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Realistic or Modern ๐•‹๐‡๐„ ๐”ป๐„๐•๐ˆ๐‹ ๐•๐Ž๐” ๐•‚๐๐Ž๐– (CLOSED, 2.0, 70s ghost hunting RP)


wanna bewitch you in the moonlight
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/* credit to sugarvine*/
    Once honey-suckle breath was rotten now, stinking of decay and dried spit. The lips that moved, cracked and smeared with flecks of spittle, were not the same lips that Harvey remembered. All of her was the same, or so it would appear, but he knew wholeheartedly that it was not his wife anymore. Sweet Beth, whittled away to bone and stretched flesh, swollen fat against sunken skin.

    She lay on their marital bed, something that if he thought carefully about he could recall greater days; softer touches. Her wrists were bound to the bed posts, writhing to an unknown pace, having already rubbed themselves raw in the weeks it had been since sheโ€™d been untied. Her feet lay limp, one fallen to the left and the other inverted to the center. Heโ€™d smashed her ankles about a week ago after sheโ€™d tried to wriggle herself off of the bed, half ripping the joints from her arms and half twisting her own tender limbs into knotted muscle.

    He prayed every morning. The cross above the bed, nailed into place after it had fallen off the wall about ten times, seemed to shine like some holy beacon. He hoped it would cure her, but everyday she just got worse. She seemed to waste away in the bed, and everytime he looked at her he could swear that whatever had taken her was looking right back at him.

    She spoke, too, but Harvey was sure that Bethโ€™d never spoken more than one language before. Deep, baritone rambles of mere gibberish, or so heโ€™d thought. The feral gaze, twisted tongue, and hate that she spewed told him that he hadnโ€™t prayed enough for her health to return.

    How long could a man keep praying before his own words seemed to form gibberish?

    Theyโ€™d taken no visitors, no company, not even the doctor. Who would listen to him? Sheโ€™s been taken by the Devil, heโ€™d tried to tell the physician when heโ€™d first come all those weeks ago. I hear him at night, when the house is all quiet. I hear him in my own ears. Satan has taken her!

    No one heard his ramblings. He thought himself crazy once the food had begun to rot, and heโ€™d sworn off eating himself. His aching, his pain-- he knew it could save her, right? The hunger pangs had worn away a few days ago, replaced with the bitter clench of a stomach that was always hungry. He sat often, curled into some position to try and squeeze the pain from his skin, like wringing out a wet cloth.

    He watched her most nights, praying for her safety. It helped pass the time. It wasnโ€™t as if he could sleep, either.

    โ€œHaaaaarvey,โ€ came her low voice. Rasped from screaming, raw from choking on her own spit.

    He looked up from his chair in the corner of the room. The bible was tight in his hands, white knuckles shining like their own light in the dark. The moon tried to peer through the bedroom window, but it was a cloudy night. He was sure he felt static in the air.

    A tremble came to his lower lip. He saw her dark eyesโ€ฆ gleaming, almost, in the low light.


    He would not listen.


    Silence followed.


    Then a chuckle, barely audible under the thundering race of his pulse in his ears. Something that melted like a chicken cooked off the bone, the way that the fat would spittle and pop. It sent gooseflesh down his arms, and the hair on the back of his neck rose.

    โ€œWe canโ€™t be saved, Harvey. Heโ€™s left you, Harvey. Arenโ€™t you so hungryโ€ฆ?โ€

    Itโ€™s voice came almost like a death rattle, bouncing with an airy cough from her lungs.



    โœฅ spirits, alternatively known as ghosts, are the once living that have been condemned to existing in purgatory. they exist between life and death, somewhat visible to the living through semi-corporeal apparitions or poltergeist behaviour (manipulating of objects, people).
    โœฅ spirits are, in comparison, rather passive usually. hauntings are plagued by circumstantial maladies, such as flickering of lights, moving of objects, drops in temperature, or potential possessions. it is rare that a spirit, unless they are a full poltergeist, will actively terrorize the living. they require the patience and guidance to reach the afterlife, however, through a variety of means.
    โœฅ spirits exist in purgatory for several reasons: sudden deaths, violent deaths, unresolved business, vengeance, or extreme emotions at the time of death that render them unable to move on.
    โœฅ spirit possession of objects is marked by limited or extreme movement, depending on the nature of the spirit, or proximal effects on their surroundings. as specified, lights that flicker or temperatures that drop, as an example.
    โœฅ cleansing areas can be enough to ward, or in some cases move on, a trapped spirit. exorcisms may be needed for particularly stubborn, or unresolved, spirits.
    โœฅ they cannot communicate through a possession of a person, but can speak through radio waves or other energy-based mediums.
    โœฅ ghost possession of a human is rather painful, inflicting what is known as ghost sickness: flu-like symptoms, purpling of the joints, and vomiting of ectoplasm. flashes of emotions or images may be present in a possessee's mind, being one of the most visual ways that a ghost can express themselves.


    โœฅ demons are the pure manifestation of evil and chaos, of undoing and destruction. where they come from varies per religion or belief, but the united factor is that they are one of the most terrible things to afflict a person, or home. some demons have names, and it is the only real power that a demon holds: to know its name is to hold control over it, useful for banishing or exorcising.
    โœฅ their methods are less concise than a spirits, but there are a variety of ways that demons can be found. weak-willed are often more susceptible to possessions or luring demons, as well as those who have preternatural abilities that enable them to linger closer to the afterlife (mediums, coma patients, etc.) what is known, however, is that a demon requires food to stay alive: that of the living, and life force.
    โœฅ known symptoms of a demon's presence in a home or building include: the smell of decay/sulfur/rotten eggs, objects or things moving on their own, and the death of things in the area (plants, living things like people, pets or insects even). a demon haunting is more violent, with independent interactions being more common as well (in comparison to spirits, who are proximal). hallucinations of bleeding walls or visual disturbances are also common. a demon antagonizes, zapping the will and physical health of those that it wishes to feed from.
    โœฅ demon sickness is when someone is possessed by a demon, similar to ghost sickness but far, far more lethal. demon sickness results in enlarged or inhuman pupils, the bruising of skin, anemia, forceful manipulations of the limbs or voice (often accented with self-inflicted wounds or violent words), and general decomposition of the host from inside out. the host will succumb to madness, as expected, but those around them may be afflicted by some form of demon sickness but to a lesser degree.
    โœฅ demons speak a wide array of languages, but notably that of which they do not speak is vulgar latin-- higher tongues and more formal presentation marking them from someone faking.
    โœฅ the only way to remove a demon is to exorcise it. nothing else will work. cleanses can be temporary wards, but demons can hop hosts and evade wards. you cannot kill a demon. it will always come back.

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father augie part 2 ๐Ÿ™
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speakin to you as well as anyone who'd been interested the last time to feel free to repost your old ocs!! i will prob only omit a couple of things in the CS but otherwise as they were works just alright :)

looking veryyyyy respectfully !!
def interested in this !!
Iโ€™ll get the CS page up in a few hours! Thanks for showin interest yall!
Interested, thinking of playing a crazed veteran, dishonorably discharged after an incident involving an enemy trench line, a stolen tank and a ridiculous amount of explosives. equipment will likely be a Molotov (For combat and celebration), (maybe) a revolver, and combat hatchet.
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Interested, thinking of playing a crazed veteran, dishonorably discharged after an incident involving an enemy trench line, a stolen tank and a ridiculous amount of explosives. equipment will likeley be an IED (probably saving for a special occasion), Molotov (For combat and celebration), revolver, and combat hatchet.
Loving all the interest!! Please donโ€™t hesitate to drop a CS!! Mini bump for this as well
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