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"When something actually happens to damage your physical being then she cares all of a sudden?" He grumbled. "You're being deliberate on not really giving a clear description of what she is like and just skimming over random parts you remember." He sighed. "I guess so. And you don't? So you really do just stay hold up in the shop every single day for every hour you're awake. I really need to get you out for once and experience life."
"I think they would. They aren't very shy or anything so they often say what's on their mind. So you will get to know what they think of you straight off the bat." Nox gave a small chuckle. "it sure does, which i don't think you think is a bad thing don't you.." He said, leaning in close into Jericho before backing away. "See. You're not innocent. You just look innocent." He smirked. "Since where did you get all that confidence? It just oozes out of you now. It's really shining through with those pick up lines.."

"You have to be a bit more clear than just walking out you know." He said looking up from the phone screen. "She is just going to keep coming back till she wears you down and you just accept it. She also pretends you're closer than you really are. Mostly to get a stir or to feel better about the predicament you both are in. Walking is just going to entice her more because you aren't saying no. You need to have a chat with her. Say if she doesn't knock it off then you guys are better off just not being friends. Real friends wouldn't do that. You need to be direct and firm. Not budging until she agrees with your terms. That's the only way she will get that you are one, uncomfortable with the actions she is doing and two. Clearly not interested. Do you get what i'm saying?"

Nox looked at him and laughed. "You do know you're not making this better for yourself right?" He asked. "Yes it could be you in fact because you might as well be the only sun i need in my life." He smirked. "Aww come on. Are you going back into your shell? It was just a comment." He said reaching over to try and tug the hoodie away from Jericho's face. "Let me see that pretty face of yours eh?" Noticing how Jericho just turned a deeper shade of red. "Right right. Just the powder. Alright i'll lay off ya for now.." He laughed. "You probably did it before you passed out. I ain't complaining either. Just stating what could of happened."
"Never said i was, love." Nox chuckled as they kissed. "I'll be looking forward to it then. Goodbye." He said waving Jericho a parting as the door shut.

"OOH SAME!" Reese squealed. "I told you that before right when i gave you your nickname. Oh my god we have so much in common don't we? Like it was just fate that we met." She sighed happily. "Oh my god you need to! It's such a beautiful place and pretty chill. Lovely views of the harbour and the volcano across the harbour along with the sunsets. Such a dream don't ya think? Plus you have friends here including me and why live in your parents estate when you can be a socialite. And is that all holding you back?? I know a real estate friend and while they're busy finding a house for you, you can stay here!! I have an extra futon which i can move in here next to mine! What do you think?!"

"Aw sweet! Literally." She laughed. "Alright let's go." She said as she laughed when being pushed out the door by Airi. "You have more of a sweet tooth then I do with how your acting after i dropped the news." She giggled. Opening the door to her car and ushering Airi in. "Well let's go then! If i get my work done quicker, then we can head over there earlier."
"I work as a tattoo artist and manage some of the finances. Nox is the head honcho while i'm his second in command because i'm his best friend AND i was the one who said he should move places and put a building here. Business is booming so i'm quite pleased with my choice and I bet Nox is too." She said flipping through folders on her computer. "I also design tattoos for my online portfolio and i co-run the website and all the social media accounts with Okazai." She said.

"I don't design anything in particular but i have a knack for anything intricate and has colouring to it. I personally take those specific tattoos or if someone chooses something from my portfolio which has every single tattoo i have done and samples of what i could do." She said, bringing up a huge folder of tattoo pictures. She started scrolling down, naming her current favourites and stories behind others. "This one might have taken the longest but it was really worth it. To bad the colours most likely faded by now since this was a couple years ago at a old location."
"I just need to organize all the appointments scheduled and upload it to our work calendar for the whole team. Normally Reiner is the one who does this but he is on leave." She said as she flipped open in another tab, a huge spreadsheet of every single tattoo session and meetings before tattooing popped up. "This and a few other things are all i have to do today. Might look easy but trust me..it isn't."

"Not fancy? I see candlelights so i think it's fancy." He chuckled. "Oh sure these look nice. You have a knack for making them. The folds are clean." He complimented, taking one and examining it. "Ya no worries. Would have been getting eaten sooner or later. And besides, you made it so either way. Five star quality to me no matter what." He sat down and shrugged. "Guess that's good enough. Not even our second date and we are already together. Crazy how love works." He said. "Is this eaten with a fork? The noodles don't seem easy to pick up with chopsticks." He asked as he hugged Jericho back. "No worries and come on. You sang lovely, no need to be afraid your boyfriend is going to overhear you." He said, twirling the pasta with his fork. "Oh alright. What do we have here?" he said looking at the table with curiosity. "I'm afraid i'm not well acquainted with american dishes."

After they settled down and filled their plates up, they began to chat over everything. Sharing a laugh or chuckle here and there. After they finished, they both got up to wash the dishes. "Oh, i have something to do for a bit but i'll be back. Perhaps a movie when i get back. You can choose and i'm sure i have some snacks to eat while watching it. Also you don't have to sleep on the couch. I think my bed is big enough for both of us." He said, rubbing his finger over Jericho's knuckle. Nox grabbed a bag and the same small metal tin can and waved a quick goodbye after a kiss. He walked out to the parking lot, a short walk away and opened the tin box. Taking a cigar out and lighting it up. He leaned against the cinder blocks as he watched the moon. He only took five before stopping and threw the stubs away. He sprayed some cologne on to cover the smell before heading back to the apartment. He opened the door and joined Jericho on the couch. "What are we watching?"


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Jericho sighed “pretty much and I guess I just have strong denial on a lot of it. You see, all through my child hood I’ve had to care for mother haven’t really had the chance to be a teenager when I was one. She got really down when father left, she wouldn’t come out of her room, barely eat drink or sleep, countless hospital trips from her not taking care of herself. I basically had to do everything. I’d try and go out with friends shed make some guilt trip as to why I can’t.” He looked back “she acts sweet and innocent because she blocked that part out when we moved here.”
He looked at Nox and nodded “100% life based in a small shop smelling of roses. It’s why I pretty much lack social skills right now.” He shrugged. “I mean that would be nice for sure, but sounds like a dream only kinda thing”

“Interesting, it’ll be nice to meet other direct thinkers.” He smiled.
Jericho stood back just taking a small step back as Nox got closer “ I mean I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all to be quite honest…” he said now becoming unsure of his words.
“I am innocent, don’t you see the halo on my head?” He snickered “the confidence is there once the walls are broken down it doesn’t happen often or for just anyone , oh isn’t that interesting though, guess that might mean the start are aligned, the roses in the shop bloomed as you walked into the room you know?” He said pushing the compliment train just thst little further before he stopped waving Nox off with a “okay im good!” Followed by a small chuckle.

“But we had that sit down and talk, and besides if pushing her physically away from me with each attempt doesn’t do anything along with a verbal “No” and a I don’t think we can be friends if you continue. Then what happens what if she still tries?” He asked really lost on the situation. On how to come to grips with it all. “I had to leave our friend group as she told them I was with her as she wanted to be popular having a boyfriend… now they think I’m the jerk who broke up with her… but I don’t live there so I don’t have to deal with it. I guess when your lonely I haven my boundaries yes but I didn’t want to be alone all the time I have 11 months of that a year just one month with someone was nice just not the crap that went along with it.” He sighed again.
“I get it I’ll try again when I next see her. Thanks Nox.” He smiled looking into Nox’s eyes.

“Your not helping by causing me to blush so much!” He said swiping at a Nox playfully “ ohhh stop it there’s better stars out there to light up your sky, don’t need this dim star dampening your sky.”
“Yes, I’m going back Im my shell, these compliments are lovely but their more than what I expected that’s all.” He said as Nox tugged at the hoodie successfully pulling it from Jericho’s face.
“Pretty there’s nothing pretty about it” he said holding Nox’s hand as he tried to tug the hood back over but failing and ending up staring into Nox’s eyes.

Jericho looked at Nox and nodded “it was” trying to stay persistent. “I mean probably was a big ordeal that happened so can’t blame me for wanting to keep a close eye on you and just so happened to end up in that position.”
Jericho smiled brushing the hair from Nox’s face and rescropated the kiss once more “the many mysteries of Nox I see ones I’m glad I get the chance of seeing unravel.” Jericho also waved To Nox then headed off.

“Yes, yes I remember. I’ll look into it if you wanna help? Could use an extra pair of hands to scope the area.” She smiled. “Well truth is nothing is holding me back I want to move, OMG LETS DO IT!” She squealed holding Reese’s hands.”that would be epic thank you so much my REESEY!” She said jumping up and down with excitement.

“I love all kinds of sweet treats.” She said grabbing a small handful from last night treat bowl.”yes let’s go!” She said skipping to the car.
“Oh wow that’s amazing it’ll boom round here for sure!” Airi nodded. She listens to Reese explain about her job she listened careful and paid a lot of attention to the detail. She smiled and got excited as Reese spoke so passionately. “Wow you really are amazing look at these designs!” She said pointing out all Reeses original designs.
“Oh there’s others just not you two, I guess they will be nice to meet!” She said as she looked over at Reese.
“I won’t be in your way I’ll just sit here and wait.” She smiled scrolling on her phone.

“Shhhh, it’s not fancy just dinner for two with some dancing flames dinner and a show am I right?” Jericho joked.”thanks tried with the swans and they be cute we could display them together.” He smiled looking at them.
“Naww, we’ll I tried that’s all I can say. I mean you haven’t even tried it could taste like a dogs dinner for all you know?” Jericho questioned.
“Yeah, it is crazy, but honestly I feel more at home here with you in your arms than I’ve ever felt in my life.” He said with a deep sincerity to his tone.
“Oh forks are good, you get more than your forks worth with a fork” he chuckled.
Jericho blushed a little to hear the title boyfriend be used, it was still surreal for him to know him and Nox kissed, they are together and it feels amazing.
“True guess I can’t hid my singing voice from you forever. But you dare ask me to sing you a lullaby to bed and there will be talks” he chuckled.
“Well it’s not actually American… it’s Italian a
“Ragu Alla Bolognese” just a fancy name for a fancy meal I guess.” He smirked “it’s just pasta with some tomato marinade sauce I made from scratch with the things you had.” He nodded.

After food and cleaning the dishes that may have ended in a tiny soap sud battle between them. He said Nox take that small tin as he said he needed to do something but just nodded “sure a movie would be great, I’ll see what you have.” He smiled and placed his hand on Nox’s as he brushed his fingers across his knuckles.
He worried about what’s in thst time but trying not to let it consume he just noted he would say if and when he’s ready, don’t push him.
“Wait you mean it? I don’t have to sleep on my own on the couch. Thanks better nights sleep are definitely on the way if I get to sleep in your arms.” He said hardly believing he could actually say that.
After Nox headed out jericho searched the selection of movies and picked out some sort of comedy, he wasn’t all sappy for the romantic films. Besides he was still pretty tired from the recent events needed something to keep him awake.
Airi messaged “your not seriously going to try and get with Nox are you?? Like what about me did you think of how I would feel about this?” Then nothing he sighed and placed the phone on the side not opening the messages just glancing at the notifications that were to remain until he knew what to say. Lucky Nox returned saving the day once again “yeah so I found this one never seen it and don’t know what it’s about but looked good some sort of comedy with a bit of adventure. Fancy this or something else I’m easy.” He said as he pulled Nox to his selection of films. Before the decided to watch the film jericho made some popcorn and brought it over they grabbed the blanket placing it over them both sharing the bowl them playing catch the popcorn with each other, a few more laughs and talks. Was truly the happiest Jeri had been in his life. He leaned his head on Nox’s shoulder and clasped Nox’s hand “thank you for everything and honest I want nothing more than to be with you every moment with you fills me with so much happiness. I just I’m so blessed right now.” He said yawning and trying to hide it as he slowly closed his eyes leaning on Nox’s shoulder.


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"Narcissism. That's all i see and that's all i'm willing to see. She already seemed questionable when i first met her despite her personality and how well she and Reese got along but now i know she was off putting from the start." He sighed, scratching the back of his neck. "Pretending it never happened isn't how you fix a problem such as this. It's just wishful thinking it's just going to blow over like a tumbleweed." He scoffed. "Well with me, i don't think it will be just a dream anymore." He said, patting Jericho on the head. "Is that so?" He questioned. "I don't judge. Just curious. Besides, that halo is looking a bit dim then any regular halo. Are you sure your not fibbing?" He asked. Waving his hand over Jericho's head. "So i guess i'm a special one eh?" He snickered. "You broke them down just for me. How charming...Oh is that so? They have wonderful tastes." He said as he brushed his hand over Jericho's face. "Just like you. My own rose to take home.." He smirked.

"Well then you need to bring out the big guns. If that doesn't get to her, something else will. And i mean it will. You can't be dancing around this like ring around the rose. You have to face it head on or else she would just bounce back. Like a boomerang kinda."
"If you said that, yet she still persisted. Why haven't you cut her out yet? The next move would be to just shut her out completely. You gave her warnings and she ignored them. Now she gets the punishment. You can't be light with her despite you being friends. You need to be clear and show no mercy." He stated. "Now that is toxic can't you see? She is trying to choke you out for all your worth for her own ego and pleasure. I went down a different route of toxicity and i don't want to see her dragging you down further you hear? You better. If not, i'll do it for you. Tell me when you plan to meet up so i can be there with someone else for one, emotional support and two. To throw hands if she shows her fangs."

"I think with a little help and some love, you can shine brighter than any other star in my sky. Don't you want to see that? Be that?" He asked. "Because i sure want that." He chuckled as he kept teasing Jericho. "But your reaction is cute so I won't stop anytime soon. You learn a thing or two when you hear these from other people constantly."
"Doesn't seem like you're going back to your shell because i just evicted you." He said proudly, keeping the hoodie away from Jericho. "And you're moving in with me, doesn't that seem better?" He asked, leaning in close to Jericho till their noses touched. "You should be. No one has ever gotten this close after they were pried open in the past. Savour it like a sweet."

"Of course! I know a thing or two with house finding..did it for a while before Nox picked my lame ass up and got me a new place in just a few days! I don't know the tricks he used but i am more skilled than i was before!" She said holding hands with Airi. "WHOO!!" She squealed with Airi as they jumped up and down together. "My Reesey?" Reese asked before laughing. "That sounds like something you would call your lover but i guess we are closer than regular friends in just a couple days." She said grinning before continuing to jump up and down to fuel the excitement. "You seemed like the type to, glad i was right." She said also taking a couple and tossing it into her bag. "Aw thanks hun but it was nothing. Just glad i got to put my limited art skills to use. And of course! while it would be nice to run this with just us, we could never. Running a tattoo business or any business in general is hard work! Oh and don't worry. We can still talk. I can multitask pretty well."

"Then what is fancy anymore?" Nox chuckled as he held a swan up. "Could you teach me how to make them? They are cute as decoration and it would be a fun thing to do and show to friends." He said. "A dog's dinner is good if you made it." He said. "Wouldn't even know if it's a dogs dinner because i would think of it as a five star restaurant menu item." He snickered as he sat down. "Isn't that something." Nox said as he leaned over the table, tugging at Jericho's shirt and bringing them closer for a kiss. "Thanks for the dinner love. I'll be sure to repay you sometime soon."
"Alright thought so. And thank you for the new idea." He chuckled. "Wasn't thinking of doing that but now that you told me..i just have to do it now. And italian? Huh. I don't really eat anything at all to be honest that isn't japanese since i lived here my whole life but you came from somewhere else didn't you? I didn't peg you as japanese when i first saw you."
"Well i lied, there are some places that offer foods from different places of the world but i don't see myself walking through their doors that often. I'm used to just sticking with the same old. Might get tiring but the comfort is there and that's all i can ask for." He said. "Hm. Sounds good. Can't wait to try it."

"I have a couple, and of course we can watch something on the streaming services i have. Take your pick." He looked at Jericho and gave a shrug. "Would i be a boyfriend if i didn't offer my lover my bed?" Nox questioned as he ruffled Jericho's hair. "Course i mean it. Unless you would rather have the room on the couch..Have fun finding a movie." He said waving a quick goodbye as he grabbed the metal tin and left the apartment building. He came back and cleaned up quickly before heading over to the living room. "Is that so? Never seen it either so a new one for both of us." He said as he plopped down on the couch with Jericho. "i'm good with it. And of course, You don't gotta say anything about it." Nox said. "You can sleep on my shoulder, i'll sleep down here tonight." He said as he put the food down and shifted around to get in a more comfortable position. "Goodnight." he said, brushing his hand through Jericho's hair.

Nox had left early to settle some things and left Jericho alone. He had made breakfast before he left along with a note so Jericho wasn't left in the dark. Nox had parked his motorcycle in the parking garage and walked to the building. Opening the door to a mysterious figure and headed up flights of stairs to the meeting room. He however did not make it up when he was hit in the back of the head with a flowerpot. He hit the ground with a thud, head bleeding once more and his vision going blank. His last thought? *Not again..* The meeting was canceled by someone else as to not arouse suspicion of the main person not showing up. Nox was bagged and dragged away into a car. His phone was left on the lost and found counter in the building. So much for location tracking...


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“We have strong family ties so as you know I’m not originally from here, we’ll we grow up together she was a child who clicked her fingers got what she wanted, when we had to move away back here to mothers family home she couldn’t bare it so begged her father to move. Her father paid the mortgage on the house but I had to sell it to pay for her care now and to keep the shop semi afloat.” He sighed. “I was 16 when I had to sell the house. There was an apartment upstairs in there like yours, but now it’s just filled with endless Crap from the old house.” He sighed “mothers a hoarder, like it’s bad. I’ve tried cleaning bits in my spare time but anyways no room for a bed or something I had to clean up stuff to sell so I could buy stock, still doing that now.” He sighed showing Nox his selling account on a website he used 34 listed items.
“I don’t wanna pretend like it will just go on it’s own, I wanna just not feel on edge around her.” He looked towards Nox “perhaps so though being around you is a dream so I think it’ll still be a dream.” He smiled. “My halo shines bright thank you very much, but I guess when your around there is the devious side which seems to be more apparent.”

Jericho looked toward Nox his gaze not looking anywhere but locked on him as he stood close to him. “You are indeed, I guess you could say I broke them down I think they have Very good taste” he snickered. Jericho looked into Nox’s eyes as he brushed his hand against his face, “I, Errm, well kinda speechless with that thank you.” He placed his hand on Nox’s and giggled “to think that your letting me touch your hand after your statement yesterday “im not touching your hand I don’t know where it’s been” he imitated. As he grabbed Nox’s other hand and intertwined his fingers with his.

Jericho smiled “you’ve become very into roses I see from how much you use them in your analysis and compliments, anyone would have thought you’d been kiss by a rose.” He said then coming back to the question. “Yeah I know just not always able to do the whole being direct thing.” He sighed “in all honestly, my mother had a thing with Airi’s dad some mutual agreement to keep the shop afloat. Well I guess I still needed somewhere to live so I kept quite for all the while his pitons keeps the shop open. Though barley.” He sighed. “ I see it, just don’t know how to handle it confrontation is not my forte and let’s face it felt he past few years when the heck have I been able to care about myself and what I want?”
“Thanks Nox, means a lot. Also I can’t see you being toxic, rude perhaps but not toxic.” He smiled grabbing Nox’s hand and holding it close to him.
“Well now she’s besties with Reese I think it’ll probably be Sunday now. If you wouldn’t mind being there would be a huge help to me.”

“There you go again with the compliments, now I feel your doing it on purpose just to see me like this. But in answer to your question yes, yes I do want that more than anything.” He said still trying to hide away.
“No fair no teasing me, how is it cute to see someone go red as a tomato anyways?”
“Nooo, lemme have my shell back!”
He said trying to fight back for the hoodie to no avail.
“It is better so much better, I don’t know how much you can tell but since you let me move in with you my life and mods has dramatically got better. Happiest I’ve ever been.”
He said as their noses touched he smiled and took a deep breath as his heart raced from Nox being so close to him. “I will, don’t worry I have been from the moment we met…”.

“That’s amazing so My Bestie REESEY is multitalented? I expect nothing less from you.” She giggled holding Rees’s hands.
“I give all people who mean a lot to me nicknames, Reesey just fits your personality”
She smiled brushing hair from Reeses face and looking back down.
“Of course!” She chuckled linking her arm with Reese.
“Yeah I know Jeri has had to do it on his own since he was 16. His mother I honestly don’t know how she could leave her son to do that.”
Airi threw her phone down and squealed loud enough so Nox could hear and she silenced a little and chatted with Reese.

“Fancy is us having to wear the finest attire and using the most expensive food, and like you know that stuffs.” He smiled sure they are pretty easy. When you have some free time I’ll show you. Errrmm, just be aware there is a towel origami swan in the bathroom, had to test before hand im a little rusty!”
Jericho blushed yet again. “There you go again with those compliments, thanks but it’s probably not that great I mean my family would probably be disappointed say I’m a disgrace and whatever for it.” He shrugged but couldn’t much as his shirt was tugged and he was pulled in for a kiss.
“No repay needed, you have given me so much already.”

Jericho rapidly tried to wave the idea away from Nox but was failing “no, no it wasn’t meant to be an idea.” He giggled though trying to keep a straight face. “Italian yes, when we traveled there was a meal apparently I would only eat.” He laughed.
“Oh yeah originally Spanish because father was born in Spain and mother was born in Japan but she moved to Spain when she met father and stayed there till events happened and we had to move to the states where I did a lot of growing up till I was 16 and we’re here now.”
“I get that to be honest doesn’t appeal to everyone, if you want the truth when I first moved here I lived of instant noodles and that was it I wouldn’t touch anything else. So I get comfort a lot. But who knows maybe can add a few alternative meals to your list?”he suggested brushing his fingers through Nox’s hair.

“Sure I’ll take a look!”
He said unsure on where to start looking. “ I mean I guess.” He shrugged as he leaned into Nox’s arms for a moment before picking the film.
“No, I mean sharing is fine id love that.” He smiled.
As Nox came back and he plopped himself down on the couch Jericho joined him. Jericho laid his head on Nox’s shoulder “thanks I’ve actually this sounds so stupid…” he sighed “I’ve never actually had anyone make me feel safe, hold me in an embrace while I sleep, my mother and father never hugged me or really showed any sign of affection, though she tries to now so she can keep up appearances.” He said cuddling into Nox holding the blanket, his eyes closing the most relaxed and comfortable it all really did just feel like a dream.
“Goodnight Nox, My love.”

Jericho awoke hoping to wake up to see Nox but he was gone…again. “Guess I really do look that terrible in the mornings huh.” He giggled.
He headed over to find the breakfast and note and rolled his eyes “guess I’m not the only workaholic here.” He said taking a bite of his breakfast before getting ready to also go to the flower shop.

Jericho proceed to message a lovely good morning message:

“Love is in the air you breathe
Flowers bloom in summer breeze
The night is jealous of the moon
Softly caressing the face of you

Memories of you survive
My heart could never say goodbye
We may be the past, I know...
You're the voice that soothes my soul

I want you and I always will
Until the day my time stands still'
Forever, you'll be a part of me
I'll love you sweet and tenderly

I need you and I always will.
Have a lovely Day My Love.”
As the day went on one of the locals was dropping around flyers dropping one in to Jericho as he was singing once again.
“You should come to this tonight it’s a performance show. You can perform and the winner gets 2345,00¥ seems worth it with those pipes you have sunny” he said placing it down on the counter and an embarrassed Jericho waving the guy off as he left.

“A show with money I kinda need, I guess..” he picked up his phone and tried calling Nox it just rang and voicemail kicked in. “Perhaps he’s still with the client, I’ll text him. So he did. He then walked next door to Reese in the parlor “Nox is still with the client I think but I have a favour to ask.” He said placing the flyer down on the counter “I think I need a new outfit for this. I can’t embarrass Nox looking like this I need your help. Just to make me more presentable.” He said realising he didn’t know how much Reese knew so was prepared for the bombarded excitement of Nox and Himself being together.


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"I noticed, it was easy to tell. Your japanese is a bit rough on some edges. Same with your writing along with how you speak it. It's subtle but if you look at it closely, you can tell." He commented. "Oh her personality showed it off. The i want it, i got it type. I'm not a big fan since usually they end up as brats. With spoiled childhood and all." He frowned. "Oh. She's a hoarder? seemed nice but i guess in reality, it's all a lie. Wanting to seem like that poor sweet mother who can't do anything herself. Pathetic." He scoffed. "Well at least your getting some use out of those items. My mother had the same thing. She was too emotionally attached to certain things and it got more drastic later on. It wasn't hoarding but some people would call it that. It was never as bad as what you had to deal with but it would have done us good if she got rid of the items...Is that so?" Nox questioned. "Then you better be in a coma if you don't want to lose me.." He snickered. "I bring out the other side in everyone, including you."

"It's the flower of love. How could i not? A beautiful flower just like you and means so many things. So it's easy to slide it into what i say." He sighed. "And haven't I? You're the rose in my life so perhaps i have kissed you." He smirked. "I can tell if you're still in this predicament. And those petitions must be doing something if you're still here. Wouldn't want to waste those do you?"
"Not sure but you're going to be doing it starting now. I'll make sure of it." Nox said, grabbing Jericho's hand. "Eh. People say all sorts of things about me. Rude, selfish, toxic, a self inferiority complex which i might say is a new one and more. Interesting to see what people come up with but it doesn't bother me. Of course i will."

"Aw thanks! But it's just something that came with an overachiever family. You had to do everything or do nothing. So i had my fair share of lessons filling up everyday of the week with something new to learn just around the corner. I can play the piano as well along with the drums. Not good to do anything with it or be dependent on it but it's just a random skill i can do."
"Isn't that cute. I like calling you Ari Ari because calling you air would, be weird and is also basic. Give it some flare yah?" Reese said. "Wow his mother doesn't seem like the brightest bulb in the box nor the nicest one. I pity him." She sighed sadly. "Alright. Lower your voice a bit? Nox has some clients in the other room and hearing you scream might not be the best idea." She said as they continued talking.

"I mean fancy doesn't have to mean that. it can mean many things. That's just a stereotypical but somewhat true thought." Nox shrugged. "Oh of course. Maybe when we visit my siblings. I'm sure they would like to learn as well." He said. "Oh is that so? I have to see it then." he said getting up to go check the bathroom. "Oh hell there is one." He snickered, taking his phone out to take a photo of the masterpiece. "I can see where you started." He laughed, picking a demented looking one off the ground. "But can i at least say thank you." Nox asked as they pulled away and started eating.

"Oh is that so? Just spaghetti? Interesting choice but i ain't saying anything." Nox commented as he wiped his mouth. "Spanish eh? Couldn't tell from just your physical appearance, you got a lot of japanese traits from your mum. How were the states? I heard there in big turmoil now and it seems like a nightmare to live in then a dream."
"Oh instant noodles. Such a classic." He sighed. "It's so good with the right toppings. And perhaps but i'm fine as of now. I don't mind the lack of variety in what i'm eating. I make it up with other things." He said shrugging. "I don't mind it really."
"Oh well guess i'm your first. Feels nice doesn't it?" Nox asked as they both drifted off to sleep.

The ex sighed and looked back. *Guess i'll grab his phone...* He reached over and turned it on to see a message pop up from Jeri. *Jeri? Who's Jeri?* The ex thought as he grabbed Nox's hand to unlock the phone. "Oh. Well this won't happen on my watch." He sneered after reading the love poem. He responded with a thank you message and drove off. They came to a stop at a house on the outskirts of town. Not far away to make it look suspicious but far enough no one knew about it. He dragged Nox out of the back of the car and tossed him down the basement stairs before locking the door. When Jericho texted Nox's phone. The ex replied that "He" was busy with another client and something came up that he needed to fix.

Reese looked at Jericho with confusion. Airi was in the bathroom so she was busy chomping down on her lunch. "Yo Jeri. What brings you here? Sorry your charming prince isn't here." She teased. "Ooh favour? Tell me." She looked at the poster and held it up. "OOh! this this! yes! I heard it's an awesome show to go to with many talented voices. Are you going to be performing there?" Reese asked. "OH!" She squealed when the puzzle pieces clicked. "YOU GUYS ARE TOGETHER!?" She yelled before quieting down. "oh my god of course i can help you! Say no more! What are you singing?? that will help me choose what outfit i'm picking for you."


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“Is it that obvious? He chuckled.
“Yeah, oozes out of her unfortunately, I mean you can imagine how Christmas and birthdays are right?”
Jeri looked over and nodded with a deep sigh “yeah well no one wants to look bad to the world do they? I think you’d know what would happen to them. But yeah I had no choice and I think she’s too sick now to come back to the shop or anything so it’s another thing for me to sort…yay!” He said Sarcastically rubbing the back of his head.
“Build up of clutter is still a type of hoarding sentimental or not, still is a sort of problem.” He said concerned for Nox and his siblings when he
Found out knowing how much it’s damaged him.
“Ehehe, I will always be with you even if I’m not physically present, just facts.” He said leaning into Nox.
“You sure do, you sure do.”

Jeri looked at Nox slight tint of red appearing to his face. “It is yes and stop you don’t have to compare me to one of the most beautiful botanicals in the world.” He waved Nox off and smiled “though two roses are normally shared together to take the world by storm. The beauty just radiating from you!”
From the last comment Jeri flushed a shade of red with having no where else to turn his his face into Nox’s chest hoping to hide away the red.
“Perhaps…” could be heard muffled as he tried hiding more into Nox’s shirt.

Jeri shook his head “nope I mean they do something’s I guess not a lot though” he sighed.
“Okay….” He said leaning back onto Nox as they held hands. “I mean that’s quite a collection of descriptions you got there, seem to be missing some, lovely, hot, caring kind hearted, etc.” he said pulling Nox’s hand closer to him.

“Sheesh why such a harsh upbringing why did your parents insist on this? Ooooh though it’s interesting with the drums and piano. Nice to know another musician jeri is a singer, hey part time or not of course a great skill to have.” She smiled.
“I love it I don’t get nicknames everyone says it’s too difficult to shorten Airi.” She sighed.
“Nope she’s not he done so much for her also, it is really quite sad.” She giggled silently “sorry my bad just got really excited. To spend more time with my new bestie.” She smiled.

“I see, many meanings of fancy im hair used to the fine dining type as father was always forcing me to attend formal events when I was 7. Guess I just couldn’t see the other side of it?” He questioned.
“Oh perfect yes I’ll bring the book I have on the how to guides but I think I could teach pretty well.” He said rather proudly.
Jeri laughed watching Nox take a picture of the towel swan “ like being in one of those fancy hotel bathrooms right.” He snickered.
“Hey, it’s not as easy as it looks in towels okay.” He said grabbing the terribly done towel swan and throwing the towel as Nox and laughing running away before he could throw it back.
“Of course you can if you’d like I’m isn’t saying you don’t have to it’s a choice. I don’t give to receive you know.?” He giggled.

“It’s not just spaghetti, it’s got herbs and spices and seasoned, just spaghetti..” he said rolling his eyes. Yakisoba just just noodles on it’s own there’s more to it than that from the most stinking baker I’ve ever known no one cake is the same?”

“Mhm, it’s true it’s why my father was annoyed he wanted more Spanish, though I wouldn’t mind taking a siesta at 2pm that I would love!” He said thinking about it. “Eh, was okay, it wasn’t nothing special but said that about a lot of places we had to stay at. Went to Disney world once but that was probs the highlight of the whole work trip father was there for the rest kinda a nightmare yes.” He shrugged.
“It was the only thing that at the time tasted good to me I mean I was 16 year old boy who’s been dragged around the world.” He sighed “no worries occasional dips into other cuisines will help create some beautiful Japanese dishes also, same ingredients but with a twist.” He chuckled.
“The most wonderful feeling in the world, if this is love I never wanna leave your arms.” Jeri said as he cuddled into Nox closing his eyes.

After the few texts jeri received he shrugged “guess he’s got other things by the sounds of it.” He sighed typing back to the latest message “that’s cool just after how interested you were in my singing thought you would have wanted to be there and support me, but work is important just don’t stay too late love” he sent. Sighing feeling a little sadness seek through.

“It’s fine I know he’s with a client right now” he sighed taking a deep breath ready to ask the question.
Jeri looked kinda embarrassed but nodded he couldn’t stomach a verbal yes.” I was hoping that Nox would wanna come considering he’s already heard me sing but he’s seeing a client he said so he wouldn’t be able to come.” He said sipping his head low sad. “He seemed really Interested is he this much of a workaholic?” He asked Reese.
Jeri laughed “yes, yes we are, honestly the best feeling in the world, he’s just….” Jeri trailed as he had 5 minutes daydreaming about Nox.

“Well here’s my problem I’m classical opera trained but I’ve always wanted to do street and I think trying the passion of street has the ticket I need on it. Just wish Nox could be here.” He said looking down at his phone placing it on the side reading the message waiting for the last reply. As a man walked through the door of the flower shop, Jeri could hear the bell as they entered he looked through the window “crap!” He exclaimed as he turned to see the person staring straight back at him, waving and smirking.


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"Sadly yes. Not sure if that's good or bad in your eyes but considering we don't get that many non-Japanese locals around here, it's easy to tell." He said giving a shrug. "I don't really care but some people can be pretty finicky when it comes to that. They probably think you're uncultured or whatever. Like a stereotypical tourist? If you get what I mean?"
"Yep. Bratty and has a mountain of gifts that she probably screams at them for getting the wrong colour. I can just hear the complaints from a mile away." he scoffed. "My family doesn't celebrate christmas cuz we ain't christian. Even if i was, i would be crazy to think they would care. Are you?" He asked. "Christmas also isn't a national holiday here but the stores act like it is. So there's that." He said folding his arms. "Oh. That sucks." He said. "I can help you with whatever you need done if you need to, nothing i can't handle because i think i reached past what i can't handle. Suicide attempts, drug abuse, crappy childhood, being the parent when you should of been the one being the child and more. I don't think much can faze me anymore." He chuckled.

"Hah. You wonder why no one has said those for me? Because they aren't true. They don't want to learn if it is or isn't true because all they see is one scary person who has a rude personality." he sighed, rubbing his face. "Just because you say i'm one thing doesn't mean it's true because what about everyone else? What would they think? It hurts but you can't do much because i'm too emotionless to have problems." He mocked. "I don't have a real personality because i base it off talking down to people. I don't have a life because i'm just a big 'ol mean bully." He sighed. "You get used to it after a while but it still grates on you if you get what i mean." He said, tightening his grip on Jericho's hand. "Got it from my parents and i guess a little bit of just how I got used to saying. Funny isn't it.."

"Well they were famous themselves so of course they wanted their child to be just as bright as them." She laughed. "Didn't really work out if you look at me, instead of being some brainiac, making millions off your own business or being famous in some sport, musical instrument, acting etc I'm just sitting around eating candy as i draw and sing along to the radio." She shrugged. "But it's how i like my life to be so i'm going to keep on running it."
"It is but sometimes i wished i learned it out of wanting to. Not having to be made to do it. Maybe doing it wouldn't feel so sour or lacklustre but what can i say? it's all in the past so can't do much about it now."
"You can't shorten it but that doesn't mean you can't make something new of it!" Reese said. "Creativity is key. And don't give up so easily."

"That sounds about right. Fancy means different things to different people as they come from different lifestyles and different backgrounds but in its most basic form, is what you think fancy is. Nothing bad about it, just stating a random piece of info." He shrugged. "Is that so? Well i can't wait for that day to come then." He nodded as he got up to go to the bathroom. "I suppose so. Though it is quite a feat how you got them to balance on each other. Most would topple over by the time you got even close to getting some height."
"Hey i didn't say it was bad." Nox protested as the towel hit his face. "Oh your on now." He grinned. He ran and caught up to Jericho in a flash, throwing the towel onto Jericho's head and ran away. "it seems you forgot that i grew up with siblings meaning races were everything. You can't run from me so easily.." He shouted back as he avoided a towel throw from Jericho.

"He doesn't get a say in whose genes you take a dip in. Just the power of luck and genetics. That's it. My parents are both japanese but i have Chinese from my dads mum and korean from my mum's father. So i got a huge mix of asian in me." He said. "Oh..disney world..what is that." Nox questioned, taking his phone out and googling it. "Oh. an amusement park. Seems a bit bland." He frowned. "But i guess exploring the world in a different eyes view would have been more..enticing. Like instead of being forced to do it, you're doing it because you always dreamed of doing it if you get what i mean." He said. "Perhaps but i don't mind really. But i guess with you in my life now, i'll be opening a new door in cuisine." He said as he wrapped his arm around Jericho. "It feels nice doesn't it..goodnight."

The Ex scoffed at the reply Jericho sent and just turned off his phone. Not bothering to respond. He shoved the phone in his pocket as he turned the radio up. Reaching to the back to stroke Nox's hair. A grin forming on his face. "He won't take you away from me anymore..he won't hurt you anymore.." He sighed as he opened the door to the house. Tossing Nox down the stairs without any care and locking the door. "You can run..but you can't hide my love. I will always come back. Just as i promised all those years ago.." He sighed happily as he grabbed a box of cigars and left the house once more.

Reese frowned. "He is? gosh he really needs to work on his work schedule. Must be a meeting then. Did you ask him about the show?" She asked. "Oh you did? So he is coming right? Gosh now i can totally see why you wanna look snazzy for this show. Trying to impress a certain someone eh?" She snickered, nudging Jericho over the table. "What? That's super odd of him. I'm 100% sure he would accept the invite with a grin!" She asked Jericho for his phone and looked at the recent text Nox sent. "This is so not like him. Maybe he is having an off day but why would he act like this with you? This just isn't adding up....I mean..he is..really bad. But like he would stop work for something like this..i hope nothing bad is happening to him right now."

Reese pondered over Jericho's predicament and waved him off shouting she would text him later when she found something for him as he scrambled over to his shop. The person was holding a huge bouquet of roses and seemed oddly perky. He sat the roses down on the cashier and waited for Jericho to get behind the counter. "Aren't you supposed to be manning the counter at all times?" The customer said coolly. "I saw you over at the tattoo parlour. Thinking of getting one eh?" When Jericho rang him up, he handed him his card and asked for a pen. "These are for my boyfriend. He likes roses so it would be a nice gesture to give him some."

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