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The Missing Deans of Teldaria

Dice System
D&D 5e


Probably weird.
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Welcome to the forlorn continent of Teldaria. Formerly known as one of the proudest trading islands in all of Lostram.

We've seen better days.

About 15 years ago, a Warlock named Shamit decided he'd had enough. He was a decent mage, but never could hold his own in a professional guild. No one believed in this poor half-orc, and he lost his temper. One day, he made a deal with the God of Deceit and Rage. The deal: let said God control him for one day, and Shamit would be made into the most powerful Warlock on the planet. He shook the God's hand, and blacked out. When he awoke, he witness the destruction this God has caused. The island he was on, split in half. Lava stricken land made beaches out of pastures, and mountains were raised in defense. The people of this continent, hating the creature who did this banished him with all of their magic and might to the ruined piece of island he created. Shamit cursed the God and called for an explanation. The God told him that a deal is a deal, and cursed him with untold Warlock power. The magic surged through Shamit's body, and he wretched in a rapid pain. After the transformation, he was a hideous wretch of his former self. But, he was powerful. As the years passed, he began to curse the people who led him down this path along with the God who placed him there. His rage grows each day, and it's said that his fire fuels the volcanoes in his domain.

We begin with you all. All walks of life cross roads at the capital known simply as "The Grand". Goods, food, wine, and all other sorts of product can be found in the The Grand's famous Marketplace. However on this day, Governor Jhoras rode across the town with grave news:
"People of The Grand. I come to you with horrid detail. There seems to have been a series of attacks on the schools of Teldaria. The Mage College of Teldore, the Fighter's Dojo of Shien, and the Artisians' Guild of Aquipa have fallen. Their deans have been captured, and their campuses taken over. We have reason to believe that this is the work of Shamit the Terrible. If any wayward adventurers would care to offer service to the Guard, we would more than graciously accept. If so, come to the Royal Post at the center of town by dusk for a briefing on all we know! We're sorry, and thank you. Long Live Teldaria"
Hearing this, for your own reasons, you consider the benefit of becoming a hero. Whether it be for profit, the good of man, the upholding of law, or proving your strength against the strong, you ponder the possible gains you could acquire from this adventure. You then decide to see what they have to say, and head to the Royal Post.

(here are some ground rules:
-The dice say what the dice say
-If you're found of cheating rolls, (changing outcomes somehow) You will be immediately kicked
-I'm not a rules lawyer, and a lot of my rules are homebrewed to what I see as the most fun. They may be weird, but they're consistent. Ask me if you have any questions. The OOC has a good overview.
-No smutrp (You can hit on people and presumably get dirty, but all of it will not be roleplayed. Most often you'll probably get to a bedroom and fade to black. NO ACTUAL SMUTRP)
-That's pretty much it, you can appease anything I go to do if it conflicts with something, but as DM I do have final say)


Magic Eight Ball
As he does in most cities for the past few days Azariael had been walking about the graveyards and speaking with people of the town about their beliefs and the natural continuity of death. It was A nice day, Azariael sat under A tree placed next to the grave of A young girl, apparently her family had been cursed by the mad warlock that still continues to spread terror across this land. While she had not spoken him he could feel A gentle spirit still connected to the grouping of gravestones 'the extent men will go to in order to feed into their illusion of power' he thought to himself shaking his head solemnly. He heard A man shouting from the road, deciding to investigate he began the walk to the entrance of the cemetary. The man was speaking of the evil mage, inviting those who wish to challenge him, to A town meeting. This mage is one who takes pleasure in cursing the innocent, A fool who has let himself become corrupted by power and therefore must be stopped. Azariael breathed deeply and headed for the royal post standing at the back of the crowd.


New Year's, Baby!
There were many odd looks and amazed children towards Katherine and her mechanical partner, Myx. Myx looked like a bobcat, but was entirely built out of cogs, rods, glass and a whole lotta magic. a near perfect copy of a bobcat that was all a dark grey and walked by Katherine's side. She wore a gleeful smile as she showed off her pet and walked around window shopping in The Grand. It was a nice afternoon until she heard word about an attack on The Guild, her guild... Her smile turned to a frown from the news and headed toward the Royal Post, after having to ask directions by more than a few people.

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