1. A Sparkling Zombie

    Fantasy Dragon Heist (D&D 5e, DM for player)

    Dragon Heist You* are in need of work. You have learned of an urgent job, so to the Yawning Portal you've gone. There, Volothamp Geddarm shares the news of his missing friend. He wants help finding him. In Waterdeep's underworld, the city's factions are astir with a new fascination. The next...
  2. Walliver

    Multiple Settings dark supernatural rp

    Okay, so basically, I have this vampire character that I haven’t played for a while and I’ve been wanting to test out a lot of lore and stuff. I quite enjoy complex and slightly dark writing, and given time I can churn out decent length posts (5-6 paragraphs, maybe 7 maximum), but I tend to...
  3. Nero Kunivas

    Fantasy Tainted Blood - Lore

    Welcome to the Lore of the Tainted Blood universe! Please enjoy your time reading here. If you would like to contribute to the lore, please message me! Links: (To be filled) -------- The World and Lands -------- Avalon The world we all reside in, an ancient and large world that has held...

    Multiple Settings Which one of these basic ideas would you be interested in?

    (Shoutout to pinksodapopremix for the idea of this format) So yeah, just wandering what ideas people would like to see from me, looking for co GMs and Coders for these, if you are interested lmk also point out any ideas, questions, etc etc below! (And yes some of these are just minor ideas...
  5. Squad141

    Realistic or Modern Suburban Jungle - Character Creation

    Full Name 16 or 17? Associated Symbol Associated Color Appearance/Favorite Outfits and Accessories Quicksilver Nickname (if applicable) Quicksilver Text Color (if applicable) Hobbies Skills Interests Description of Home All Members of Family Background Favorite Items You Own Favorite Food...
  6. El Loco

    An RP of Ice and Fire

    I’m cross-posting this from Group interest checks because the concept could fall into both categories, and I’m not opposed to the idea of using more dice mechanics than what I had originally intended if there’s interest in it. I’ve never really done a hardcore dice based game in forum RP format...
  7. El Loco

    Fantasy An RP of Ice and Fire (Players/DM wanted)

    Hey all! Newb here to the site, but not to forum based RP. I just had an idea that’s not my standard RP fare and I wanted to poke around on other sites to see if there was good activity for it. I’ve had a hankering for some sword and board slash drama and intrigue type low-fantasy RP where...
  8. drummerboi

    Realistic or Modern Beethbrook Abby (Interest check)

    This will be a rp based on aristocratic housing we will be focusing mainly on the Abby itself the positions of the household will be up to a maximum of 10. Just so this doesn't get chaotic. If someone wishes to play the lord and lady of the house please let me know i am willing to play both if...
  9. Mitheral

    Multiple Settings Cenotaph Worlds - Phase III

    All Sections that apply to Phase III will be in Green. These are updates based on the appearance of Obelisks on Earth. All was ‘peaceful in your little world. Then one day the Obelisk(s) appeared. Some call them gods; some gifts from the gods; some simply ignore them; some have tried to...
  10. TaKKa

    Fantasy -- The strange case of M.O.S.W -- Interested check ||(Dragon rp, OPEN)||

    STATUS: Open Signups | RP Thread: Not * Discussion: Fantasy - -- The strange case of M.O.S.W -- Discussion * Signups:Fantasy - -- The strange case of M.O.S.W -- OC Among a ocean blue waves, wild west winds and sharp as shark teeth rocks, there is an archipelago of islands. It consists a three...
  11. Bunesh

    Fantasy Demon Brand

    The divine and the damned have long waged war over the souls of the mortals, but none thought the war itself would ever see a conclusion, that is until it did. In one final climactic battle, the forces of light and dark clashed above the great city of Ravenhold, the largest city in the entire...
  12. Clicknorris2

    Fantasy Looking for a good 1x1 rp that i can really get into

    First off, i am going to start off with basics of myself and my roleplaying style. So my name is Click Norris and i have been roleplaying for around 6 years. I have had experienced roleplay in many different styles and sites until i finally settled with rpnation. I tend to type at least 1-6...
  13. CryoLilly

    Realistic or Modern Behind the Veil - Recuiting

    "Welcome to Canter. Now, I know what you're thinking, you're wondering to yourself what the hell we're doing here in this shitty little port city smack in the middle of nothing and nowhere on the east coast of Canada." The words come with a disinterested sneer from a bored and languid figure at...
  14. CryoLilly

    Realistic or Modern Behind the Veil - IC
    Index: Character Introduction - Ciara

    The fog had been heavy that morning, a heavy rolling cloud which had enveloped Canter in the depths of night. Those who fell asleep to the drab, though clearer weather of evening, awoke to streets so clogged in white that it was a struggle for most to get to work. The visibility was so poor that...
  15. Bunesh

    Fantasy The Sixcrown

    The Sixcrown, a legendary artifact created by a barbarian-king named Jevron The Mighty, who strode forth from his simple tribe to challenge the six great kings of Albion, and won. Against all odds, he defeated king after king, their armies falling to his strength and cunning. He took their...
  16. TheAceInTheDeck

    Closed How do you post a spoiler?

    So uh.. Hi there. I was just wondering, how to you make a spoiler? I feel like such a noob for asking... nvm [/SPOILER][/SPOILER][/SPOILER]
  17. TheAceInTheDeck

    Fantasy The Smiles Family

    Robert Smiles opens his eyes to the surrounding area. He is in a tunnel that has not been tread upon in many years. There is a long and narrow path ahead. He treads where no man has tread in 75 years. Robert must reach the altar. She is waiting for Robert. The path gradually gets wider and wider...

    Futuristic the crazy people of Borderlands 2

    i dont really care how many sentences you do we wake CL4P-TP bot he greets us inside his place as a big bullymong grabbed him and ripped his eye out now we have to kill the bullymong retrieve his eye and get to sir hammerlock
  19. Mitheral

    Multiple Settings Cenotaph Worlds - Phase III (Primarily Realistic or Fantasy)

    All Sections that apply to Phase III will be in Green. These are updates based on the appearance of Obelisks on Earth. All was ‘peaceful in your little world. Then one day the Obelisk(s) appeared. Some call them gods; some gifts from the gods; some simply ignore them; some have tried to...
  20. Mitheral

    Realistic or Modern Close Encounters (MxF)

    I have decided to try to convert this to a 1x1. Each of you has a mother who experienced a Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind - an alien abduction. This left the possibility of a Seventh Kind result - an alien hybrid. But the doctors...