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Did you know that you can change your roleplay preferences here(click me) ?
  1. Soon. Captain has been spent with work and I haven't been feeling well lately.
  2. Long post is long.

    Captain Hesperus
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  3. This 'Roosters' café is popular.

  4. cock a doodle doo
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  5. It's convenient to the local college, offices and, of course, Shuttle Bay 18. Also coincidence rules ok!

    Captain Hesperus
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  6. Is this role-play still accepting? @Rhakun suggested it to me. :closed eyes open smile:
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  7. Probably :D!

    You'll just have to accept that it is not the fastest RP around, Captain and I are regularly busy with work or running the site and such. If you still want to, feel free to send in a character!

    The RP recently started and its going along at a chill pace :).
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  8. I actually love the slow pace. It allows me (and others) to put some more effort in the posts and story. Sometimes it's good to leave a piece of writing be for a while before you look back at it.

    That said, I will probably have my post out tomorrow.
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  9. Okay :D!
  10. I'd just like to compliment everyone on the characters so far. All of them are really interesting and cool, and I look forward ot interacting with them!
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  11. getting my post up as soon as i can
  12. A quick reminder to people that they still need to update their CSs with Equipment and Known Associates entries when they can.

    Captain Hesperus
  13. Just waiting for more peeps to post so we can advance the scene more.
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  14. Oh hi :D
  15. It has my attention~
  16. Well if you submit a character, just let us know and @Captain Hesperus and I will review it.
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  18. Alright, will check/review/comment as soon as I can :D!
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  19. Who wants to do a skit with Paige :P
  20. Mars entry updated.

    Captain Hesperus
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  21. Soon, Mercury and Venus, as well as the various moon settlements.

    Captain Hesperus
  22. Well that's a happy coincidence
  23. Venus now available in The Census.

    Captain Hesperus
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