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Grim Wraithe Stjerna

The Víkíngr, reaver of the sea, hunter of Pirates.

The Jedi Council has assigned a Jedi Knight and his apprentice to accompany a Republic senator on a diplomatic mission to Makem Te to act as body guards and ambassadors, while the senator negotiates for the resources for the manufacturer of ships and vehicles for the Republic in accordance with the recent Treaty of Coruscant.​

The Consular-class Light Cruiser exited hyperspace, the rotating blue shifted background star light that formed the tunnel through hyperspace quickly shifted to infinitely long starlines which rapidly shortened and became the pin pricks in the black void of space. The cool dark of space slowly changed to that of the arid and cloudy planet, Makem Te. The pilots went through the standard procedures of contacting the local flight control, requesting permission to land, being assigned a docking pad and the pre-atmospheric checks needed before landing.

All of this was taking place professionally and quietly in the command deck. The Senator was in the diplomatic salon pod, which was an upgraded version of the standard salon pod on this class of vessel. It was more elegant and spacious with better seating and the latest in hologram pad with full color transmission and 720 sensor scanning to allow for full body images and interactions. He was reading over the terms of negotiation and the allowances he could take, as well as the prohibited items, in his opinion, very limited negotiations. The Imperial Protocol Droid that had been assigned to him, stood off to one side ready and eager to provide any assistance his charge required. It was also monitoring his every activity to ensure it would not have to report any deviant behavior to it's masters.

Back in the regular lounge, which was just aft of the formal dining hall sat a middle aged human male, his eye closed and expression neutral. He was dressed in charcoal grey tunic with black trousers with a dark brown tabard draped over it. His dark navy blue cloak was laying on the couch next to him. On his hands were clasped around a steam mug of caf, the rich nutty and chocolate aroma filling the relatively small room. On the table next to his left arm was a 55 centimeter ornately carved and decorated silver and gold metal tube, it was an extension of himself. A tool used when words were not enough or no longer and option. It was a double-bladed lightsaber, the iconic weapon of a Jedi. To the outside world he looks calm, at peace, possibly meditating. Or maybe napping. In reallity he was at peace and enioying the moment of calm and quiet. The Captain had been gracious and respectful during the trip. The Senator he had been assigned to watch over had not argued too much about him handling security and for the most part had stayed in the salon pod. His other charge, was a different story. She was impatient and brash, often leaping headlong into a situation without knowing all, or any of the facts. Though her heart was generally in the right place, wanting to help and protect those who appeared to be in need. She was young and this was the way of Padawans. She was also gifted in the use of the Force, having learned to use it on her own in the gutters of Corellia, though she had been much older then most younglings were allowed to be, he had felt a pull in the Force to take her on as his Padawan Learner, much to the objection of the council. And that was one of the many reasons they had been assigned this current mission; Resource Negotiations.


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Makem Te. Not too long ago in Galactic history, it aligned itself with the Empire, and it did well in that arrangement. This mission was an attempt to remind the planet of its past wealth and security, preferably without the use of force. Thus, a diplomat from the Sith Empire, accompanied by a Sith Marauder and Assassin for his own safety, traveled to the seemingly unimportant planet aboard a Gage-class transport ship provided by the Sphere of Expansion and Diplomacy.

The Empire did not spare comfort on their transports. While the soldiers were assigned barracks in the belly of the metal behemoth, the diplomat and his bodyguards were granted passenger quarters and the decency of optional silence. The assassin took to her solitude well, locking her door for the duration of the journey. After all, it wasn't appropriate to fraternize at the moment. The marauder wasn't likely to provide her with intelligent conversation and diplomats rarely wanted more than to boast about themselves or their families. Speaking of families, Ciel was on her tablet, scrolling through her brother's holonet posts. He was quiet for the past few months before this recent burst of activity, putting up a scatter shot of random articles and nonsensical poems every few days. No posts toward him were answered. He didn't answer her calls anymore and she worried for him. As she hated most holonet communities, she did not have an account on this site so she only saw what the public would. Perhaps she could use her connections to the Sphere of Laws and Justice or an old flame of hers in Intelligence to violate her brother's privacy, but personal convictions and a clear lack of illegal behavior on his part stopped her.

Thus, unbefitting a Sith, she tried again to reach him. She paced as the line rang until it reached his voicemail. Another lack of answer brought a wave of rage and fear. Her instinct was to destroy her holocomm, but she stopped herself. What would that do for her? She'd lose her device, communication with those she desired to contact, and she'd destroy her own things! Loss all around. No, impotent rage was never useful. She stilled it and swallowed it down. Only useful emotions were allowed.

An announcement went out over the intercom. Soon, they would leave hyperspace and enter Makem Te's orbit. Solitary time was done. Ciel grabbed her saberstaff and clipped it to her belt before stepping out into the hallway, making sure to lock her quarters behind her before she headed to the observation deck. Soon it would be all pompous idiots and an attempt to remain cordial with the locals.
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The relative silence of the passenger lounge was interrupted by the steady staccato of something thumping against the ceiling. Lying on her back on one of the sofas Cadence Sinclair, a young Jedi padawan, was busy tossing a ball up and down to occupy herself. The steady thumping as the ball struck the ceiling echoed throughout the chamber and down the halls. She was in mid toss when suddenly someone reached out and caught her ball. Cadence shifted her gaze over to a Duros dressed in mechanics overalls and gave him a sour look. "I was playing with that, you know," she said before levitating the ball from his grasp and back into the palm of her hand.

"You know, little one, if you're bored I bet I could find something for you to do," Ensil, a Republic engineer charged with the maintenance of the ship, told her.

She groaned. "More equipment checks," she asked, "Haven't we done enough of those?"

"We could always do more," he said with a shrug. "Equipment doesn't stop breaking down just because we're feeling lazy."

"I think I'll pass," she answered then went right back to tossing her ball.

Ensil watched her for a bit then sat down on the sofa opposite her. "Alright, what's got you down."

"What are you talking about," she asked without pausing in her rhythm. The gentle thumping of her ball filled the gaps of their conversation.

"I've only known you for about a week, child, but you're easy to read. I can tell when something's bothering you."

Cadence caught her ball and held it, then she let out a long exasperated sigh. "It's this mission," she said finally, "Babysitting a Senator to some faraway planet on the Outer Rim. It just--I don't know, I feel like we should be doing more."

The grizzled old mechanic gave her a frown. "You shouldn't ever discount the value of honest work, little one."

The young girl made a face. "You sound just like Master Delrick," she grumbled. "Did he tell you to come over here and say that?"

Ensil sighed and shook his head. "Look, I got no idea what it's like to be a Jedi, but I do know that hard work has its own reward eventually. You're still young, you don't need to be in such a hurry to prove yourself. You'll have your chance someday, I'm sure."

Cadence frowned. "If that was supposed to be a pep talk it wasn't very convincing," she said before tossing her ball again.

The Duros shrugged "Well, I never married and I don't have kids, so...," he said leaving the rest to linger in the air.

"What? Cheering up little girls wasn't covered in Republic military training," she teased.

Ensil gave her a wry smile. "Oddly enough it wasn't. Somehow it just never came up."

Then he stood. "Well, I better get back to it, then," he said. "If you change your mind I've got plenty of inspections to run today. Could use an extra hand."

"Maybe later," Cadence replied, still tossing her ball into the air.

Ensil smiled at her then reached down to ruffle her hair a bit as he walked past her towards the exit. Cadence listened to his footsteps fade off into the distance, never taking her eyes off the ball. As grateful as she was that Delrick had rescued her from Corellia she couldn't help but feel a little disappointed. Becoming a Jedi had not been at all what she had expected...
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Venn Vorale
The bridge of the Consular-Class Light Cruiser had a bit of an oddity. The pilot wore armor, and not just any armor, heavy plated armor, fit for a Republic Trooper. He tapped a few buttons as the Captain and a Copilot walked into the bridge, and the armored pilot stood up and aside for the normally dressed crewmembers.
"The Captain has the conn." The armored man declared, as the ships new pilots sat down and set their hands on the controls. A moment of silence passed between them before the man leaned on the Captain's chair and playfully asked, "So... how was that extra shift of sleep? You know it was pretty good."
The Captain merely grumbled, but his copilot spilled the beans. "Yeah actually. Did the Lustre give you any trouble, Venn?"
"None at all, she's a fine ship."
Venn replied back, hiding his annoyance well. Of course The Lustre flew well, she was a ship from the Diplomatic Corps of The Republic, all they did was fly milk runs from place to place. A ship only developed serious quirks from strain, and the fact that the cruiser had already been in service for a few years, meant that the ship itself was inexperienced in what people would call stressful situations. Maybe in a few more years the cruiser would develop some mild quirks, maybe the ship would tend to drift to the left, or the acceleration wouldn't be as smooth. Venn smiled at the copilot behind his helmet, but was sure his body language would convey, "So... Jedi and a Senator eh?"
"I should go say hi, I suppose. I knew a few Jedi during the war, I wonder if these ones know the ones I knew."
"Hey Venn-"
The copilot stopped him, "Were you really in the war?" He asked, eyeballing him inquisitively, "Or is..." He gestured with a hand at Venn's armor, "all some kind of tough image? I just thought, you know, you'd be older."
Venn just laughed, "Well kid, I was younger in the war. And I bought this gear with my own paycheck, don't badmouth it. I'm gonna grab some food, ya'll need anything?" Venn asked, pointing at the two pilots. They shook their heads and the Captain confirmed that they had breakfast when they woke up. Venn nodded and left as they set about to checks and contacting the spaceport.

A short while later, whatever peace the lounge offered to the Jedi, was very abruptly broken as the door slid open and Venn stomped in. His weight augmented by his plated armor, heavy helmet, and armored boots making his footsteps resounding thuds instead of the more mild footfalls of naval shoes. Muffled upbeat music played from his helmet, and the particularly perceptive would be able to glean a multicolored strobe light flashing behind the armored and tinted visor. The trooper bobbed his head to the fast tempo of the music, essentially tossing himself onto the nearest couch, taking particular care not to drop his plate of food. He slid the plate onto the nearby table and tapped a button on his forearm, and the music stopped. The man took off his helmet and placed it on the couch next to him, revealing a younger man with a wide scar on his right cheek. His hair was kept short on the sides and back, and on top he had a mess of blonde hair. His baggy magenta eyes darted between the Jedi and his plate of three Nerfsteak wraps. The wraps were a cut above what Venn normally ate, probably thanks to the comfort the Diplomatic Corps wanted to give the Senator while he was on their ship. He eyeballed the chopped nerfsteak, nestled into a flatbread wrap with diced onions and shredded leafy vegetables, drizzled with a slightly spicy, creamy sauce and cheese. He eyeballed the food quite hungrily, blinking a few times rapidly before turning back to the Jedi and asking,
"Right. Three of us here, three Nerfsteak Wraps. Either of you eat yet?" He looked to Delrick, "And uh- You look kind of familiar. Were you in the war a few years back? 'Round the mid rim, after the Hydian Way Blockade?"
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Grim Wraithe Stjerna

The Víkíngr, reaver of the sea, hunter of Pirates.
Delrick had listened to the ball bouncing staccato when he had silently entered the lounge, and while he had enjoyed his caf. A small smile came to him as he listened to the conversation between his Padawan and Email. The older mechanic was indeed a good person and had taken Cadence under his wing, teaching her useful skills that were usually outside those of most Jedi.

He continued to sit silently in the lounge, relishing the relative quiet before their assigned task would begin. He imagined that the Captain would be announcing either their descent or landing relatively soon.

Taking a sip of the caf as he looked up as the fully armored trooper entered, his heavy footfalls preceding him. 'At least this isn't a stealth mission.' He thought with a smile. Nodding to the trooper as he entered, clearly enjoying some music inside his helmet.

"Right. Three of us here, three Nerfsteak Wraps. Either of you eat yet?" Looking to Delrick, and continuing. "And uh- You look kind of familiar. Were you in the war a few years back? 'Round the mid rim, after the Hydian Way Blockade?"

The Jedi nodded his head as he slid off his couch to move and join the trooper and Cadence at the other. "Indeed I was, among other actions." Settling down and drawing the ball to his hand as it made its return journey to his Padawan's expectant hand. "It's very possible that we crossed paths, though I rarely worked with ground troops." His fingers easily wrapped around the rubber ball, even as his eyes were politely looking into those of the trooper.

His voice calm and low, not a bass more of a tenor, with hint of gravel in his throat. Like someone who had gotten very good at projecting their voice above others or other voluminous noises. Overall most beings found it to be comforting and calming. The Jedi Master gave the trooper's face a once over, tilting his head ever so slightly to the right. "But, you would be a pilot, not a grunt." It was a leading question as much as it was a statement.

Up in the cockpit the Captain acknowledge the granted permission and repeated the prescribed flight path and landing pad. Angling the cruiser down and into the soup. This was a term most military space pilots, especially fighter pilots, used to denote the atmosphere of a planet.

The passengers would notice a small shift and a little extra vibrations from the flight down, but this was an experienced crew and new ship, so the flight would be smooth, routine, and boring. As all landings should be.
Cadence heard the trooper enter the lounge, how could she not? His heavily armored feet thumped louder against the floor than the ball she'd been tossing against the ceiling. He walked past her towards the little kitchenette area where he busily fetched himself a meal. The young girl ignored his presence, for the most part, not interrupting her rhythm as she bounced the ball off the ceiling again and again. She'd seen him on the ship once or twice while making the rounds with Ensil, but she never introduced herself to him nor he to her. Truth be told he kind of intimidated her a bit, this being a diplomatic ship and all he was the only one dressed in full armor. He looked like he was marching into battle, which made no sense to her at all since this was an ambassador ship. If they ever ended up in a situation where heavy armor was required then a lot of things would have to go wrong first.

The trooper fetched himself some meaty steak wraps then placed them onto a plate before sitting down across from her at the table. "Right, three of us here, three Nerfsteak Wraps. Either of you eat yet," he asked.

Wait, three? Cadence asked herself, not realizing there was someone else here in the lounge as well. That thought distracted her enough that she missed her ball on its return trip. The ball slipped past her hand then bounced off her forehead before hitting the floor and rolling away. With a slight tinge of embarrassment, she rubbed her forehead then pulled herself up just enough so that her eyes peeked over the top of the couch. That was when she saw her master stand up then cross over to join them at the table. Her cheeks turned an even brighter red as she wondered just how long he'd been sitting there and whether or not he'd heard her conversation with the Chief Mechanic. Trying her best to hide her embarrassment she reached her arm out to summon her ball back into her hand. The ball made it about halfway before her Master intercepted it and pulled it away into his own hand. Then he sat down next to her on the couch before addressing the trooper.

They spoke a bit about the war then Delrick mentioned that the trooper was actually a pilot. That surprised Cadence, who looked at the man with renewed interest. She hadn't had much experience with pilots, but she'd seen fighter craft before. Important vessels such as this were often afforded escorts when traveling into dangerous territories. From what she could remember of these vessels the cockpits of a fighter craft appeared to be rather cramped. For a moment she wondered if the man in front of her could even fit into a cockpit with that bulky armor he wore. A more pressing question for her, though, was why he was wearing it in the first place. This wasn't a combat mission, nor were they expecting any resistance. Most of the people aboard the ship were from the diplomatic corps, but the trooper appeared to be from the Republic navy. How does a Republic fighter pilot score an assignment on a milk run like this? Cadence couldn't help but wonder which officer this man pissed off to earn this particular detail...
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Venn Vorale

Venn glanced between the two Jedi, then watched the ball float over to the master. He took that as neither of them were going to have any wraps. So the man grabbed one and quickly bit into it, letting out a noise of satisfaction as he chewed. The Jedi Knight described that he didn't often work with ground troops, and though Venn did, he worked alongside the navy equally as often. Venn kept his attention on the Jedi as he was eating, and after a moment of analysis, the Jedi correctly told him that he was a pilot, not some normal ground pounder. Venn let a smile creep onto his face, he let out an "Mhmm!" of confirmation. He swallowed, taking a deep breath after that.

"Damn this is good. Sorry, been on rations for the past two months."
He explained, emphasizing the word rations negatively, "Yer' right. I was a pilot first, Marauder second. I think..." Venn scratched his head for a second, "The Regre- no... The Unrelenting? The Relentless!" He remembered, "That ol' Valor-Class Heavy Cruiser. We moored there for about a week before that Admiral there, I think his name was Adaron or something, literally walked up to to us while we were restocking our Thunderclap with munitions, and declared-" Venn put on a big, boisterous voice, puffing out his chest and making himself wider by assuming an over dramatic strong pose, "'You men! You've been lazing on my flight deck for a week!'"
Venn cleared his throat and went into his normal, relaxed posture for a moment, pointing at nothing with a finger, "Mind you we'd been running combat drops into hot zones for three months before we got there, so we were dry on pretty much everything."

He went back to acting to continue his story, "Anyways, Admiral Adaron, said 'Lazing around for a week! You boys are gonna run SAR Ops for me, so I don't kick your flat asses out into space, for freeloading!' I had to tell him that he had to ring up SpecForce Command to get us under his command, and the guy did it on the spot, with his pocket communicator! I literally saw a tiny blue version of my Commander get chewed out for ten whole minutes about this squad of bucketheads taking up space in this hanger out on this Flagship in the middle of nowhere. My commander looked at me by the way and I swear I could see him pleading with his eyes to just go along with Adaron, and the both of us finally said 'Fine we'll do-'" He looked at the Jedi Knight and his Padawan, "-SAR, Search and Rescue Operations, for you.'" Venn finished, a big grin on his face, "Yeah, we were there for... pretty much a whole year with Adaron. Saw lots of units, Jedi too, coming and going. I bet it was there, his boat was used as a staging ground for lots of things. Anything from relief to combat ops. Place was pretty much a floating crossroads."


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As the transport entered orbit, Ciel headed for the hanger. The ship, itself, would not land on the planet, it would remain in orbit as Makem Te had no Imperial orbital station. Instead, the diplomat, his bodyguards, and a squad of soldiers would descend to the planet aboard a shuttle. So, the assassin arrived early and took her place. Shortly after, the diplomat arrived with the soldiers, so it was just the marauder holding them up. Marauders were rarely known for their punctuality in anything that didn't involve wanton mayhem.


Still in his quarters, a red-faced togruta man, tall and well muscled, altered his comms so Imperial Intelligence would not intercept his communication. When his call went through and a flickering hologram of an armored figure appeared, a smirk curled his lips.

"Our sensors say the Republic vessel arrives shortly," Bokden rumbled, keeping his tone quiet. One never knew who was listening, after all. "You have received the first half of the payment. It matters not whether you make his death silent or loud, only that it is certain. Once the senator's death is confirmed, we will send the remainder of the payment. Until then, you are not to contact me. Is that understood?"


The diplomat, a middle aged man, took his seat on the shuttle as the soldiers did last minute security checks. He had the look of a man who'd never done a hard day's work in his life, his pudgy face set in a permanent look of self-righteous assurance and entitlement. If he wasn't a diplomat and she wasn't charged with his safety, Ciel might've made sure he no longer had a face. Unfortunately, he was from Dromund Kaas and the diplomat Rand Orlorn was known to a few Lords and Darths. Then again, depending on the Sith, they might thank her for her contribution. Still, she quelled the lightning that threatened to crackle in her palm.

"Ah. We're to leave immediately. Where is your ...associate? I do apologize, I'm never sure whether you Sith like one another," Diplomat Orlorn said.

"He'll be along shortly," Ciel assured. There was no way she could know that. She'd never worked with the togruta before.

"If he isn't, I'll have to speak to his master and get this cleared up."

"I'm certain Darth Amryn will manage her apprentice should the need arise." This conversation was going to go in circles and she knew it. If she achieved her Lordship here, she would have words with whoever decided to send her to this place.

"Hmm." The diplomat shifted in his seat, clearly uncomfortable. "You may have to go get him."

Ciel's gaze darted to him but, again, suppressed her murderous intent, so the man's heart and lungs did not suffer any pressure. "A simple call will do."
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Grim Wraithe Stjerna

The Víkíngr, reaver of the sea, hunter of Pirates.
A faint knowing smile appeared on Delrick's lips as the Trooper gave his apologies for the obvious enjoyment at non-ration pak food stuffs. The Jedi had had his share of those, not to mention the Jedi Food Capsules. Which contained enough caloric energy to sustain a Jedi's daily need to eat, they lacked severely in the taste department. But they worked and he always made to keep a few tubes on his belt at all times. One never knew what the universe would throw at you.

The mention of the ship, The Relentless, and it's commander, Admiral Adaron, caused a deep sigh and a shake of the head for the Jedi. Changing the knowing smile into a wry one. "Yes, I recall that vessel, as well as the Admiral." In his left hand the rubber ball that Cadence had been practicing hand-eye coordination with, began rolling across his fingers. With smooth rotations and small gestures of his fingers the ball rolled from the top of his hand the bottom, across his finger tips. Seeming to walk from one to the next with a mind of it's own. This was not the Force being used, just the natural dexterity possessed by the human. "He was a very exacting individual, who did not have a good sense of humor."

The faint vibration faded away as the cruiser transitioned into atmospheric flight and swiftly made it's way to the assigned landing pad. The Captain pressed the intercom once he was satisfied with the approach. "All hands we are about to land at Pad 7, stand-by to disembark." He nodded to each of his crew, very proud of how they handled this and every landing. The Diplomatic Corps did not just assign run of the mill pilots or crew. They had to be among the best to ensure the safety of those placed in their care.

Senator Tarth nodded at the announcement and gathered his various datapads and nodded to his Imperial Watchdog. "Come along AP-43." With that he stood and moved through ship to the lounge to collect the rest of his entourage. AP-43 watched the Republic Senator and fell into the expected position of one pace behind and to the left. "Very good sir."

Delrick looked up at the overhead speaker as the Captain made the announcement. "Well this is our stop." Rising from the couch and setting down the now empty cup and continuing to walk the ball over and through his fingers. "Trooper, I don't recall your name. I'm Delrick and this is my Padawan Cadence." Giving him a small bow and waving his arm towards Cadence. "If you can I suggest taking some time while we're planet side and stretching those legs." Giving him a sly smile and wink, knowing how long it can be between shore leave and being in the middle of space on a ship for months at a time.

Senator Tarth swept in and through, nodding at the trio as he moved, fully expecting them to fall in line behind him.


On a ship already docked at another pad not far from where the cruiser would be landing sat and armored individual. The counsel chirped at an incoming transmission, one that had been expected. Standing and pulling a helmet with a distinct T-shaped visor, and tapping the counsel a flickering hologram of an tattooed togruta appeared, a smirk curled his lips. "Our sensors say the Republic vessel arrives shortly," His voice rumbled, keeping his tone quiet, with a slight static his to it. "You have received the first half of the payment. It matters not whether you make his death silent or loud, only that it is certain. Once the senator's death is confirmed, we will send the remainder of the payment. Until then, you are not to contact me. Is that understood?" The helmeted head nodded once and ended the transmission. "Time to go to work."

The ramp to the D-5 Mantis was barely down as the armored individual marched at a determined pace across the hangar. Beings made sure to not get in or be in his way, there was an air of danger on him and his body language made it clear he was not to be tried.


Ghosty Host Leader, Kitty Snuggler, Muffin Baker
Minutes stretched on and the red-faced marauder eventually appeared. This, of course, was only after Diplomat Orlorn called him repeatedly with no answer. The petulant man was on the verge of demanding Ciel go fetch her fellow Sith, but the togruta saved her the annoyance.

"Finally here, I see," the diplomat scoffed. "Well, get aboard. We have to go now."

Bokden didn't spare the man a glance, just grabbed a hold bar and settled in for the short journey.

Ciel slipped on her face mask on, the hiss of the respirator a welcome relief. She'd have to manage less of her expressions this way. Taking her seat, she closed her eyes and waited, casting out her consciousness and feeling with the Force to attempt to find what might await them on the planet below. So the diplomat's prattling became a middling lull and she pushed away Bokden's smouldering hatred as it was useless to her. What would she find?

The bridge had warned of a Republic ship visiting the planet today. To the outsider, that might be coincidental, but Ciel had a feeling the Empire planned this. Underhanded politics wasn't her preference, though. But would the Republic bring a Jedi? Would she sense one this far out?

The shuttle breached the atmosphere and quickly came to land in the neutral spaceport. She was still in meditation when the landing gear touched down and the ramp extended.


Helia landed a bit behind Chuka, but quickly fell in step with him. Perhaps he usually worked solo, but she was there for back up. At the moment, she was just a weapon, Chuka's to deploy or withdraw, but if this hunt went on longer, and she couldn't see that happening, she'd have her time to shine. It wasn't a competition, anyway. She hid a smirk under her helmet. If all went well, they'd be off planet and out of range of any Republic cruiser before any soldiers knew who to look for.
Cadence resisted the urge to sigh as the two men talked about their shared past. She had a feeling this conversation would go on for a while and as luck would have it Delrick trapped her into the small booth by sitting next to her. The couch wrapped around the table in a quarter-circle, but on the other end sat the trooper. Her only way out of this situation was under the table which she had seriously considered taking right about the time the pilot made his announcement. Finally, she thought with a sigh of relief, eager to get off this ship and out of this awkward social situation. The second her breath passed her lips, though, she caught a knowing glance from her Master as if he was reading her mind. The redness in her cheeks turned brighter, sometimes she hated how perceptive he was.

A short while later Senator Tarth entered the lounge with his entourage. Cadence wasn't quite sure what to make of the man. He seemed rather snobbish to her at times, especially now. The man was in the presence of two Jedi and he treated them both like underlings. Without saying a word to Delrick he simply nodded in the Jedi Master's direction, his unspoken command written plainly on his face. Delrick turned to the trooper and said one last thing to the man before he stood and followed the Senator out of the room. Cadence scurried along behind him, taking two steps for every one of Delrick's. The Senator and his entourage led the Jedi Master and his padawan to an elevator. It was a bit cramped on the inside but somehow they managed to fit everyone. The elevator descended through the ship then opened up on the tarmac below the Republic vessel.

A special envoy from the Congress of Caliphs awaited them on the landing pad. The pudgy, reptilian-like creatures stood in a tight formation as the Senator approached. "Senator Tarth," the ambassador from Makem Te called out. "It is a pleasure to have you and your entourage here. Come, we have a car waiting for you."

The Senator nodded and followed the ambassador to the exit. Cadence kept her eyes on the Swokes Swokes representatives as they passed. She couldn't help but notice more than a few of them were staring at her and her Master. Of course, that could easily be explained by the fact that this was the Outer Rim. Encounters with Jedi were far rarer the further away from the core one traveled. More so now that the Order had retreated to its ancestral world of Tython since the sacking of Coruscant. The nervous glances she and her Master received from them were probably nothing, still, as her master would say, there was no harm in remaining cautious.

She shifted her gaze from the Swokes Swokes up towards her master who kept his eyes on Tarth and the envoy leading him off the tarmac. That was when a sudden shiver shook her body. For a moment she felt light-headed and leaned on her Master a little more than usual. A wave of dark emotions assaulted her mind, making her feel cold and afraid. It was the presence of a Sith, though she would not have known it at the time. Her gaze traveled upward towards the sky where she saw a small speck of a shuttlecraft descending towards the spaceport. She locked her eyes on the craft, somehow knowing that whatever she felt had originated from there...
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Venn Vorale

Venn was pleased he guessed right when he first laid eyes on the Jedi, he liked to think he had a pretty good memory, and every instance where he proved himself right was a bit of an ego boost. He snorted when the Jedi called the Admiral 'exacting'.
"Exacting, exactly right." He said with a mouth full of food, he swallowed, "Busiest year of the war for me." He commented before continuing his meal. Not long after the captain informed the passengers that they were landing soon. Venn got to eating his food a little quicker, and a moment later, the Senator passed through the lounge and the Jedi got up.
The Jedi introduced himself as Delrick, and his Padawan as Cadence. Venn nodded back, "Lieutenant Venn Vorale." He replied, giving them a sloppy, quick salute. Delrick mentioned getting planetside and Venn replied back, "Oh I mean to, crew muttered something about some genuine Swokes Necrotic Sugar Candies and Scentwine, and not being able to leave the ship. I'll see you down there Delrick."

Long long after the two Jedi had joined the Senator and his droid, and Venn was left alone. He let out a loud sigh and visibly deflated, leaning back on the couch back pillows heavily, he idly began to chew on the third and final wrap. With his free hand he reached into his belt and pulled out a small notebook and pen, resting it on his thigh plate and flipping it open, it revealed a drawn spiderweb of names and organizations, some of which were crossed out. He proceeded to cross out 'bodyguard jedi', and then stared at the notebook for a second while eating. It unsettled him, when he asked his commander as to why he was given this assignment, he expected an answer like, 'a change of pace', or 'that Navy Captain you pissed off is coming after you so we're sending out away for a while'. He was not expecting, 'classified, sorry.' His commander was telling him someone requested him on this job specifically, but couldn't say who. And it wasn't Delrick, hell the guy didn't even remember his name. He closed the notebook as he was halfway through the wrap and tucked it away, he crammed the rest into his mouth and wiped his gloves and face on a napkin, sliding on his helmet right after as he crewed the food under it. Officially, Venn was just here to be another shift on the conn, but as soon as the Senator laid eyes on the armor, he asked him to accompany him as a third guard. Venn had no real reason to say no, and he guessed it was really why he was here in the first place. He went to his locker and pulled out a decently sized blaster pistol in its holster, he attached it to his breastplate. He then pulled out a vibroknife, in its holster, and strapped it to his right boot. Then he left towards the turbolift to the ramp.

He got to the ramp just in time to miss the general introductions, which he hoped for. He was never one to stand at attention and be pretty for whatever diplomatic stuff they were here for, though he could do it, he wouldn't enjoy it. He noticed Cadence's gait falter for a moment and Venn immediately muttered a curse. He sped up his walk to catch up to the group and walked alongside Delrick and Cadence. He lowered his helmet speakers to a whisper and leaned over to Cadence.
"Cadence, you good? A bad feeling?" He asked quietly, eyeballing the nearby Swokes Swokes. When he first boarded the cruiser, he read up on Makem Te and its people. If that bad feeling was about the natives, he really didn't look forward to having to fight them.
Cadence nearly jumped out of her skin the moment Venn called out her name. The modulation in his voice made it sound unfamiliar and alien. They had only just spoken to him a moment before, but now he had his helmet on, covering his face. For a moment she was so flustered wondering how he knew her name that she almost forgot Delrick had introduced her. When she finally regained her composure she looked at him then shook her head. "I'm not sure. I felt--cold, but it's gone now."

She shifted her gaze back towards the sky, searching for the shuttlecraft but unable to find it. What was that?

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Before leaving the ship, Delrick had noticed the impatience and frustration of his apprentice. He would need to talk to her about the importance of getting to know people and sharing time with them, but it had made him smile inside when she realized she was not as subtle as she thought. Even if they weren't the most interesting individuals. His stray to Senator Tarth as that though crossed his mind.

As the Special Envoy greeted Senator Tarth, the Jedi Master scanned the surrounding area casually. To a casual observer, and even some very well trained ones, it would seem as though he were taking in the sights. However he was noting exits, possible egress points, lines of sights for snipers, hiding spots where bombs could be placed. He reached out with the Force to sense the intent of the Envoy and their security.

Nothing. Everything was calm and as it should be. The curious, apprehensive and even angry stares from locals and travelers did not give Delrick pause. It was to be expected this far from the Core Worlds. The Jedi had a mixed, and somewhat tarnished reputation out here. He simply smiled calmly and politely and paid mild attention to the Senator and the Envoy as they held a quiet conversation about details regarding the negotiations and accommodations.

Delrick felt the same wave of cold and fear. He was all to familiar with the shadow the Sith cast when they were nearby. This felt stronger then just one Sith, usually when more then one were present. As Cadence leaned on his arm, he reached up to squeeze her hand to assure her it was alright. His gaze followed hers up and spotted the descending craft.

"Cadence, you good? A bad feeling?"

The Jedi Master chuckled silently as his Padawan jumped at the modulated voice of the trooper. He had grown so accustomed to the modulated voices that the armor projected, that he had begun to not even notice the difference when the helmet was on or off.

"Venn, I didn't realize you were part of the security detail." He said with genuine pleasant tone. "Had I known I would have run my this detail by you." Knowing how well Troopers, specifically the Marauders, were at poking holes in plans and mission briefings.

In a lower tone that only beings within a meter of him would hear, and that was only Cadence and Venn, he said. "That feeling was the Dark Side. Be on your guard, but not openly. The Sith maybe here for other purposes."

It was about then that the group reached the transport. It was an open topped affair, but luxurious enough for the occasion and large enough to accommodate the entire group comfortably. Soon they were zipping through the city to the hotel that had been arranged, but it would be several minutes before they arrived.


Chuka stood in the shadow of a vendor near the spaceport exit, he was ostensibly examining the wares on display. In actuality he was watching the opulent transport that would have been an easy mark to complete this job.

Through the encrypted comlink he spoke to Helia. "The mark is getting that big transport, follow and monitor." He did not mind the younger Hunter, she was just so different from him. Always smiling and upbeat, he could tell when she was even with the armor and helmet. "Do not engage." She was also hungry, which was good, but could lead to problems if she didn't follow his lead or the contract.


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By the time the Republic Senator and his escort were greeted by their diplomatic envoy, the Imperial shuttle touched down and the soldiers, diplomat, and Sith were disembarking. Ciel opened her eyes, secure in the knowledge there were Jedi in close proximity. While she could control herself, she wasn't sure about Bokden. So, as the diplomat walked ahead with the soldiers, she forced the togruta to slow, barely squeezing his heart. It was enough to force him to lag behind and the diplomat seemed too preoccupied with final mental edits of his arguments to notice his more powerful bodyguards had abandoned him.

"Witch!" Bokden wheezed.

She glanced at him, and relieved the pressure somewhat. "There are Jedi about. You will not engage them."

"You're not my master." He reached for his saber, so she increased the pressure again.

"Nor am I your mother, but if you attempt to breech the treaty, I will stop your heart before you can ignite your saber. Are we understood?"

Bokden leveled a glare at her, but eventually nodded.

"Good." She released the pressure on him, knowing full well she'd made an enemy of him. She had nothing but enemies at this point. The thought disturbed her, woke a gnawing loneliness within her. Perhaps she could use that loneliness, even if it wasn't a typically advised emotion, it was powerful. So she let it stew within her, even if she cloaked her emotions from outside observers.

Bokden fell in with her and, together with the soldiers and diplomat, the Sith entered the spaceport proper, walking the same path toward the exit that the Republic entourage passed just moments before.


Helia gave a nod and slipped into the surrounding crowd. Now would be the best time to lean on her mother's preferred skillset for her and she hurried after the transport. The group was already aboard the luxurious car and took off before she could reach it, but she quickly jumped on her speeder and followed after. A jetpack would draw too much attention and being just one in a sea of beat up speeders, one of many in armor, the target's entourage was unlikely to spot her, especially with a severe lack of negative emotion. She'd tail the transport to the hotel, at the very least, keeping enough distance to seem like a coincidental arrival.



Venn Vorale

Delrick looked to him when he spoke up, "Venn, I didn't realize you were part of the security detail, had I known I would have run my this detail by you."
Venn explained quickly, "It's an unofficial thing."
"I'm not sure. I felt--cold, but it's gone now."
Cadence then explained.
Venn furrowed his brow, that sounded more severe. He knew that Jedi had funny feelings sometimes, at least that's how he understood it, in a nutshell. He knew that Jedi foresight and the Force and all that were far more complex than 'funny feelings', but it was more humorous to call it that in his head. Venn himself was unfamiliar with the intricacies of these funny feelings, the Knights he worked with never described them to him, they knew what each feeling meant and gave him the meaning. For all Venn knew, this strange cold feeling could be anything from a Sith Assassin strike team to the cookies giving the cruiser crew stomach trouble later or something.
Delrick interperted the feeling for them both, likely feeling the same tremble in the Force. "That feeling was the Dark Side. Be on your guard, but not openly. The Sith maybe here for other purposes."

Well, the Sith. Venn thought to himself, of all the things to go wrong, it had to be Sith. He wished it was just the foresight of someone tripping on a rock or something. He nodded a silent acknowledgement before getting onto the speeder the Swokes provided, an open topped speeder. Good for viewing the city they would be passing by, feeling the fresh air on your hair, and taking in the atmosphere of the streets. But by no means very safe, when it came to potential attackers. On the speeder, Venn thought about the Sith and shifted in his seat uncomfortably. He had what most would call an unpopular opinion about them, and he preferred to keep his mouth shut about that opinion.
The dark side? So the Sith are here too? Cadence tried her best to curb her enthusiasm. Since the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant the war between the Republic and the Sith Empire had officially "ended." Of course, some border skirmishes were to be expected. The Sith Empire continued to absorb core worlds into their borders and battles were still being waged between the two superpowers but not to the same galactic scale that they were before. Cadence herself had joined the Jedi Order rather late into the truce and though she progressed through her training quickly she never really felt like her power was being challenged. This could be exactly what she wanted, a chance to test herself against a powerful foe, but desiring that was not the Jedi way. Instead she tried to focus on the here and now. Master Delrick would always remind her to be mindful of the present, something she often struggled with while spacing out and dreaming of the future. His advice was far more important now than ever before considering her first priority was to her charge.

The speeder pulled up in front of the hotel which, as it turned out, was fairly close to the city center where the Council Chambers were located. The extravagant design of the building's architecture was such a stark departure from Makem Te's rather drab and arid environment. Bright interiors luxuriously decorated with leather seats, artwork from across the galaxy adorning its halls and beautifully colored gardens comprised of plants that would most certainly die in Makem Te's atmosphere. Cadence was caught off guard by the sheer splendor of it all and stared slackjawed at the hotel lobby as beings from other worlds passed her by. One woman who wasn't watching where she was going bumped into her, knocking the young Jedi down. Instead of apologizing the woman stared down at Cadence with derision.

"Watch where you're going, pest," the woman sneered at her. Then she and her escort continued past her towards the exit.

Delrick came over and offered to help her up. Cadence graciously accepted the assistance, allowing Delrick to pull her to her feet. She bent over to dust herself off then sighed. "Guess people are the same everywhere, huh," she said to no one in particular.
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Delrick shook his head and helped his Padawan to her feet. "Beings across the galaxy are more alike than they know in so many ways." He said with a kind smile and looked around the lobby. The Special Envoy, and the security detail/entourage were with Senator Tarth getting the lodgings finalized.

Looking to Venn and Cadence the Jedi Master nodded with a sly grin. "Venn would you mind taking Cadence to check the parameter as well as do a security sweep of both the hotel and the Council Chambers?" To all Delrick looked calm and at ease, but under the surface something was gnawing at him. Pulling at the far edges of his subconscious, to what others would call a gut feeling, but to the Jedi it was the Force being rippled and wavering. It was a very faint feeling and he could not pin point where it was coming from, or if it even had to do with their mission, but it was enough for him to be cautious. "I'll stay with the Senator and check the rooms. I'm sure he'll want to rest and refresh before tomorrow's negotiations begin."


Back at the port Chuka watched as the Imperial delegation approached their own transport, a much more military inspired transport. He had no doubts that the interior was much more lavish and comfortable then the outside would lead an observer to believe.

"Eyes on secondary targets. Moving to follow." Spoke into the comlink with Helia. "We'll rendezvous later and confirm details. Remember; Do Not Engage. We have both contracts to fulfill." Stepping away from the vendor, it was only a few paces before he slung his leg over a speeder bike and took off after the Sith transport. Staying back a dozen meters and letting his HUD track the vehicle through the city traffic lanes.

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The Imperial transport was heavily armored, almost a show of militaristic power. It was specially ordered. Ciel tried to ignore the pageantry that accompanied Diplomatic Services. Pompous, impotent noblemen, the lot of them. Still, she boarded it with the rest of them, uninterested in the drinks and food within. The seats were comfortable, at least, and she could, once again, allow her mind to wander. What could she find out about those Jedi? Not much, really. One of them was strong, probably stronger than she, likely a master. The other one had to be a padawan, but Ciel hadn't honed her abilities to properly discern others from very far away. Eventually, as the transport pulled away from the spaceport, she focused on her immediate surroundings.

Between the Sith and the soldiers, the mood was split. For all those assigned to this mission on the military side, it was low stress. Sure, it was diplomatic and the diplomat wasn't supposed to come to any harm, but Makem Te was considered a friendly neutral planet. There wasn't much expected push back, none of them would need to raise a blaster. Even with the knowledge of the Republic convoy, the Treaty was in place. No one would be stupid enough to openly break it. So, as they traveled, they lounged and chatted, casual and open. The diplomat was not impressed with their crassness, but he was two glasses of Kaasian Red deep before they were halfway to the hotel. On the other side, Bokden seethed with barely contained rage and hatred. He wasn't an easy one to work with. Likely, if this were a lesser mission, he'd go out of his way to make trouble, kill civilians. He was the kind of Sith that reveled in others' pain and fear. It fed him. He would likely only have a smile on his face if he were spilling blood. Ciel found herself on edge for that reason alone. To her, the mission was a question of her rise to Lordship, and this other Sith seemed wild and unwieldy. She'd have to manage him while keeping her eyes on everyone else. Head on a swivel. Always.

One of the soldiers motioned her over. They knew she was sympathetic to them. They didn't worry she might lose her temper and relieve them of their lives. Due to this, she'd been invited to a couple games of pazaak on the voyage and a couple nights of drinking. One of the soldiers even tried to flirt, but this was not the time. Besides, her father always warned her not to bed a soldier.

The transport pulled up to the hotel and the soldiers put on their more official personas, the perfect guards, escorting their charge toward the entrance. Of course, the diplomat wanted to stay at the same hotel as the Republic delegation. Ciel thought this was some sort of dick measuring contest and petitioned the lieutenant in charge of the mission to change their accommodations. Not the same hotel, she'd asked. He answered to the diplomat, though, and he knew she wouldn't throw her Sith rank in his face to force her way. Sometimes mutual respect was her enemy.

Diplomat, soldiers, and two Sith apprentices departed their craft and started up the path to the entrance. Ciel positioned herself so Bokden was forced to walk further from non-Imperial persons.


"Roger that," Helia replied. "They won't notice a thing." She wasn't wearing her proper armor. At least, not her proper helmet, choosing a more generic style to avoid calling attention to an obvious Mandalorian. She passed a few Republic soldiers, clocked the two Jedi, and kept her distance as she went to check in. She didn't know if she and Chuka were bunking together for better coordination, but she knew her room would be far enough from the diplomatic suites to avoid suspicion.
Cadence's jaw dropped slightly ajar as an unspoken question failed to pass her lips. This assignment sounded like it would take her a while and she was really hoping to do some training tonight. They had been confined to the cramped interior of the ship for weeks now with very little space for proper training. Now that they were planetside she was hoping Delrick would have new lessons for her. Unfortunately, at the moment he was all business. Her master had felt a premonition in the Force, but Cadence wasn't paying attention to her senses so she completely missed it. With a sigh she clamped her mouth shut.

"Yes, Master," she said finally, trying to force the disappointment from her tone. Then she turned on her heel and headed for the door without waiting for Venn.

She was grumbling quietly to herself as she stepped through the main entrance of the hotel back out into the courtyard. So distracted was she that she barely made it three meters before someone shoved her roughly out of the way. "Hey, watch where you're--," she cried, looking up at a man dressed from head to toe in black armor emblazoned with the sigil of the Sith Empire. Her voice caught in her throat the second she recognized the telltale spokes of the Empire's logo. She shifted her gaze to the right and saw several more soldiers wearing armor approaching her, along with a man dressed in regal clothing being followed by a small retinue of aides. Accompanying the diplomat was a man and a woman. Cadence's eyes were first drawn to the woman and as soon as she had locked eyes with the Sith she instantly recognized that the dark premonition she felt before had come from her.

That feeling was back now, stronger than it was before. The cold grip of fear threatened to overtake her and without even realizing it she unconsciously took a step backward...


Venn Vorale

Venn rose an eyebrow at Delricks request, and he purposefully rubbed the chin of his helmet. "Sure. I guess." Venn said after a quick moment, he turned to Cadence and noticed her sigh, and she departed towards the exit. Venn looked back at Delrick, "Not going to be able to cover much with just the two of us. Wish I had a platoon of grunts, but I'll get a rough run down done. Good luck with the Senator." Venn said with a nod. He spoke the truth, covering the entire hotel, and the city's council chambers, with just two people was pretty much impossible. The best he could do with that was map out the area and draw up lanes of escape, angles of attack, firing lines, make sure nobody suspicious was around his immediate area, but no way was he going to be able to pull off a thorough sweep with just himself and a Jedi Padawan. Though the sweep would be a great opportunity to grab that wine and candy, maybe a few souvenirs. Maybe Delrick was giving him the opportunity? But given that Sith were in the picture, likely not. Maybe they were being sent out to find the Sith party, and make sure they weren't doing anything funny, though he doubted that as well.

"Hey, watch where you're--,"
Venn heard Cadence shout, he turned around to look at why she shouted, expecting another Swokes in a bad mood. Instead he found a few Sith and Imperial Troopers marching in, escorting an Imperial Diplomat, by the looks of it.
"Ah stang." He muttered, and hurriedly, but respectfully, made his way over to Cadence. Surprisingly, he made the distance in a very short amount of time, respectfully quiet as well, as opposed to his loud stomping while in the Consular-Class. When he was next to Cadence he shot an arm out between her and the Imperials, and he stepped between them, gently pushing Cadence behind the armored trooper. He looked to the Imperial Trooper that Cadence nearly bumped into, noting that the trooper didn't wear any ranking stripes or pins, and Venn... bowed his head.
"We'll be sure to be more attentive when we're walking, our apologies." Venn apologized, speaking in a friendly tone. The choice to bow, instead of standing at attention, was a little odd, but he wasn't apologizing to the Imperial soldier, who Venn was sure didn't give a care that he had to push aside a Padawan, it was just his job. He was bowing and apologizing to the Sith next to the Trooper. Even though his bow was directed to the Imperial soldier, the more politically inclined could probably see the gesture for what it was, and Venn hoped these Sith in front of him were the more thoughtful, careful sort.


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In a matter of moments, the soldiers already caused a small issue. This wasn't a big deal, it was normal. They thought they had the right to bully those around them into compliance. Ciel hated being so visible, but it was her path to be hidden. She was an assassin, hers were the shadows, so when the padawan met her eyes, she had a choice. Would she make herself seem unimportant and weak? Make herself forgettable? No, this one was too observant. Ciel saw recognition in the girl's eyes. The padawan felt the earlier search. Ciel didn't bother hiding her power, then. If the student knew, the master was sure to be similarly aware. She turned her attention to the front, even as the Republic trooper bowed his head.

There wasn't a hint of an Imperial accent in the trooper's tone, though, nor outer rim. He couldn't be a deserter. Imperial sympathizer? Soft-hearted in general? It wouldn't matter before long. They'd be back on the ship and out of the system before the week's end. All she had to do was keep the peace until then.

"It's a shame to see the noble Swokes Swokes demeaned by the presence of such rubbish," Diplomat Orlorn drawled as they passed. The soldier closest to him chuckled.

Ciel didn't find the statement humorous, but to strike out at the diplomat so publicly would show dissension in the ranks. Couldn't have that. But her attention was soon drawn by her compatriot. Bokden tapped her on the arm and she, rather reluctantly, turned her head toward him.

"The girl looks naive. One of us could have an apprentice by the end of it," he said, making no attempt to lower his tone. He grinned, his pointed canines clear as he eyed Cadence. He wanted to play. He thought he was big, scary, might put a pang of fear in the padawan's heart, or awaken some curiosity and desire. None of that appealed to the assassin, however.

"Eyes ahead," Ciel said, returning her attention to the path before them. "You aren't a Lord yet."

"Lesser Sith achieved their ranks through the acquisition of an apprentice. It's a valid path."

"Didn't think you saw yourself as a lesser Sith."

The delegation wasn't far past Cadence or Venn and Bokden still had his fiery eyes locked on the padawan. It didn't matter if she wanted to engage with him, he would make it happen and it didn't much matter whether it started now or the next day. The only thing that kept him leashed in that moment was the fear the assassin would keep her threat. Roiling, unrestrained anger, rage, the stuff that ignited fires and killed friend and foe alike in a matter of moments was his base. The assassin's anger was ice and steel. It was quiet, creeping, and persistent, and it made him uncomfortable. So, to distract himself until the main event began, he would throw himself into his intended torment and corruption of the padawan.
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Cadence shrank back from the sheer presence of the Sith assassin, barely noticing as Venn stood in front of her to protectively shield her. She never took her eyes off the older woman, at least not until the other Sith walking with her started speaking. He looked right at Cadence as he mentioned something about her naivete, implying he could turn her away from the light. As soon as she saw his predatory gaze she remembered her own courage and stepped out from behind Venn staring defiantly back at Bokden.

"Hope you enjoy your stay," she called after him, "Looking forward to seeing you again!"

All sense of the fear she felt before was gone. Instead, there was a slight eagerness to her tone as if inviting him to attack her. Cadence never got to see his reaction, though, as the crowd milling about in the courtyard closed around them. Once they were out of sight she turned to look back at Venn. "Why'd you do that," she asked, "Why'd you bow to them? Aren't they the enemy?"

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The crestfallen look on his padawans face was not missed by the Master. He had been meaning to help her with her saber skills; she had a solid understanding in the form and function of Shii-Cho, but he thought Ataru or possibly Djem So would be better suited to her own personality and style. It had been a long trip in cramped quarters, not suited for lightsaber training. And Cadence did not have the patience to meditate on the Force yet for the length they had been stuck on the ship.

But given that the Sith were about, treaty or not, it would be better for her to learn a few tricks and skills from the veteran Trooper, he would see things differently from what the Jedi taught and be able to act on them.

"Yes Master." Was all she said, walking off in the way young beings would when they felt they had not gotten what they wanted. Leaving before Venn had even acknowledged the request.

"Sure. I guess. Not going to be able to cover much with just the two of us. Wish I had a platoon of grunts, but I'll get a rough run down done. Good luck with the Senator." Venn said with a nod, trotting to catch up with Cadence. Delrick did notice how much lighter on his feet when he wanted to be.

That same feeling rippled through him at the same moment when the Imperial Delegation entered the lobby. Shaking his head he turned to the Senator and Envoy, seeing as they had finished the check-in process and began moving to the lift that would take them to the appropriate respectable accommodations. Giving an armored female, probably a bounty hunter, a respectful nod as they passed. Not paying her much mind as his thoughts were preoccupied with the Sith and they brutish soldiers in the same hotel as him and his charge.


Chuka's speeder bike pulled up a few meters away from the Imperial transport just as the delegation it had been carrying entered the lobby. "Well this will be make things easier." Speaking to himself as he dismounted and moved up the stairs to keep an eye on the second target and check into his own room, which should be two floors up and three rooms over from the targets room. Not that he planned on sleeping there, but it made things easier to closer when it came time. Helia should have secured her room, just five rooms down the hall from the Republic delegation suites.

On Core worlds Diplomatic accommodations would wave taken up at least half the floor, if not the whole floor. But in the Outer Rim things were different. The Delegations from the Republic and Empire were only able to secure the largest rooms and the connected suites on either side on each floor. The Republic was on the Seventeenth floor, while the Imperial was on the Eighteenth; which was the top floor of the hotel, both levels offering the best views of the city Thousand Thousand, and the Obsta Desert that surrounded the city. This was a petty way to show they were superior and above the Republic.

Unlike his younger partner he was not hiding his lineage or profession. But that was part of the plan, be seen and recognized. He entered just after the almost altercation between the Sith and Padawan. "Second target is entering the location. Looks like this should be easier then we thought." The older Hunter said through the comlink to Helia, as he scanned the lobby for ingress and egress and threats. Making a note of the Trooper and what had to be a Padawan, given how young she looked and the fact that she had her lightsaber hanging from her hip. Not really concealed, but not truly out in the open either. "Any deviations from your target?" Keeping his voice low enough that he would not be heard by any being within a meter of him in the busy lobby.


Venn Vorale

Venn kept his head down until the Imperial group began to check in, then he straightened himself and let out a sigh of relief, though with a small smile on his face. He wasn't dead, or had a saber in his chest yet, so he guessed he was right about the whole thoughtful and careful sith thing. One of them was, at least.
"Why'd you do that, why'd you bow to them? Aren't they the enemy?" Cadence almost demanded.

Venn's small smile grew wider as he turned to face the padawan, "Well, are they?" He asked back, pausing for a moment, his body language betrayed his upbeat attitude, "They didn't attack us on sight, or even demand our surrender." he said, "They might've been our enemy years ago but today they're just another group of people saddled with the job of keeping a diplomat out of trouble. Don't lose that perspective, that they're people too." the soldier continued, he paused again for a moment, thinking about his next words carefully. He purposely turned his helmet down to the ground, to signify thought, he learned that body language was an important thing when you wore a full faced helmet. "You'll kill less people that way."
"Besides all that, we're here on a diplomatic mission, it'l pay to be diplomatic."
Venn said, waving his arm, he spotted a glint of metal from behind Cadence and glancing at its source, spotted a fully armored Mandalorian. He noted that mentally, turning his attention back to the Jedi. "Sometimes that means kissing peoples boots, you can't even imagine how much stuff you can get away with, or actually get by doing that. Once got my team two whole heavy repeaters by playing clerk to a quartermaster." He said, "Come on, we got a perimeter check to do, and the quicker we get that done, the quicker I could show you some of the stuff they taught me way back in SpecForce CQC School." Venn turned to walk towards the edge of the hotel.

"We taught this one throw to a Knight during th-" He stopped both his story and stopped in his tracks, noticing something particularly odd that not many would notice without his experience. A group of Swokes passing through the courtyard turned and made a detour around a spot on the ground, and then continued on their way, like avoiding a piece of trash on the ground. But the patch of stone floor was perfectly clean. He looked at the ground, then jerked his helmet up to around eye height of the spot. He saw something like this during battle before, charging Imperial troops moving around a spot on the battlefield as if they all knew it was mined, only for the 'spot' to move closer and closer to Republic battlements, then suddenly burst into action with force powers and red lightsabers. He swallowed and quickly thought about what to do. He could address the potentially cloaked Sith, either find one or look like a fool for a minute, but why would a Sith be hidden? He decided to let them be hidden. Despite his pause being barely over a few seconds long, a perceptive person would have definitely picked up on it. Then he continued, this time turning a little bit more than he would have to avoid walking into the possibly invisible Sith. He wondered if it was an unconscious thing that cloaked users did to avoid getting walked into. He loudly cleared his throat, using that as an excuse for his pause, and continued on his way to round the hotel building clockwise.
"-during the war, and the Knight used it the battle right after we taught him. Must've surprised the guy he used it on, it definitely surprised us."

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