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Fantasy The Aldini Empire (Closed)

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The brush is a razor and the canvas is her wrist
Hello! I've has this idea in mind about a rp.

The story starts on the island of Antigua. The "Immortal Man" will be visiting the island to learn about somethings.

Plot!!! The Aldini Empire is taking over all other kingdoms. Some have joined them willing. Some have fought against them. Most have been destroyed. It's time for a new band of heroes to save the land........or a band of villains to conquer it. This is your story. It's time you left your mark on the world. And to ask yourself, do you know what makes you special?

Don't listen to that last sentence! I just was bored and put it in lol.

I'm working on the lore right now.


The brush is a razor and the canvas is her wrist
Thanks you so much! I already have an OOC for it! It's called.....The Aldini Empire OOC


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I am willing to fight beside you. *pulls out sword and knees on one knee* If you accept me, I will be eternally grateful. *raises sword in both hands to you as head bows down*
(Don't worry. This is not how I rp. 😂)


The brush is a razor and the canvas is her wrist
@Yuu Vee Rays I don't know how to on the phone. I might be able to do it on the computer. I'm still a little bit stupid when it comes to this site and just stupid in general.

@Veil Walker Ok! Since I'm still trying to learn how to do links, I know I'm a dumb ass, you should look up.......The Aldini Empire then followed by OOC, Lore, or Characters.

Yuu Vee Rays

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It's fine. I just figured out how to do it a couple days ago.


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