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Discussion in 'Site Archive' started by The Dark Wizard, Mar 29, 2017.

  1. You know what is slightly suspicious. @Jake the fox and @spacefireking have one day between there birthdays and both were not active before this week. I don't know what the aim is, but I doubt it's any good.
  2. It's just trolling at this point.
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  3. Character is rejected. There are no fox necklaces, no dragons. This character sheet is in the wrong location, it does not use the approved character sheet as presented and is generally poorly presented. Further to this, if you attempt to post anything further in this RP, you will be reported to the Moderators. This is your one and only warning.

    Captain Hesperus
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  4. @Jake the fox You were asked to leave. Please do so.

    Captain Hesperus
  5. New post is up. A note to all: while the events of this post are quite violent, they are not intended to be fatal to the PCs (yet). If you feel your character should be injured, that is entirely up to you, but @The Dark Wizard and I aren't expecting anything worse than cosmetic injuries, i.e. scratches, bumps, bruises and clothing destruction.

    Captain Hesperus
  6. Is PC death to be expected down the road then? Not that I really mind, just something worth keeping in mind.
  7. There are no safety nets, if your character willfully does something stupid or self-destructive, don't expect a deus ex machina to save them. But in saying that, we won't intentionally place characters into deadly situations.

    Captain Hesperus
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  8. Fair enough
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  10. i'll try to post tonight
  11. We're going to start responding to people based on their locations. At this point in time, there are three distinct locations: Shuttle Bay 18, Roosters Interior and Exterior. As of this time, two of the PCs in Shuttle Bay 18 have responded and two from Roosters Interior.

    Captain Hesperus
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  12. Are you still accepting characters?
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  13. Yeah :)!
  14. Only half fox lizard God children characters right
  15. Hey guys.
    Sorry for disappearing, Uni appliances required me to take a break and I really didn't want to quit this RP, so I never said anything that could suggest I was leaving.

    Is this one over?
  16. I would hate it if this one would blow over, but there has been very little activity lately.
  17. I might as well catch up and post something right now.
    This one's too good to die.
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  18. Post's up!
  19. Part of me's glad I didn't submit my character only because my life went to hell in a handbasket these past couple months. Lots of family in the hospital. Fun times to be had.

    If things are still open I could probably finish her if you wanted me floating around.
  20. Well, if we're going to keep on playing, I'd gladly see your character!
    Given that some players have left, I guess a new addition would always be valuble :D

    Have an internet hug /o/
  21. I'd assume this is still open ;P
  22. Oh hey, replies I'm not getting alerts on! Thanks, rpn!

    Sarcasm aside, assuming whatever's gotten me sick leaves me with enough energy to actually get out of bed tomorrow, I'll work on finishing her up.

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