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Realistic or Modern Suburban Jungle - Character Creation



The Purple Soul
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Full Name
16 or 17?
Associated Symbol
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Appearance/Favorite Outfits and Accessories

Quicksilver Nickname (if applicable)
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Description of Home
All Members of Family

Favorite Items You Own
Favorite Food
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor
Favorite Place in Town

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Any Other Fun Facts

Eidolon Astronaut

Vast Dilettante

• BORN: May 17th, 1973 (16 years old)
• QUICKSILVER NICKNAME: syrinxpriest2112 (#265EAD)
• SYMBOL: Blue Corpse (#7FA1C1)

• Rockin' Out.
• Dungeons & Dragons.
• Zombie Movies.
• Mechanical Engineering.

• HOME: A small two-bedroom trailer parked on the wrong side of the tracks, regardless of if train tracks even run through the Crewdson area. It's seen better days.
• FAMILY: Dad Castro, owner of a totally-not-failing pest control business; Geddy Castro, Izzy's pet rat and best friend.
• BACKGROUND: Jules has mostly kept to herself, so her history isn't very interesting. Once fired from a summer job at ShowBiz Pizza Place for "sanitation violations," though she disputes these claims.

• TOP PLACE: ShowBiz Pizza Place (before employment), Blipblock Arcade (current)
• TOP FOOD: Pizza (BBQ Chicken w/ Pineapple)
• TOP ICE CREAM: Rocky Road.
• TOP BELONGINGS: '86 Les Paul Standard (bought used from garage sale, lovingly repaired by hand), Geddy (but can you ever really *own* such a free spirit?)

• Plays a Paladin in D&D.
• Shares a birth date with Queens of the Stone Age founder Josh Homme.
"We've taken care of everything."
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Ezekiel 'Ezi' Abilene
Ezekiel Abilene.png

Age: 17
Associated Symbol:
Eye of providence
Associated Color:

Appearance/Favorite Outfits and Accessories:
Ezi always wears his large coat. Always. Tends to wear various T-shirts with bad puns or his interests on them and black shorts.

Quicksilver Nickname:
Quicksilver Text Color: #AF9023


Gaming, Programming

Lockpicking, Hacking, Morse Code

Cryptography, Conspiracy Theories, Mechanics

Description of Home:

The Abilene Family house is an old dilapidated three story house that looks taller and thinner than it really should. People wonder how it's still standing constantly. Most of the house is messy, covered in scribbled notes and conspiracy boards. Ezi normally stays in the attic.

, Dr. Estelle Abilene - A scientist turned conspiracy theorist. Paranoid, twitchy and does not trust Skaia Systems Inc. Ezi's aunt and legal guardian
Em, Emilia Abilene - Ezi's older sister who recently graduated college. Chill music student. Is currently visiting for the summer.
Dad, Emmet Abilene - Ezi's late father. A very happy, jolly man who died in an accident 10 or so years ago. Doc claims it wasn't an accident, but she says a lot of wild things
Mom, Leonora Hawthorne - Ezi's estranged mother. He hasn't seen her in years. She travels a lot and sends them souvenirs and letters


Was born outside of town, but moved back at a very young age after his parents got divorced. While Ezi would be more than a little excited to talk about his life, it isn't all that interesting. The only stories he has are about learning and using secret codes, weird stuff Doc has done and weird stuff his sister has done. The only notable thing is when he got banned from blipblock for trying to open up one of the cabinets. Not to cheat, just too look around.

Favorite Items You Own:
A bronze colored Decoder Ring. Very useful for writing or reading secret messages on the go. Dad's pocket watch which has survived more than it should have.
Favorite Food:
Chocolate Chip Muffins
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:
Butter Pecan, but vanilla also works
Favorite Place in Town:
Mama's Pastries and Puffs

Associated Music:
Any Other Fun Facts:

- Ezi's coat has too many pockets, an endless seeming amount of pockets.
- It took him and Em years to convince Doc to let Skaia Systems tech in the house (and even then it stays in the attic or basement)
- Somewhat nocturnal, doesn't like waking up earlier than 11
- Favorite conspircy is flat earth
- Likes buying locked boxes from the antique shop and seeing what's inside
- Currently banned from Blipblock Arcade for poking around inside the cabinets
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Full Name: Zora Liddel

Associated Color:

Appearance/Favorite Outfits and Accessories: Zora oftentimes changes her outfits and accessorizes in accordance to her mood or occasion. But she loves to wear a plain white pleated skirt which hangs to her knees, accented by white knee-socks and black mary-janes that give her an extra inch or two of height. She wears a simple white shirt, occasionally donning a black leather jacket atop it. She wears a black hairband that keeps her hair away from her ears, showing off studded earrings to match a gold necklace with a sliver of jasper in it. Her shirt sleeves have slight frills attached to them. She often walks with a cane because of a slight limp she has.

Quicksilver Nickname: hellharrower1865 (#FA9C1B)
Quicksilver Text Color: #FA9C1B
Associated Symbol:

  • Insect Taxidermy/Entymology
  • Cooking
  • Reading Mystery Novels
  • Sewing/Costuming
  • Impersonations/Impressions
  • Disguise Based Espionage
  • Master Manipulator/Liar
  • Capable Swordswoman
  • Floral Print/Flowers (severely allergic)
  • Buttons
  • Black and White Films
  • Parasols
Description of Home:

The Liddel home is ironic to its name, a large and well appointed two story Victorian house in which Zora inhabits the spire. The decorations are all fairly modern, a well kept home with a housekeeper who coms in twice a week to attend to its cleanliness and organization. It's a fairly quiet house, sparsely inhabited to the point that it looks more like a museum than a home. The backyard has the space for what could have been flower beds at one point, but have since been uprooted, to Zora's dismay. In the place of flowers the house is decorated in both front and back with hedges.​

All Members of Family:

Zora has both a mother and a father, both of which are lawyers who practice civil and zoning law respectively and met through a conference several years back. their work occasionally takes them outside of the state or across it to resolve disputes, often leaving Zora home alone. They are polite, quite and professional, even with their daughter, and she couldn't ask anything more of them and never will.​


Zora was born into a comfortable household and grew up with a considerable amount of privilege and support form her parents, but without very much care. No matter what she did or what she achieved, she always felt as though they had been absent in some form over the course of her life. She felt it was her obligation to repay them in the form of her complacency and contentedness. But eventually she couldn't withstand the monotony of her own life. Her involvement in theatre and many long nights spent alone in her room led to a life of very petty crime, just to entertain herself. And then that petty crime would eventually escalate to even loftier goals, all for no reason.​

Favorite Items You Own:
  • Jasper Necklace
  • Her Cream white Cane (it secretly holds a blade inside of it)
Favorite Food
  • Angel Hair Pasta w/ Red Sauce & Chicken
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor
  • Seasalt
Favorite Place in Town
  • Squeaky-Clean Car Washers
Associated Music:

Any Other Fun Facts: Former Best Friends with Izzy Castro
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Full Name: April Mallory
Age: 16
Pronouns: She/Her
Associated Symbol: Black Cat? Outline of a kitty
Associated Color: 5B4373

Physical Traits: Has dark hair that covers at least one of her eyes if not both. Her eyes are a lighter purple than her text. Additionally she wears dark colored lipstick and eyeliner if one of her eyes isn't covered by hair. Her skin is pale. Basically imagine a sort of stereotypical goth/emo.
Outfit(s): Mostly wears black clothing, with a mix of pants and skirts. If she branches out color wise, she tends to go for cooler colors like blues and purples, but isn't opposed to some warmer colors once in a while.
Accessories: Often wears a silver necklace with a cross charm.

Quicksilver Nickname: raven-melancholia
Quicksilver Text Color: 5B4373

Hobbies and Interests: Writing Poetry/Literature in general, Exploring the woods, Superstitions

Description of Home: Lives in a two-story house. Top story only has two bedrooms and one bathroom. Bottom floor consists of a kitchen, living room, basic stuff like that. By all accounts, a normal house.
All Members of Family: April is the youngest child of Mr.Mallory and Mrs.Mallory, who greatly favor her older sister Sarah.
Background: April was born to an average family who had enough to live comfortably. But even from a very young age, misfortune followed the girl. From minor inconveniences such as a traffic jam making her bus late to school to the rare occasion where someone gets hurt from things like twisting their ankle or getting food sickness when she’s around.

Because of this, her father began to spend more time at work to avoid being around her. Meanwhile her mother would do the same, but was much more vocal about her anxiety and dislike of her own daughter. Although Sarah was surprisingly kind to her sister and supported April how she could.

Favorite Items They Own: Either an old teddy bear that has seen better days or her journal.
Favorite Food: French fries with extra salt
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Birthday Cake
Favorite Place in Town: Crewdson Public Library (Also likes to explore the forests outside of town but that isn’t IN town)

Associated Music: OMORI OST - 062 A Home For Flowers (Empty) OMORI OST - 088 Lost Library
Any Other Fun Facts: She genuinely has horrible luck. Murphy’s law who? Said bad luck is the source of her complicated relationship with her family.

she's edgy but weren't we all at 16?


Do you hear it? The screams of Gacha salt?
Full name: Wilbert "Egghead" Eggsly
Age: 16, December 31st 1973
Associated Symbol


Symbol color: Red Ochre #913831
Associated Color Red

Appearance/Favorite Outfits and Accessories
Looking like your tradition skater dudebro with blond messy hair trapped beneath a black logoed beanie, red eyes that look out with a vapid gaze and a face that has a light smile that all together combines into a face you either wana punch or imagine the Wii Mii maker music was playing continuously in his head.

He typically wears a comfortable red hoodie over a white shirt, that upon it has a stylized moth chasing after a cresent moon.

His pants are baggy, with one having a chain comeing out of the pocket and clipped to his belt loop on the right side. His shoes are typically off brand runners, over all he gives off the feeling of lackadaisical malaise.

Quicksilver Nickname: Deadhead-Deathbed
Quicksilver Text Color: "Radical dude!"

Hobbies: Skateboarding, Dnd (Wizardry dude), moth raising, reading ahead on school textbooks.
Skills: Knowing a little bit about everything, allot about the oddest things, being capable of most tasks if he can focus.
Interests: Astronomy, fantasy worlds (Tolkien is hellah cool), thinking about how magic works in these fantasy worlds, Moths.

Description of Home: A rather large home plunked into the middle of a larger patch of Suburbia, rich blood with investments across the town, one of which that worked well is with a certain company that grew in town and is currently producing great marvels. The house is full of their products.

All Members of Family:
Papa (Steve) Eggsly: A individual rarely ever seen in the public eye, seems to show up once a month for a few days then disappears once again. Business abroad is the most used excuse, when seen hes most certainly very dad-like, typically sporting kaki-shorts and a floral shirt and shades.
Mama (Marigold) Eggsly: A freespirits, freelove type that never gave up the way. More than happy to have a lax grip on things and simply live her life how she wants, a freedom loving persona that hides beneath it a excellent business and money minded woman. Master of baking and best mom ever.


Before highschool, Willbart was considered a nerd, one that was... unstable at best... it singnalled him out like no one's business and bullies did make it any better. His grades were high, but it was clear to all, he was an utter wreck, one touch and the house of cards would explode... But... Things managed to change... Mental health became a large portion of the family's worries for their child, and with proper help he managed to get on a, admittedly, experimental drug...

Now, he takes life at his own pace, his grades are still.. Quite insane... And he has occasional spurts of intense anxiety, or downright almost sagely knowledge he had managed to suck up like a vaccuum.

But, in return, due to some degree of side effects, hes.. Somewhat... become what one might call a Stoner. Or rather, displaying acts that one attributes to them. Doctors stated, that he will grow out of it as his body becomes more adjusted to the dosage required.

Well, that doesn't stop students from placing labels and him from... Not.. giving to much of a damn... But hey, if you can keep his attention, hes a cool dude.

Favorite Items You Own: Death head moth named Zagreus,
Favorite Food: Dill pickle flavored chips.
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Cotton Candy
Favorite Place in Town: Anywhere his crew is at, but really Mel's Diner has insanely good milkshakes.

Associated Music: Blind Guardian, in general

Any Other Fun Facts:
He likes his music loud, and has a WIDE array loved music, but always goes back around to fantasy inspired metal.
Will occasionally share strange info hes learned unprovoked.
Has a horrible fear of cats, this however is noted by the cats and they love him.

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