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Fantasy The City of Spirits.

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Celestial Speck

I'm not a bad guy, I swear!
The City of Spirits
By m' word, I'll protect this city!

In Kyoto, the cicadas sang a sad song tonight.

The former golden capital of Japan was eerily quiet. The winds moved about strangely, as not a single soul walked on the streets of the city. Only the sound of animals, the occasional stray, or the occasional homeless or drunk could be seen in the streets of the city of spirits.

In the past, people had a reason to hide in their homes. The ever-so-feared beasts of the night created by the gods. The scourge of humanity. Demons. Monsters. Spirits. Ghosts. Youkai.

It was not always like this.

There was peace. There was unity. There was equality. Thoughts lost in time. Things that could have been. Things once were.

The gods disappeared. Fantasy was dying.

The eternal circle of Samsara spins constantly. With no heaven or hell to people to go to, it's either live out as a ghost or keep reincarnating as to not go insane from the former. Each day, more Youkai disappears. Each day, more Kami dies out. Each day, more and more the human population loses belief of fantasy. This era, the era you live in, is known as the Dead Fantasy Era.

Despite this, those who once ruled the world have not given up their will so easily. Despite this, Youkai still exists. Despite this, the eternal wheel of Samsara makes those who once lived, with enough will, powerful. Magic still exists, albeit it's knowledge weakened. Youkaikind still goes forward. Some living under plain sight as humans. Humans who still keep the arts of old alive.

You are either one of those people or someone who became one of those.

The heart of space beats once every 1000 years. The Balance Breaker is born. The Balance Keeper is created. The world will end in 730 days. The gods are dying. Your willing or unwilling journey begins.

The City of Spirits calls out to you. Not just it-- the entirety of Japan.

Who are you, who doesn't know your own destiny?

Hello, everyone.

I'm Celestial Speck. I'm a relatively new user to the site. You might have seen me around a few times, maybe.

This is my first attempt at an RP on this site, taking place in my own setting with its own, original lore and characters, with the same title as, well, the one you currently see. The setting has high amounts of lore-- to which as to control it, I'll spoon feed it over time to all of you, as to not force you all to read a wall of text.

In this RP, you can play as either a Youkai, Human, Half-Youkai, or Youkai Descendant. Of course, that is, if you all wish to join!

I don't really have big ideas for CS, or anything of the sorts, but here's a general idea: All of your characters will be students, or if you wish, teachers in the school where the Roleplay will begin on. They at first likely won't know much of the supernatural aside from the knowledge given above-- (but with much more fluff) or anything at all. But, it is recommended to make backstory links or connections with other player's characters! And Japanese Mythology/Folklore in general!

I'll be willing to answer any questions, and will likely make another thread if at least 6 people are interested.

If not, thanks for checking in, anyways!

And if you are, well...I'd be glad to hear your questions and interest!

Welcome to Kyoto!

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