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Realistic or Modern The Lionheart Agency [Closed]

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The Lionheart Agency

Following the fall of Soviet Union, ex Russian Army General, Nikolai Bykov faced near death by Russian ultranationalists who were in the military. The ultranationalists failed to get him after he went missing with the help of a U.S Congresswoman named Jamie Morrow who had connections in the CIA. Bykov was given asylum in the U.S and was given a new name and identity, Dimitri Sokolov. He worked as a trainer for CIA-SAD agents and Morrow made sure he was protected. It only lasted until 2005 when CIA Operations Director Michael Ryan blew the whistle on the fugitive that was training CIA agents. Ryan uprooted all of Morrow's associates and was exposed to the government for assisting a fugitive without their consent. This lead to Morrow and Bykov faking their deaths and leaving the country.

Morrow went with a identity, as well as Bykov for a second time. Jamie Morrow now known as Marian and Nikolai Bykov known as Malinovka. They kept themselves under the radar in the Pacific until they were tracked down by S.E.A.L Team Six by orders of the President. However the two didn't meet their ends and were instead brought before a CIA operative named Anna Graham. She was on orders by President Derrick Scott to track them down and recruit the two for an important mission. The President suspected that current CIA Director Michael Ryan was attempting to undermine him and take the presidency. It started with the POTUS' moles in the CIA who saw Ryan's agents making deals with criminal organizations, corrupt officials, and more concerningly the ultranationalist. He then noticed how many of his supporters were disappearing and the Vice President was seen talking to PMC's. The Russian President was also getting nervous as the FSB has noticed a large militarization effort in Siberia and some of his chief of staff were absent.

An issue this large has caused NATO and the governments of Russia, Australia, Israel, and East Asia to back the creation of the Lionheart Agency. An international organization dedicated to bringing down Ryan and the Ultranationalists. Headed by Jamie Morrow.

The Lionheart Agency has three dedicated branches.



Operations spend time getting their hands dirty. They work in teams of 2-5 and handle assassinations, reconnaissance, extraction, infiltrations, sabotage, and other specialized missions. It's members consist of ex-spec ops and each has their own specialization in various occupations such as demolitions, technology, marksmanship, CQC, medic training, and rifle training. They always wear black combat armor at night, but during daytime scenarios they wear combat armor over civilian clothes. Headed by Bykov as Director of Operations, he also assists in training the newest arrivals of the Agency with the gear that they use such as EMP drones, sentry turrets, cloaking suits, and mobile cover.


Those in espionage are the ones who hide in plain sight, they go under fake identities and aliases to extract information or perform more subtle forms of assassination or extraction. Its members consist of ex Intelligence agents with a lot of experience in espionage. They speak 5+ languages and can speak in dozens of accents with no problem. Some are ex-military and will sometimes work with operations in case they need to raid a location they have remarkable knowledge of. Some members are just people persons, anyone who interacts with people day-to-day and can apply their profession in espionage. They are headed by MI6 Agent, Noel Charleson.



Intelligence are the ones who have eyes on the fields of all agents deployed. They analyze information given to them to inform other branches on how to proceed. They consist of analysts who have experience in government agencies or the private sector and they usually keep away from the action. Intelligence also has a team of tech specialists who handle technology operations in the field, hacking into systems and manipulating them. They are headed by Agent Graham who also works as a liaison to the U.S President.

As a member of the Lionheart Agency, your goal is to ensure the security of nations and bring down any and all who wish to do evil. Whether they be a soldier, criminal, or civilian. You must do what it takes to ensure the greater good.



I like my coffee how I like my women [REDACTED]
yeah of course! honestly I haven't been on this website in years, I'm really dumb picky.. but this looks rad dude. Do you have enough room for me? would I be able to join?
Absolutely I’m down for more people joining

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