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Multiple Settings The Desire To Play A Romantic Vampire


An apparition looking for a host
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My name is Samson [he/him] I am 25 and I am seeking out 18+ roleplayers to create some wonderful stories with.

This particular post is all about vampires!

- Please no one liners
- Minimum of 2-3 paragraphs per reply
- Please reply once a week, unless we have discussed otherwise
- 3rd person only please

Feel free to DM with with any questions!

This post is open to M/F, M/M, and M/NB, so long as I can play my manz I'm okay!

In summary this is an interest check to see if anyone is interested in doing some romance-based roleplays with my vampire characters! I've got a few I'd like to get back into the swing of playing. Setting-wise I'm personally really into a fantasy/historical mix. I love toying around with the 19th century, maybe earlier depending on the character. The setting can be totally fantasy too--not opposed to it! I'm down with making up silly little rules along the way though, feel free to show me your ideas!

Now for the vampires I'm looking to play!

Valentino Brown
A vampire obsessed with humans that practice arts. A high-class member of society due to ownership over a chunk of the textile industry, Valentino commonly splurges on himself and the humans he takes a liking too. You can always find him comically collecting new humans, and while he desperately desires to turn many of them and keep their artistic talent all for himself, his morals push those thoughts away more often than not.

Aurelio Valentine
A vampire who went blind due to poisoning. A bit clingy and tinged with insanity. His staff that stays with him is all vampiric, taking care of him while those that used to adore him cast him off to the side. Feeding pushes back the insanity temporarily, allowing Aurelio to see for a little bit. The back and forth with his sight coming and going has weighed on his psyche heavily.

Adiel Ewen
A vampire that was created during the beginning of times, he has the "stolen" blessing from the biblical Samson, leaving all his strength in his long hair. Adiel spends his days in the depths of vampiric archives tending to all the written knowledge and research covens all over the world have funded. Vampires commonly seek him out in attempt to get him to agree to let them feed off him so they may gain the incredible strength of Samson.

Abbadon Dorian Hemmingway
A human-turned vampire that was turned during war time in the 1400's in Romania. Now he resides on a high council as a representative for vampires from Romania after traveling the world. He is known to be powerful and wise, but also incredibly awkward to interact with emotionally.

Vega, Altair, and Lyra Vermilion
The Trinity of 'Celestial' Princes, all varying vastly in their personalities. Vega is the oldest and in line for the throne, known to be the keeper of peace, he's the officiator on business the royal council tends to. Next comes Altair, the military general who has a stone cold exterior and high distaste for humanity. Then Lyra, the borderline feral vampire that relates to humanity far too much, causing discomfort to most every vampire that crosses his path.

Luka Ivanov
The true summary of an artist and his muse. Luka struggles to navigate life knowing his beloved will eventually pass while he lives on. Not yet crippled by vampiric morals, Luka generally runs from love, refusing temptation to turn them into monsters like he is himself. What happens when someone he planned to drain to death (for mercy of course) touches his heart in a way he simply cannot refuse?​

If you made it through my little summaries, I appreciate it. I hope to hear from you. Cheers and happy writing! <3
I'm very interested!
Aurelio Valentine is especially catching my eye! ( no pun intended i swear on my grandmother 🤣)

LMAO OMG 😂 Feel free to DM me and we can chat!!
You aren't going to believe this but I had to make a new account because I hit my 30 day verification only to find out that email is completely locked. So I called Yahoo for two hours and they could do nothing. Now, I have a new account heh 😅
Hello! I’m typically not into romance based RP but your characters are all very interesting and seem so well thought out. If you’re still looking for someone to RP with I’d be interested :D

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