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Spy Game (dnd 5e play bypost)

Dice System
D&D 5e


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đŸ”¥Dungeons and Dragons 5th EditionđŸ”¥


You have burned every bridge crossed. Most of your friends and family, for whatever reason, no longer want to be associated with you. The only chance you have is to accept this great ordeal. In doing so, the Covenant promises you anything you desire. Call yourself a rogue, spy, inglorious bastard, whatever. It’s this job or a cold grave.

The kingdom of Arcadius has cut itself off from all outside contact. It is believed the King, Trenton Arcadius, has gone mad with power. His citizens are trapped inside the city, and have been for a whole generation.

The Covenant, a secretive organization whose mission is to gather intelligence and act as a mediator on international affairs, have requested you for a special operation. Your spymaster shall meet with you once you cross through the portal they have made. The game begins when the player exits the portal inside Arcadius.

Game Rules

Players will make their sheets on dnd Beyond in my campaign channel. I will periodically roll for the players and reveal details to them in my post.

I expect those in the game to be timely, able to reply once a day or every other day.

Characters will start at level 1, and use the following stat spread:

16, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8

Take starting equipment when prompted​
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A little about myself...

I’m 28 and married. Been playing dnd and tabletops since I was 16 and got into rp a couple years later. I write a lot, especially on my phone. I listen to heavy metal and play games on switch and ps4. I also host a couple dnd and roleplay servers on Discord.


Devil's Food
King Trenton Arcadius is statted as a 20th level hero. 10 wizard levels, 7 fighter, and 3 rogue. He has been rumored to have survived a major battle during the taking of the castle. He was reported killed by enemy soldiers. Cut, stabbed, and ripped to pieces. Trenton came back to life before the battle ended. That's how the story goes. Some say it wasn't Trenton who died, despite needing seven men to bring him down.


Trenton Arcadius has a horrifiying variety of life extending powers, which have left him unchanged despite aging 60 years since the fall of the military coup that previously occupied the the capitol of Arcadia. He is muscular, tan and by all regards charming and handsome. He is also deceptive, cruel, and unjust. Trenton values power and physical strength, and the desire to improve and overcome. He wishes to foster up and coming warriors who will operate within his domain. Many avenues will lead the players into his inner circle.

Be aware that the object of this campaign is not to kill or depose King Trenton as a ruler. It is merely the collection and display of information. What is Trenton planning? Why did he lock the city off from the outer worlds? We will form a plan once contact is established. Your success is dependent on the retrieval of critical intelligence. Information that will help the world fight against the madness and chaos inflicted by the madman tyrant King Arcadius.

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