called. "O-M-G IS THAT NOX'S PLACE?? HE TOOK YOU IN?? OH MY GOD WE HIT GOLD AIRI AIRI!" She yelled as both of them did a high five. "Aww he did that? Such a softie isn't he." She gushed. Her face turned from a grin to a frown. "Er what? Is he not here with you? It's just us and Nox never told me he was coming over...?" She replied. Confusion lacing her voice.

Reese covered her mouth once she realized. "OH MY GOD! WHERE THE HELL DID HE GO??" She grabbed her phone that was on the nearby nightstand and started frantically texting Nox. "He isn't responding! Jericho, did he say anything? what did he say before he left?? After a close kidnapping attempt he always shared his location with me but it's turned off now!" She wailed as she tried calling his number but to no avail.
"He said he had something to do with me? Lies. Oh god damn it were could he be?"

When Jericho asked Reese for possible locations Reese frowned. "He likes secluded places but that's about it. He wouldn't go to his siblings'place because that's a couple hours away and why would he go there in the dead of night? Did he get bad news or something during your dinner date? No? Well i know he would take me to hangout in an empty parking lot. Weird i know but he liked it so i complied. Maybe he went there? But if it was just that, i think he would share his location with me unless he was hiding something!"


Nox passed out, his last memory was feeling someone wrap their arms around his body and lifting him up. The can fell from his hand as his body went limp. The person smirked, now certain he was asleep. "Let's go my little dove. Unlike others, i won't be letting you go this time.." The person carried Nox back to their care and stuffed him in the backseat and they drove off. Nox shifted uncomfortably in his sleep, his face twisted into one of pain as he moved around in the backseat.

When nox awoke, he was on the ground, a chain wrapped around his neck. He was in a kitchen of some sorts, the chain connected to a huge pole settled to a wall. He was still in a drunken haze and couldn't properly wrap his mind around what danger he was in. He tried to move but would almost choke because how tight it was around his neck. *God damn it...what crap is he into now..* He thought as he struggled to get into a position he was comfortable with.

The door to the kitchen opened and there stood his ex. All proud and mighty, a grin on his face as he held up a cup of beer. "Awake my love? I hope you slept well." Nox rolled his eyes as he tried to kick the person in the shin. "Oh give me a break you foul faced beast. What the hell do you have around my neck you crazy psycho?!" Despite his head pounding from having a hangover, his mouth was still ready to snap like a snake. "Get your ass out of here and get this stupid chain off me!" He screamed. Trying to get away from him but with the chain having limited movement, he couldn't do much.

"my love, why are you running away?" The ex whispered in Nox's ear. "I have come to take you back to where you belong..is that too much to ask?" He asked, wrapping his arm around Nox's waist. "Get your crusty hands off of me you son of a dog!" He yelled. The ex sighed, grabbing Nox's face. "I'm afraid you don't have an option in this. I was hoping for a warmer welcome my dove. Now you need to go to sleep." That was all nox heard before his head hit the wall with a sickening thud.


The door handle to Nox's apartment started shaking violently as Reese threw it open. "Let's go Jerry!!" She yelled, grabbing Jericho by the arm and dragging him out to her car parked right outside. "THAT STUPID MF MESSED WITH THE WRONG PERSON!" She hissed as the car started up. As soon as Jericho was strapped in, the car shot out. Heading straight towards an apartment a few miles away. Would take 20 mins top but with Reese having her foot on the gas pedal they were there in 5 mins. She grabbed a bat from the backseat of the car and broke open the apartment door. "SHOW YOURSELF YOU MANIAC!!" She yelled into the living room were someone was camly seated drinking some tea.


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Jericho looked down unsure of what to say or how to respond. He is it sighed and shook his head.”okay I will do I’m sorry.” He said humbly before being forced to shut up by Nox’s fingers
Squeezing his lips together so he couldn’t talk no more. His eyes staring directly into Nox’s not gazing anywhere else.
Jericho tried to stop the red from flushing through but to no avail it was still rising so he tried to bring himself to batter Nox away. But again couldn’t.
“You don’t know that, you have only seen a part of me that’s only half of who I am, after a day there’s still much you need to learn about me before you can judge me like that.” He grasped his hands onto Nox’s trying to get his hand off his head again to no prevail so without realising pouted towards Nox in a plea for him to release his hand from his head.

Jericho nodded “I know that feeling all too well, my main passion is actually singing, when I was younger I was classically trained in opera. But flowers is something the same as you with Tattoo’s somethings are easier to keep afloat because that one time you don’t make it with what your passionate about deeply it’s soul crushing.” He sighed as he brushed his fingers through his hair brushing from where Nox had messed it slightly.

“They do say we become a product of our environment.” He sighed looking over at Nox. “It’s not surprising if it happens but just know it’s only a part it doesn’t shape who you are as your not them.” He smiled trying to shed light on the doom and gloom that seemed to be hovering over Nox like a cloud.

Jericho sighed “because it’s easier to tell and damn stranger about your problems as they aren’t involved in it, than those closest, there’s a chance I can hit you with the truth which will be what you want rather than some beat around the bush crap trying to be like there, there. Seeking real talk and facts rather than lies and deceit.” He said looking away folding his arms. “I meant that’s a bit of optimism coming through there is it not? Time is a natural healer so they say?” He shrugged.

“Cute you say? Perhaps I mean can’t Deny it but also not gushing over it as if I’m melting away. Their is a compliment and then there is being smitten, two very different things Nox. then there is this flattering, sure it is to a degree I mean why deny the truth your hot there is no denying but doesn’t mean someone is gonna drop and melt into a million pieces and begging you to take them open armed?” He said raising his eyebrow to Nox.

Jericho sighed “sure of course the guy who’s always had nothing wants everything even though he doesn’t freaking know what everything is. Wanting just a companion someone to love and to hold, if that’s perfect then sure I aim for that. I don’t care for looks, Status or any of that crap if you couldn’t tell?? I clearly swoon with poetry.” He scoffed feeling quite offended by the strong judge of character Nox gave of him.

Jericho smiled and continued to eat and swallowed when his ears noticed “memorable? As like my first dinner out kind of thing or like something else?” He asked inquisitively blinking at Nox waiting for an answer.
“What is there to hide? Nothing to hide.” He said almost flustered trying to swipe the conversation away as if it didn’t exist.
“Okay, okay I’m still learning about you, it’s not even been 72 hours yet!” Jericho stressed to Nox.
Jericho had almost a lightbulb moment in his head and things started to make sense and then he felt a pit full in his stomach *maybe he’s doing all this as he sees me like a brother not a potential lover, did I push it too far.* he pondered kind of missing the part where he should have responded but before he could Nox lifted the chopsticks from Jericho’s plate and fed him a dumpling streaming of other thoughts *but then he goes and does things like this, I just want to know what he wants* he sighed realising his expression was letting his thought appear more apparent and smiled “delicious!”

“It’s not sappy, and besides people talk about all sorts infront of those they just met….” He trailed avoiding having to answer he couldn’t he felt it but he couldn’t admit it. What if he rejected him he’d loose him forever in less than 24 hours he finally met someone who he admittedly grew feeling for but he couldn’t admit not now.
“Bingo what do you mean bingo I didn’t say anything!” He said back flustered on words turning more red with each second. He hid his face in embarrassment.

“No book just retain information well that’s all. But sometime soon sounds good I look forward to it!” He smiled.

“I mean sure I guess, it’s beautiful though isn’t it tranquility.” He smiled taking in the fresh air.
“Well I’m sorry it’s hard to tell the difference between the two, sometimes your sarcastic and joking others your 100% serious.” He said leaning back a bit leaning ever so slightly into Nox before moving faster than lightning back up right coughing as he adjusted himself.
“It’s fine it’s not for everyone should we go?” He said quickly ushering Nox back to the motorcycle.

Jericho held the phone away and looked back “not a great thing to do to someone who has hearing aids Reese.” He said adjusting the volume on the to suit her tone. “ what deets there is no deets!” He said looking confused.
While Airi and Reese were gasping he just kept looking back reminding them to tone it down a little. “Sowwie Jeri but we’re just excited your at Nox’s and he took you in now your both riding the boat of the love stream!” She said excitedly leaving jericho rolling his eyes.
“Yeah he is” he said words feeling more deeper than they should have especially infront of these two.
“ No he’s not here I watched him walk out the door. He said he was going to yours and it was urgent.” He said his voice shaky a bit.

Jericho looked around “ I got some errands to run, going to reeses it’s urgent she needs something so t worry about me, hel0 yourself to anything it’s just food door slams….”he said trying to remember if that was everything “he did however take a little silver tin?” He said offering if that helped the location of Nox.

“So the secluded places are where we must try. I doubt he’d see his siblings seems more like something he wants to do and no one know kind of thing.” He pondered for a moment.
“Well not bad news I hope, he kinda pointed out I have a crush on him.” He said looking down. Almost ashamed”I aim too hight obviously but enough about me there all I can thing off to be guest.” He said.

As jericho heard the door he rushed up grabbing his leather jacket and shut the door and headed out with Reese as she dragged him by the arm.
Jericho got himself his seatbelt on and felt the rage From Reese sweeping over to him, and for a guy he only met just yesterday he felt the same amount of rage, he couldn’t understand it.
* is it love or really just another crush.*
Jericho followed in behind weaponless. But ready for anything that may come, he wasn’t really prepared for what he was about to walk into.

He stepped in behind Reese seeing the one person sitting drinking tea, he thought he’d leave her to deal with the person and yea while he tried to head of to scout the room looking for Nox. He approached a door one that seemed to have a warm handle as if it just had been used he went to placed his hand on it to turn the handle.


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"Right..Still going to look at you the same way pipsqueak. Just cuz i don't know all of you doesn't mean much to me. You can be part of the mafia but all i see is a flower loving dolt." He snickered. "Now look at you, doing the puppy eyes. Sorry, ain't going to work on me." He roughly rubbed Jericho's head one last time before letting go. "That's mildly pathetic you would resort to that just to get my hand off your head. And here i thought you were the tall one.."
"Singing eh? Whatcha singing these days?" He questioned. "I didn't peg you the singing type but you learn something new everyday. But opera of all things? Then i'm sure you know of the famous yunjin. I know she is from china but any opera fan would've heard of her." He said. "A couple friends dragged me on their trip to china and one day we went to see one of her performances. Her famous, The Divine Damsel Of Devastation was the one that was performed."

"Won't disagree on that. When you don't know someone, they can't judge you for much. They ain't intertwined in your life so it's easy to tip the bucket over." He folded his arms and looked away. "I ain't wanting you to hit me with the truth or anything at all. It's like i'm talking to myself. I would rather someone stay shut up then hear the truth or lies. Because that's how someone can heal in their own way. Letting it out, not wanting to hear advice or criticism. But optimism can die in a ditch. The world isn't all sun and daisies. Pretending everything is going well or is going to be well is just another downer."

"You haven't seen the fans i had to deal with back where I used to live. Some people attract others like a magnet, that was me and honestly still is. Get a daily email asking when i would come back. Didn't and never will respond because that's something that doesn't deserve my time or brain cells. I'm quite a catch you see." He said proudly. "I'm aware but i think we both know how you would really act given the chance and having the guts to." He said, a smirk creeping over his face. "Someone would do that but i have my eyes set on someone else.."


"Oh i don't know. Your fist dinner with your hotheaded neighbour right next door. Does that work?" Nox asked. "A bit wordy but it works. I ain't saying something like you should frame but perhaps a place you come back to that isn't soured by something else." He turned to face the wind, his hair billowing out. "Right..i know that look. You aren't good at hiding anything, especially feelings. Your heart is on your sleeve and i can read you because you're an open book. Not sealed tight with glue."
"Well, i have an answer for that. People call it love at first sight dimwit." He said making an exaggerated hand movement.

"Some words don't have to be spoken to be heard." He said as he leaned over the table. Their faces slightly brushed against each other before he pulled back. "Your red, your stuttering and your hiding your face. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out." He sighed.
"Well get used to it then. If you want to become my lover then you should at least be able to detect my tone and mood." He said nonchalantly. He noticed how Jericho tried to get close to him before shooting up quicker than a lightning bolt to get away.


"Oh i am so sorry!" Reese wailed, more quietly this time. "I was not aware! So sorry for my volume. But moving on, how is it?! Did he take you anywhere? Oh you know what i mean! He must have taken you somewhere by now! DInner? Maybe he baked you something??" Reese asked, hitting Jericho with question after question, not letting him answer one before throwing another one like a dart. "OH MY GOOOOOOOD!" She screamed before quieting down quickly. "You just admitted it! Oh my gosh this is gold right here!"

"That lying rascal! I did not ask him to come over at all!" She frowned as she tried to connect the pieces together. "So he used me as his getaway plan. That is so not like him!" She said frantically. "Metal box? Was it money or something? Do you know what was in it??" She asked as she tried once again to contact him. "Yep! always found comfort in them, never knew why..And he wants to do it right now. Or else he would of waited at a better time!"
"HE WHAT??? DID YOU SAY ANYTHING? DID HE SAY ANYTHING AFTER THAT??" She yelled, dropping whatever else she had going on to hear what Jericho had to say.


"Reeses pieces! so nice to see you." The person smirked, making no move to get up from the couch. "DON'T CALL ME THAT YOU RAT! WERE IS NOX?!" She yelled, ready to smash him into the ground. "Now now..Let's not jump to conclusions shall we? Why would i have my dear Nox?" Reese gritted her teeth as she looked over to Jericho. "Go find him. I know he is in here somewhere.."

When the door opened to the kitchen, Jericho could see a pile of miscellaneous drugs on the counter. Some were ones to help someone sleep, others were to put them to sleep and some were unlabeled drugs. He could see a huge metal pole with a chain attached to it. White hair poking out from the other side of the kitchen island. When jericho walked around he could see Nox on the ground and passed out. Blood staining his white hair a light pink. The chain was connected to his neck with no key in sight.

Reese had her fist balled in the shirt of the ex, her bat right next to his head and ready to kill him in one swift move. "Jericho? did you find him?" She called out. When she got an answer she dropped the ex onto the ground which knocked the air out of his lungs. She stepped on his chest with her boots and leaned forward. "So. What. the. hell. did. you. give. him. Don't lie to me. I know you're still the same drug addict."


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“Naawww, I’ll take that as a compliment.” He said smirking as he still tried to swipe Nox’s hand away.he looked down a bit at Nox with puppy dog eyes for him to remove his had from his head as Nox did Jericho smiled at him “hmmm perhaps pathetic but you still obliged, guess you can be a softie and fall for it after all, besides tallness doesn’t come into it im only a little taller than you.!” He smiled like a kid that got told they could go to the candy store.

Jericho pondered for a moment with a sad lol on his face “well honestly I like a bit of street music, pop and all that stuff but my dad was very strict on a classical musical upbringing, I mean don’t get me wrong I love it but it was his chance for opera not mine.” Jericho nodded “ been singing since I was 6 had lessons the whole package, my father insisted, even after I lost my hearing trying to sing now just is 10 times harder. Especially opera street you can just feel the beat you know?” He looked up at Nox realising a slight confusion on his face though he didn’t say nothing. He pulled the hair away from his ears to reveal the hearing aids.
“Yeah I heard of her never got to see her perform but I have her songs on my phone.” He smiled
“Ahhh nice! Yeah that song how she does it’ll I’ll never know guess something I aspire too… perhaps.” He said feeling almost deflated.

“Exactly sometimes it’s nice to just have an outsider to just be less judgmental and biased.
“Sheesh, okay I mean I can be a good listener well, as well as I can be” he giggled.
“It’s true everyone said the same to me, it’ll get better you’ll see, where the heck can you believe that when your sleeping on the floor of a shop that’s about to go under any day and you know for sure that your mother isn’t gonna get any better and that you’ll be literally left on your own because the family cut you off because I meant nothing to them when my father left, corrupting the family, having kids of his own and naming one the same name as me…” he said realising he just done the same as Nox…. Blurting everything out. “I’m sorry you don’t need to listen to my crap.” He sighed.

Jericho looked astonished at Nox “fans aye? Mr Popular.” Jericho smiled hearing the proudness in Nox voice as he boasted about being quite a catch I mean jericho couldn’t deny it, he fell for the catch too. His heart sank a little deeper. The more he found out the more he knew he could never be something Nox wanted.
“Yea sure, be all over you expecting you to carry me hold my hand and swoon over you till the sun goes down.” Jericho mocked I mean he liked Nox sure but he wasn’t desperate he’d embarrass himself but making a fool infront of him.
“Joking aside, you may feel I would but honestly it’s not my style. Hint dropper, perhaps or could just be using some over confidence to stop me from looking like a complete train wreck infront of you? Besides kinda hard to swoon and beg for someone who constantly calls you every name under the sun and claims they would never in their life be with someone like me?” He said looking back to Nox.
When Nox Proceeded to claim he had his eyes on someone else his heart sank deep and he took a sip of his drink and nodded “nice after what you have been through I hope they are the one to help you through this so your not alone, you deserve happiness.” He said waiting intently for Nox’s next answer.

“I mean sure it works, definitely wordy but it works.” He shrugged.
“Yeah I’ll keep it in mind if i can make enough tips perhaps can come here again” he smiled “thanks for the recommendation”
“Arghhh!” Jericho said as he hid more into his hands he was at a point where he knew things were gonna turn bad he felt it rising that impending doom feeling, rejection looming over him. He sighed still hiding his face. “ it’s not love at first sight, was just your the first one to actually notice I exist, sure you throw shade at me like there is no tomorrow but like I’d hardly say love at first sight. Besides it’s nothing, I’m nothing of any interest so can we just skim over this please.” He said slightly peaking through his fingers at Nox.

As their faces slightly brushed against one another Jericho closed his eyes listing and holding onto every word. It was true but what matter was it, he’s a pipsqueak after all.
Jericho hardly believing what he heard looked at Nox “I’m sorry wait did you just say what I thought you did?” He asked skimming over everything else apart from the “if you want to become my lover” part. He tried to get close but recoiled fast and looked away.

Jericho laughed “it’s fine don’t worry about it, we’ll he got me the cake I liked and also took me to this nice cafe which I wanted to take him as a thank you but…. He ended up buying dinner for me though it was pretty far out by the seems we had a longish bike ride there.” He sighed.

Jericho rolled his eyes once more “no wonder you two get on so well you both have puppy energy.” He said yawning still cuddled into the blanket laying on the couch.
“Yes, I mean I haven’t asked him outright but he pretty much can read everything so no shocker there. Besides he already has his eyes on someone so I’ll out of any chance and the names and the fact he said he’d never date me doesn’t fill with much hope.” He said rubbing his head thinking of Nox.

Airi looked worried at Reese “ you don’t think?? Like that he’s mad that jericho likes him do you?” She asked with Jericho piping up “that isn’t the reason for him storming off, hasn’t helped it but isn’t the main reason.” He said opening his eyes thinking on Reese’s question. “ I don’t know he pulled it out earlier in the day also to hold it then put it away, now he’s taking it with him… my guess a reminder of the past? Something to calm him perhaps? I didn’t see what’s inside.

“Geez Reese I’m telling you all I know you, he really didn’t like it when I got involved with I assume his ex? So I didn’t push matters here I mean I thought he was doing what he said coming to see you? Who was I to question the guy who let me move into his place?” He said rolling his eyes.
Jericho watched and heard the nickname come from the Ex’s mouth and cringed “no wonder he hates nicknames” he said a little to loudly than he initially wanted.
Jericho blurted a little laugh as he tried different doors “my dear Nox” he almost spat the words out.
Jericho nodded to Reese and continued to look.

Jericho looked in the door and scowled at the state of it, unclean filled with drugs and rubbish he felt unclean being in there, coming from someone who used to sleep in a puddle from the bucket in the shop.
He walked around seeing the pole that hair he noticed a mile of, he went around and saw Nox in a terrible state jericho Kneeled beside Nox lifting his chin toward him as he were still passed out “what the heck have you gotten yourself into.” He sighed brushing Nox cheek with his hand. He looked around for a key but couldn’t find anything, I mean why would it be that easy.
He went into a draw and pulled out a kitchen knife sawing away at the chains in hope they would break.

Jericho called out “yeah I found him alright!” He sighed still sawing, his hand slipped and in aid of missing Nox he caught his own hand causing him to curse out and drop the knife. “CRAP!” He looked over at Nox and sighed realising he needed it covered but had nothing just continued cutting away. “What the heck Is wrong with you chaining him up like some animal. So much for someone who you loved aye?”’he said still sawing away. “ you need some help, just go find it and leave Nox the heck alone he’s done with you your nothing to him.” He said as the sawing got more aggressive and his tone more harsh at the frustration that this wasn’t going any faster. He was in pain, scared and angry.

After moments of consistent sawing the changing broke away a bit so he could grab Nox, he picked him up bridal style and headed to where Reese was. Looking at the Ex “you touch him again and it will be the last thing you ever do….” He said turning to walk away holding Nox close to him in his arms.


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"Just cuz you're pathetic like a puppy. Like would you turn away a random ass dog that showed up at your door? It's like that so don't think of anything different." He smirked. "I am not a sofite thank you very much!" He grumbled, flicking Jericho in the forehead. "So? Still makes me feel short and you don't use your height for anything so give me." He said, poking Jericho in the back.
"Oh so you had those types of dads." Nox frowned. "Mine didn't give a crap mainly he had no crap left to give after getting his brains washed out by drugs." He crossed his arms and looked at Jericho. "Living his dreams through his child. How depressing.."
"Lost your hearing eh? And how was that from?" He questioned. When he wasn't given a clear answer he said nothing more. "Ah. Wasn't aware that you had those. You hide them quite well but i guess it's something not everyone wants to share."

"Oh no no it's fine. I just did mine so it's fair you do yours. Your father really is a piece of work. People try to be optimistic. Shoving whatever darkness into a closet and covering it in stickers. Thinking that's going to fool you. It does for others who think life is like riding a bike. But in reality, the bike is on fire and you're in hell."
"Ah, cutting family ties. What a classic dick move of him. And to fuel his insanity naming a kid after one you already have. That's when you know he jumped over the ship. But don't worry. Letting it out to someone is sometimes all the therapy one would need."

"Aha no no. You have more pride to not do that and i like it because it's something new. Thinking of me other than a potential lover for once. But if you did, wouldn't blame ya. But knowing you're personality now, if you are wanting to swoon over me at sunrise till the sunsets then i wouldn't be complaining."
"Confidence is key for a crush, you want to show them what cards you have to offer and if they don't like it, they can just decline it politely. If you're timid or shy then it won't be as effective. Take it from someone who couldn't do anything without a confession. Those who were more confident and clear on what they wanted and what type of person caught my attention more but in the end, they just weren't the one for me." He said brushing his hand through his hair, a habit. "Eh just a quirk. Doesn't mean i don't like you." He said. "Mhm. It's quite obvious they feel the same but i'm just waiting till i'm ready to take it to the next step. I haven't said anything directly to them but hopefully the hints i'm dropping are making it a bit more clear. But knowing them, i doubt it.." He said leaning on his hand.

"Or you can ask me, i wouldn't mind taking you again on a dinner date. You're a fun one to talk to." He said giving a small grin. "And there we go, the flustered annoyed reaction i'm getting used to seeing."
"Well not surprised, you're like a little hermit when i first met you. And you seemed a bit socially deprived with other new people. So i guess it was good i decided to take a visit. And is that so? I hardly think the same but if we must." He said with a hint of annoyance as he moved swiftly over to another topic with ease.
"Oh did your hearing aid batteries turn off? Shame." He said leaning back on the bench, away from Jericho. "I think what you thought was what i said. You don't seem delusional enough to twist my words but if you are a bit insane then that's sad. But call it one of my hints." He said, hinting at the conversation at the dinner.


"Really? He got you a cake?? BOI that's a clear sign he has the feelings! He might get me sweets but this feels so much more than just a friendly gesture! Love is blooming!" She gushed. "And treated you to dinner??? Ugh say no more!" She squealed. "He did what? What place is it?" After hearing the name she shrieked. "HE TOOK YOU ON A RIDE!! The way he took is longer than the shorter way but is more scenic!! He must have wanted to make the ride a bit more enjoyable since the other way to get there is quite a drab if you ask me.."
"Oh come onnn! Not the worst thing in the world! And really? Are you going to give up that easily? What if he means you but he is just saying it in his own way? And that part? 100% Joking."

"Of course not! Most likely for some other problems, he isn't the type to get mad over a teddy bear like him." Reese assured Airi. "See! I told you. It might be past memories coming back up. He likes solitude to deal with them and that's why he left!" She said. "Oh? not sure either, coming up with a blank. I don't know why he would take a memento like that with him though.." She frowned.


The ex looked over to Jericho and scoffed. "Excuse you, Nox loved this nickname and you aren't in any place to tell me that in place of him so shut your mouth." He snarled. "And you. You need to know your place. He is mine and only mine. Nothing you need to worry your little head over." He snapped, throwing the teacup at reese who dodged it. The cup shattered, dropping its shards in front of the door. Reese muttered something under her breath as she swung, barely missing the Ex as he ran towards the kitchen.

"GET BACK HERE YOU MF!" She yelled, grabbing the ex by the arm and stopping him from attacking Jericho. "HE NEEDS TO LEARN HIS PLACE! HE CAN ONLY RUN BUT NEVER HIDE!" The ex yelled at Jericho, trying to hit Reese in hopes she would let go. "Right. RIght. Of course I'll stay away from him..as if you're going to stop me" He said sarcastically. He managed to wiggle out of Reese's grasp and went for the drugs. Grabbing a huge handful and throwing it at both Reese and Jericho. "Powdered melanin." The ex smirked. Reese coughed, covering her mouth as she went to grab Jericho's arm. Ex grabbed a nearby knife and threw it Jericho, which prompted him to drop Nox onto the floor. The ex ran and grabbed Nox, dragging him to the other side of the room. Holding a knife up to Nox's neck. "Come any farther, and Nox, if he survives will need to get a tattoo to cover yet another scar.."

Reese was waving the dust away, while also trying to find medical supplies in the mess of the apartment. She had wrapped a random shirt over Jericho's hand till she found a better material. "You let him go this instant!" She screamed at the ex. "Sorry, i'm having so much fun playing the bad guy." he said, tightening his grip on nox's arm. "Fun fact, almost every tattoo he has was to cover a scar i have given him. So no matter what, i will always be with him. If not in the flesh." He stopped talking when a knife came flying from Jericho landing right next to his head.


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“Not pathetic just vulnerable looking for guidance in the times of need and use what they have to try to help them in certain situations” Jericho prompted “for the puppy I mean not me and of course I’d take it in who wouldn’t? Nobodies that’s heartless?” He said smiling.

Jericho laughed “sure not a softie okay” he rolled his eyes. “Oh I see someone has height envy?” Jericho said stretching his arms up to make himself a little more taller.
Jericho sighed on the thought “yup, the one who never wanted a boy supposedly anyways that was the crux of it.” Jericho shook his head “being in that state instead of taking care of your kids, honestly some parents.”
“Was it a dream or did he just see money signs in his eyes for his own personal gain?” He questioned. “It’s complicated mainly was up a lot while parents argued hardly slept late for school sound horn to the ears. What else is there to say.” He shrugged as if it was normal. “Honestly o hide it for the reason it happened and for the incase my father ever comes around he never wanted me to get them, I took some of his money so I could get the hearing aid so I could hear again, trying not be forced to sing when you can’t hear is unbearable” he said as the past came back to haunt him for that moment.

“Eh, you have enough crap without mine loaded on top but Piece of work is putting it lightly.” He sighed as he moved a single falling strand of hair from Nox’s face, turning and looking away.
“The bike is in hell and it’s burning flames with us sitting on it saying “this is fine” because what could we do we were young when our issues began?” He said brushing his fingers through his own hair.
“Yeah cutting ties and recreating the family he had is just sick and twisted. Especially when he tells them “they are the only Jericho in his life” he looked back to Nox and nodded “hmmm, I guess it does.” He smiled a soft low smile.

“I mean let’s face it you haven’t even given me the chance to even if I did!” He laughed. “I mean how’s someone suppose to fall all over you when the first interaction was telling them how much you hate them, telling them you’ll never dare dare them. Never wanna be caught being with them, doesn’t know where my hand has been to take it when offered to help. I mean also how much you hate me I mean come on the signs are there your not interested so why try?” He said slight difference in his tone hard to make out if he was serious or joking around.
“I mean that’s fair but who wants swooning when you can have someone who’s real, the swooning shoudk come when your already together not before that’s kinda obsessive behaviour. Throwing yourself all over someone makes me feel uncomfortable. Personal space and such.” He looked out to the harbour.

“So if that’s the case confidence leads to over confidence which then becomes obsessive and a competitive race on who needs more love so clearly you need someone who does the opposite 2 big headed egos in a relationship is a no go. You are strong and confident and can be loud at times so you need someone who can counter balance that not bigheaded maybe has a little confidence but is a huge support for you, and is quieter so you compliment each other rather than compete? If that makes sense?” Jericho enquired looking and Nox
“Huh, is that so? Interesting….” Jericho pondered for a moment.

“Maybe your mixed messages are hard for them to comprehend nicknames and comments about them as hints… but I guess other tendencies might give them the Signs, but guess you’ll never know till your ready to tell them how you feel. True ones won’t push and wait till your ready.” He said patting Nox shoulder as he slightly towered over him.

“Wait you’d want to go out for dinner with Me again?” He asked sounding a little too shocked.
“Thanks, I have some I guess interesting stuff to talk about but to be honest, all we really spoke about are our issues, I’d kinda like to get to know what your interested in the kinda things you do for fun what you are into.” He said looking at Nox eyes glistening.
“It’s involuntary, I’m sorry!” He said still trying to hide it. “I’ve never been one to be popular, I was asked once as the girls said “your hot we could totally have you with us” and immediately got pushed aside when they found out I wasn’t interested and that I wouldn’t fake being with a girl because I don’t see girls in that way… also because Airi….” He stopped and brushed over more faster than even the hints he dropped to Nox. There was something on the last part that made his eyes water just a little, but not enough to make him cry.
“Yeah the first guy to pay me any attention and not Slate me for caring for my mother and working in a flower shop, I could by pass all the names at me but your just different than the rest, didn’t attack me for what I did….” He said looking down swirling the chopstick now avoiding eye contact.

Jericho looked over and nodded “ I guess I just didn’t expect it, the battery level is fine heard loud and clear. One of your hints….huh…. Interesting.” Jericho looked out to the sea, then down at the ground and smiled for a moment. -*could it be? Was this really happening?* he pondered with a small side eye glance to Nox and back down as quick as the butterflies came in his stomach when he looked at him.

“How is buying cake a clear sign?” Jericho questioned. “It’s just a cake it doesn’t mean anything more?” He said trying to convince himself even though he thought the same.
Airi looked at Reese all excited hugged her and squeezed her in excitement “Jeri he likes you and you like him there’s something there we know it!” “Anyways yes, he took me to dinner. Wait we took the scenic route… huh Interesting.” Jericho leaned back in the pillow so many thoughts in his mind.
Jericho looked down “because it’s me? The guy who always loves but is never loved hard to think subtle hints mean something.eh perhaps ” He sighed.

Jericho piped up “hey who you calling Teddy Bear?” He said hiding under the covers to hide the embarrassment.
Jericho looked back to the phone “yeah solitude perhaps but either way this doesn’t look pretty we’re gonna have to go look for him. Yeah he didn’t really look happy at the tin either, maybe I don’t know I don’t want to speculate I just met the guy, I just want him back home here with me…see you in 10” he said not realising what he just said leaving a squealing Airi and Reese before Reese got into MISSION SAVE NOX MODE 1 second after.

“I seriously doubt that but you keep thinking that.” He said in the most sarcastic manner.
Jericho looked back watching the tea cup fly “HEY WATCH WHERE YOU THROW YOUR CRAP!” He quickly nodded to Reese making sure she was okay before continuing his search for Nox.

Jericho heard the Ex coming for him and turned back but saw Reese grab his arm and all he did was turn to him briefly with a few tut’s that followed. “Pathetic” he said under his breath as he continued to proceed to where Nox was.
“Just shut your trap, you’ll stay away from him, he’s fine with you we all are!” Jericho snapped back as he checked over Nox. As he was checking over before he could go any further he was covered I a white powered substance that burned as he rubbed his eyes to see, only making them stream for a while. “WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU?” Jericho yelled as he began to start coughing from inhaling whatever it was this guy threw at them.
Jericho had hold of Nox in his arms and was now being pulled by Reese to get out of there but as they tried a knife struck Jericho’s arm making it bleed out causing him to drop Nox.

He quickly turned and before he could even do anything the ex had snatched Nox from his reach “GIVE HIM BACK!” He screamed.
Pure panic rushed across Jericho’s eyes seeing a Nox in this state, making his heart rate increase, worry rising a thought of he couldn’t loose him rushing his mind, reframing from letting tears get the best of him he looked at the knife that struck him and waited.

Reese had helped Jericho with wounded areas he gave a silent nod and looked back up at the ex.
“Huh, is that so well, I guess it won’t be for much longer” he said as he threw the knife that stuck in the wall close to the Ex’s head causing him to stop talking in his words “I’ve been told I don’t miss when I aim for something… guess they are right.” He said as he grabbed a hardback book from the shelf throwing it at the Ex before he could react quick enough then running towards grabbing Nox “BREAK THE DOOR REESE LETS GO!” He said grabbing Nox bridal style once again but not before the ex grabbing him and clawing at Jericho to grab Nox back. “ARGHHH GET OFF ME!” he screemed through the pain
With Reese’s assistance he was able to break free and they both ran to the car, knowing he wound come back more so now for revenge.

When they got back to the apartment Jericho carried Nox up to the bedroom laying him down on the bed, with whatever he could find he broke the chain from around Nox’s neck and let Reese help clean himself up, before helping Nox.

“Reese get back home now I don’t want you to be in danger here and I know Nox wouldn’t want that either, text me when your home and safe and can come see him in the morning I got this! I’ll take care of him. Gonna clean him up an let him come too.” He said hugging Reese.

Jericho cleaned Nox up got him settled into bed and laid beside him brushing his fingers through Nox’s hair “what mess have you gotten yourself into aye?” He said before whatever the stuff was that had seeped into him caused Jericho’s eyes to close and he fell asleep his head just underneath Nox’s leaning on his Chest. Passed out.


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"What they never want, they get. When they want it, it's gone. That's how life works and it's depressing but some people are real trash heads." He grumbled. "Well i always wanted to know why they even wanted to give birth to kids if they couldn't take care of themselves but i think i know why now."
"Probably the latter now that i think about it." He sighed. "Horn to the ears? that's a new one." he said brushing his hand over Jericho's ears. Inspecting the hearing aid before returning his hand to his pocket. "Well that's what you gotta do. Take money from someone who doesn't need it all. I would hardly call him father after all he did to you. The only thing i could take was weed and more. Not that i needed it because i already had my fair share of it." He chuckled half-heartedly. "So? Doesn't mean i don't want to hear your backstory. It's all in the past isn't it? It just haunts you but can it really do anything anymore?"

"Just pretend it was our fault, it was our fault we were in that scenario. That's all i did as i made sure my siblings didn't lose faith like i did. They did but they are better than i ever was. And that's all i ever hoped for.."
"Recreating his own fantasy in reality. Sucks to know what happened but i think you dodged a bullet there. Would you really want him as your father? Better that he cut all ties so you aren't connected to that crap head anymore. My aunts and uncles hated my parents and were ashamed of them so they already cut ties off even before i was born. My aunt who takes care of my siblings is only doing it out of pity so it's always walking on a tightrope when she has enough and drops them."


"People just look at the physical attributes. Even if it's a total red flag, out the window if their hot. But on another note, I give my apologies. I do come off rude to those who aren't used to my attitude. And to anyone really but that's besides the point. It's what i was used to as a child so now it's become my personality." He sighed. "Ah well, i'm used to it. I'm ashamed to say but that's the only reaction i get besides a few oddballs here and there so i see it as the norm. Personal space is a big issue yes but after some things that had happened, i just accepted it."
"Mhm yep, had that happen. The other guy won of course so you can see how that ended.." he sighed. "So you're just describing yourself or someone like yourself?" Nox mused. "Not a bad choice."

"Why not?" Nox asked. "it's just dinner. I ain't asking you to marry me. yet." he snickered. "Same here. You seem like a gem hidden in the rough so i would like to know you better." He agreed. "Well you got girls, you had to have been popular in some way despite not wanting them. And airi eh? Best friend right? What did she do if you don't mind me asking?" When he didn't get an answer he brushed it off. "You're just caring for a family member and like flowers. What else do you owe them. Jesus some people can be critics."
"So you heard what i just said, so i don't need to repeat myself. Good."


"Jericho. he did not buy just any cake, he brought you cake you specifically stated you wanted. And you said just a slice but he got a whole cake. Does that not scream i'm interested in you?" Reese scoffed. "SEE. It's all laid out there in front of you. He might not be ready if he is dropping hints but i'm sure soon enough your first kiss will happen!" She gushed. "You because your acting like one! Look at yourself! Does this not prove the point? Moving on, it's a broad subject so it's hard to narrow down anything.." She pondered. "WAIT WHAT?? WHAT DID YOU SAY??" She screamed. "OH MY GOD YOU ARE TOTALLY IN LOVE! THIS IS SO CUTEEEEE!"


"Nah i'm good." The ex smirked as he aimed another one. It missed once again, the shards flying everywhere. "OI! IF YOU'RE GOING TO THROW SOMETHING THEN AT LEAST TO IT RIGHT!" She yelled, punching him in the arm. "I haven't before, i won't now. What makes you think your word will stop me?" The ex spat out. "Everything apparently because i'm talking to a lowlife like you." He snickered, grabbing Nox and making his way to the other side of the room. "you ain't looking so pretty with blood gushing out of your hand. Your most likely to die before ever getting Nox to yourself so give up."
"Hmh right..but you missed me-" He stopped to flinch at the book, yelling in outrage when Jericho managed to grab Nox away from him. "COME BACK!" He screamed, chasing after them. Reese hit him in the face as she threw open the door to the car.

Reese bandaged Jericho's arm and hand nice and well. "Certified in first aid. I wanted to be a nurse or somewhere in that line of work but the wind led me here." She said as she patted Jericho on the back. "might have been a good choice on my part. Nox is still out like a light, you should also get some rest. Talk to you later!" She said waving them off. "Oh of course, i will! Plus i won't be alone! Good luck in the morninggggg!" She giggled in a singsong voice.
Nox had a bruise around his neck and his hair was still a light pink. Bandages wrapped around his head to cover the new scar he has gotton from the hit to the head.

In the morning, nox had woken up first. He was a bit dazed and looked around groggily. "What..?" He groaned. Rubbing his head and neck, looking down to see a sleeping Jericho right next to him. Memories rushed back and he covered his face. "god damn it.." he whispered. He patted Jericho on the head and sneakily slid out, putting the covers over Jericho before leaving to change his clothes and take some painkillers. He made his way downstairs to update Reese on the situation and make some breakfast.
When Jericho awoke and came downstairs, Nox was sitting on the couch. Drinking a smoothie and reading a book. He looked up at Jericho and gave him a nod. "Goodmorning, hopefully last night didn't give you a scare."


Reese opened the door to her apartment to an anxious Airi. She filled her up on everything and they both sat on Reese's bed, both not ready to go to sleep yet. "Say, before we called Jericho, we were just talking about him right? Something happened between you. I'm curious to know." She said as she turned on a small light and chomped on some chocolate bars. "you don't have to tell me if you don't want to but you guy's story is such..a plot twist don't ya think? And as soon as i saw both of you, i knew there was more hidden deep inside."


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Jericho nodded “for sure I mean it’s seen a lot these days.” He looked over at Nox and sighed. “Yeah annoyingly they shouldn’t be allowed them if they do what they are doing but then the world wouldn’t be blessed with your presence.” He said smiling a little before looking away and sighing.

“Most likely!” Jericho agreed, closing his eyes as Nox brushed his hands over Jericho’s ear as he inspected the hearing aids. “Yeah loud sounds are just now a huge no go, not only scare the crap out of me but also makes the aids pitch out and hurts like heck.” He said opening his eyes as Nox moved his hands away.
“Your right there to be honest he lost that title a long time ago after he did what he did…” jericho titled his head slightly at Nox’s somewhat confession “huh, I see….interesting…” he said a dazed confused look reached upon him further.
“My back story isn’t much to be fair, full of empty voids and broken promises and guilt for being who you are?” He sighed. “ haunts for sure, could also repeat if your not careful.” He said looking at his hand and proceeding to run his hand through his hair.

“Pretending it’s your fault? Why you did nothing wrong? Also I get that I mean if your as generous to them as you have been to me I’d say your one heck of a brother, makes me a jealous I don’t have any siblings, it’s just me. Unless you count the one my father had an affair with’s son and 2 daughters?.” He sighed.
“Yeah he wanted the “perfect family” the son that wasn’t gay. The son that done everything to his beck and call, the son who wasn’t wanting to find his own path, he hates everything about me from the way I talked, acted, dressed, expressions. The fact I was that exhausted I fell asleep on homework books. Let’s not even talk about when I lost my hearing and I’ll refuse to sing infront of anyone incase I sound like a drowning rat” he sighed looking down.
“Yeah better that he’s gone for sure!” He nodded,
Jericho listened and the more and more he was just thinking about the weight Nox has been carrying on his shoulders maybe they really did need each other?
“Woah I mean cutting ties with your parents I get that but with your siblings that’s just unfair on them to have to go through that so what happens when your aunt has a moment and can’t look after them? Where do they go?” He asked knowing deep down the answer.

“Yeah don’t matter about nothing if their hot… just forget they treat me like crap and cheat on me and look all innocent after… argh! Makes me sick what’s wrong with getting a deep connection, like I’d rather spending time with someone who wants to be around me and love me for me rather than just because they said “your hot, let’s date!” He said rolling his eyes.

Jericho reached over and brushed his hand on Nox’s forehead “are you feeling well buddy? You just apologised to a little shrimp!” He smirked moving away quick so he didn’t get hit. “ thanks and it’s okay childhood upbringings have a lot to speak for, for us as adults and hey it’s okay still here aren’t I?” He chuckled.

“It happens it’s okay, you can’t help how beautiful you are.” He heaps smirking “but jokes aside you are stunning it can’t be helped to auto swooning happens probably instantly for you so how else will you see it, but maybes the time to see beyond that, the one that things your soul is as beautiful as you are on the outside!”
“Personal space can be a huge issue sometimes we’re the opposite too it’s just learning the boundaries.” He said looking away.
Jericho shock his head listening to Nox and sighed “you deserve better. Remember that.”
“Perhaps I’ll let you decide if you can figure who I’m talking about.” He smiled looking at Nox in the eyes.

Jericho took a sip of his drink and promptly swallowed deeply and began to cough at the comment “yet?” He gasped trying to get some air back in his lungs.
“I errrm, well…sure, I’d like to get to know you better too.” He said still trying to calm down from the comment earlier which was still making his heat rate go faster.

“Popular was the loosest term, I was the nerd until one day Airi helped me try out some new looks and how I do now is the most me I’ve felt rather than the bucket hair cut my father made me have.” He scoffed. “Yeah best friends you could say that.” He sighed
At first jericho didn’t answer he didn’t want to be reminded but Nox had shared some deep stuff with him so after a moment Nox tried to move on and Jericho interjected “she loves me, more than a friend I’ve never given her any indication thst I liked her that way, to be honest saw her more of a sister and well, to this day even though I told her form a young age I was into guys she still persisted to try and Pursue me. So I guess the story of why it’s a sensitive subjects? Airi and I became popular for a week I’d say and went to one of them house parties, where they insist on spin the bottle, truth or dare style. I think you can see where this went. So It spun on her and she said dare there was a dare for her to kiss with you guessed it me. I just told her t change to truth but they egged her on she fell under the pressure, they shoved us in a cupboard and wouldn’t let us out until they heard kissing I told her just tell them to let us out but nope, she did instead turned her attention to me an well she kissed me so against my wishes. I saw pure love in her eyes and it broke me, I never wanted this to happen, I stormed out after didn’t talk to her for a week. She said she’d found someone else so it wasn’t an issue but she hasn’t and won’t and hates the idea of me being with someone who isn’t her.”

He said realising how much he spoke and sighed.
“Yeah I know that you do but people judge as they have nothing better to do.” He looked down then back to nox. “I mean I wouldn’t mind a reminder though?” He asked smirking looking at Nox.

“It screams “boy I can’t tell how much you don’t eat, now eat so you don’t die on my doorstep I ain’t got time to clear up after ya!” He said giggling as he imagined Nox saying it.
“First kiss huh? Don’t you sound like him when he said I won’t ask you to marry me YET!”
Jericho sighed “I can’t be the one why would he be interested in me?” He self doubted though in his heart he knew there was a chance but his head said otherwise.
Jericho heard the screeching on the other side of the phone as just interjected with a “I’ll see you in a bit!” Then rolling his eyes. “Girls are such hard work….” He sighed.

Jericho watched the ex throw something once again and missed rolling his eyes.
Jericho scoffed “it’s not my words you have to watch out for it’s my actions, and low life how quaint, did you get that off a cereal box hmm?” He mocked back.

“Please, I can withstand a lot more than a bleeding hand, so I think not surprisingly I don’t think Nox actually ever mentioned a rat in his life… maybe he must have forgot about the delusional crap which was your relationship.” He said realising he had no clue what he was fighting here, he just wanted Nox home…..safe…..and in his arms.

Jericho smiled “you know you can always be a first aider for the two properties my licence ran out.” He said moving his arm around and nodding to Reese.
“Perhaps, and maybe wanna make sure he’s okay and such but thanks see ya!” He said waving Reese off.
“I know thanks!” He said softly before turning his attention back to Nox he did the best he could to clean Nox up and make him as comfortable as he could before the stuff crept back in him and he passed out on Nox.

Jericho woke up stretching and looking over to see no Nox “CRAP WHERE IS HE?” He gasped leaping up faster than lightning and heading downstairs.
He came down the stairs to find a Nox sitting on the couch having breakfast he sighed a sigh of relief and headed towards him.
“A scare? That’s what your calling it?” He said holding his hand close to keep the bandage tout.
“Im not gonna ask you to explain or talk about it, just want to know how your feeling?”
He said softly sitting next to Nox on the couch. “I was scared and worried seeing you like that, but it’s okay I’m not here to judge you” he said holding Nox chin up to look at him. “I’m just glad I could get you back I couldn’t imagine what would have happened otherwise.” He let go of Nox’s chin and leaned back in the chair. Closing his eyes, he was still tired and in pain.

“REESEY YOUR BACK!” Airi jumped on reese hugging her as she walked through the door “everyone safe yes? Is jeri?” She asked.

She looked at Reese as they sat on Reese’s bed and she nodded “yeah we were!” She smiled. “Oh you wanna know? Hmmmm, sure let’s see.” She pondered “ well he wanted to find out what it would be like to have a girlfriend, so I was his tester, like he wanted to know what it’s like to kiss a girl, we hung out with the populars so he wanted to fit in and we had a party to attend played spiny the bottle and he was picked to dare to kiss me and well he did and wanted to “date” to fit in with the populars I mean he’s cute and all that’s why all the girls thought he was hot and you know he didn’t want anyone but me.” She tantrumed almost. But we just agreed to not talk about it and move on now it’s like nothing happened” she said looking away “anyways shall we get some sleep?”


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"Just the idea.. that maybe if i wasn't alive, the story would have taken a turn somewhere else." He said, his tone laced with a bittersweet feeling. "I always say it's my fault because that's all i think it is. But i digress." He said calmly, "It's nothing more than a nagging mouth at the back of my head. You feel it don't you? Or perhaps it's just all in my mind."
"Why thank you, i hope they think the same way. I can't always be there but i try my best to be the father they never got. Because i don't want them to grow up as bad as i did. The atmosphere and the mindset. They have a life and i want them to live it to the fullest. Regardless of what happened beforehand."
"How disappointing, if you aren't perfect yourself then who are you to ask for someone perfect. To demand for someone perfect. But ignoring him, i think you're perfect. With all your quirks and flaws." He said, reaching up to brush his hand down Jericho's cheek before looking away. "I think it's better for them to not grow up thinking they were their parents at one time don't you think?" He stopped to ponder the thought but only for a moment. "Then i'll go and pick them up. And bring them back here so i can look over them. Xavier, the oldest is close to 18 so he is usually off doing his own thing but comes back to check up on the younger ones every once in a while. He has found a place to live so it will be just the other four to pick up."

"I do? Maybe.." Nox sighed. "I have been told that so many times but how can you feel it if you don't believe it yourself? Knowing and believing it are two separate things. I may know i need help, i need to do something about it but after so long you get used to the feeling so much so it feels numb to your skin. Why bother doing anything if..you don't want to because it's the only thing that is stable in your life. Everything else is up and down, left and right. Twists here and there, giving up the only thing stable might as well be taking the wrong piece in a complicated jenga tower."
"I don't think i need to guess because i already know the answer." Nox said. "But it's up to you if you're going to make it clear, cleaning the foggy window if you get my gist. The window won't ever be seeable unless someone makes the first wipe."

"What? You never know. What we are right now could totally become a strangers to lovers trope." He smirked. "I'm not wrong aren't i? You sound like a dying chicken. You good?" Nox asked nonchalantly. "Same here, there seems to be something enticing about you, like a moth to flame."
"You seem to be harbouring some feelings for her that aren't friend material. May I ask why?" Nox questioned. "I could tell with one look. One sided eh? Oh. That's how it is.. Well i would have personally punched her in the face, make it clear you want nothing more but platonic feelings. Might hurt her ego but what's to lose when she touched you without consent?" He asked. "Oh is this ex #2 or at least. Annoying person #2?" He snickered. "If she makes a big deal, i'll make sure she knows what you feel. I'm not one to stand by with scenarios like this."


"Your head over heelsssss!" She gushed. "It sounds just like him! Man you're good at impersonating him!" She said shaking Airi. "Isn't this the cutesttt??"
"WHAT?!" She screamed. "HE SAID THAT??? OH MY GOD YOU KNOW HE WANTS YOU! IT'S AS CLEAR AS A FRESHLY CLEANED WINDOW! OH MY GOD IT'S BLOOMINGGGGGG!!" She quickly quieted down and then proceeded to bombard Jericho with questions about the wedding. What colour suit he would wear and what the theme would be etc. "Of course he is!! He would never casually say this with a friend. Well would anyone say stuff like that to a friend?!"
"OF course! You too! Let's go save your future husbandddd!" She smirked as the call ended.

"Aww thanks hun!" Reese said as she finished wrapping Jericho up. "But i think i'm good here. Found my life and now i just need to find someone to spend it with." When she noticed Jericho's confused face she laughed. "Oh sorry! I must have never told you. Well it happened recently and i don't have your phone number..Buttt, Me and Ryoko broke up. She wanted to have a more enthralling life. You know, traveling the world and such. While i just wanted to settle down with my friends and work with Nox at the tattoo parlour. We had two different ways on how we wanted to live the rest of our life and it wouldn't be good to do long distance so we just broke up right there and then. Not sad of course, i always knew deep down that she wanted more than what this area could offer. We are staying friends of course and i'll be seeing her off when she leaves japan!" She smiled, a bit to cheerful after a couple year relationship breakup but she seemed genuinely happy for Ryoko.


Nox looked upstairs when he heard the scream, a bit confused and ready to jump up to go see what was happening but stopped when he saw Jericho barreling towards him from upstairs. "Good morning to you. Did a bug crawl on your face?" Nox questioned as he waved his hand towards the plate of breakfast for Jericho. Which was creamy scrambled eggs and furikake. "What else should i call it? Some welcome home party?" He joked. "I'm feeling perfectly fine thank you very much." Nox said with a cold tone. He stopped when his chin was lifted, he just looked away and grumbled something under his breath. "Whatever. Are you ok? I have clients to meet with so i won't be in the house for most of the day."

"I'M BACKKK!" She said as she hugged Airi. "Yep he is. Just a couple scratches but i patched them up no worries!" She said as she sat back down on the bed. "Course i wanna know! It sounded like a juicy topic before we called Jeri." She said positioning herself on the bed as she reached for a candy bag. "Really? is that it?" Reese frowned. Confused and feeling like Airi was hiding some important pieces of the story. "it seems kind of odd. Considering how he isn't dating you if you said..nevermind." She stopped midway, quite odd with her and agreed to get some sleep.

In the morning, Reese woke up to a text from Nox. She eagerly responded and stated she would be at the parlour in no time. She had picked up some breakfast from her morning run and was about to put some of it in containers and then in her bag to then drive over but stopped. *Ah. Maybe i should ask him about the Jeri and Airi incident. Maybe he learned something from talking with Jericho...* She thought as she picked up her phone. After some small back and forth chatter then the conversation she took a deep sigh. *Well this wasn't what i was expecting but from last night...i shouldn't be surprised.* She said nothing when Airi woke up and acted her usual cheery self.

"Hope you slept well last night! Got us some breakfast and i can drive you back to where you live after. I have work to do and won't be home. Course you can come with if you want! Just updating my portfolio and chatting with clients." She said. "Nox shouldn't mind. I bring people over alllll the time if i'm not working on someone and he doesn't bat an eye! So whaddya say? Or do you have something planned?"


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“Yeah, would have been swayed in a direction that maybe would have ended up worse for your siblings.” He scowled trying to to put a sharp in on that thought. Jericho sighed looking sort of down at Nox. “Your not gonna get anywhere in life with that attitude, you can’t blame yourself for things out our your control. Besides no use harbouring over spilt milk now is there. I’m sure you didn’t do anything from the sounds of what you told me sounds like I think I know who it is to blame.” He said placing him hand on Nox shoulder, tapping it and moving away.

“Eh, it’s all in your head…” jericho said rather bluntly “but then again who would I to be to judge when I do the same thing, it’s okay the voices on our head are the baines of our lives but it’s fine makes us normal. Well sorta!” He smiled.

“Nox, when will you learn to realise your worth, they probably think very highly of you, I know I do….I mean would like if I was there.. from what you’ve told me and your acts of kindness… and such.” He said looking down hoping he wouldn’t home in on the I Do part and more on the other stuff, but knowing him he will..jericho sighed.

“You’ve helped give them that chance to live life to the fullest, just hope you know you have right to one also.”
“But ignoring him, i think you're perfect. With all your quirks and flaws.”
These words made jericho blush no one had ever seen him as perfect he was just always a disappointment. He brushed a little looking down with a small shy nature appearing to any compliment Nox had “Th-Th-Thanks…..” was all he could stomach to say as he felt Nox’s hand brush a cross his face making the blush chase up to Nox’s hand before he moved it away leaving Jericho, red as a rose, vulnerable, Frozen in place staring at Nox. What was happening here? He wondered.

“Yeah, sometimes it would be better I guess, but they would wanna know the truth, wouldn’t you?” He said pulling himself back from the recent affairs still racing in his mind, scenarios playing out in his head, trying to brush them away.
Jericho looked astonished and spoke without thinking “I’ll help…..err if you need to take them that is, if I’m staying with you it’s the least I could do you know? I’m sure they wouldn’t be too much of a handful and besides I love kids” he smiled.

“Hmmm, I guess you have a point there. I suppose you have to believe it and feel it to be able to take action on it, perhaps you just need someone to show you? Be there with you one step at a time, you see not everything has to be complicated like jenga? You can actually take out many pieces and the tower not fall, heck some even complete it making something that feel impossible… well possible. Just because it’s easier to stick in the past where it’s familiar, it’s been created as a comfort doesn’t mean stepping out of it should be that scary, I mean if your into a hypothetical situation examples…..for someone who lives with you now I for one personally… would do all I could to hold your hand and guide you through the darkness, my arms be the blanket that holds you through the cold nights, the voice of reason when things don’t seem so clear, the one who wipes away the tears when things get unbearable.” He said so smoothly, so calmly almost therapeutically. He turned his gaze to Nox “hypothetically remember…” he looked over a tiny smirk to be seen “I guess it’s just one of my hints…”

Jericho looked over holding his hand out to Nox “we’ll go on… hand me the window cleaner and cloth, I guess I must have missed a spot right…..here.” He said Booping Nox on the nose.

“Apparently I didn’t know not normally something you hear on a first dinner date…”he rubbed the back of his neck. “I’m good thanks just caught me by surprise that’s all..” he chuckled nervously.
“Enough with the compliments please, I’m not enticing, just little flower shop boy, nothing enticing about that.” He said waving Nox off.

“Ohhh, no, no she’s like my sister I could never. I haven’t ever seen her that way. She thought it of me..” he sighed.
“Oh I couldn’t I wouldn’t want to hurt her. We grew up together I couldn’t do that to her I’d feel awful. I know honestly still concerns me when I’d stay at hers she wouldn’t insist I stay with her not go back to my own place. She’s a great friend I just don’t know how else I can say no. She thinks I’m making up that I like guys. But honestly I couldn’t more be the truth and what she did just made me prefer to have a boyfriend more.” He sighed once again.
“I’ve never been in a relationship… I know, I know..” he said hiding his face once again from embarrassment.
“Thanks, I hope she don’t kick of if I was ever to be lucky enough to get a boyfriend..” he sighed.

Jericho chuckled “I guess so.”
Airi looked at Reese excited but a little sad “maybe we should just wait to see what happens. Like we want to be 100% before we bring the party streamers and cakes and such that I’m searching up right now.” She said holding the laptop.
Jericho rolled his eyes once more “well if so why doesn’t he say it? He clearly knows I was interested… maybe I’m just overthinking…” he said getting comfortable on the chair again.
“We’re not getting married, stop please don’t get my hopes up… I’ve been shattered before..” he said hoping to stop the weeding talk. He could dream but not false hopes.
“I don’t know he and I have said a lot….. I mean a lot..”
“He’s not my future husband……*yet*” jericho coughed the yet part hoping they didn’t make it out.

“Someone to spend it with???” He questioned and was shocked to hear about Reese and Ryoko. “I’m sorry, that kinda sucks but there will be someone for you im sure, someone who wants the same things, to be honest I always here Airi talking about settling down one day.” He put out in the open.
“It’s nice thst your supportive of her and her dreams I hope she done the same for you.” He nodded.

“WHAT THE HECK DO YOU MEAN DID A BUG CRAWL ON MY FACE WHY WEREN'T YOU IN BED..” jericho cried out then back tracking almost instantly “crap I didn’t mean it like that but I thought he had taken you again please just warn a guy would ya!” He said slouching in the chair next to Nox.
After a moment to gather himself Jericho grabbed the breakfast and began munching on the scrambled eggs.
Jericho rolled his eyes and just continued eating. “Perfectly fine, finest crap I’ve heard…” jericho matched the cold tone Nox gave. “ I’m fine thanks.” He said struggling to eat the scrambled eggs with his open wound on his hurting. The scratches from the Ex on his shoulder raw.
Jericho sighed “it’s fine I should get to work also. Thanks for breakfast I guess I’ll see ya later then” he said quickly getting up almost dropping the plate as his hand was weak stinging with the touch of anything. He saved the plate and placed it in the side knowing work was going to long and painful.

“Amazing glad their fine how are you? Are you hurt?” Airi said frantically checking over Reese followed by a small tickle session causing her to giggle.
As the question arised Airi took a deep breath and explained her version of events and waited for Reese to respond. “It was complicated we’re childhood friends and stuff anyways it’s done with now, we’re still close as ever!”
She smiled “now let’s get some sleep!” Airi said.

Airi smiled and nodded when Reese was there “I did best nights sleep! Thanks, oh can I come with im interested in what you do and such and would love to hang out I live a planes ride away here for the summer so I haven’t much to do so can I tag along please!” She begged holding reeses arm not letting go till she said yes.

Jericho headed into the flower shop and sighed “what do I do….” He said heart pounding turning back looking through the glass window of the Tattoo shop seeing Nox working. “Do I just tell him?” He questioned. “ I need some music… something anything…” he said grabbing his phone and letting the first song play, classical mix one street style, singing along casually as he sorted things. Then stopped “O mio babbino caro” he sang every note to perfection, probably a little too loud than he should have but as he prepared bouquets, he was in the zone headphones on and all that could be heard was a a young boy singing opera.

A client walked into the tattoo parlor complimenting the boy next doors voice as the proceeded to talk about the design they wanted for their next tattoo.


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"I'll think about it, shrimp." Nox said as he moved his hand to hover over Jericho's head before messing Jericho's hair up. "I'm sure they would like someone new to play with. But hopefully, she doesn't drop them off but you never know. But now, maybe it wouldn't be the worst thing to happen."
"But don't think of it as a payment towards me for letting you stay, i don't do that. I don't want you to feel indebted to me just because i did what any sane person would do when facing your situation."
"I didn't peg you as a kid person but knowing you now, it's easy to see." Nox mused.

"Someone to show me..? Hm not the worst idea that has come out of your empty head." He smirked. "Simple is something a bit unfamiliar to me because before, everything built up on each other. One wrong move and then you would be paying the price for so long in different ways."
"The tower always falls. That's how it's always been, no matter what you do. Walking on a bed of nails, step too far and boom. It comes crashing down on you." He sighed. "What on earth are you going on about?" Nox questioned, looking at Jericho with a stare. "Right..just a hint they said." He muttered. "Jesus with a voice like that you might as well be a therapist. Maybe you would get more money off that" He snickered.

Nox flinched when Jericho touched him on the nose. He blinked his eyes a couple moments before sighing. "You always have those tricks up your sleeve don't you?" He chuckled. "Guess i'll be your first. And besides, you enticed me enough to come inside instead of dropping a note off and never talking to you again. I say you did something right for that to happen then blossom into this."
"Don't they all?" He asked. "But she is going to keep overstepping your boundaries if you don't make it clear you want nothing of her. She isn't worth anything if she acts like this." He scoffed. "Ya ya. Childhood friends and all but a friend won't do this nor would they keep doing this after you showed you wanted nothing of it."
"You're only looking at what's good that comes from her but what she did was assault. She isn't a good friend if she did that, sorry but you're just asking for it to happen again." Nox said patting Jericho's shoulder.
"You need to look at the bigger picture. Stop singling out the one good thing she did. She's acting like this because your giving her the chance bro. You need to step up, say no and auctally tell her what she is doing is wrong."
"Ya i bet she will, explode like a bomb once you do get one." He grumbled. "I bet five bucks. You win? i give you a five. You lose? you get nothing. How about it."

"Airi? Are you not seeing this? it's completely obvious he likes him!" She said shaking Airi's shoulders. "We need to pre-order them NOW! Jeri! What colour do you like?!" She asked, holding the phone up to her computer screen that was lit up with a bunch of colour themes. "Nox likes the classic 'ol black and white. But enjoys red. What about you? Since your the flower boy i would assume colours everywhere but you never knowwww!"
"Maybeee he is waiting for you to take the first step! He isn't the type to confess, more to be confessed to and i would think it would make it even cuter if you confessed don't you think??"
"Oh i'm not getting your hopes up if i know it's going to be true hun!" She squealed. "Plus you already shared a lot so it's meant to be! OH MY GOD!" Reese screamed, covering her mouth quickly as she started vibrating like she was on sugar.

"Aw thanks. I think so as well, I just have to play the waiting game though. I'm impatient so it kinda sucks but would rather find the right person then go through people like i'm eating candy you know? Is that so? Wow we really do have a lot in common." She sighed. "She has! will be the best woman at my wedding whenever i get one because even after everything..she is still my best friend you know? All those years before we took it another step she was here for me through everything. I can't just toss that away so easily."


Nox blinked a couple times at Jericho. "Bro. Why are you so upset i wasn't in bed with you? Sorry but i got things to do in the morning, even though you were lying directly on my chest." He noticed how Jericho coughed at that part. "Ya you must of fell asleep on me after getting home." He said nonchalantly. "Sure you did.." He snickered. "Nah i would have at least put up a fight. Not some damsel in distress you know that right?"
"I told you i'm fine. You don't need to worry about me." He grumbled, not impressed with the mocking. "Jesus." Nox sighed, taking the fork and feeding Jericho with it. "You good though? He got you pretty rough." He asked as he went to grab his bag. "Alright then. Bye."

"Course not! Perfectly fine though a bit doozy from the stuff he threw on us." She said, washing her hands then rubbing her eyes. "I hope so. You really do seem close like two peas in a pod." She said as she started to braid Airi's hair. "See you in the morning." After she finished a braid.
"That's good to hear and of course!" She said as she chomped on a donut. "Wow that far? how did you get over here then?"
"Let's go!" She said through fits of laughter as she grabbed her bag. "Just a short ten minute drive!"

When the client came in and complemented Jericho's singing, he looked over to the window to see jericho singing his hearts out. He gave a simple nod and started working with the client on what tattoos they were planning on getting. As soon as they left, he went to dig around for supplies in his closet. He produced a nice quality mic, headphones and microphone accessories. He had brought these for a project but never ended up doing it. He wrapped it nicely in a bigger box, put a bow and drew a small smiley face on the card before heading back to the entrance to greet a customer.

A few hours later, Nox wrapping up another client meeting, he looked over to see Jericho helping out with a customer. Seeing this as a good time to sneakily get this in and having spare time before his next meeting he went over to drop off the large package. He dropped it in the back of the shop and quickly left to go back to the parlour. Making sure to cover the window between the two shops and welcomed a client.


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“Hey watch the hair!” Jericho swiped playfully at Nox slight laughter in his tone.
Jericho nodded “of course I hope she doesn’t either being dropped every 5 minutes for a child is the worst feeling, I should know, after father left the days he had me, I was left with a group of his friends in probably not the best environment, drank, smoked who knows what else. But hed leave me there and just said stay in the room. Came out once and never did it again. Had to lie to my mother denying everything or else….. I don’t even wanna go back there.” He said eyes welling up just a bit, he wiped his eyes and sighed. “I’m sorry, But it wouldn’t be a bad thing if they were under your care but still not ideal when you have your own life to live too.” He looked back to Nox.
“Oh not a debt at all, more of a you scratch my back I scratch yours, you helped me out with a life changing situation and this could be for you and I would want let me emphasis WANT. To help plus if they are as cool as you then that’s just a bonus.” He smiled.

“Ehehe, is it obvious?” He smiled “one who doesn’t have siblings always wanted one but you know here we are.” He shrugged.

“Who said it was an idea, not a offer?” He questioned back to Nox.
Jericho looked over and nodded “I can see that, even when something is simple infront of you can see it as being complex when that’s all you’ve ever known.” He looked concerned at Nox. “Huh I mean I guess depending…” he stopped “your right I guess I just wanted to sound hopeful too many things crash down it’s just wishful thinking now that it won’t I guess, sorry for being unrealistic.”
Jericho just waved Nox off “just forget I said anything….” He sighed.
Jericho laughed also “maybe so, but right now flowers are good with me” he smiled.

“Tricks you say? Naaah they aren’t tricks. Just something I do.” He smiled
“My first, I mean are you offering? I wouldn’t say no? In fact I’d look forward to saying yes.” He chuckled. “Never had anyone offer, never thought I could entice, normally point and laugh and mock me.” He said looking at Nox hard to believe that was was interested to get to know him better. “Do you believe in second dates? Because I’d like to do that again.” He said hoping he wasn’t too brash on the decision he just made.

“I know, it’s just I don’t want to be nasty about it she can help what she feels and I can’t help that I don’t feel for her in that way, she thinks it’ll just spark but the truth is it won’t you could like line up a list of girls and I’d not bat an eyelid but a line of guys… well that’s a different story. But for real I know she just found it hard since her boyfriend left her but I don’t know it just irks me.” He shrugged “ I don’t want to seem like I’m asking for it to happen again I don’t I really don’t, if it did I’m unsure if I could be Friends with her, I don’t wanna loose her in my life though.” He sighed.

“I know but how do I say it? I found really use some help on this…” he said softly looking down, lost for words. “ jericho looked and Nox raising his eyebrow holding his hand out “sure im down for This, knowing your gonna win, but I won’t get nothing out of it, hopefully means I get you out of it?” He said as he walked away looking back slight smirk across his face.

“I can see, I can see” she said holding Reese back.
Jericho rolled his eyes once too many the whole conversation “I’m not answering as we’re not getting married yet, what the heck? Can we at least get a confirmation between us that we want to be together before you start jumping ahead. Like don’t get me wrong he seems the one I would want forever but let’s not move too fast.” He hushed Reese and Airi’s excitement to a lower tone.
“Oh sure I don’t know how many hints I dropped that were basic as it was I’ll wait till he walks through the door and just kiss him…” he said rolling his eyes with almost too much truth to his statement. He never got like this over anyone so why Nox? What made him different?
Jericho laid back looking at the ceiling and sighed a deep sigh “guess there is only one way to find out.”
Jericho nodded and shrugged not much more was said but Airi seeing how excited Reese was made her smile and she held Reese in her arms “calm down Reese your bouncing all over the place!” She giggled now doing the exact same thing.

“Yeah it’s not fun but the wait however king will be worth it!” He smiled “ right one’s are hard to find for sure. But they are out there.”
“She’s something that’s for sure, yeah that makes sense glad you could maintain that kind of relationship to be honest.” He nodded impressed by Reese.

“I DIDNT MEAN IT LIKE THAT!!” He said trying to cover his face from turning red. “I get that but warn a….. oh” jericho cleared his throat and coughed “must have been the powder type ex threw at us.” He said trying to justify his own actions.
“Yeah, yeah of course” he said rubbing the back of his neck did Nox even believe him?
“I know your not but he got you pretty bad this time.”
Jericho sighed “I’ll always worry about you.” He sighed. He appreciated the help Nox gave to help aid him being able to enjoy his food. He proceeded to get up and getting his stuff same as Nox was jericho opened the door about to walk out but stormed straight back up not letting Nox leave just yet.
“Okay I’m hair gonna say it no matter the consequences I need to tell you something.” He said taking a big gulp. “I like you a lot Nox, ever since you walked through the door. Yes love and first sight and all that crap but you just hit different your not like everybody else and I would have just kick myself not telling you and for not doing this…” jericho dropped his stuff and placed his hands on Nox’s cheeks brushed them up his face to his hair and leaned in kissing him.

“Yeah we are close and come rest lemme look after you REESEY.” Airi hugged Reese. They both rested and got some sleep Airi holding the braid as she slept.
“I took a plane I always do since jeri moved.” She said also eating a donut.
“Ooooh let’s I’m excited!” She squealed holding Reeses hands slipping with her to the car.

Jeri was cleaning up for the day and sighed a sigh of relief. “Another day done!” He said going to put the broom out back he saw the gift and looked around and grabbed it. Placing it on the side for now he closed up for the night and headed through to the tattoo parlour with the gift in arm, didn’t distract Nox as he was with a client just headed upstairs.

He placed it on the table and opened it to find a nice quality mic, headphones and microphone accessories. Jericho looked shocked and was confused for all of two seconds then the penny dropped. “CRAP HE HEARD ME…..” he sighed and proceeded to smile. I gotta do something nice for him. He went to the kitchen found some ingredients and started cooking a non Japanese meal but a nice pasta cuisine. After cooking he set the table up with candles and place settings set and glasses out everything all set up the food just staying warm in the oven. Nox still wasn’t home yet unsure if after earlier happenings he would even want him there. He laid on the couch waiting closing his eyes for a few moments waiting for Nox to return.


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"Oh so you grew up with drugs as well? And neglect. Huh. I guess we really do have things in common albeit not the greatest things though." He sighed. "You had to lie? Well that's something new. You never talked about your mum. Was she the same or just oblivious to it all." He reached over and wiped the tears growing in Jericho's eyes. "It's whatever you know? You can only do so much to prevent what has happened from getting worse. I made peace with it and i don't want it to labour in my mind as a bad thing."
"Is that so? well perhaps when i go visit them, you can tag along. They aren't like me, all of them have their own quirks and personalities but i think you would like them either way. Are you free on saturday? That's when i was planning to go drive down to visit them. It's thursday right now."

Nox looked at Jericho with a hint of curiosity. "Oh so you want to sign up for the job eh? interviews are in two hours and be grateful. Openings don't come up often so be there or get kicked." He smirked. "Jesus you're easy to push. One word and you're falling over your shoes just to agree with them." he grumbled. "Do you ever think of something yourself and actually go with it instead of throwing it away as soon as someone criticizes you?"
"Whatever." He scoffed. "You never know, therapy might be the right step but considering it all, it might be better for you to go to therapy first before being a therapist." He said, poking Jericho in the chest. "Are you sure about that? You seem to be the type to have a trick or two up your sleeve."

"Diamond in the rough. Normally someone would look at it, scoff and then move on but if you actually put some thought and attention to it will shine like gold." He said as he opened his phone. "I didn't give you my number did I? Here it is. Or i can put it in your phone if that is easier."
"Of course, you can pick the place. I'm excited to see what you come up with." He said as he looked at the contact for Jericho on his phone. "She freaking can help what she feels. She can help it so much by keeping it to herself after you said no. It's her that's pushing the limits. She doesn't know how love works. Like it will just turn on when she wants to or people's preferences will change just for her. It's stupid and narcissistic of her."
"SO? her boyfriend left her? that's not your freaking problem. If you don't want it to happen again then make it clear you want nothing of her when it comes to romantic feelings. It might just get worse if you keep turning a blind eye."

"Oh come onnnn. by this point it's clear you guys are fated to be together! I'm just making sure it's all perfect when you guys take a step forward. You know, your official wedding planner if i may." She giggled. "Ok fine fine i'll lay off ittttt...for now. And besides, you're saying it yourself! I'll slow down but you know i'll be rooting for you on the sidelines as i work out what the cake should look like." She smirked. "Do that! Might get a reaction and will definitely get your answer! Quick and simple. Like ripping a bandaid off!"
"Oh i can't stop! My best friend of so many years is finally finding love!" She said shaking Airi. "DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I WAITED FOR THIS?! WAY TO LONG!" She yelled. "O-M-G I CAN'T WAITTT!" She said bringing Airi into a huge bear hug. Almost squeezing Airi to death before she pushed away.

"Are you sure about that? You're looking pretty red.." He laughed at Jericho's dismay. "Right. Must have been the powder he threw at us and nothing more. Totally not some hidden feelings managing to crawl out. I didn't realize the powder was something more than just knocking you out."
"Whatever. If I say I'm fine i'm fine. Don't push it any further than it has to be." He sighed. When Jericho blocked his path to exiting the building he frowned. "Is something wrong jericho?" As he turned to face him. "Hah. I knew it. I'm real smooth at figuring one's feelings." He chuckled. He stopped when Jericho leaned in to kiss him. He stood there for a moment before reciprocating the kiss. After they broke off he handed Jericho stuff back to him and waved goodbye. "Bye love, i'll see you near the end of the day." Making good use of being able to use pet names with a hidden smirk on his face.

"Reesey? What a cute nickname." Reese gushed as they fell asleep. "Oh so you visit just for the summer? Shame we won't be able to see each other afterwards." She sighed. "But let's cherish it while we can shall we? Do you like sweets? There is a nearby candy shop and i was going to head over there to restock candy for my huge collection. Really neat and i think you would like it if your up to coming out with me."
Reese opened the door to the parlour, both waving a hello to Nox as he took out folders from a cabinet. She led Reese to her office which is where she worked and drew designs if she wasn't working on a client. "I just have stuff to do. Nothing lengthy so we can talk while i'm doing it."

Nox opened the door to the apartment, not noticing the dinner set out or Jericho. He was on a phone call which seems to be about to end before a question was said. "What? You want my number? You already have it. You're literally calling it. Oh you want my actual phone number. Of course..not. If that upsets you by a fair margin you can find someone else to do your frankly ugly tattoo. Uh huh toodaloo." He sneered. Turning his phone off and shoving it into his pocket. "Oh Jericho..er what." He said looking at the table illuminated by candle light. "What's with this?" He asked as he hung his jacket up. "a candle light dinner? You didn't have to." He said as he ruffled Jericho's hair.


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“Probably more a like in these departments than we care to explain.” Jericho nodded agreeing.
“Yeah had to lie wasn’t exactly great to be honest well she was oblivious until the sound horn incident came and I couldn’t hear. She realised there was a problem then.” He said Kinda skimming over, what she was like.
Jericho looked at Nox as he wiped the tears that were forming away and smiled “thanks,I guess that makes sense, but you probably have a lot to distract from it? Like it doesn’t leave me the shop is shrouded in it if I’m honest.” He sighed.
Jericho was taken back a little but nodded “I’d love to Saturday sounds great. I just hope they would like me.” He said shyly with a hint of excitement.

“If in 2 hours just call me early. I guess being there before everyone means I get a little longer with the interviewer doesn’t it?” He smirked.
“I mean I guess, it just doesn’t happen often so I guess I don’t really know how to act, just follow what feels right at the time and what it’s about.” He nodded.
“I mean any good therapists comes out of their own therapy. Always good to seek help for yourself before you can help others. At least that’s what I was taught.” He looked over at Nox “okay, okay maybe I have one or two that slip from time to time but…” he said walking over to Nox standing fairly close “is it a trick or just slight of hand? Either way you look at it I guess I’m still wanting to pull the card of your heart into my hands..” Jericho stood there for a moment fairly close to Nox and moved back slowly.

“A diamond that shines like gold well that’s a sight if I ever saw one, fairly unique to combine the too but I guess can’t argue with rare int he eyes of the beholder.” He smiled brushing the hair one more time from Nox’s face.

“I don’t believe you have, here go crazy!” He said passing his phone to Nox with ease “just May have to ignore the assisted hearing part but should be fairly simple to work around. I know same here.” He smiled
“I know it’s tough to say no 50 times in a row and even storming out of the room didn’t work. She’d just come find me and stand outside the door. And yeah, she claims how close we are and don’t get me wrong she’s a lovely friend but I isn’t wish she wouldn’t cling so much I don’t know how else to say no other than walking. That’s the problem”
Jericho sighed looking down “you have any ideas on how to say no?? Other than saying no because that’s all I have is saying no I’m not interested, no don’t do that, please stop or just getting a boyfriend so she releases I’m really not interested.” He sighed.

“Reese please let’s just see what happens first he could just be the flirty type I took to far and if I confessed it blows up in my face forever alone.” He said being the doom and gloom of the conversation.
“Yeah, but now why am I nervous as heck….” He said looking up at the ceiling.
“Maybe, maybe.” Jericho said finding a million and one ways to confess to Nox in his mind.

“I’m excited” Airi said as she was brought in for a bear hug. “But I do need to breath ya know!” She giggled as reese let go.

“That’s because of the heat in this room, sheesh Is it me or is it hot in here?” He said nonchalantly and blissfully unaware remark he just made to Nox and it was funny how much he didn’t realise until he saw the small smiled creep on Nox face he literally grabbed the hood from the hoodie he was wearing throwing it over his face embarrassed grumbling incomprehensible words but could be made out from his reaction as embarrassed.

“Stop it!!!” Jericho said feeling more and more embarrassed “ it was all the powder I don’t know what was in that stuff I mean I’m not complaining just….” He stopped knowing there was no turn ring back. “ fine I didn’t mind it but I didn’t actually have a clue I ended up in that position okay?” He said looking at Nox.
“Sure I won’t, I mean if you don’t wanna tell me you don’t have to you’ll come to me and speak if you wanna and I’ll be here.” He nodded.

“Sure you could say that, hey!! I could see some signs from yourself also so your not all that innocent.” He said laughing as he brushed the hair out of Nox’s face as he leaned in to kiss him. After it broke of and Nox handed him his stuff. He felt This warming in his heart when he heard Nox call him “love” he smiled back at Nox “you too Nox, have a good day I’ll speak to you this evening.” He smiled and he grabbed Nox hand and then took it away as he headed off.

“I love giving nicknames on names” Airi giggled “yeah but I was gonna plan to stay like move here perhaps my friends are here and it’s only me living back at my parents estate.” She shrugged “ so I could be here for a lot longer but I have to find somewhere to stay!”
“I love sweets they are the best thing let’s go, let’s go!”
She said hurrying Reese as she thought about all the sweets she could have. “ I want to come are you kidding it’s not even a question!!!” She said pushing Reese practically through the door.
Airi waved at Nox as they entered the parlour without a quick look in on jericho a little sigh came from her and a change real quick to a “he seems happier.” She muttered to herself hearable to Nox as she headed into Reese’s office. “Oh amazing tell me about your work what you design your favourite work the whole thing I wanna know everything.” She said placing her head on her hands and looking at Reese watching what she was doing while she talked.

Jericho abruptly came around as the door opened and Nox came in on the phone he stretched slightly turning around coming too just a little more. “Why would the client want his real number?” He pondered still coming too he shrugged it off not thinking about it, clearly Nox didn’t want to give it so couldn’t be a problem right?.

Then when Nox directed his next question at him he looked up “oh it’s just a little something nothing too fancy, including make origami roses so I had to settle for swans, so I hope that’s okay and I used the food you had which I also hoped is okay. It’s not gonna be 5* quality but I hope it’s something decent and something you can at least enjoy. “I know I didn’t have to but first night as a…..ummm together? I guess it should be special right?” He said as he went to hug Nox. He was a little hesitant as if he was scared that he had read the signs wrong and just took it that the kiss didn’t mean yes.

As Jericho pulled out the chair for Nox to sit for dinner. Jericho looked over to Nox and nodded “thanks for the gift by the way, kinda embarrassed that you heard that, I probably sound awful.” He said taking the food which was in the centre a “help yourself” style jericho thought it be best than having two separate plates incase his ex put some doubt in his mind he never know and wanted to to be a lovely experience for him. Jericho sat down also and they both Belgian to dig in, after more chats to get to know each other and a few laugh and giggles here and there. They washed the dishes together after and Jericho grabbed the blanket on the couch. “Your choice movie or sleep, it’s been a pretty long day and I guess my bed is already made up here on the couch Anyways so what you feeling?” He asked intertwining his hands with Nox and leaning his head on Nox’s shoulder. Feeling the safest and happiest he’d ever felt.

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