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Fantasy The Binem Curse CS












  • the binem curse

    a supernatural tale



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  • serana damaris.
    name : serana odette damaris.
    nicknames : she goes by ana.
    title : princess of binem.
    species : werewolf.
    age : nineteen.
    role : king's third child.
    height : 5'1.
    hair : straight and white.
    eyes : blue.
    body modifications : none.
    dist. features : her hair.
    accessories : none.
    - personality : serana has always been rather fake. she acts very professional around almost everyone, and only when she truly trusts you she may show you her true colors. when around those she doesn't trust, she only speaks when spoken too and acts incredibly responsible. she does everything she is told, never speaks up, and is always incredibly polite. No matter what you do to her, she won't say anything, unless you are targeting her family. in the general public, she tries her best to appear "weak", so she is not a target. when with those she trusts, she is strong willed and quite intense, though she does know when she needs to shut up. she speaks with certainty and tries her best to be strong constantly. the third side of her personality is reserved for her siblings and incredibly close friends, which is the only time that she's genuinely herself. she's very affectionate and humorous, though it can still be difficult for her. she has a lot of insecurities around being weak, so it can be quite difficult to show her true colors.
    positive traits : ☆intelligent
    negative traits : ★childish
    strengths : she is incredibly intelligent and has acquired a great amount of knowledge in her short life. she also is a brilliant strategist.
    - weaknesses : serana is physically incapable. she has the strength and self defense skills of an eight year old. also, while she does know quite a bit about the world through books, she has very little real world experience. everything she knows about the world she has learned from a distance.
    history : as much as possible, serana was given a fairly normal childhood. i mean, when you are a princess and a werewolf, life can never be typical, but she was showing great promise. she was very athletic and flexible, so it was suspected that she would be one of the greatest warriors in the pack. that is, until she was eight. for her birthday, her father agreed to get the girl a horse. however ana, being the rebellious girl she was, decided to sneak out at night and take the horse for a ride, so she could surprise her family in the morning. it was at this point when everything went wrong. the horse was bitten by a snake and fell down on top of this eight year old girl. she was trapped under him for hours, crying and screaming for help. eventually, she was found and treated by a doctor. in her human form, nothing appears wrong with the girl. she is a bit weak, but that is all. however, in her wolf form, serana is unable to move her legs. after this was discovered, it was recomended that she stay within the palace walls and be watched constantly by healers, in case her injuries progress into her other form. so, she has been stuck inside since she was very young and has been trying to entertain herself ever since.

    coded by incandescent


Jess Buck

Rosaline Miriam Damaris

King's First Child
Crown Princess of Binem
Rosaline stands at about 5 feet, 4 inches tall. So she is not short but not quite average either. She is very slender in shape and doesn't have too much curve about her. She has all the poise and elegance you would expect of a princess. You will never find her with her head hung low or her shoulders slumped; that is simply not the way she was raised. (However you will notice her gaze wanders.) Rosie is quite pale, seeing that she was a frail child, and her pale skin contrasts her very dark brown tresses. Her eyes are a piercing, icy blue, which again, sets her apart from other girls. Everything about Rosaline is the epitome of grace and beauty.

Rosaline, or Rosie has her family and close friends call her, is not one for talking much. Mainly because she is deaf, but also because she very shy and likes to keep to herself. If it weren't for her father and siblings she probably would never leave the castle. She is perfectly content staying at home and painting all day. Although it is hard to get her to open up, she has a very kind soul and is very caring towards the people she is close with. You will never find anymore more loyal and trustworthy then Rosaline. Rosaline finds socializing difficult. (And not just because she has to have a translator) She doesn't like big crowds and prefers solitude, thus making it difficult to her to maintain eye contact with others. It is the one thing she was always scolded for as a child. That and her stubbornness. Once Rosaline sets her mind to something, she will never change it. EVER.
Painting, Horses, Flowers, Fiction Stories, Being Alone, Girls
Large Crowds, Parties, Rain, Her Translator, Overly Confident People, Most Men

Princess Rosaline Damaris is the first born child of the Nation of Binem and therefore, Crown Princess of the land. She grew up as any princess would with many lessons on etiquette, government, and other such things that are important for any would be monarch. However Rosaline was different than most of the princesses her age. When Rosie was very young, barely even into her third year, she was struck by a great illness that to this day, no one knows the origin of. High fevers, awful coughing fits, and fainting spells plagued the young girl for months until the fever finally broke and she recovered; but only by the skin of her teeth, as she lost her hearing once everything was said and done. Because she lost her hearing so young, she never truly missed it, and to this day can't remember what it was like to have it. However it became apparent very quickly as the young Princess grew up, that writing down everything she wanted to say was not sufficient. So, Rosaline, her family, and the palace staff begun learning sign language to better the communication within the castle. It was then that the King realized that Rosie would need a translator too. And thus began the nearly 10 year long process of finding a translator that Rosie couldn't scare off. So far her current translator, Molly, has lasted two years. (Much longer than the previous one month, and the one before that, that didn't even last a week). Rosie has yet to drive Molly away, weather that be a testament to Molly's patience or her stupidity we may never know.

As far as the curse upon her family, Rosaline has known no other life. She has always been this way and can't even imagine her life without the keen sense of smell or incredible agility. Along with the lessons and training she received as the future monarch, Rosie was trained heavily with her powers. How to control her urges, how to make shifting faster and more efficient. Anything you can think of, Rosaline has practiced and mastered. She is one of the strongest in her kingdom, as the heir to the throne should be. She knows only a small amount of what her father is planning to do to rid their nation of this curse but...what if she doesn't want it to go away? You see, yes, Rosaline is deaf, but only when she is in her human form. Once she shifts into a wolf, she can hear perfectly. And sometimes, when she looses her control, she can even hear when she's half-shifted. Usually the hearing loss doesn't bother her, but on the night of the full moon when everything is quiet, and she can hear the soft chirping of the crickets, and the distant howls of her brethren in the woods...how could anyone want to give that up? And for what? To be ordinary? To be human? What if this affliction wasn't a curse, but a blessing in disguise? What would their kingdom be without it? But there's no way Rosie could convince her father otherwise. Where do you think she gets her stubbornness from?

Rosie always knew she was different from other girls. From a young age, her ladies in waiting all would talk about boys within the court and who was the most handsome, and they would fantasize about some knight in shining armor coming to whisk them off their feet. But Rosaline was never really interested in those court boys. And the only knights she really knew were the ones who worked in the castle and they were all grey and kind of grouchy so she definitely didn't want one of those coming to her rescue. However, it wasn't until Rosie begun her bleeding that she understood why she didn't find the court boys very interesting. There was a young maid, couldn't have been much older than Rosaline herself, and she was beautiful. She had long, curly red hair and gorgeous green eyes. When she smiled, the entire room light up, and Rosie felt like she was on cloud nine whenever they were together. Her name was Gwendolyn. Rosaline and Gwendolyn became very close, much closer than you would expect a Princess to be with her maid. When Gwendolyn was done with her chores, she'd visit Rosie in her art studio and they'd sit for hours just talking about anything and everything. Rosie would sometimes sneak out of the castle and accompany Gwen into the local village to pick up supplies. Rosie was in love, and such as young love goes, things completely blew up in her face. One day, while in the studio, Rosaline had given Gwendolyn a painting. It was a beautiful portrait of the maid, and it seemed Gwendolyn was ever so grateful. But when Rosie leaned in to steal a kiss from the girl, Gwendolyn recoiled in fear. The whole time, Gwendolyn had only seen Rosaline as a friend. Gwendolyn soon left the castle and found work elsewhere, and Rosie never saw her again. The heartbreak was terrible. Rosie had never felt so stupid, alone, and absolutely devastated. And it was then that Rosie realized that she was very, very different, and couldn't let anyone know her secret. She still has the painting though, and keeps it tucked away in her studio where no one will ever find it.


Just warming up
2a116d2fe3503e5ae74d137b1a5ad960.jpgKalabar Archamine Damaris
His family calls him Kal.
Second Prince of Binem

Kalabar is 6’0” with medium length white hair and ice blue eyes (they’re nearly white at first glance). He is fit and toned with more subtle muscles. He takes pride in his appearance and has perfected the messy hairstyle most girls swoon for.

Kalabar, at first, can seem cold and calculated, but it is merely a façade. He believes being led with your heart over your head can be dangerous, but the heart must lead. Kal feels comfortable in almost any situation or setting, occasionally making jokes when no one should speak. Because he is not the crown prince, he feels he is able to speak his mind more openly and is willing to oppose those he disagrees with. Though tact may not be his strong suit, he knows what he should and should not say, he just chooses to say whatever he pleases. Despite his almost aloof nature, he takes his responsibilities seriously, but that doesn’t mean he won’t make comments.

Kalabar’s kindness is often buried beneath his blunt and jesting nature, but it is one of his driving forces. Watching people suffer is something he does not stand for. Kalabar’s pride in his abilities and strength has led him into trouble, much like his heart, which often leads him astray. As a boy he refused to be seen as weak and overcompensated by speaking his mind; this trait led into adulthood, but now he has strength to back up his sharp tongue. Kal is afraid of failing even though he already feels like a failure. His old feelings of jealousy and his position as second is a root of insecurity. Kalabar is intelligent and quick - often choosing fight over flight. His pride in his strengths can blind him in battle, even against opponents more powerful than he.

In a nutshell, Kalabar is passionate, strong, intelligent, cocky, boastful, and hides his emotions with his humor.

Kalabar is the second child to the king and was afforded the best education and training to become a fine prince and warrior for the land and people of Binem. As the second child, he wasn’t privy to the information his older sister was, which began a seed of jealousy. Kalabar believed he was capable and deserving of the same treatment. His attempts at demanding more responsibility fell on deaf ears. Thus, his feelings led him to rebel against the standard expectations established in the kingdom. Kal joked far too much, snapped much too quickly, got into fights, snuck out of the castle, and, during some of his youth, separated himself from his siblings. As he grew older, he learned more about what it meant to have the title “crown” and thus more respect for his sister was granted, but old hurts remained. Kalabar has become more emotionally available to his family, but his humor and curt tone stayed. However, there are a few people in his life that he does not jest as much with.

At first Kal was against learning sign language to communicate with his sister, his jealousy refused to allow him to see beyond the scope of his own emotions. Over the years his relations with his some of his sister's translators helped change his mind and he learned many things from them. Soon Kal's frustration began to quell. However, Kal's negative have not stopped him from defending his family. He strongly believes that only he may mock his siblings. When there were whispers about his sister's capabilities to rule he jumped to her defense. His sister had always proved herself worthy of her title.

Since his title didn't grant him everything he desired, he chose to focus on being the best. Part of this was about proving his worth, but as time went on Kalabar's motive changed. He wanted strength for himself and for the kingdom. The drive that led him to proving his worth was no longer a concern. Nearly all of his time was consumed with getting stronger, better, faster, and smarter. Even if he would never rule, he would never allow anyone to question his capabilities.


The Shadow

General Information
Art Cred: Roxii, digital, 4000x3908px, 2020 by peritwinkle

Roxii Dae Sicarius

The Shadow • Dha Feilxyrri

The Shadow of Thiyalia

Twenty-Six Years


Sexual Orientation


Neutral Evil
Physical Characteristics
A small character, Roxii can be considered more lithe than muscular. However, she still has the capability to hold her own. Her body shape is just slightly considered an hourglass figure, with a trim waist and slightly wider hips and bust.

Her hair frames a heart-shaped face with a small nose and cupid's bow lips.

5'2" | 157.5 cm.

101.7 lbs | 46.1 kg.

Her skin is light and fair, perhaps a soft ivory, erring on the side of white.

Concealed by her blindfold, Roxii's eyes have never been seen by anyone.

Black hair styled in waves reminiscent of the ocean frame her face, ending in loose curls at the small of her back.

There are a line of Elvish runes in multiple places upon her person. Each mark is earned as she lives through her life. Only six runes fit on each arm. If the elf runs out of room on their arms, they will move onto the arc just underneath their collarbone (fits nine runes) then down their spine (fits thirteen runes) respectively. This tradition is used to show off to the other elves what the elf has accomplished in their life, what failures plague them, and/or what trials that they have overcome.
Roxii has 24 runes total—six on each arm, nine across her collarbone, and three down her spine.

⇸ Third degree burns cover the upper-half of her face, including over her eyes. Only the edges can be seen around the blindfold around her head.
⇸ Dozens of scars cover her back. Caused by a whip with glass and metal infused into the fall.
⇸ The remains of a significant stab wound in her left side.
⇸ Two obvious wounds from arrows. One is in her right shoulder, and the other is in her right calf.
⇸ Various smaller scars from scratches, cuts, burns, broken/fractured bones, etc. from over the years.

⇸ She has two black wolf ears atop her head. Part of her right ear has been torn off rather crudely.
⇸ She has a black wolf tail. The tip of her tail has been cut off.
⇸ She has wolfish canines and sharp teeth in general.
⇸ Her left ring finger is missing.
⇸ Six numbers in groups of two have been burned into the flesh of the back of her right hand.
⇸ A small, coin-sized mark is ingrained into the side of her neck behind her jawbone. The mark seems to have come from a magical ink.
Mental Characteristics
A callous and skeptical individual, Roxii tends to keep to herself. She is very quiet and reserved, keeping her thoughts to herself and hardly speaking. She is the epitome of the "lone wolf", going on adventures alone, never partaking in social interactions, and generally seen as one who would not "fit in" with society. As a result, Roxii’s not the most sociable person. In fact, she is rather distrustful and paranoid when it comes to meeting new people. Her cynicism may overrule her judgment, which may make it difficult to get close to her. The assassin prefers solitude over anything, but she knows when it’s unwise to be alone when facing a certain situation.

She’s rather brash and insensitive towards other people’s emotions, and she’ll tell you directly if you’re being annoying, stupid, or if you just look like a total moron. She considers fluffy emotions and feelings useless and a hindrance. The L'yrathi can be easily angered and irritated if bothered enough, so once her fuse is burnt up, she’ll explode on the nearest person or thing with ruthlessness and mercilessness. This is a difficult state to reach, however, given her strong hold on her emotions. A clear head is what she believes will get her to her destination as logic and intelligence is what should be relied on. Being a thinker and a calculating individual, Roxii evaluates every situation carefully and methodically to find the best possible route. Meticulous and careful, she never does anything without a reason.

Beyond this thick, insensitive shell, however, one may reveal that Roxii is a loyal defender. She may be cynical of the general population, but she may be viewed as a just vigilante when it comes to the weaker being unnecessarily punished. The assassin finds pleasure in causing pain to those who use their power in unjustly ways, but she also finds joy in showing off and exercising her power over those who can't defend themselves. When in the presence of close friends (which are few and far between), it will be made known that she would do whatever it takes to protect them and keep them alive and safe. Even it if meant putting her own life on the line.

Mental Strengths
⇸ Independent
⇸ Intelligent
⇸ Observant
⇸ Patient
⇸ Serious
Mental Weaknesses
⇸ Blunt
⇸ Callous
⇸ Cynical
⇸ Stand-Offish
⇸ Stubborn

⇸ Alcohol
⇸ Archery
⇸ Music
⇸ Snow
⇸ Children
⇸ Heights
⇸ Loud Noises
⇸ The Smell of Eucalyptus
Known Languages
⇸ The Common Tongue | Proficient
⇸ Elvish, L'yrathi Dialect | Fluent
⇸ Elvish, High Elven Dialect | Advanced
⇸ Xeigin, Ancient Dark Arts | Proficient

The first twelve years are a mystery. She was a part of the Crimson Shadow for four years and became the most feared assassin in Thiyalia. She was set up, captured, and sent to Sanguine Isle for three years. The Blackshade, aka the Esararri, infiltrated the labor camp and broke her out, taking her for their own. Roxii was kept as a slave for two years, became a member for the next year, then imprisoned when she'd shown promise of becoming too powerful. She was able to escape later on, thanks to the outlawing of magic which led to Hunters discovering the Blackshade's hideout. Since her escape, she has established herself in the capital city of Anestead and built a life of luxury for herself, being careful to hide any trace of innate magical ability.

⟡ ⟡ ⟡

Not much is known of the L'yrathi’s early years. The first twelve years of Roxii’s life are a mystery to all but her. She was twelve when she officially began making a name for herself as one of the most deadly assassins in Thiyalia. Having been taught how to use her magic to her advantage and having learned from the best of the Crimson Shadow, an assassin’s guild known all across Thiyalia and into the neighboring lands, she quickly began building up her skills and taking on assassination jobs, completing them with ease despite her blindness. Before long, many of Thiyalia’s inhabitants began fearing the one known as “The Shadow" and neighboring lands feared that she would widen her horizons.

One day, however, Roxii was set up. Sent on another usual assassination mission, the wolf-elf left to go kill a courtesan named Winston Whitley. The job was going smoothly as she spent a few days observing her target’s routine and the last day infiltrating his room in the middle of the night to finish the job. But before she could slit the sleeping man’s throat, a dozen guards burst into the room and took her into custody, and Whitley revealed that he wasn’t sleeping at all. A cloaked man entered the room after she was bound and received a reasonably-sized pouch of money from Whitley. Roxii knew that Whitley was too stupid to figure out he had an assassin after him, which meant that only someone who knew about her mission would tip him off. And the only people who knew of her mission were those in the Crimson Shadow. And whoever set her up was paid to do it.

Anger and betrayal settling on her heart, the infamous Shadow was sent to Sanguine Isle—a ruthless, slave-like labor camp for criminals to spend the rest of their days in misery—at the age of sixteen. Situated on a lone island with at least ten miles (sixteen kilometers) of water on each side, the camp is virtually impossible to escape from. The labor camp has fifty foot (fifteen meter) walls surrounding it with watch towers every fifteen feet (four to five meters) along the entirety of it. Each watch tower always has at least two guards—at least one of them has magic—, and every guard is equipped with a crossbow and a power stone that helps them regenerate magic at a faster rate during emergencies. There is only one gate that leads in and out of the camp, and it is locked by a special spell that only the camp warden knows.

Upon arrival, Roxii was immediately led to an upraised stage where a table, a branding station, and a wooden column with shackles hanging from it stood. The assassin was restrained as her right hand was held out against her will and one of the guards burned her flesh with three sets of numbers: 06-66-13. An identification number. She was then shackled with her wrists above her head and whipped fourteen times.

Roxii spent three long, terrible, nearly fatal years in Sanguine Isle. Diseases and illnesses killed laborers every day, even petty sicknesses like the simple cold, and it was a miracle that Roxii didn’t fall prey to the death surrounding her. Every day was freezing cold and the nights were even worse. None of the laborers slept on any form of comfort; their beds were the cold, hard ground. They arose just before sunrise and worked through the day until about an hour after sundown. The laborers were fed only once every few days or so, but none of it was enough to keep them healthy. The guards frequently abused and took advantage of the laborers. The assassin was one of their favorite victims given her L'yrathi heritage and that was how she had part of her left ear torn off. She had also attacked one of the guards after he had tried to take advantage of another woman laborer, and, as punishment, the guards had her endure seventeen lashes.

It seemed as though the merciless world she called home was not finished with the half-elf just yet. After the fall of the Kingdom of Felnethyr, home of the royal Vaneiros family and the L'yrathi, the elven-werewolf race became hard to come by. The kingdom was overrun by all sorts of races and species, including those of other elven heritages, as they plundered the failing kingdom. The healthy children and female half-breeds were taken by force as slaves as the men and unhealthy were slaughtered. Many races viewed the L'yrathi as inferior and worthless; the other elves especially viewed them as unclean. And so the rest of the land began to make use of the animalistic elves by putting them to work in whatever line of work they saw fit. The remaining free L'yrathi—now few in number and fearful for their lives—fled to the dark, mysterious corners of the world in order to hide from the ruthless, greedy grasps of the rest of Thiyalia.

So when the Blackshade, an extremely dangerous group of bandits, found out that there was a L'yrathi out of hiding and ripe for the taking—one that was as dangerous as they were, despite her malnourished state—, they became desperate to have her for themselves. After careful planning, the Blackshade—also known as the Esararri in the ancient magical language of Xeigin—set out for Sanguine Isle. They cloaked their boats in the dark of night and, with uncanny precision and ruthlessness, infiltrated the labor camp with ease by using their magical language to break the spells on the prison and practically strolled right inside.

The L'yrathi awoke from her light slumber to the rising tumultuous clamor of guards barking orders and releasing terrifying screams of pain. Still shackled to her spot in the mines, Roxii could do nothing but wonder what was going on outside at this time of night. Before long, the Esararri entered the coal mine and found her and her unit, restrained and afraid. When they approached the half-elf, Roxii immediately began to fight back. Unfortunately, she was too weak to do any sort of damage, and they easily subdued the assassin with a short incantation.

She was taken from Sanguine Isle to the Blackshade's hideout. For the first two years, they kept her as a prisoner and a slave. She did as they asked, when they asked, and if they were displeased they were merciless and punishment was nonnegotiable. Her punishments included burns and branding, vicious cuts, whippings, beatings, lack of food and water, "The Pit," being taken advantage of, and the severing of parts of her body, such as the tip of her tail and the entirety of her left ring finger. The first year was her being an obedient slave, but after surviving The Pit a few times despite her blindness, the Esararri realized that Roxii could be sufficient entertainment. So the Blackshade made her become a fighter in The Pit where she would fight for her life against other people and creatures of all shapes and sizes using whatever weapons the bandits gave them—if they provided any. She fought in The Pit for a year before they decided that they wanted her to be more than a piece of entertainment to them.

The assassin's last year with the Blackshades was spent learning from them. They taught her different techniques to use in combat, whether she was wielding a bow, a dagger, or her magic. The Esararri even taught her how to use the magical language of Xeigin to her advantage, ultimately expanding her magical vocabulary and knowledge. In her last year with the cultists, the Esararri gave her a bow, a quiver of arrows, two daggers, and a suit of assassin's armor, all made of the highest quality. They then began taking her on missions across Thiyalia, ranging from assassinations, reconnaissance, pillaging, thievery, and scavenging. With time, she became better than she ever was before.

Roxii even became better than her Blackshade mentors, and they figured that out very quickly. Afraid of losing their prized possession, they confiscated her new equipment and locked up the wolf-elf in the Blackshade dungeons, never to see another soul again. It was cold, dark, and quiet, as almost no one was in the dungeons save for the lone guard at the far end of the hall. Each of the cells in the dungeons were occupied, but only by skeletons or the more recently deceased. It was lonely. And it seemed that there was nothing she could do to escape, even with her newfound knowledge.

Until magic was outlawed in Thiyalia. Hunters began prowling the land, using their affinity to magic to discover magical signatures. They sought to find people still using magic, whether innately or through artifacts and items, to turn them over to the authorities in return for a sizable reward. So when a group of Hunters felt the strong magical signatures of the Esararri's dark magic, they raided the hideout. Chaos ensued as explosions shook the walls, screams filled the air, and blood soaked the ground. A part of the roof collapsed in the dungeons, crushing a portion of the L'yrathi's cell and forming a small hole for her to escape through. She took the opportunity and allowed the mayhem to mask her escape.

Since then, Roxii has fallen back into the comfort of an assassin's life. Contracts come in regularly, and the pay grows each day. She's left behind the life of a subordinate, being under the thumb of the Crimson Shadow, prisons and jails, and any who wish to control her. Instead, she runs a one-man business, relishing in the lap of luxury in the safety of Sicarius Manor in Anestead, her favorite of many homes across Thiyalia. Living right under the nose of the despotic Prime Ruler, Roxii is careful to keep her shadows reigned in when authorities are near by. But she can't seem to ignore the burning in the side of her neck, a burning that grew from a barely noticeable tickle to an irritating itch over the course of a few weeks. A burning that came from the magical tattoo that initiated her into the Crimson Shadow, forever binding her to the guild.

And this is where Roxii Sicarius' story continues...
Class Information


Her clothing consists of a pair of black, leather breeches and a navy undershirt. Her black boots are made special; instead of being made of a heavy, noisy material like leather, they are made of a very tightly woven cloth. The result is thin boots that, despite their material, still keep her feet warm and dry whilst allowing her to be as stealthy and quiet as possible. A black and navy-accented, double-breasted coat finishes off her outfit, with thick leather lining the inside to provide protection and the hood always pulled up and over her head to protect her identity. The last pieces consist of a few belts and buckles to hold some of her equipment for easy access and her signature blindfold concealing her eyes.

⇸ Hand-and-a-Half Sword, Disguised as a Cane
⇸ Bow, Made of Shadows
⇸ Quiver of Arrows
⇸ Dual Daggers

⇸ Canteen
⇸ Hip Flask
⇸ Whetstone
⇸ Pouch of [Money] (Idk what the money system is sorry ;w; )

Magic Type
Darkness | Shadows

Magic Abilities
Shadow Pulse ⇹ Roxii has the ability to gather the surroundings shadows to herself and send them out in a large pulse. Keeping a connection with the shadows, whatever they travel over or hit returns to her in the form of a mental image, allowing her to "see" her surroundings as far as her shadows can reach.

Shadow Manipulation ⇹ Roxii’s able to absorb and bend the surrounding darkness and shadows to her will. Some of the things she can do include building up shields, creating weapons, and forming figures.

Shadow Walk ⇹ She’s able to cover herself in the surrounding shadows and, once she alters their density, she can slip into an alternate realm that parallels the one everyone walks called the Shadow Realm. In there, she actually has her vision and can see her surroundings as if she were in the real world, and she can travel in real time without disrupting the real world. To others, she’ll appear invisible and intangible. However, magic users with an affinity to darkness and shadows may be able to detect her rippling form, and using this ability is taxing on the body. She will generally only use this is there's no other way into her target's location or if she needs to make a hasty getaway.

Shadow Fire ⇹ A vicious, destructive method of combat. Usually saved as a last resort, Roxii can conjure a type of flame that isn't quite fire. Instead, it's an element born of darkness and chaos. The "fire" appears as a flicker of tangible shadows, rippling like oil on water. Its flame emits no light or aura, instead seeming to suck light into it. This type of magic doesn't only kill, but it also tortures and maims, because the wielder can control how much "burn" will accompany the flame. However, just as this ability brings pain to others, Roxii can burn herself out if she uses it too long.
Characterized by bountiful rivers, thick forests, and snow-capped mountains, Thiyalia [ThAH-lee-yah] is a large, sea-locked land that harbors no specific set of skills. All species bring something important to the table, ranging from the brute craftsmanship of the hardened dwarves, the mouth-watering seasoned dishes of the elusive faeries, the amazing architecture of the steadfast humans, to the captivating arts of the ever-present elves. Everyone brings something to show off, and in return they receive what they need for their time. For example, the dwarves will bring their sturdy weaponry to trade for the delicious dishes of the faeries. They attempt to live harmoniously together, and it tends to work most of the time.

Tensions exist between each of these societies however. The elves find the brutish nature of the humans and the dwarves to be barbaristic. The dwarves view the elves to be “high and mighty” and rather conceited in general. The humans find the elves to be “impure” and unfit for rule whereas the dwarves are low-living scum. The elves and faeries tend to find alliance, but the dwarves and humans view the faeries as deceptive and mischievous, in turn not trusting the elves. They all wish to be in charge of the other, to taste a lick of royalty, but for now it is the humans that rule.

For a long while, the elves ruled Thiyalia, however. Specifically, the L'yrathi [lihr-AH-thee] ruled the land, a sub-species of elf that is characterized by wolfish anthropomorphic characteristics. Their kingdom located in the once-glorious capital city of Felnethyr [FEHL-neh-theer], the Vaneiros [vah-NEHR-ohss] family ruled with an iron grip and a loving heart. Many of the elves didn’t approve of such an impure family taking rule of Thiyalia, and some rumor that the pureblood elves are to blame for the murder of the Vaneiros family. However, many were witness to the young queen fleeing the castle on the night of the Vaneiros Massacre and vividly remember the queen’s sister screaming “Traitor!” down the streets.

Felnethyr has since fallen into ruin. With no one wanting to sleep so close to the echoing screams of the dying royal family, the inhabitants sought new homes. With no one wishing to take the throne in a decrepit stone building, the humans took to the crown and has since moved the capital to Anestead [AHN-eh-sted].

Most of the land in Thiyalia is lavish. Bubbling streams trickle through lush forests of green in the south, feeding into raging rivers of freshwater before they fall into the sea. There are a few villages and towns down south, such as the dwarven city on the lake, Khir Malduhr [keer mahl-DURE] in the southwest and the port-city of Koln [cohn] in the southeast.

The northern and southern parts of Thiyalia are separated by a 400 foot drop, as if the northern half simply rose above southern half in an attempt to escape. There are narrow pathways carved along the cliff-face and have been used for as long as the Thiyalians can remember. Settled on the edge of this cliff is Dagh Farum [dag FAR-oom], a rather large trading town, growing and thriving off its lucky location.

The northern half would be the most juxtaposed. To the northeast, Anestead sits proudly on the horizon of all, its proud city walls and banners acting as a beacon to all on both land and sea. And sitting in its shadow just a few days away sits the remains of Felnethyr, a shadow of its former self. Once home to peaceful animals and having bloomed with beautiful fields of flowers, Felnethyr is now settled in the barren plains of Esedell [EH-seh-dehl] Meadows, a collection of ugly brown grasses and annoying rodents and pests that, during the winter, becomes a frozen wasteland of ice and frost. But this is where the discussions end, as the closer to the Scarlet Heights they travel, the more sinister the stories get. Silence falls upon those mountains and what lays beyond quieter than the fresh-falling snow upon those peaks. No one knows what occurs on the other side of the mountains, nor what occurs within them, but the sinister growls and crazed laughter is enough to keep any curious souls at bay.

The L'yrathi
The L'yrathi are an "unclean" species of elf, according to purebred elves. They are similar to that of wood elves, but they are characterized by anthropomorphic qualities, specifically that of wolves. Because of their muddied genes, it was rare to find a L'yrathi with magic, despite the high rate of natural-born magicians throughout Thiyalia. The Vaneiros family was one of the only families of L'yrathi that possessed magic, and it would be a lie to say that the people weren't jealous of their lucky heritage.

When Felnethyr fell following the Vaneiros Massacre, many found that the L'yrathi were useful beyond what they expected. The L'yrathi proved to be loyal pets and slaves, and also turned out to be hard workers. It was not uncommon to find them working for rich nobles or hacking away in the mines of some labor camp. Their name had been muddied, and though the last living Vaneiros, now Queen Alannis Vaneiros, tried to bring the kingdom back together, she couldn't stop others from enslaving her kin. It was also discovered that, because of the rarity of magic-born L'yrathi, they proved to be very valuable to most. As such, Queen Alannis became very paranoid and Felnethyr became a strict kingdom with tons of laws and a curfew.

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Leonard Damaris

Beast of Binem
King of Binem

Leon towers above everyone around him, standing at a staggering 6'9". His height is complemented by a very muscular frame with broad shoulders and a wide, strong back. Leon's black hair sits just above shoulder length, and his jet-black beard covers his thick neck. The darkness of Leon's hair makes his icy blue eyes, trademark to the royal family, stand out much more prominently. Being a proud man, Leon prefers golden attire and a long, flowing cape to match his jeweled crown. Beneath this kingly look, Leon's body is littered with scars, particularly on his arms and knuckles, which he's collected over decades of constant fighting. Being a very powerful and experienced werewolf, Leon is able to manifest wolf features when enraged, such as claws and fangs.

Leon is a man who commands respect. He has no need for making those around him fear or love him; as long as they respect him and his position he's happy. A fighter at heart, Leon has little patience for words and prefers those who let their actions speak for them. Even though his most violent days seem to be behind him, Leon has a short temper, and anyone foolish enough to cross him will see why he earned the moniker of "Beast." Nowadays, Leon has acquired something of a proud attitude which shows in the way he dresses and carries himself. Underneath that demeanor, Leon is a man who truly cares for his kingdom. Having lived a hard life when he was younger, Leon understands those beneath him and respects his subjects as much as they respect him. Leon harbors a lot of hatred and rage, mostly directed at the witch that cursed his kingdom and anyone who dares to threaten his people. He has as much determination as anyone and will accomplish whatever goal he has no matter the cost, which is the same philosophy he applies to how he rules. Leon is the definition of "lead by example" both figuratively and literally, as he will often be the first to go out and fight tooth and claw for his people.

As a father, Leon is a softer man who wants to see to his children's needs to make sure that they don't lack for anything. Despite this, he still wants to mold his children to be as strong as they possibly can, so he can sometimes be tougher on them if he deems it necessary. All he wants is for his children to be safe and to grow up to be the leaders of Binem he wants to see them become.

Luna Damaris (deceased)- wife and queen of Binem
Rosaline Miriam Damaris- eldest daughter and crown princess of Binem
Kalabar Archamine Damaris- second oldest child and prince of Binem
Serana Damaris- third oldest child and princess of Binem
Byron Damaris (deceased)- father and former king of Binem
Edward Damaris (deceased)- older brother and the former crown prince of Binem
Royce (deceased)- not blood-related but cared for Leon as a teenager

Leon was the second child of King Byron Damaris, and he was also the strongest. From a young age, Leon outgrew all of his siblings rather quickly and easily outperformed them in athletic competitions, showing his prowess and talent. He even had his first shift at the age of 10, while his older brother wouldn't have his first shift until four years later. Despite all of his efforts and intense training, Leon's father never gave him much attention, always favoring his older brother, Edward. All of the lack of fatherly attention filled Leon with rage and made him hate the family, believing that it was unfair for him to clearly be a better heir and get overlooked. One day, when Leon was just 11 years old, he decided that he was done with the royal family and ran away from the castle. It didn't take long for things to get complicated for Leon, but he'd managed to change his appearance enough to where it would be difficult for people to recognize him outside of the castle. It quickly became apparent that he would need to toughen up if he wanted to survive on the streets.

The following five years of Leon's life were the hardest of his life, and he quite literally had to fight to hold on at times. In the beginning, Leon made his living by stealing and getting into constant brawls with those who wanted to take what little he managed to get. Even though he was often outnumbered, Leon's size, ability, and royal blood saved his life more than a few times. Despite his training in the castle, it was on the streets that Leon truly learned how to fight. There was one particularly ugly fight when Leon was 13 and he was ganged up on by four older teens and he had to turn into a wolf, killing two of them but getting overpowered by the remaining two. Just before he could be killed, Leon was saved by an old man named Royce, who he later discovered to be a former knight. He took in Leon and almost immediately recognized him as a member of the royal family due to the color of his eyes and how similar he was to his father. Unbeknownst to Leon, his family had declared him dead after searching for a full year, which meant that he could remain away from the castle and nobody would come looking for him.

Despite the hint of arrogance in Leon, Royce was able to teach him humility and even managed to teach him a trade. For the first time in over two years, Leon actually worked to survive rather than having to resort to stealing. Being a very large man, Leon became a lumberjack and made an honest living for a while. In exchange for bringing money to Royce's household, Leon began training under the knight during his free time so that he could learn how to fight properly. Even as a 16-year-old, Leon's impressive size and enhanced werewolf abilities meant he could give the fully-grown Royce quite a fight. More importantly, for the first time in his life, Leon felt appreciated and valued as a person; he'd never felt that way with his father. Unbeknownst to Leon, his entire life was about to change in a way he could never foresee. King Byron and his children had all been killed in an unexplained way.

According to the official report, King Byron had led an expedition to attempt to find the witch that cursed Binem, and he took his remaining children with him. It was unclear as to what the cause of death was, and those who found them never showed anyone the bodies, but what was certain was that nobody survived and the corpses were found in the forest. The kingdom had fallen into disarray as it seemed as though the royal family had come to an abrupt end. Even the queen had taken her own life because the loss of her husband and children was too much to bear. It was at that moment that Royce presented Leon with a choice: accept his fate or let Binem collapse. Deciding that he couldn't back down from this, Leon finally showed himself in the castle, proclaiming that the royal family still had one living heir. There was much speculation and even doubt in the beginning, but it quickly became apparent that Leon truly was who he said he was when his former teachers came out and recognized him immediately. Leon was quickly crowned as king and paired up with a beautiful woman named Luna. Leon was also quick to offer Royce his position as a knight as a way to repay him for saving the young king's life years prior. He also established a task force that would set out to locate the witch who'd killed his family, as he vowed to avenge them and finally undo the curse of Binem.

What followed was a powerful realization that Leon never could have expected. In all his years, he'd believed that simply because he was stronger than his siblings he deserved to be king; in the months following his coronation, Leon learned that it took more than strength and talent to be a king. Two attributes his older brother had that Leon never paid much mind to were knowledge and maturity, both of which Leon came to appreciate as essential to being a good king. While continuing his physical training, Leon doubled down on spending time with his teachers and learning about previous kings and the inner workings of BInem. He hoped to sharpen his mind to match his physical skills. Leon and Luna also developed a beautiful relationship, as she would often help her husband understand things and learn things which she was better versed in. Luna's beauty was only matched by her high intellect and strong willpower, both of which made her a perfect match for Leon. She was even capable of quelling his anger, which was something nobody else (not even Royce) could manage to do. It didn't take long for Luna and Leon to have their first child, a beautiful girl whom they named Rosaline Miriam.

The following months were some of the hardest of Leon's life. Royce was killed by a roving band of vampires during a routine march around the outside perimeter of the city along with two other knights. Leon was crushed, falling into deep sadness as he mourned the death of his surrogate father. The only things that kept him going were his wife and daughter. Hidden beneath the sadness, Leon harbored rage toward whoever killed Royce and vowed to exact his revenge. Much to his surprise, Luna agreed that Royce's killers had to be found and taken out before they could threaten Binem any more. Leon decided to set up an ambush, and he sent out three knights to patrol the perimeter as bait. It wasn't long before a gang of six vampires fell upon the knights, leaving two unconscious and one barely standing. Before the vampires could finish any of them off, however, Leon came running from the shadows in his wolf form and immediately tore apart one of the vampires. Despite being outnumbered, Leon had an easy time tearing through all but one of them, deciding to leave the last one to warn any others who think about attacking Binem.

Unfortunately, the warning did little to deter the kingdom's attackers, as in the following weeks there were more attacks reported. Fortunately, there were fewer casualties because security had been doubled around the perimeter. Oftentimes, Leon would be out there himself doing all the killing alongside his knights, which earned him an incredible amount of respect in Binem. During one of the vampire's raids, the moniker of "Beast of Binem" began circulating Leon throughout the land due to his savagery and perceived invincibility. It all came to a head when one of Binem's citizens was killed within the kingdom's borders. Leon addressed his people in a publicly held funeral, declaring that these incursions will be met with the full might of Binem. It didn't take long for Leon's knights to capture a vampire during a raid and, after much questioning, acquire information on where they came from. What followed was an all-out assault on a medium-sized town inhabited by vampires who stalked nearby cities for sustenance. The battle was long and difficult, especially because Leon had underestimated how many vampires there'd be. Several knights died that day, but Leon and his subjects managed to tear through enough vampires to make the enemy retreat. Reports varied but most agreed that Leon had killed at least 30 vampires, while the total combined casualties were estimated to be over 500.

A couple of years later, Rosaline's brother, Kalabar, was born. Together with Luna, Leon's children made him a truly happy man and gave him a greater purpose. Unfortunately, it was also around this time that their eldest daughter became gravely ill. It was clear that Rosaline needed her parents, which is why Leon focused all his attention on her. During this period, Leon wasn't able to attend to the unfinished business he'd left with the vampires, allowing them to gather their strength unbeknownst to him. After some time, Rosaline had made a recovery and had come out stronger than before even, but she had lost her hearing. Luna's endless optimism kept Leon motivated and she even convinced him to begin her lessons even though she'd just recovered. The queen also contacted a teacher who could teach their daughter to write what she wanted to say. Leon also ensured that both of his children would have only the best teachers in all of Binem to make sure they were prepared to be the leaders of his kingdom.

For the following two years, things seemed to calm down for Leon and his kingdom. There were still occasional bandits here and there, but nothing the Beast of Binem couldn't handle. Leon's children were growing up to be very promising and his relationship with Luna was better than ever, especially since they had more time to themselves. Having to learn sign language was somewhat tricky for Leon, but he managed to do it with plenty of help from his queen. The two had even been expecting a third child who was eventually born and named Serana. All seemed to be going well for Leon and Luna and their children continued to progress rather nicely, even reminding Leon of himself when he was younger. As opposed to his father, Leon did try to do his best to foster all of his children's potential, even though he probably didn't make each one feel as important as Rosaline. It was around this time that conflict struck Binem in a way that hadn't been seen in decades.

While caring for his children and handling matters within the kingdom, the village of vampires had steadily been increasing their numbers and even recruiting druids and other supernatural beings to attempt to assault Binem. They'd even gathered the support of a nearby city after revealing that the king of Binem was a werewolf, which made them want to cleanse the land of this curse. One morning, with no warning, the horns sounded and the city fell to chaos. It wasn't until Leon made his way outside of the castle that he realized there was an army approaching, and this time it came with thousands. Leon had to act and it had to be quick, so he had his most trusted knights take Luna and their children deep into the castle to guard them while he rounded up the army. With how caught off-guard he was, Leon couldn't muster up a force of more than 2,500 before the approaching army was at the gates. The resulting battle was one of the most brutal in the kingdom's history, with hundreds of casualties on both sides. It was also during this battle that Leon first managed to manifest wolf features as a human in a fit of rage. After well over 24 hours of fighting, Leon and his small force had managed to push the enemy back and send them running for the hills, though the cost had been steep.

Over the course of the following year, Leon would rally his troops and lead a series of battles that would eventually culminate in the destruction of the enemy city and all traces of those vampires. Throughout the years that came, Binem was attacked a few more times by marauders and bandits, but Leon tore his kingdom's attackers apart swiftly. Unfortunately, Luna ended up passing away giving birth to their fourth and final child. His wife's death coupled with Serana's injury on horseback gave Leon pause. All of the endless fighting didn't seem so important anymore and Leon wanted to take time to spend with his family and kingdom, not knowing when he wouldn't have that chance anymore. In recent years, Leon had finally had enough of going on a wild goose chase after the witch and decided to take action and finally break the isolation of Binem to defeat her once and for all and avenge all the pain she'd caused his family and people.​

Jess Buck

Lyle James Dubois

Representative of the Dubois family, sent to Binem
2nd in line to the Dubois Family.
212 (Appears to be around 25)
Lyle stands at 6 feet 2 inches tall and is quite slender despite his years of training with his father and older brother. His features are very sharp and almost gaunt looking; with very pale skin and grey blue eyes, Lyle stands out in any crowd. His hair is a natural white blonde that lands just past his shoulders. When he is lounging about, he usually keeps it down but if he must look more presentable he will slick it back into a crisp ponytail. Lyle is a man of fine tastes and prefers to dress his best every single day. It is not often you will find him in simple wool or linen. (Unless of course he is training or in battle) Lyle loves to splurge and show off his family's wealth with fine clothes and jewelry.
Lyle's personality has two sides. There's the side he shows the world; his cocky, arrogant, and playboy type attitude and his down to earth, caring, and stoic attitude. Lyle doesn't like to show weakness to outsiders. He wants everyone to know that his family is not to be trifled with and that he can and will stop anyone who threatens them. But behind closed doors and with the few he is close with, Lyle is a very kindhearted man. He cares far more about his family than he does himself, and he would put himself at risk just to see them happy and healthy. He has a bad reputation amongst fellow vampires because he's a bit of a flirt but Lyle simply wants to find someone who will match him perfectly. Despite what everyone things, Lyle is a true romantic and wants nothing more than to find the love of his life.
Fighting, Parties, Pretty girls, Fine clothes/jewels, Reading
Lairs, Chocolate, Rain, The color yellow, People who threaten his family
Our story begins with a young girl named Odette Cadieux: she lived in Anestead, long before the humans took over Thiyalia and made it the capital. She worked as a maid to a nobleman of the city named James Borne. Odette was only around 16 when Lord Borne took a liking to her. And it's no wonder he did; Odette had beautiful white blonde hair that landed at the nape of her back, and her eyes were a piercingly grey blue. Her features were sharp but because she was so graceful, they were not alarming. Lord Borne was known for being a playboy amongst his staff. His wife often had to send away a maid or kitchen staff with a large sum of money just to keep them quiet. Poor Odette was another one of his victims. He told her pretty lies of how he would somehow get rid of his wife so that she and him could be together. But when Odette fell pregnant, he became uninterested and completely cut her off. Odette was heartbroken, and Lady Borne, like she always does, gave Odette money to leave the city of Anestead and never come back. At the young age of 17, Odette packed up what little she had, and took herself to a small village a few miles away, where no one knew her name or who Lord Borne was, and she started anew.

In this new village, she struggled to find steady work. The Lord of his village did not want a pregnant girl working on his staff, and many of the village people shunned Odette for having a child out of wedlock. There was one woman though, who took pity on the poor girl and offered her odd jobs and a place to stay when she could. Her name was Giselle Fontaine; she was an elderly woman who's children had long since left the village and started their own lives. Giselle saw much of herself in young Odette. She was strong willed and yet still so kind to the people around her, despite everything the poor child had been through. Odette and Giselle became very close, so close that Odette's baby would one day call Giselle "Nounou".

When Lyle was born, Odette's world was turned upside down. She knew that having a child would change things for her, but she did not know the extent of it. Lyle was anything but an easy baby. He would frequently wake Odette in the middle of the night and poor Odette had no idea how to soothe him. It seemed nothing would work. Giselle tried to help her but nothing seemed to help the colicky baby. This made finding work even more difficult for Odette has she now had a newborn to take care of. There was only so much two women could do in this situation. One night, Giselle woke up to Lyle's screams. She went into Odette's room to find her gone, with a single note left on the bed.
"My dearest Giselle,
I am so sorry to do this to you, but I have thought long and hard about what will be best for my child. Gregory has offered me a job, but I must leave with him on a journey that I do not know how long will take. He has offered me money that I cannot pass up. I will not blame you if you are angry with me, and I am truly sorry but please, take pity on my son. He did not choose this life. He did not choose an incompetent mother. Please give him the love and the care that I cannot. I will send funds to you so that you may take care of the babe. Tell my dear Lyle I love him. With all my soul.
Giselle was shocked by the words she read in front of her. She did not know weather to be angry with Odette, Gregory, or the world. Her mind was swimming with thoughts when a particularly loud holler brought her back to reality. She looked over at the boy in the crib and her heart melted. Odette was right, this boy did not choose to be born into this world. It was not his fault that his father was an awful man and his mother was a child in over her head. She looked into those icy blue eyes and saw a fighter. Someone who just needed a chance to make it. So Giselle decided not to be angry with Odette, and to take care of Lyle until the day she came back. Hopefully by then, the girl will have the skills to take care of him on her own.

Years went by, and as Odette promised, she sent funds to Giselle every month to take care of Lyle. He grew into a kind, clever boy. Although Giselle could not provide him with proper schooling, she did her best to teach him how to read and write so that one day he'd have a better chance at life that both she and his mother did. Each day the grew, Giselle saw more and more of Odette in him. It was incredible how much he looked like his mother. He was a handsome lad who had the girls of the village wrapped around his finger. Lyle though, only had eyes for his Nounou. He loved Giselle more than anyone in the world, well aside from his mother. Giselle often told Lyle stories of Odette from the short time they were together. She told him how beautiful she was, and how much Lyle looked like her. Giselle also promised him that she would one day return, and they would be together again at last. Lyle couldn't wait to meet his mother. "Maman" He would call her. One day, not long after Lyle turned 8 years old, Gregory returned to town, but Odette was not with him. Apparently, while traveling, Odette had caught an awful sickness and perished in her sleep. But how did Giselle keep receiving funds you ask? Odette's final wish on her death bed was for Gregory to continue sending money to Lyle, so that he may grow up well. Gregory informed Lyle that the last thing she said to him was "Tell my Lyle...tell him...I'm sorry...tell him I'm sorry I couldn't be the mother he deserves..." Lyle was heart broken. All these years, waiting, dreaming of his mother, and he would never see her. She was gone before he could even know who she was. That day marked a change in Lyle. No longer was he the kind, clever boy Giselle once new. He began to act up around the village. He would steal from the local sellers and mess around with the girls in town. He was angry at the world and he decided that he was exact his revenge by taking everything his mother sacrificed for granted. Giselle, who was growing weary in her old age, tried to reason with Lyle. But he was too angry, and it wasn't until it was too late that Lyle lived to regret his rebellious youth. When Lyle was 14, Giselle became sick, and died in her sleep. Now not only was his mother gone, but the woman who raised him as her own, was gone too. It was all too much. And not long after Giselle died, Lyle packed up his things and left the small village. There were too many memories there.

Lyle found himself in Anestead; unbeknownst to him, the place were his mother grew up. It was here that he worked odd jobs to keep himself fed and off the streets. But his rebellious spirit had not died. He would often find himself in street fights and more than once had his lights knocked out of him. But it only made him stronger. That was until an awful plague hit the city. More than half the population of the city of Anestead was wiped out, and Lyle, at the age of 25, was almost one of them. On his death bed, Lyle can remember coughing up his own blood, and the faint glow of the candlelight beside him. Nurses and doctors were flurrying about, trying to take care of sick to the best of their ability. He could faintly see the outline of a man. Must be one of the doctors, he thought to himself. The man took Lyle's hand. The touch was impossibly cold, but Lyle was too weak to pull his arm away. "What is your name young man?" Lyle groaned out a response. "And how old are you?" the doctor asked again. Again, Lyle barely gave his answer before coughing up more of his blood. He could feel the doctor beside him stiffen. "Lyle...Have you any family?" The doctor asks again. Lyle weakly shook his head; he could feel himself slipping away from his plane, from this earth. He could faintly see Giselle's face, and a woman standing next to her. She had long white blonde hair, and strangely familiar eyes. The two women beckoned to him, told him everything would be okay. "Maman?" Lyle spoke finally. The doctor sighed and squeezed Lyle's hand. "I'm sorry lad, this world is not quite done with you yet." Lyle was confused by his words when suddenly he felt an intense pain in his neck and then the world went black.

Lyle slowly woke up in an unfamiliar place. It was pitch black, he could tell, but yet...he could see? Perfectly in fact. Lyle could see perfectly. He sat up quickly and took in his surroundings. He sitting on a bed in a very nice room. The walls were made of stone and there were fine drapes covering what he assumed to be windows. A large tapestry covered one of the stone walls. It looked like a tree, a family tree, but there were only two faces on the tree. It was then that Lyle's head began swimming with questions. Wasn't he just dying of the plauge? And how did he get here of all places? Where was here? Lyle was snapped out of his thoughts by a man entering the room. He smiled at Lyle. "Oh good, you're awake." Lyle recognized that voice. It was the voice of the doctor back in the makeshift clinic in Anestead. Were they still in Anstead? "You must have a lot of questions. Don't worry. All will be answered. But first, you must eat." It was at this moment that Lyle realized how hungry he truly was. Or rather, thirsty. His mouth was impossibly dry and his stomach felt incredibly empty. The doctor, if he really even was a doctor, opened the door and another man walked in. This one couldn't be much older than Lyle himself. He handed Lyle a large goblet with a strange, thick, red liquid. Both of the men gave Lyle an encouraging nod, and then Lyle swiftly downed the liquid. It was delicious. More delicious then anything Lyle had ever eaten in his lifetime. Once it was gone, Lyle was craving more, his stomach still empty and throat still dry. "Is...Is there more?" He asked. The "doctor" chuckled and nodded. "Yes Lyle, there is more. Why don't you come with us downstairs and you can have as much as you like, while we explain everything."

The "doctor" introduced himself as Fabien Dubois and the other man was his son Matthieu Dubois. They explained to Lyle that they were vampires, and in order to save Lyle from dying, Fabien turned him into a vampire too. At first, Lyle didn't exactly believe them. But as they continued to explain, everything fell into place and made a whole lot more sense. They helped Lyle adjust to the new sensations of his new powers. The enhanced...well everything. Every sense Lyle had he felt ten fold. Sight, sound, touch, and hunger. Oh the hunger was unbearable at times. Fabien warned Lyle that his first few moths would feel this way and it would eventually mellow out. But sometimes, Lyle couldn't even think straight he was so hungry. All while he was still getting used to this new life style, Fabien and Matthieu began his training. They told him because he was one of the first in his, "family" they called it, he had to be strong in ever sense of the word. A few years into his new life with Fabien and Matthieu, Fabien told Lyle of his quest, his dream. He wanted to create the biggest vampire family known to the world. He told Lyle of his own creation story and how he used to belong to another family, but this family disowned him because of a certain affinity for the male species. Lyle supposed that wasn't the craziest thing he had ever heard of before, especially considering he now drank the blood of humans and animals to stay alive. Fabien said that if something were to ever happen to him, Matthieu would be the next person to take over for the family, and then Lyle would come after. And so, the quest began. For years, the three men went around finding people close to death, and giving them a second chance. Men and women alike joined the Dubois family, and as the family grew, they added more and more faces to the tapestry that hung in the room Lyle had once stayed in. They turned so many people, they had to have a new tapestry made. Many, new tapestries made.

200 years came and went and the Dubois turned so many people, Lyle sometimes lost track. Some of the people they turned even began to mate and add more vampires to the family. A feat not even Fabien saw coming. Lets just say family reunions were quite the event. With so many people in the family, the Dubois became incredibly wealthy and powerful, making Dubois a household name in vampire society. But nothing can last forever. Fabien had been visiting an old friend when he and this friend were hunted down by vampire hunters and killed. Matthieu was now the patriarch of the Dubois family, and Lyle was next in line. To keep the family safe, Matthieu had them scatter across the known world so that hunters wouldn't be able to find them as easy. He has also tasked Lyle with going to Binem, a kingdom known for it's issues with vampires, to hopefully create an alliance that would help keep their family safe. Lyle is not terribly keen on going to this kingdom. Considering their history with vampires, Lyle can only hope he isn't beheaded upon arrival.


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    character name

    William Byron Damaris


    William mostly goes by 'Will' however his family have given him other less desirable nicknames.


    Eighteen. He is very close in age to his sister Serana which meant his mother had two births within a short amount of time, this could very well of caused her death.


    Prince of Binem


    Like his family, Will is a werewolf.

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