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Realistic or Modern The Window That Separates Us

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Sumeru waiting room
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Physical appearance-


Sumeru waiting room
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Affiliation-Tattoo Parlour (INKspirations) Works as the main tattooer/manager and helps with making reference art.
Personality-Easily annoyed and rather brash. Overly confident and doesn't like to be proven wrong. He is quite passionate about things he likes.
Other-Has a heavy sweet tooth for traditional japanese sweets, favourite being yatsuhashi. Has an abundance of siblings and lives in the apartment above the tattoo parlour.
Physical appearance-
Multiple silver rings with tattoo's lining his knuckles and arms.
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Name- Jericho
Age- 20 (just had his birthday)?
Affiliation- Flower Shop Assistant (Blooms for You)
Physical appearance-A8A9FD93-9E6D-43B5-A12E-37D6070D80F7.jpeg
Personality- shy, reserved most of the time is spent alone working in the flower shop his family own. Loves video games can nerd out about his interests at times getting a little over excited. His walls come down when you get to know him. He isn’t good a eye contact and often shys away when confronted with another’s eyes gaze. Rather poetic at times, also can be caught singing when off guard with a soft voice soothing like a lullaby.

Other- he’s just had a birthdays which is mother got him a new book and a cake as they don’t have much money what is made goes back into the flower shop, he lives with and helps out his mother as it’s just the two of them.
He loves flowers and treat him like they are his best friend talks to them and often seen with a book in his hand mainly about plants.
Looks rebellious but is more the opposite.


Sumeru waiting room
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In downtown Kagoshima, a strip of shops near the waterfront lies on a sunny afternoon. The sun is right behind Sakurajima, painting a beautiful backdrop as people bustle around getting their errands done. Blooms For You is settled right next to an uninhabited shop for quite some time now, till the lights inside lit up after years of no use. The shops are squeezed right next to each other, a window allowing easy visual access to the other shop. A truck appeared right behind the shop, loading in an abundance of items. Turning the desolate area into what looked like a tattoo parlour. The entrance having a seating area with a music player and entertainment. The back is organized into tattoo areas for privacy and comfort. After the truck came, it seemed the building went dead once more. No one came in to see if all was well. Seemed like it was still closed until future notice. Until someone pulled up to the back of the building.

Nox stood in the back of the shop. Holding keys as he looked at it with a pride.
"Well. Here it is. Can't believe it's finally here." He gave a small sigh as he ran his hand through his hair. He tossed the key in the air and caught it, flicking his wrist as he stuck it in the door lock. Turning the key and stepped into the backroom. He took a long walk around the main area, inspecting everything. Making sure it was all in place for opening day. He turned to walk up the stairs to his apartment and opened the blinds. Overlooking the town as he stepped into the balcony. The air hitting against his face is a cool breeze. "Man, this is the life. Moving here was..it really is the best thing that could have happened. Getting away from the old hag and finally starting my own life..." He leaned back against the balcony before looking over to the nearby shop. "Neighbour huh? a flower shop? that shade of yellow on their logo is puke worthy.." He chuckled as he walked down the stairs to say hello.

*Ding* He opened the door to the flower shop, almost hitting his head from how short the door frame was.
"What on..? What the hell? Why the hell is the door frame so god damn short? Whatever." he scoffed as he rubbed his head. Standing in front of the door, looking menacing as he grumbled about they needed to work on the height of doors. "Smells like dirt. who even works here? I see no one." He walked to the counter and looked at the bell on the counter. "Oh. They have those stupid bells. Shouldn't they be standing here already? whatever. Their customer service is terrible" He pressed it a couple of times and folded his arms. Staring blankly at the door to the office of Blooms For You.


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The walk to the shop was always a bit of a long one, they couldn’t live in the apartment a live the shop, due to money issues they had to let it out to help tie over the cost of living.

The little shop Blooms For You was a quaint little shop, stood out but also blended in.
It had been around for 6 years providing flowers to all of the waterfront locals of Downtown Kagoshima.

Jericho had his headphones on as he headed to the shop, with a book in his hand oblivious to the world around him.
He got to the front doors and saw things were beginning to be placed in the derelict store beside theirs. No one was in there so he took a peek in the window.

“Looks like some sort of artistic thing” he said shrugging as he then went to open the doors to place the flowers out the front of the shop.

Without placing the book down Jericho was placing the flower selections one by one infront of the store when he heard more noise. He turned listening dropping the book from his eye gaze.
“Guess that must be the new owner” he said not really seeing anyone just going off him hearing talking.

He placed the the selections neatly in a row colour coded and by type. He smiled at them “well guess we gotta look our best for the introduction to our neighbour’s and they clients, whaddaya say?” He said as he pulled the watering can from the side and watered each selection.

As he headed back in he went to grab his apron and to start trimming some more flowers into bouquets, he heard the ding of the shops bell.

“Hi welcome to Blooms for you, what can I get ya?” He said not looking up, but as he heard the person before him hit his head his head also shot yo and gazed upon him someone on whom he would not expect. He hesitated, froze almost. “Are,are,erm you okay?” He asked nervously slowly heading toward the person.


Sumeru waiting room
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"That's what this establishment is called? tacky name." He grumbled staring down jericho with a menacing glaze. Arms folded over his chest, "Nothing. You can get me absolutely nothing. Flowers were never my thing. Wilt and smell like dirt." He rolled his eyes. "Probably shouldn't be saying crap like this in a flower shop of all things but what are you going to do hm?" He stopped himself mid sentence and sighed. "you're acting like you have never seen a god damn human of all things." He watched Jericho with intensity "What's your name punk? You look like a shrimp, a softie working at a flower shop." He snapped his fingers in front of Jericho when he didn't respond. "Earth to you? Is this how you treat every customer? if so, I'm disappointed."

"Am I ok? Am I ok? What the hell you dense brick?" He scoffed. "why on earth would you ask someone that you must met a question like that? Do I have someone thing on my face?" He asked. Leaning so he was right in front of jerichos face. "Whatever. You look like I just kicked you. Wimp." He backed away and looked around. "flowers eh? look decent for once." He grumbled. Noticing Jerichos confused face he looked back at the door. "You need to work on your doors. Way too small for someone like me. But before I leave, what's with the face? i'm not that ugly am i?" He smirked.


The Lost Princess 💗
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Jericho looked stunned still lost for words to even chime in that this guy before him just insulted his shop.

“I mean a flower is only as good as it’s petals. Don’t you think?” He questioned placing the book down on the side and heading around from the counter slowly.
Jericho sighed “well I’ve heard worse, been called worse so, if they don’t interest you, then what brings you here? He asked a slight shake could be heard in his voice.

“No!, I mean I’ve seen others before just not with quite so much display of art on themselves.” He said unsure if the statement he just said made him sound worse or even more weird.

He stared at the guy for a while alarmingly longer than he shoud have before being snapped back into the room.
“P-p-punk?? Oh my name it’s erm Jericho.” He said softly looking down as he slightly brushed the hair from his face.
“You know you shouldn’t be so quick to judge, flowers are pretty hardy you know?” He said as he brushed a petal of a rose “one touch of this thorn and your finger will bleed for at least 15-20 minutes.”

“Errr no, it isn’t I’m sorry it’s just…. Never mind what can I do for you?” He asked slowly coming closer.

“You just hit your head on the doorframe a cause of concern wound be anyones first line to ask? Sorry if it offended but I was concerned about your head incase it you know started to bleed and such.” He said nervously. Waving his hands swiftly infront of him “no, no I swear your fine, really fine. Please I just wanted to know if you were okay?” He said frantically trying to redeem what he didn’t know how he lost or even what it was. This wasn’t normal customer interaction he never met a flower hater thst came into the shop to snap at him, he never even faced a rude customer before.

As he leaned closer towards Jericho’s face he backed away a step slowly gulping could be heard.

“I,erm,I hmm.” He said followed by a small sigh. A failed customer, he will probably give a bad rating and it was the last thing they needed.
He looked up as the guy walked out and looked back and at the doorframe. Sighing once more. “No I never said that, no of course not your not ugly at all.” He said quickly and looking away as fast as he could. “It was nice to meet you come again.” He said returning back to trimming the flowers.


Sumeru waiting room
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"Quality over quantity. Or whatever." he said looking over the display of flowers. "You take much pride in arranging them but what would happen if they were to wilt before they were bought? quite a waste." He muttered. "Not everyone is here to buy flowers. I swung by to see what was up with this shop. Nothing more and nothing less." He said looking over jericho. "Course you're called worst. Doesn't seem like you fight back don't you? It's easy pickings in the eyes of someone else. You're going to be called worse unless you do something about it shrimp." He said looking at jericho. "Plus your voice is shaking, that's a dead giveaway at someone talking to you. Lemme guess, I'm someone who talked back to you so now your whimpering like a puppy."

"Display of art? That just sounds weird." He said making a face to Jericho. "If you're going to call me something, then at least put effort into it so you don't come across rude. Some people would just drop whatever they're doing and throw a punch." He flexed his fingers. "No i'm not a yakuza." He said looking at Jericho's face. "It's a tattoo. Better name then whatever crap you made up on the spot."

"Punk. it's a word. Have you not heard of it? Surely if you were told worse then this would have just been the tip of the iceberg." He scoffed. "I should the same for you." He snapped back. *God this kid is clueless as heck* He thought as he watched Jericho gear's run slowly in his head. "AH yes. Because i can totally trick someone into pricking their finger on a rose like that one english fairytale or whatever. Handy sure but that doesn't change the fact that they are useless anywhere else besides telling someone you love them or whatever."

"It's a stupid doorway. I can live." He grumbled. Walking right past Jericho to look at pots on the ground. "Well i'm not bleeding so I think i'm just darn peachy." He said looking at the price tags on the pots. "I'm fine. Stop waving your hands like a bird flapping its wings. Makes you look lunatic."
"What are you so afraid of?" He asked, staring down Jericho before backing away. "I doubt I will ever come back but the pots look decent for stuffing someone's head in it." He joked but his tone said differently.

Nox left and rolled his eyes. "this was a waste." He walked around the building to the back and unlocked the door to the parlour. Heading straight up to his apartment and begin cooking. After a few hours, he wrapped the goods in a petite box with a bow and wrote a tag. "From your neighbour" and an intricately drawn rose on it. He took the gods and walked over to their mailbox. Putting the package inside and knocking on the door before quickly making his escape to walk down a different route to go check out the shops further down.
The package contained 5 flower shaped monaka, crispy airy wafers sandwiched around sweetened red bean paste.


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Jericho laughed “they won’t wilt these types of flowers bloom in the Japanese climate and this is their season, so wilting is not an option. Unless someone purposefully vandalises them, then we have a different case.” He slightly giggled.

“Oh so your new around these parts, holidaying for the street food festival I expect. I must say if your here to visit and get some good shopping your in the wrong part of downtown. The centre has more.” He said folding over some paper with flowers in making a stunningly beautiful wedding bouquet fit for any bride.

“What’s their to fight back? They have their thoughts I can’t change that. There always gonna be people who will judge and it’s Bette r to accept that than use violence, besides I don’t have time to mess around with peoples pointless views.” He said looking over.

“Quite the contrary actually, more the fact you just wasn’t someone I’d expect to walk into a flower shop without a reason…” he said knowing all parts of that sentence sounded wrong.

Jericho shrugged “yeah I know the word is sorta you know..” he said hinting that they wound know what he meant.
“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to was just trying to be diplomatic and in line with the guidelines of interaction here.” He said a bit flustered what if this guy was ready to shut the place down they would be done for.

Jericho looked the tattoos up and down they were extraordinarily detailed and interesting to say the least, what he could see from the distance they had.
“Why yes I have I’ve read it in books before now punk seems to be a lot nicer than what they call me.” He said slight upset in his voice.
“Ohhh my goodness my manners, what’s your name?” He asked hoping that’s what he meant. Not sure if it was or if he would get an answer , he’s a customer why would he?

“It isn’t intended like that roses have different meanings behind them anyways. Confessing love friend or lover a rose can convey many messages it’s the messenger of nature.” He smiled sniffing a single rose and handing it towards the guy.

“It’s in the list of things needed to change we can’t right now.” He said looking down and at the tip jar that held about 10 coins in it not a lot.
“I’m glad your okay.” He said smiling a little. He watched as he looked at the pots and their prices. “You interested?” He said natural customer service reaction as soon as a tag was lifted.

“I’m not I’m just, nervous that’s all.” He said swiftly walking behind the counter. Sighing he turned to him.
“Oh you wouldn’t, that a shame, maybe you’ll see us at the towns festival of blooms, we help out there. The pots are…. Oh wait.” He sighed disappointed in the statement just made.

Lunch time reached and Jericho was starved 3 hours passed and not a single person since that one this morning how odd maybe he scared them off? He though to himself - no too judgy.

Then a lady came in holding sketching in her hands. It was his mother. “There seems to be a sweet gift for us in the doorway.” She giggled. Jericho ran over to her steadying her. “Miter you should be resting you sick.” He sat her down getting some water for her.
She placed the gift on the side “you open it.” She smiled. He sighed “fine I’ll open it. He pulled it close and read the tag “ from your neighbour and with a rose.” He looked confused didn’t think about it and went ahead and opened. He opened the flap to reveal what contained 5 flower shaped monaka, crispy airy wafers sandwiched around sweetened red bean paste. He stood back for a moment anxiety rushing. “ he, he is the owner?” He stuttered.


Sumeru waiting room
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"Is that so?" He frowned, disappointed by his lack of knowledge in the flower department but brushed it off quickly with an eye roll. "But like, once they go out of season it's still a waste. Because they wilt in the end." He scoffed. "Er I suppose so." he frowned, "A festival is happening? I was not aware of that." He said turning to look at the decorations on the walls. "True but shame not to dip my feet into whatever this town has to offer no?" He questioned. He looked at Jericho with confusion before sighing. "No use explaining to you. You wouldn't get it, we are on two sides of the same coin. Too far different for it to mesh like a puzzle." He didn't say more as he went to inspect the bonsai trees.

"Oh so I have to walk into this place with a reason? How about my reason is to piss you off." He said giving a sneer towards Jericho. "That reason works just well enough don't ya think?"
"Yes I know. Stop acting like it's some curse to befall on you or whatever." He folded his arms and looked around. "Ah yes, thank you for the interaction. Shame your going to have to move out within a couple of days." He said watching his face fall. "Joking. Jeez lu weez your an easy one to fool."

Nox clearly avoided Jericho's question as he moved on to ask about the cherry blossom branches. "Taking those meanings and here you are handing a rose to me?" He asked. "Seems a bit coincidental don't you think?" He took the rose from Jericho's hand. Eyeing Jericho. "Whatever. It was just a bump. Don't be so glum." He said fishing a few coins and tossing them in. "Perhaps. I'll come in a few hours if it piques my interest. "

-Few hours later-

Nox walked into the flower shop, making sure to duck. He took a couple of pots, soil and some bonsai trees along with cherry blossom branches, He carried them over and set them on the counter. "Hey again." He said nonchalant. "just these. Make it snappy, I have somewhere to be." He avoided any of Jericho's questions as he tapped his foot against the tiled floor impaintly. "Reese, get your ass in here now." He yelled out to the person lingering outside. A girl having tattoos up her arms and neck walked in. She has dyed hair and stars for eyes. looking around widely like a kid in a candy shop.
"How cute is this??" She gushed as she grabbed the branches and the bonsai trees. "Quite yapping and more hauling." Nox snapped, taking the jars and tossing a few bucks into the tip jar. Both of them left without another word.

Nox opened the door to the tattoo parlour and set down the plants. "get these organized." he said to reese as he pulled out his phone.
"Aye aye sir!" Reese smiled as she started setting it all up.
"Where is your girlfriend? shouldn't she be here?" He grumbled. Lugging huge boxes full of supplies from the back.
"Oh calm down. She will be here soon, now should the plants be put here or..?"


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Jericho looked over at the guy slightly confused “everything gotta go a some point? Nothing lasts forever? The beauty of flowers wilting though is that it give the chance for new stems to grow, and sometimes the following year they grow bigger and more beautiful than the year before.” He smiled brushing his fingers along the flowers.
“Yeah happens every year, it’s quite a sight to see even for the avid non flower lover.”
“ I can’t deny that, all accounts it’s still a beautiful part of downtown. Less crowded.”
He said as he went beside the counter once again leaning over with a sigh.
As he predicted Jericho didn’t get the statement but decided not to press the matter as he watched the guy head to the bonsai tree’s.

Jericho looked shocked he didn’t realise his statement came across so rude. “No
I mean, normally the intention is either to purchase, ask for directions or browse. Normally not to you know…” he sighed knowing this wasn’t going well, a customer had never spoken to him like this before, apart from those from school 2 years ago.
“You have no idea…” he muffled as he took a deep breath.
“sure no problem and yeah… WAIT WHAT????” Jericho stopped in his tracks his heart racing faster and beating louder with ever second “so,so you are a debt collector?” He said trying to keep himself composed. Then heard he was joking Jericho could have passed out at that point he couldn’t take much more of this guys messing around with him “WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT FOR?” He yelled then still trying to get composed he turned away and looked down breathing steadying once again.

As a more normal conversation about the cherry blossoms came to light Jericho once again felt more at ease unsure why this guy was going out of his way to intentionally annoy him, but felt comfort as he spoke about the cherry blossom.

“Perhaps, but everyone deserves a rose in their life, There’s nothing sweeter than the gift of roses. The beautiful and timeless flowers have been given as gifts for generations and generations.” He said glad that he didn’t realise what the roses symbolise.
“I don’t like seeing anyone get hurt.” He said rubbing his arm looking away but immediately turned when he heard the sound of the coins dropping in the jar. “Sure we will be open till 6.” He said as he then grabbed a few roses and started dethorning them.

As Jericho’s mum showed up and was sitting on the chair to the side talking to Jericho as Nox walked in could hear the tail end of their conversation “if you get tips a bit more often we may be able to afford to get you to University I mean we will need to have at least I’d say 175 jars but this is a start right?” She said smiling, Jericho half smiled knowing there was no way he was getting there and saw the guy enter once again inside his head begging that he didn’t start on him infront of his mother, she didn’t need the stress.

“Oh my goodness another handsome young lad I see, coming into our shop, see I told you jeri that flowers will become popular Among the young. “Welcome to our flower shop sir!” She smiled.
Jericho wanted to crawl into a hold and hide at this point he didn’t know what was worse.

“Hey again??” She looked confused then turned to Jericho “jeri you know the handsome fellow?” She chuckled a little.
He brushed last her question and nodded to his request. “Sure thing.” He said as he manually calculated the price on a calculator and inputting it into what seems a really old cash register.
He said the amount and handed the items to him “thank you have a good day!” He said almost robotic.
His mother however a little more enthusiastic “please come back again was nice to meet you, he seems nice.” She said very nonchalant.

Jericho watched as this guy yelled for someone to come help him with the things and her comment made the mother smile “thank you we liked the cute quaint look, it’s been here for a while.” She said as she started coughing. Jericho quickly ran to get her some water form the back and handed it to her “please take it easy” he said softly smiling at her.

Jericho saw the money go into the jar? Why was he being so generous? Especially after their interaction this morning.
“well I’m gonna take the treats and get Ruby to pick me up. Don’t worry you can have this one. We might even be able to get a take away ohh.” She said watching Jericho shake his head. “That went on the bills, it’s fine I’ll cook us something later. Get aunt ruby to come get you.” He said as he headed to the window watching out.

Ruby’s came and collected his mother as he helped her in the car he turned and saw the tattoo parlor and for one second his eyes gazed in there, something caught his eye he walked closer and saw something he didn’t expect.


Sumeru waiting room
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"er.." Nox said looking at Jericho, struggling to keep up with the words. "whatever. Sounds oddly poetic for just a flower. But aren't they all some poetic crap in the end." He said as a question but wasn't keen on getting an answer back. "I'll check it out then." He looked out the window before staring back down Jericho.

"Not to what? You know your attempts to not be rude are quite feeble because you're pretty god damn rude for someone with an innocent face like you." He scoffed. He looked away and sighed. "Jeez, don't yell so loud." He grumbled. Looking irritated as he watched Jericho's face fall. "No i'm burying your mum's dead body. Of course I'm not." He sneered. "If i was, i think being a bit more inconspicuous would work wonders instead of this."
"Hey, it was obvious what you thought i looked like so why not play around with you? You don't need to twist your hair because of it." he scoffed.

"Is that so? I'll hold you to it then." He said taking his phone out and googling the rose meaning. He scrolled through a few websites before stopping to look up at Jericho. "what the hell man? I didn't think you were the type to fall for guys who are rude to you." He smirked. Holding his phone up for Jericho to see. "Roses are often given for the first date, usually for a love at first sight feeling from the gifter to the receiver"
And I thought you were stale." he smirked. "seems like you are but well." he said watching Jericho's face.

Nox blinked at the mother's comment before shaking his head. "You flatter me." was all he said, shooting a smirk to Jericho. "Thank you. Won't be staying around to chat as I have somewhere to be but lovely shop you have set up."
"Yes he does, someone who gave me a rose when we met a couple hours ago." he said knowing full well the daggers Jericho was sending him. "Have a good day as well." He hauled up the jars and waited for Reese to come on in.

"It's like a gem in the rough. So cute and quaint." She giggled. She carried the plants and kicked nox in the leg making him tense up.
"Oi, what the hell was that for?!" He yelled at her, ready to smash a pot over her head.
"For not saying thank you, dumb nuts. Now lets go. thank you for the pots!" She said waving to Jericho and his mother.


Nox was sitting in one of the couches, his back facing the window. Drawing a rose shape tattoo for what seems to be a client who was busy talking to reese. Jaricho couldn't see his face but could see the same white hair and shirt.
Nox stood up and stretched, handing the pieces of paper to the client and waved them off. He turned and caught Jericho staring right at him, he smirked.


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“Anything you want can be made into a poem. That’s what is so great about poetry it’s a form of art also.” He said looking around pushing the book of poetry he was reading outta sight of the guy.
“Sure you won’t regret it, it’s good good foods especially the sweet foods the baked good smell delicious as always, their cake stand im always saving up to get something from there. Have enough for two slices Now.” He smiled at the thought.

“I’ve never been rude how is asking if your okay rude?” He snapped back and then stopped realising he’s reactions were kinda coming across well… rude.
He sighed.
He literally went from shocked to sad in an instant and just turned his head from that comment not reacting or saying a word.
“There’s….. reasons why… just could you lay off them kinda jokes, their both sensitive subjects for me right now and yes if you know you would understand why just…. Let’s drop this subject okay…...” He said looking sad for a moment.

Jericho watched confused for a moment and watching him scroll what was he looking for?? He stood there blankly staring until he saw the guys face change.
“Wait whatttt?” He said flustered as his cheeks started to turn link embarrassing just embarrassing it was for him “no it’s not like that…” he said knowing full worlds his actions spoke louder than his words, what was he thinking, a rose…. Should have done a carnation perhaps not a rose, but it was beautiful.

He looked at every word on the phone the sad part is he knew that just didn’t think this guy would look it up and take it that way, though the embarrassment crept higher the guy never walked out straight after or said dream on or anything that said no? Jericho pushed the thoughts out fast. Still unspoken frozen stood infront of this guy.

The mother laughed “flatter merely stating facts my lovely.” She smiled.
“Thank you my dear it’s nice when the younger ones appreciate quaint places. I hope you come back.” She said as Jericho leaned up against the wall arms folded not really looking at the guy or his mother just stood there occasionally opening his eyes to set daggers to the guy.

“Oh he did? How lovely Jeri that’s so sweet of you, he’s pretty shy so please take that as a good thing.” She smiled and Jericho wanted this to end the embarrassment was far too much now his mother joining in.

The mother looked at Reese “your most welcome both of you!” As she waved them off and Jericho just watched unsure what to do so helped his mother and got her to the car and on her way.

As Jericho peered through the window he watched recognising the guy on the couch and flusters just a little as he saw what he was drawing he needed to look away but he couldn’t why couldn’t he. The guy all the comments, the buying the taunting the everything was right next door. When the guy stood up and saw him looking in the smirk sent the blush straight to his cheeks he went to turn but was leaped on with a big hug by a young girl with long wavy pink hair quite peppy and looked really cute in her pastel pink skirt and pastel pink crop top.
“Jericho!!” She yelled loud enough the whole street heard as she pushed him the ground as she leaped at him. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry are you alright?” She said brushing him down offering to help him up, though he took it and stood up. “I’m good Airi, how are you doing it’s been a while.” He said happy to see her some normality. “Pssssh enough on me, what you doing staring outside a Tattoo parlor… you thinking on getting one?” She said leaning her head on his shoulder smiling and as she saw Nox waved and smiled.


Sumeru waiting room
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"Oh so you're into that type of crap. Alright." He frowned. "Poetry is just a bunch of words that are mashed together with some rhyme or reason. Never caught my eye but it can hit someone's sweet spot. Just not mine. Seems it hits yours." He eyed the poetry book and chuckled when Jericho not so inconspicuously slided it away from eye sight.
"Cake stand eh?" He pondered over the thought of that but scowled. "It's just sweets, whatever." He roughly dug his heel into the tiles as he moved to inspect the flower stands.

"Leave it." he snapped back. He rolled his eyes and clenched his fist, making his knuckles turn white. "So you are struggling. You read like an open book, lemme guess. Your mum's sick." He scoffed. Not seeming to show any remorse. "I won't say anymore but man your life seems messed up." He looked away as he stared blankly at the wall.

"So you are trying to swoon me. How...easy it was for me to tell." He smirked. "You're red as a tomato, guess I'm right you little squirt." He laughed as he put his phone away. "Are you sure about that? seemed painfully obvious to me. giving me a rose and all of that. Actions speak louder than words don't they?"
*Aren't they all the same?* He thought as he sighed. *Stupid love. Besides, we don't even mesh well. I don't know what he saw me. Probably one of those stupid love at first sight crap. Unlike him.* He brushed the thoughts away and teased Jericho on the rose. "Are you going to speak? cat got your tongue?" He asked, looking at Jericho with a questioning glare.

"Thank you." He gave a small nod as he turned back to Jericho. Waiting to get the items ringed up.
"Of course I will!" She gave a cherry smile as she watched Nox. "what's up with the other guy? he looks like he could kill.." She muttered under her breath to him. "flowers are seasonal right?" She asked to Jericho's mother.
"Pissed him off when I came here a few hours before, that's why." he grumbled to Reese.


Nox looked back at her and gave a small nod before turning away to talk to Reese and what seemed to be her girlfriend.
Nox was rubbing the back of his neck in annoyance as Reese gushed over a new tattoo idea while her girlfriend was busy hyping her up about it.
"Alright alright. We know you're excited but no need to scream in my air." He said lightly shoving Reese.
"Don't push me you prude!" She whined back as they both exited the shop, noticing Jericho and his friend. "Hey!" She said waving to him. "you trying to stalk us? why you right smack dab in the alleyway looking through the window?" She giggled as she made her way over to him. "and you are?" she asked Airi


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“Well to be honest I wouldn’t say I’m into it, just like reading it. Words can be very heavy should I say.” He said as he looked up. “Judging a book by its cover, it’s not always as it seems, a rose seems beautiful until you see its thorns.” He said brushing his thumb against a Thorne.
“I suppose you could say it does, pretty sentimental on the quiet. I’m sorry it just doesn’t hit yours.” He said shrugging.

“Just sweets? These are the best in all of downtown, im sure if your looking at what it has to offer around here that would be high on the list.” He smiled at the thought of the cake.

He looked down “everyone knows this why act like your the only one who figured it out? My mum is known around here so of course everyone knows, didn’t you see the petition sign to not shut the flower shop down on the way in?” He said looking down. “I wasn’t looking for your pity or for any sign for you to care. It just is what it is. Maybe my life is messed up but hey least I’m still trying and doing all I can to make ends meet. Not picking on someone just because they have everything.” He said turning fast to avoid any eye contact that would make him shed a tear. He was struggling, he knew he was but couldn’t stop how could he?

“I’m not trying to “swoon” you, I just met you, I know nothing about you except you seem to enjoy picking on me.” He said rolling his eyes “it was just the nicest option to give unless you wanted one of those sad ones over there or one of those for a wedding were an occasional florist there wasn’t really much opinion so please stop flattering yourself.” He said brushing passed him to go and water the ones beside him.

“Besides giving a rose a single rose is also a sign of friendship, sure has other meanings but I deal with flowers everyday all are equal to me. I could have given you my favourite kind and you wouldn’t read into it as it’s not a rose the symbol of love? But that one I love would have more intention behind it than this rose did.” He wished for just a moment his life didn’t have to be so complicated.

Jericho sighed after a moments pause “what’s the point anything I say you’ll tease me on it.” He shrugged.

The mother looked at Reese and nodded “sure are just like fruits and vegetables!” She giggled but proceeded to cough. But was ushered to the car fairly rapidly by Jericho.

Jericho flinched a little as Reese and her girlfriend exited the shop and hollered him. “Stalking I work next door how is that stalking? I was just curious about the shop that was next door as I got an unexpected gift from a neighbour…..” he said looking at Reese.

Airi looked shocked when she was targeted a question “errrm Im Airi…” she said confused. Jericho sighed “it’s fine I gotta head back in for a few hours.” He said about to head in. “But jeri, we said we’d go to the beach this afternoon.” She pleaded.
“We can just in a few hours I gotta close up and stuff, finish the moving in gift also we’ll start it now I know who it is..” he said unsure how he felt he turned to look through the window once more, some thing about him, he couldn’t explain, just something captured his attention about him *why would he go out of his way to pick on me and make a gift, come back to pick on me some more tip me And buy stuff?* he pondered for a while before Airi was waving her hand infront of his face “Jeri stop that your staring at the guy in the window unintentionally it looks creepy!” She said snapping him out of it. “Sure, right sorry I’ll meet you in a few hours Airi.” He said before hugging her and heading back in the store “


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"Not into it? So what's with that poetry book you're doing a crappy job at hiding from my view?" Nox pointed out, looking straight at the book hidden behind a pot of flowers. "I mean if you weren't into it then i shouldn't be seeing a book all about it but i digress." He said turning away. "Ya ya. There you go, spouting more poetry bullcrap." He grumbled, eyeing the rose as he watched Jericho's fingers brush over the thorns. "If you're so keen on poems, you must spend time reading them so can you recite one?" He asked nonchalantly.

"But are they the best in the world?" He inquired. "Not going to visit some reject cake stand to be disappointed, but I guess i will check if you speak so highly of it." He said. "Are you going to be over at the stand later this evening? I heard the lanterns are a wonderful sight and you seem quite eager to get your hands on cake."

"Jeez, you don't have to be like a crocodile about this, snapping at whatever I say." He muttered, "and i thought I made it clear I recently moved and you hinted at it heavily yourself so for your information no I did not know your mother existed till very recently. Get your facts straight for once." He sneered, "oh so i was supposed to look for a goddamn piece of paper now?" He said looking out the window, seeing the paper and rolling his eyes. "and you should stop thinking everything is about you. I think the moment I stepped through the door it was clear i ain't giving you an easy time so here your thinking it's out of stupid pity. Oh and now i have everything? and i thought we wouldn't be judging a book by it's cover but here you are. Pathetic."

Nox held up his hands in annoyance. "Some people fall in love at first sight, wouldn't be that far fetched." He said rolling his eyes. "And I quite do, the pinnacle of my comedy career is in your hands." he joked before moving out of the way of Jericho. "I wouldn't have minded for one of those but because i'm a darling customer, it wouldn't look good for you to give me one of those." He sighed in exasperation when he heard that comment. "Is that all you think of? get your mind out of the gutter for once. Flattery is not in my vicinity "

"Well whatever the meaning, still means that. I guess it's the implications that give the rose its meaning but whatever." He said giving a shrug. "You're not my type either way even if you did mean it. And i'm not one for relationships anymore." He frowned slightly at the thought of it but shook it off quickly. "I mean whatever flower you give me, i would read into it sometime because it's a flower. You gave it to me, course i would be." He said, twirling the rose in his hand. "Suppose so but it's just a flower in the end. Just drop it, jesus." He said.

"Oh come on, I was joking." Reese said looking at Jericho. "I think after half an hour with Nox you would be comfortable with them, I guess he wasn't as persistent as he usually is but either way. I didn't think he was the type to give gifts out of nowhere?! Is this a love story or what?!' She giggled, vibrating from excitement.

"hey Airi? Cute name by the way." She said, giving a smile. "So your Jericho's friend? i loveee your style. We should hang out sometime!" She said, running her words like a chipmunk. After Jericho left she eyed Nox then Airi. "Something seems fishy between them, even more so now that i have seen it for myself. What's your number ari ari? is it ok if i call you that? perfectly fine if not it just sounds like a cool nickname! but i totally understand if not, since we just met and all.." She said, blabbering as her girlfriend sighed.

"Sorry i'm getting ahead of myself no? I'm reese and this lovely lady here is ryoko!" Ryoko waved her hand with a straight face as she resumed looking at her phone. "You seem like a nice person to be with, do you want to hang out? me and rye were going to visit downtown for the food festival! Rye is her nickname if you didn't catch on. So is it a yes?"


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“I didn’t realise my interests, we’re of interest to you?” He sighed “I like reading it for it is relaxing doesn’t mean I’m gonna just start spouting out poems to you and doesn’t mean I’m gonna gush over a poem.” He rolled his eyes. “You keep looking at that tree over in the corner, does that mean your into trees and such if you bought one, no,‘it’s just something you liked.” He filed through some flowers on the counter.
“It’s not poetry, just words.”

Jericho placed the tools he was using down and looked up to the guy.
“No I can’t recite a poem.”

“At this rate you seem unappeasable, so who knows, the locals flock to it as if it were a celebrity visiting, so I’ll let you decide if it’s worth your time?”
“Well I was planning to I attend every year as we host a stand there we get requested each year. But I’m not sure if I have enough saved to get one for myself, so I’ll just have to get one for my mum.” He said looking down swirling his finger around the edges of the jar.

“I’m sorry I try not to read in between the lines on what everyone says to me, well if that’s the case welcome, I’m sure you’ll be happy living here.” He said sighing “merely thought you were someone traveling through the town, so I guess I got my facts wrong, sorry, it’s not everyday a stranger walks in and starts picking on every little thing I do for fun, I have enough crap going on in my life that I try to just get by and not look into all that’s said to me.” He said folding the book of poetry and placing it tidily in the corner of the unit.

“I mean kinda, people look for signs for deals in windows and doors it’s why we placed it there.” He said blankly.
“Quite the contrary, but I’m sorry for thinking it’s about me considering you and I are the only ones in the store and the fact you just said your were basically planing from the moment you saw me to no go easy on me? Quite the contradiction of you ask me.” He shrugged.

“Fine perhaps not everything but your literally picking up on every word I say? Like ever single thing i say has an answer from you? Why are you Hanging up on a guy you’ve just mets words so much? Your quick to pick on me because I’m easy but why am I such a prime target?” He questioned but no maliciousness in his voice at all was calming and like a friend talking to him.

“They do indeed, only fools fall in love at first sight though, heartbreak city to fall in love with someone you don’t know, having a crush on someone is a bit different. “well you have three options A rose, a Lilly or carnation. If you want to Google each type and what they are used for I think you’d appreciate a rose more.” He smirked as he walked passed the smell of his sweet cologne and flowers wafting around Nox as he stood there.
“Perhaps not, my mistake.”

“Not your type? Now who’s thinking much into this, look I gave you a rose your in a flower shop, it was a warming welcoming gesture nothing to it, I thought you were a debt collector about to take away the only thing that brings food to our table, I gave you a flower out of thanks for not being one and the fact you just seemed like you needed something. I can’t offer much else the flowers stock is expensive and would look lightly suspicious me giving you 13 for friendship?” He said looking him up and down.
“It’s sad your not into relationships no more sucks to get burned, but you looking down at that statement take the flower as a good will gesture, not trying anything not hinting at anything just a simple welcome here’s a gift I hope you like it.” He said looking back at the counter slightly doubting his own words *what am I thinking* he shook the thoughts and sighed.
“I dropped it the moment before you even mentioned it, it’s you who keeps going on.” He said softly again not maliciously this time just sounded tired.

“Nox? That’s his name?”’he questioned brushing over Reese’s other question until he heard the words “love story” he sighed looking back at Nox through the window “No far from that, he point blank said I wouldn’t be his type, he’s not one for relationships no more.” He said placing his hand on Airi’s shoulder heading inside.

“Awh, thank you! Yes we’ve been friends for like 19 years grew up together, neighbours.” She smiled. “Oh my style thank you I love yours too, honestly always thought about a tattoo also a cutesy one.” She giggled. “Oh my gosh sure!” She looked at Nox and then at Jericho on the other side “hmmm for sure I mean Nox is pretty hot can’t see why Jeri wouldn’t like him?” She said “O M G I LOVE THE NICKNAME SURE CALL ME IT HERE, HERE.” She said grabbing her phone out sharing her number with Reese.

“Lovely to meet ya both, you both seem lovely too sure I normally wonder round aimlessly while Jeri works the stall anyways each year I have to get him one of the cakes as he can’t get one himself only ever really has enough to get him mum one also says tells her he’s had one but my boss gave me some extra tips this time each year so I can get him one.” She smiled. “Let’s go!” She said jumping up and down.


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"Yes it is, did he not tell you it? what a gentleman." She scoffed, folding her arms as she looked towards the window. "Some day I have to take a day off to drag his ass outside of the shop. Always huddled in there after his last breakup. Course, he was drugged and that guy went off doing god knows what but jeez us, he needs to get a life. But i can see how it hit a spot in him so now he won't do anything romance related.." She sighed shaking her head before covering her mouth. "Oh my god! I am so sorry!" She said bowing her head repeatedly. "See after something happened he shut down and now won't even talk to us besides the stuff we have to squeeze out of him. it's quite sad but i guess you can't do anything to fix a permanently broken toy." She started oversharing on how Nox was in a previous relationship that was mainly one sided and how he was used blah blah.

"Alright hun, i don't think they need to know every bit of his life.." Ryoko stepped in, putting her hand on Reeses shoulder. "It's oversharing and i don't think he wants that so put a rein on that alright?" Ryoko said shaking Reese a bit to make sure it went in.
"Clumsy me." Reese grumbled as she turned to Airi and Jericho. "Sorry for that again! i have a habit of going off and off on unrelated topics so sorry for that!" She gave an apologetic smile. "Well either way, he needs someone in his life besides us, might as well tear him apart if he keeps up with his workaholic lifestyle. I mean after it happened, work was all he did. Pouring his life and soul into getting this place done and working on clients back at were he used to work. It was so unhealthy for him but he wouldn't stop."

"Well I think not, that's what he says but i think he needs someone closer than just a friend there for him! But his personality just scares everyone away so he hasn't had any luck in the love department lately but no worries." She smiled, waving her hand. "Anyway, going off on a tangent. So what were we talking about before?!"
"Aww how cute is that? Nox and I grew up in the same neighborhood so we grew close like that. He also introduced me to Ryoko so you know that it blossomed quickly." She pecked Ryoko on the cheek as she smiled. "Aww no need to flatter! just giving you a compliment and REALLY? OH MY GOD YOU HAVE TO LET ME DO IT! IF THAT'S OK WITH YOU!" She said grabbing Airi's hands in excitement. Hearts for eyes as she started bombarding Airi with questions.

"GLAD YOU LOVE IT!" Reese exclaimed as she put Airi in her contacts list. "Now let's go! The day isn't getting any shorter! Nox is going to be joining us because I managed to blackmail- I mean sway him to get out of his shell..OH! Jericho is coming right?! this could be a perfect opportunity to get them on the right foot! Oh how fun this is going to be!!"
"Oh don't worry!! I can pay!" She said waving Airi off as they traveled to the festival.

The festival was held in the centre of downtown, stands filled the area with people wandering around. Trying food and taking pictures. Ryoko was busy walking through each stand, holding her phone to each stall and ordering whatever the person asked.
"Ryoko is busy helping our friend, acer order his treats since he wasn't able to make it. It's going to take a while since he is quite a food. Shall we go check over those stalls over there and get the cake?" Reese asked as she waved her hand toward the plethora of stalls that lined the water's edge. "We should end at the yatsuhashi stand in around half an hour since that's where we would be meeting Nox! How about Jericho?"


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“I asked but no response.” He said folding his arms looking at Reese.
Jericho listened and was ready to just head back inside until he heard *he was drugged up, this guy? For real?* he thought but looked at Reese he didn’t say anything he didn’t know what to say “should you really be telling us you just met this?” He said staring back towards Nox in the window working.
“The guy just probably needs time to compute, it’s scary once you have been hurt by someone you love and trusted. Just give him time and let him do what he needs to.” He said sighing from all the over sharing this was a lot of information not just about Nox but in general.

After Ryoko has reigned in Reese jericho nodded and agreed “yeah I know you care about him and stuff but we’re basically strangers we didn’t need to know unless he wanted us too.” Jericho sighed at Reese’s almost plead.
“The guy enjoys to pick on me I think I’m the last one he wants around, anyways Laters!” He said heading back into the shop, leaving Airi stood there shaking her head “you know I don’t think Nox is the only one. It’s a shame Nox is a workaholic it’s not healthy at all to be that way, then Jericho is the same works 2 jobs to keep his mother in assisted living as he can’t pay all the bills and care for her. He most of the time crashes at the flower shop broom cupboard or mine when I can drag him there to get some decent food and sleep. They seem like the perfect match!” She giggled. “Jericho can be a really deep talker, he’d rather sit there and be there and talk with someone than go out any day.” She said looking at Reese.

“Oh my gosh that’s beautiful” Airi said as she watched them the guy I liked doesn’t even know I exist , so it’s all cool here!” She giggled.”sure sure I’d want nothing more!” She said then going through the designs she looked at and details she wanted.

“Amazing let’s go! Awww your able to get him out yeah, Jeri is coming but I think he’s gotta work it though” She said as she sighed but perked up when she started linking her arm with Reeses and Ryoko.
“I hope so seems like they both need each other more than they realise. Perfect chance to bloom!”
She giggled and pointed to the flower shop sign.

Airi too was going around taking pictures of each stand and trying the samples freely available having a blast with her new found friends.
“Oh that’s so sweet of her, I guess we should probably head there and get the cake I’ll get some for his mother too save him some money, his mother is sick you see and he pays for her care and such.” She sighed.

“Perfect works out well, I mean I guess he will be here soon he’s gotta set the stand up and such.” She said as she stuffed her face with food.


Back at the flower shop Jericho called in a favour from his uncle who agreed to take over the stool for the evening. Jericho got ready and more casual with the black ripped jeans, white Tee And black leather jacket,’even some liner. Making him look totally different to the flower shop boy that was there 2 minutes ago.

He saw that Nox was still in there he tapped on the window that looked into the tattoo shop and walked in. “Hey so I just want to say I’m sorry I came off on the wrong foot earlier, things have been tough but no excuse, picking on me or not you didn’t deserve it. So I’m sorry.” He said looking at Nox. “Things are always what they seem are they, could be the happiest in the world but also the most down” he said looking over at Nox. “You seem to use work as a means of escape, and snap back at gestures, im sorry for whoever did this to you, but I made you something” he said rummaging around and pulled out a jar and journal.

“Okay so hear me out, you have this massive Shield around you when someone tries to do a nice gesture and it shines through that you snap from being hurt, I get it, what I also get is that it looks weird right some stranger to give you a rose and now a second gift after a
Matter of what hours, anyways so here’s this jar it has papers in it, please excuse the calligraphy writing, *ahem* anyways this one has pieces inside which just are things of gratitude about yourself like this one” he pulled one out unrolled the paper “say one thing your proud of you did today, can be anything. Small big you name it your choice.
The next a journal is empty for you to fill for negative thoughts or thoughts in general that you aren’t ready to share with anyone but need a release. You can save them to face them another day or grab a lighter and burn that crap outta your life. It’s probably a bit to deep we only just met but it’s something. Also take this. I feel it might be something to make you understand why I read poetry, this kind anyways.” He sat there looking at Nox against his new look and the lights in the shop his eyes sparkled as he waited for Nox’s reaction. “So shall we get going, I imagine the girls are waiting on us.” He said holding his hand out for Nox to take.
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"Such a prude, wouldn't give out his name even if it would kill him at this point." She scoffed, folding her arms. "I Know and I'm sorry! it just spills out! Like a leaky faucet! You want to stop it, plug it up but you just don't know how!" She whined. "Nox knows this and deals with it but god i still feel stupid for spilling it like dropping a cup full of water!"
"But..He has been hung up on this for years..I think that it's time to move on. He needs to move on and well..he has but it's not enough to drag him out of whatever pit he has built for himself!" She checked her phone and texted a friend a quick something before looking to were Jericho was looking. "I know it's scary. it has never happened to me and well..I hope it never does but just staying in the shadows isn't good for him!"

"Don't they?! We should totally make this an operation! Like operation strangers to friends to lovers? How cute it's going to be when they come out as boyfriends!" She gushed as she looked over at nox, laying on the couch and working on making a new tattoo design. "Which might prove to help when it comes with Nox! Like a match made in heaven! Perhaps they will have a nice deep talk when Nox walks Jericho home! How about that for kicks?" she asked as she started plotting a plan.

"Don't even know you exist? I will not stand idly by! I have to find you another man who is worthy of your praise!" She said, pumping her fist in the air. "Alright we can both meet them at a stand or something. And i know right? So much potential for it to blossom!" Reese walked with Airi to the stands as they chatted about all sorts of things.

Nox stood in the middle of the parlour, flipping through stacks of papers as he shuffled them around. Placing them in binders for clients to be able to browse freely through designs. He heard the tap and looked over, placing a binder down as he folded his arms. Narrowing his eyes as he watched Jericho enter the parlour. "what do you want? shouldn't you be with your friend at the festival? you sure look dressed up for it." He sneered.
"It's whatever. Just leave it." He snapped, not seeming in the mood to be talking. "what do you need? spill. I don't feel like talking to you any longer then I have to."
"Oh god damn it. Don't pity me, it's whatever. What did Reese tell you? I swear i'm going to kill her.." He grumbled as he turned away from Jericho. "I think you do as well, having yourself and your mother to carry on your back."

"I said, I. Don't. Need. Your. Pity. Party. Gift!" He yelled, raising his voice in annoyance as he stared daggers at Jericho. "Whatever stupid peace gift you cooked up, I don't want it! I certainly don't need it as well!" He hissed. "You know god damn nothing so don't act like a stupid jar and pieces of paper is going to fix anything!" He stopped to listen to the explanation of the items and scoffed. "that's stupid. Utterly stupid. Nothing is going to make me feel better about myself and certainly not this stupid cringy pieces of motivation paper or whatever. Your efforts are in vain."

"A stupid freaking journal isn't going to help! And since when were you in any position to think your actions are going to help me? I'm just some rude person in your stupid flower shop! So don't act like you're my best friend now! I think if you wanted to get off on the right foot, then give me something normal instead of something that screams I'm depressed and i don't feel good about myself boo hoo." He mocked as he started to hold the binder even more tightly. "The only thing the journal would be good for is when i'm ripping it apart in my blind rage." He muttered. Tossing the binder to the couch and turning away from Jericho. "Oh congrats dummy. It is way too deep for the second meeting, thanks for ruining my day."

Nox scoffed. "your gifts were of utmost disappointment. Heck a wilted rose would have been better then this garbage." He grabbed his wallet and keys and tossed a jacket over his shoulders. Brushing right past Jericho without taking a look at him and straight to the door. "I ain't touching your hand. Who knows where it's been. Let's just get this show on the road. It's suffocating being in here with you."

Nox walked quickly and didn't stop for Jericho. Only when they get to the entrance of the festival did he stop to see if Jericho had caught up. "They should be at the yatsuhashi stand. Move it, you're as slow as a snail." He snapped at Jericho as he skillfully traveled through the stands and made a beeline to the stand. Reese and Airi were already there, eating some treats. Nox waved his hand and Reese waved back. Reese quickly moved out of the way of Nox as he immediately started asking for some yatsuhashi. Reese took a look at Nox then Jericho. "er...what happened? he seems quite pissed. Did anything happen?" Reese asked as she nibbled on some mochi.


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“It’s fine it happens” Jericho shrugged. “Just be careful next time, your coming from a place of love by wanting to help but again not always can telling strangers do anything.” He said looking watching Nox and what he was doing, something drew him to him, he just didn’t know what.

“He just needs time and the right person, someone to be there and listen and not judge him or make him feel weak for hiding from what he’s been through.” He sighed. Walking back inside.

“OMG yes!” Airi yelped with excitement.
“Honestly if a deep listener is what Nox needs then Jeri is the one, he’s a great listener even if he’s going through crap he will be there. If you can keep a secret, I’ve always been saddened we could never ever be more.” She sighed. “But it’s okay I’ll find someone.” She smiled.
“You think Nox would walk Jeri home? Awwwh, how sweet!” Airi gushed. “Yeah Jeri tried finding out if he liked me and yeah the guy didn’t apparently he wanted my sister, but that would I be great” she said excitedly As her and Reese plotted plans to get them together somehow.

Jericho slightly laughed when Nox asked him that question “sure that’s why I’m here to come bring you also.” Jericho was a little shocked at the now snapping “well that’s a change of tone from when you couldn’t leave me alone earlier?” He said leaning against the wall looking at Nox.
“Woah! Hey calm the motor, this was already in the making before she even said anything, I’m not the only one like an open book here just yours isn’t so here’s my problems visible.” He snapped back. “Besides she just cares about you and wants you to be able to be okay is that so wrong?” He asked raising an eyebrow.

Didn’t stop you picking on me earlier though did it. And lookie here I’m still here, so why don’t you just cut the crap for once and actually realise someone wants to try and be there for you?” He said folding his arms looking away from Nox for a moment and sighed.

“How many freaking times do I have to say this before it registers, it’s not a pity party gift it’s just a gift that has more meaning and besides like you said no matter what gift I gave you, you’d read into it wasn’t that your words earlier?”
He said a little hurt by the reaction he was getting “I do know nothing I’m not claiming to, but I’m not the type of guy to ignore when someone is crying out for help but not saying it, because beeline it or not I do the exact same as you are doing to me now.” He said softly.
After explaining the idea of the jar and journal he sighed “ fine maybe a jar and journal won’t but maybe another person can but your not ready to let anyone in. So how do you know it’s stupid and won’t work if you won’t even try?” He asked.

“ your right, I thought maybe my actions could cheer you up or we could even become friends considering we’re neighbours.”
“Errrm, Nox your the only one interpreting the gift this way, it’s a piece of glass and some paper?
Wouldn’t exactly say it screams “I’m depressed” the most positive people do what the jar and journal is, also helps with work aspiration, as you know you own a business and the industry you chose to bring here may not straight away go as smoothly until it’s accepted it’s also there for things like that.” He shrugged remaining cool all the time no reaction given.
“Ruining your day is that what you call is? Someone gives you a gift and that’s ruining your precious day? Tell me did you realise your picking on me how it affected my day? With as you said so much on my back? Yet even when you do know you still persistently continued?” He said watching Nox tightly hold the binder. “Regardless this was a clean slate sorry it’s not to your liking but no matter what I did it would Never have been good enough in your eye.” He sighed “does it make you feel good? Does it make you feel so good about yourself driving me to the ground? Maybe you should stop with your own pity party crap and actually realise people care for you and want to help yes me included I would be putting in this “crap” effort if I didn’t.” He looked over watching Nox pick the keys and stuff up.

“Psh, was just starting to feel the same….” He said following behind.
As they arrived and Nox was ahead stopping for a moment Jericho caught up.
“Oh I’m sorry, care to carry me so I’m not more of a hinderance for you?” He said sarcastically.
Airi looked over hiding behind reese as a rampaging Nox came through for some yatsuhashi. Jericho sighed “I may have ticked him off a bit.” He said standing there.
“I just gave him a gift of a motivational jar and journal and now I’m the worst thing since sliced bread.” He said shrugging.

Airi hugged Jericho “it’s okay he will warm up to you soon. I just know it right Reese!?” She asked looking over at Reese.


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"Nox is one to be quite a turn off to some people with his rude and snarky personality but someone who is calm and patient will totally click! He calms down once you get to know him and get used to his remarks. He often likes to share what's on his mind if he is calm enough and is comfortable with the other person! Oh ho ho they are going to be so cute together!" She gushed as she typed something quickly on her phone. "speaking of which, what about you? Are you single or do you have a significant other?" Reese pried.

"Of course i can keep a secret! what's popping?" Her face fell when she heard the tea and frowned. "is that so? Well not to worry, that secret is safe with me but i guess it's a shame that we are plotting your unrequited love to swoon someone who is clearly not interested.." She sighed as she shook her head. "Love is such an intricate subject to deal with, hopefully you will find someone! And as your wingwoman, i will do anything to find you someone to spend the rest of your life with! Trust me on that!" she said giving a wink.

"Of course! Nox is the type to do that believe it or not, would walk me home if no one else would and a couple of our other friends! he is a great company with the jokes and the talks. Surely that would really snap some magic in both of them!" She squealed, pumping her fist in the air enthusiastically. "Oh? That's...something." She said, her face looking a bit shocked. "Well either way, I. Reese. Will pledge my utmost loyalty to finding you someone. Who do you swing with? Girls? Boys? Someone inbetween? What's the juice?"

"Oh so they tasked you with dragging me behind you like a dog? Pathetic." he grumbled. Flipping through a few folders as he watched Jericho. "Well unlike other people, i don't fawn over every person i meet like i'm socially starved. Personalities change if someone isn't in a good mood. If you couldn't tell, i'm the person who isn't in a good mood." He scoffed. "Right. I heard what she said outside the building, coming her to throw me a guilt ticket aren't you? just like everyone else." He scoffed. Tossing a piece of paper with messy scribbles into the trash can. "What she needs to do is get away from my problems and focus on her's for once. I'm tired of her acting like a mosquito, hovering around me. trying to squeeze whatever juice she can out of me."

"People want to be here for me. Happy now?" He snapped. "I don't want the goddamn help because i don't need it. I can work perfectly fine on my own without outside forces. Is it that hard to get into your peanut sized brain?" He looked at jericho and rolled his eyes. "fineee. You got me. It's a jar and papers. That's all i'm willing to see. Nothing else, nothing more." He walked up to Jericho and snatched them quickly, setting them on the table as he continued to flip through pages of tattoo ideas. Muttering something quietly to himself. "Ok? so you get it. I don't need your help, or anyone else's. So take your leave if you have nothing else to say. If you're doing the same thing i'm doing. Then find your own help."

"I know it's stupid because i tried it once before and it was a waste. Just like all the other times. So why do you think this is going to be any different?" He took a paper out of the binder and ripped it up. "Useless design.." he whispered quietly. Dropping the scraps into the trash can. "Well they didn't. Friends is a longshot at this point. I don't care if we are neighbours, our relationship right now is already on thin ice." As soon as he heard his name, he immediately grabbed whatever was nearest him and threw it at Jericho. "Don't. Say. My. Name. I didn't tell it to you. So you don't say it." Nox had thrown only a pen so it didn't hurt Jericho.


Reese gave an apprehensive look as she looked behind Airi. Noticing a specific person. She immediately covered her mouth and tugged on Nox's sleeve. Nox immediately went to slap her hand away when he noticed her face. "Oh god no. Not now." He hissed as he roughly shoved the sweet treats into Reese's hands and went to go grab the ear of whoever spooked Reese and drag him away. Reese stared as Nox faded away into the crowd and sighed. "That..was Nox's Ex. This isn't going to end well. Last time, his Ex gave him a scar after smashing something to the side of his head after Nox threw a punch. I better stop them before it gets worse. Hold these for me please?" She asked as she handed the treats into Airi's hands and ran after Nox.

Reese couldn't find Nox in the sea of people and started to freak out, texting Airi that she couldn't find him and was getting worried. Nox was standing in an alleyway, looking past the person's face with annoyance. "Spill you little punk. Why are you here? you that obsessed you gotta chase after me every single goddamn second don't you?" He questioned, flicking the forehead of the person. The person gave a quiet chuckle as they rubbed their forehead. "oh no no. Of course not..sweetie..I just wanted to see you! it's been such a long time after all..."


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“You’re telling me!” Jericho said with a sarcastic tone. “It was like being in a lions den.” He said folding his arms.

“I think so too I mean looking at them two now can’t you just see them cuddled up with a blanket together?” Airi said also gushing.
“Single, Pringle me!” She giggled. Smiling at Reese.

“Yeah it’s true, but honestly it’s okay, he never lead me to believe there was something more, he told me he wasn’t into girls a long time ago but yet he’s just, he’s just Jeri and I want him happy I wouldn’t want him to be in a relationship with me and be sad you know?”’she said “besides there’s gotta be a guy out there or even a girl who knows!” She grabbed Reese’s hands and jumped excitedly. “Also I think they will be super cute together!” Airi brushed when Reese Winked at her and grabbed Reeses hand and jumped excitedly once again.

“Woah he sounds dreamy, I’m sure Jeri has seen that in him also.” Airi looked at Reese and contemplated for just a moment “I think a girlfriend would be nice.” She said softly.

“Nope, actually was my idea to drag you like a dog there, so come on boy, let’s go for walkies.” Jericho joked “I think the whole street knows your not in a good mood….look all I’m trying to say is you need to let loose of the pressure once in a while, your past isn’t gonna always come back to bite you?only if you keep festering in it will you keep reliving it and looping yourself in a downward spiral.” He said leaning back “I know I know you hate my guts, I’ll take that was your way of being nice!” He smiled seeming a tad more confident than he did earlier in the shop.
“A guilt ticket? That’s new Never heard of those before, look people get into others business because they care doesn’t matter why they go through as long as those they care about are okay. When you gonna get that inside your head not everyone is is out to get you, not everyone can fix your problems, but sometimes we just wanna talk and be there for you help guide you out of this space your in, clearly we all think your worth it to put infront of ourselves.” He shrugged.

Jericho raised an eyebrow “sure totally I can see it? Perfectly fine just on your own meeting someone for the first time picking on them, Cut the crap we know it’s fake.” He said though his words one would think he’s had enough but his tone said otherwise was more of a I’ll be here and stand here until you understand your worth it tone. No sign of giving up trying to break Nox’s walls down.

Jericho was taken back when he snatched them from his hands. “Maybe I already have that’s why I’m wanting to be by your side through this, no one has to do it alone. Your a great guy, handsome, businessman great Witt you got it all. So why have this surrounding you when you can have someone to release it all out too? To talk too” He shrugged.

“All honestly maybe the fact I didn’t have a clue as I just met you was just something nice other than a plain old greeting card.” He rolled his eyes.

Jericho stood back when the pen came flying at him as it hit his arm and dropped to the ground.
Jericho picked up the card from the front and gave it to Nox “business owner, are you not he?” He said tossing the business card from his hand into Nox’s. “But let’s go they’re probably waiting.” He sighed as they headed out.
Airi and Jericho watched as Nox headed of with this stranger in the distance fading away. After finding out who it was Airi gasped grabbing the stuff and nodding “be safe” she said. In doing so Jericho yelled to Reese “I’ll check this way, you check that way.” As he headed off Airi staying put so she was safe.

Airi upon getting the texts messaged Jericho who was still looking until something caught his eye, two people in an alleyway.
Jericho headed towards the opening of the alleyways watching to confirm it was Nox.

He text Airi to tell Reese he found him and that he was going to intervene in their little reunion.
He didn’t trust the smarmy look on the other guys face and if he hurt Nox before who was to say he wouldn’t do it again.

Jericho walked up to Stand beside Nox “there you are I’ve been looking all over for you, my lovely. Now who is this stood before us.” He said standing next to Nox a lot more closer than internally he felt comfort with but wasn’t thinking on that just wanted to get Nox out of the situation.
“Come the girl have been looking for us and I thought it was my turn to take the trash out tonight? You did it sometime ago hmm?.” He said looking back at Nox’s ex knowing full well a reaction was coming and at this point from either one of them.
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"So i guess that's good? Didn't play with your feelings and such?" She tapped her chin as she pondered out loud. "Well at least you know that but i'm sure there is someone out there in this wild world for you! i just know it!" She said clasping Airi's hands in hers. "You never know! stay optimistic!" SHe gave a smile as she took a picture of them together. "Aw isn't this cute? not even an hour meeting each other and it feels like we have known each other for years..Doesn't it feel odd?"
"He is the catch and always had people following after him, his own harem you get? but he declined every advance with a simple no. I always wondered how he had the pick of the pack and chose to stay single. He wouldn't even bat an eye when someone proclaimed their love where i would have turned red as a tomato."
"Girlfriend eh? I have a couple of friends that are single, or you can try your luck on a dating service. Or maybe just wait and see if they come to you first. So many options!"

"Hell no, you're going to have to drag me away from my spot for that bullcrap to work." He hissed. "Let loose? Oh i'm sorry. Let me just let loose. God damn it no i can't! if the person is going to follow me in my sleep then it's just wishful thinking. It's easy to do so and right now, it's not something i plan to do. I have better things to do like running this parlour." He rolled his eyes at the comment and muttered something under his breath. "Since when were you this cocky eh? I guess the clothes do make the man if your acting like this instead of the wimp at the flower shop."
"Oh so you're pulling that on me." He ripped out a piece of paper and scribbled a drawing of a ticket with the words of "Guilt ticket: Admit one" He handed Jericho the ticket and crossed his arms. "there, you have now officially seen a guilt ticket. Doesn't that do wonders for your brain."

"Fine. I'm perfectly fine. Does that work? I don't need your help, I don't need anyone elses. I am perfectly god damn fine. So shut it." he hissed. "I told reese..I keep telling her she needs to get her head out of the gutter and focus on herself. I don't want help." He sighed, rubbing his face. "I'm spilling and i hate it. I hate this. Just leave."
"Backstabbers. That's what they all are in the end. Useless bullcrap i'm spouting out now." He slumped down in a chair and leaned back. "I don't want to talk to anyone. And certainly not you. I'm going to say garbage and it's going to suck. So give up. I'm not opening, i opened once and look at were that ended."

"Jesus. What got into your brain you dimwit? Acting so sappy even though i was and still will be rude as hell to you. And i ain't some celeb. People go through all the time, why are you singling me out like a i choose you from pokemon?"
"Handsome? now you're just straight up flirting with me." he crossed his arms and stared at Jericho from his spot in the chair. "Course i got it all. So i don't need someone like you because just like you said. I have it all." Smirking, thinking he fooled Jericho. "Don't care. I don't want to. Going to bottle it all up because it's better that way. So shut up and stop talking about it."


Nox stared at Jericho with a look of surprise, ready to sock Jericho in the stomach but didn't lift a finger and instead just huffed and looked away. "Stop saying those sappy words. Your one to talk after you pissed me off back home." Nox muttered. "Just some dude. Let's go." Nox was about to turn away and leave when the person grabbed onto his arm, he immediately swung his hand and slapped the person in the face. The person let go of nox's arm and recoiled. Cursing under their breath. "Don't touch me, lizard brain." Nox spat out and turned to leave, dragging Jericho away by his shirt. The Ex watched them leave, eyes ready to kill.

Reese had come back and was watching the scene unfold with Airi. When Nox and Jericho regrouped with the girls, Nox was looking like the next person to talk to him would have their face smashed into the nearest wall. "You." he snarled, pointing at Jericho. "Don't do that dump bullcrap again." He left without taking his treats and was lost in the crowd. Reese gave a sigh as she rubbed her forehead. "Jericho? Can you follow him? his ex is a stalker if you didn't notice. I'm a bit worried if he goes alone and then gets kidnapped or something. Plus he must have been in a hurry, he would have never forgotten his yatsuhashi." She handed Jericho the treats and pushed him off in the direction of Nox without letting him have a say in it. "thank you!" Reese shouted, waving her hand as she watched Jericho disappear into the thinning crowd.

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