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Fantasy Spirit Slayer (Closed)

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Zero Mortal Plan!
A night to remember….

The moon shone beautifully over Konohagakure, also known as the “Village Hidden in the Leaf”. The streets were filled and joy casted through the air. The yearly fire festival was going on and the entire village was in attendance. Adults drinking and sharing their life stories while the children ran and played. No spirit or man as ever once got close to this village since it was the Head Village of the country. The Land of Fire had promising warriors from each generation, but only a rare few shine brighter than most.

Suddenly a strange gust in the wind caught most of the well trained spirit hunters' attention. It was a strange feeling that meant something bad was coming. The people continued to party on, not even realizing the moon had turned red. A leaf slowly falling to the center of the village. Once it touched the ground a kid picked it up and noticed the moon’s color changing. It was too late…


A massive cloud appeared out of nowhere sending high gusts of wind. Winds so strong killed anyone caught in it or launched deeper in the village. From the cloud there were growls echoing. Spirit Slayers with the rank Grand Sorcerers/Grand Sorceress and Archmage appeared on the scene. All the clan’s warriors appeared as well to aid the village. A roar from the beast cleared the smoke and nearly tore down buildings around it. It was the 9 tailed fox Yokai. The Konoken had landed on a rooftop along with his troops staring down the beast. He noticed that the beast's eyes were different from before.

“Everyone! The details are still unclear as to how the Nine Tails Yokai appeared in the village, but no matter we shall protect our homes here! Some of you make sure the people are safe and make it to the back of the village! The rest of you help me in pushing this damn fox out of the village!!”

“YES SIR!!!!”

“NOW CHARGE!!!!!!!”


The efforts that were made were not for nothing. They were pushing the beast slowly out of the village. The only clan that still haven’t arrived strangely were the Takeshi’s. They were the village’s main attack unit. Surroundings were burning and debris was all over. The villagers were all safe near Kono's Office. Each unit was using either magic or their Nichi Weapons in complete unison. By doing this not only did they gain distance they continued to anger the beast. So the nine tails retaliated by summoning a massive ball of mana into the village, almost destroying half of the village if it wasn’t thanks to the barrier magic unit.

An older man landed on a rooftop breathing heavily. He was nearing his limit, almost running out of mana. He was the current KonoKen of the leaf village. His name was Sanzu Saruhan, 3rd Konoken of the leaf. Beside him was a possible candidate for KonoKen, Jiraya one of the Legendary 3 Ace’s.

“Jiraya, isn’t it strange? That the Takeshi haven’t arrived yet?”

“Yeah it is, even during a time like this do you think the rumored revolution has already started?”

“I’m not quite sure, but no matter the case, go and check on the Takeshi District. Make sure things haven’t gotten bad over there like it is here. This might be another country’s attack on the land of fire.”

“Got it.”

Jiraya flash stepped away heading towards the Takeshi District which was 10 miles east of Konohagakure. He rushed there as fast as he could. So many possibilities ran through his head on what possibly was waiting for him. On the other hand the village continued to fight the fox. Finally reaching his destination Jiraya landed on the street. He couldn’t believe his eyes for what he had seen. The Takeshi Clan members were wiped out, blood smeared the walls and the smell of the dead bodies passed through the air. Cries from a baby echoed through the empty streets. Jiraya ran towards the sound of tears. It was a child who seemed around one years old who was crying. He was cradled at the front door, it was the house of the leader of the Takeshi Clan. Jiraya’s attention immediately directed towards someone sitting atop of a light pole. Crows surrounded the man flocking around him like he was their king.


“Those eyes… this magic power only belongs to one person…. Karasu!!!! What the hell happened here!!!”

“I simply followed Master Huzen’s orders. I completely wiped out the Takeshi Clan.”

“But… why?!”

“Because our clan was filled with idiotic idealism that power was the answer to everything. That same power that was slowly tearing our clan apart. Sooner or later it would’ve been a civil war that transpired to take over the leaf..”

“So this… is your younger sibling you once spoke of?”

“Yes. I know considering the situation I have no right, but I have one request for you.”

“What is it?”

“Take care of my youngen, make them strong and one day when the time is right tell em about me. Also what I have done. That is all…” He faded in the wind though his voice still lingered. “Their name is… Takeshi.”

Jiraya picked the child up, rocking him in his arms to stop the crying. Once the child was calm and went to sleep, Jiraya examined the area to make sure Karasu was truly gone. Now he rushed back to the village with the baby in hand. The village had successfully pushed back the 9 tails Yokai into the forest and now prepared to seal the spirit. A giant man slammed a Massive sized jar on the ground and took the top off. While spirit slayers distracted the beast the giant among others prepared the sealing spell.

“There you go. This will be your home now young one. Just wait for me here. Okay?” Jiraya headed out leaving the child to sleep in his house. He headed further into the forest pass the battle against the ninetails and found someone standing there calmly. Around them was the current Onen and their bodyguards dead.


“Who the hell… Just are you?!”

“Oh Jiraya only if one could make an extraordinary guess and possibly say who I am. I am no one, or thing. I am simply me.”

“Why the hell are you attacking the leaf?!”

“Simply because of cause and effect. Peace has found itself in the Land of Fire for quite some time. I came to simply disrupt it. You fools couldn’t even tell the small details to your own demise.”

“What the hell are you spitting out now?!” Jiraya drew his Nichi weapon and prepared for the masked individual to make any sudden movements. Jiraya watched the masked man closely.

“Look up, the moon is a signal. Whenever this world experiences bloodshed the moon will drown itself in red. The moon is the beacon of death, Lord Jiraya.” Once Jiraya looked up, the man had attacked, and their blades clashed…

Beginning of the Story

Stories all have a start and an ending. Yet what makes a good story is what’s written in between. Generations of wizards who fought and died for what life could be now. Years of bloodshed finally had calmed itself. Issues that could not be ignored arose. The countries' feud against each other still goes on, just less of it. This is because of a new problem. A new breed of Spirits started popping up and resembled savage beasts or demonic creatures. These spirits are labeled “Demons”. Demons are stronger and feed off the souls of the living. Well then let’s get this show on the road!

A note was left in each of the newly graduated student’s houses. The note had a seal on it and could only be opened by them. Once they had found the note and decided to open it, the words written on it said this.

“Uhh.. hey! I’m the leader of the team. I'm not really good with this type of stuff so uh let's get to business. Meet me at the training grounds northwest of the village. Make sure you guys get there tomorrow at 5 am in the morning. Don’t be late!”

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Kazume Takeshi

“Aaah~ Now that hit the spot! Instant ramen can fill any empty belly!”

Placing his chopsticks on top of the now empty cup of noodles. A massive burp escaped his mouth from the depths of his belly. It was like a roar from a full belly lion. He patted his stomach which was round and sat back using his arm as support. Kazume had finished his meal before reading a strange note that he found. He found it coming in from grocery shopping hiding behind his extra shoes. He released the seal spell, opening the envelope. His facial expression looked mad and annoyed at the fact that whoever wrote this was ignorant and demanding. No matter he was excited though just a week ago he graduated from the Academy and became a full fledged Spirit Slayer.

“Tomorrow will be the day… I… I become… AN ACTUAL SPIRIT SLAYER HELL YEAH!!!!!”

He jumped up in joy knocking his table over and everything on it. Kazume’s house was kept clean since not only was it his, but another’s. He quickly cleaned up his mess and went to bed for the next day to come. It was around 4 o’clock in the morning and he was up hitting push ups. He was already cleaned up and dressed for today’s meeting with his new team. Man! What a time to be alive. Finally he upheld his promise with the old man. Grabbing his nichi swords and attaching them on his back. Leaving his home he jumped from the rooftops embracing the calm and refreshing air. He landed in front of the Village’s main gate hoping he could meet his new teammates on the way to the training grounds. Then again they probably were already there.

Instead of waiting to see he ran off towards the training ground hoping to meet them there. Who would be on his team? Hopefully it wouldn’t be anyone that’ll slow him down. No matter what, this was the first step to his long term goal. He was almost there running towards the metal fences that were the entrance of the training grounds.
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Faye had just gotten home from helping someone in the village when she found the note. It was tucked behind the place she keeps her shoes. She walked into her room and began to open the letter. The short blond girl sits on her bed. The seal spell released a white sort of flame when broken. She tucks a piece of hair behind her ear as she begins to read. Her face lit up. “OH MY GOD!!” She yells as she runs outside to tell her mother. “Mama! Look!” She runs up to her, her light blond locks running in the wind with her. The tall woman’s face twists into a large toothy smile. “Good job, my angle!” Her mother voiced. Angle was the nickname she was given when she was found, since she was luckily the only one alive. She jumps up in down while holding the note in her hand. “Im gonna be a spirit slayer!!” She yells again before her mother tells her to set the table.

The next morning Faye is awake by 3am. She runs to bathe and gets dressed. She picks a light green, brown, and white outfit that consists of a skirt and somewhat of a crop top to wear. She pairs that with her knee high boots, white, with brown twine like laces. She puts a few, non-distracting accessories on too. She put her hair up in two braids with a few loose piece of hair hanging out, just to get the hair out of her face. She also put a little bit of makeup on just incase she saw a cute boy there…
Faye went into her parents room and kissed her mothers cheek before grabbing her bow and arrows and walking out the door of her hut. She got a few looks from other villagers doing their morning routine since she was never out at that time. “I’m a spirit slayer baby!” She yells as she reaches the bridge of the forest. Faye was ecstatic. She had always wanted to be a spirit slayer since she heard what happened to her real parents. It sometimes made her sick to know that her whole clan was wiped out by some stupid mean 9 tailed creature.

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As she walks through the forests she fears nothing. At this moment Faye has walked these woods 1000 times over. Plus the random burst of confidence she had gotten. She places the sack that holds her arrows around her back over her shoulder, And places her bow by her side. When she reaches the place she should be she walks down the hill to be met by another slayer, they had orange hair and eye patch. Faye immediately got shy. She keeps her head down and walks over to a spot that was a few feet away from the male. A few minuets pass before she spots another person come from over the hill, they had raven-colored hair and two white swords on their back. They walked over. Faye once again became nervous. They where both guys. What if they where better than her? What if she wasn’t good compared to them? She had many thought going through her mind but she was interrupted by the male getting closer. She smiled gently at the male, wanting to get on his good side just incase he wasn’t the most friendly person. Faye was ready, but not as ready as she wanted to be.

Master of Lava

Gods and mortals, fear my fury and my flames!
Masayaki Kano

"I'm home," Masayaki stated a bit quieter than normal as he entered his home. It belonged to a close family friend, Hajime Saruhan, a young man in his 20-somethings who was kind enough to host him during his stay in Konoha due to his strained relationships with his old family. Hajime smiled as he noticed Masayaki opening the door, stood up and embraced him.

"How was training?"

"It went alright, it was a slow day today..." Masayaki responded in a somewhat mellow tone. "Almost as if my mana wasn't cooperating today..."

"That's alright, Masa-kun," Hajime reassured. Masayaki loved when he called him that. "Everyone has their off days. And that just means that you'll come back stronger tomorrow. Get some good rest, you've been given a special present." And with that, Hajime handed Masayaki a sealed jar. Masayaki stared at it curiously.

"Go ahead, open it," Hajime beckoned. "I couldn't, which means it must be yours. You know how to, I suppose."

Masayaki nodded, and recited the spell to open the seal jar. He was shocked to find inside a scrawled-out note, seemingly hastily written but dignified regardless. He read its contents and then hugged Hajime, catching the man off guard.

"Wh--what's going on?"

"I'm finally going to become a Spirit Slayer!"

And with that he decided to head up to bed, he needed to be there early tomorrow anyways.

Masayaki woke up just before twilight, catching the first rays of the sun streaming through his window as he got up to get ready. Five o'clock seemed a bit too early for him, given his old training schedule started much later, but he hoped he'd adjust eventually. For now, all that really mattered was to not be late, as per the instructions. Panicking slightly, it was then he realized that he didn't even know who his leader would be. But still, he decided that could be for later matters, as he packed up his kunai and other supplies into a small backpack and got ready to go.

Giving Hajime a hasty hug and a goodbye, he set out early to the designated meet up, and it seemed like he was the first one there. Odd, but hopefully that was a good sign. Sitting down in the shade of one of the trees, he soon noticed as a pretty blond-haired elf, followed by a raven-haired boy with a shy smile, joined him.

"I suppose this is our team then?" Masayaki asked as the three were finally all together. "So where's our leader?"
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Zero Mortal Plan!

Kazume Takeshi
Finally reaching past the fence Kazume slid down the hill catching his balance. There he was met with two others. A gust of wind blew by them with a trail of leaves behind them. A beautiful blonde elf, seeing her made him blush and made him nervous. There was also a orange haired guy. He smirked at the both them realizing these were his new teammates. The orange one spoke up catching Kazume’s attention.

“Yeah it seems like that. Good morning you guys. I never been up this early.” Kazume looked around to check out the scenery. It was a beautiful field at the bottom of the small hillside. The field is split in half by a river, on the other side a massive waterfall pours down into a pond. On the far right from the three seemed like another entrance. Behind the fence barricade the training grounds is surrounded by forest. It was exactly how he remembered it.

Hearing the guy’s question on where there leader was a good question. He was the one who told everyone to get here so early in the morning. Then again this might just be a test for them to see how they would react.

“Well it looks like we got here a lot faster then he did huh?” Kazume turned back around to face the two in front of him and smiled. “No matter though we’re finally taking a step to greatness. I’m excited honestly.” The orange haired guy seemed pretty strong he’d seen him around the academy before a few times. He had some serious skill, that was a plus and the girl was atop of her class. She was apart of the Inzuka Clan, the only elf's in the entire country.

Kizen Hatake

Kizen stood at the village’s gravesite near two graves that he visits frequently. It was his past teammates that were killed during the war. He constantly came to visit them and tell his mission stories. Keeping both of their wills alive within himself Kizen kneeled down swapping out flowers in the vase. It was for the female of the team Ria Uzumi she was in love with Kizen, but he never got to tell her his true feelings. His best friend was resting beside her, Azuma Takeshi. He spent about three hours with them until he realized the sun was starting to rise. The sun rose high and it was definitely past 5 in the morning. By a simple guess it was actually around 5:30 in the morning right about now. He should probably get going. He did have a meeting with some new students.

“So then Ria and Azuma today I got my first set of kids. Honestly this whole Sensei thing for me is nothing special, but Lord 3rd specifically assigned me to them. I just hope that they meet up to my standards. Maybe I’ve been too hard on myself. I guess I’m just saying I want you guys to watch over me, I gotta head out now.”

Pulling a cigarette out of his pocket and placing it in his mouth, Kizen lit it up. Releasing some smoke from out the side of his mouth while looking up to the sky. A gust of wind gave him a quick breeze and with that he headed towards the Training grounds.

Kizen landed on a tree branch a little away from the group, lowering his magic power so he couldn’t be detected. Analyzing each of them and how they approach one another. There was a boy with orange hair; he must've been the one Lord 3rd told him about being an Onen. Then it was the young blonde she had pointy ears which meant she was an elf and had to be an Inzuka Clan. Now then there was the boy who survived the Takeshi clan massacre. Nobody, but a very select few know about what really went on that night. This group of kids might actually give him a run from his money. Sparking up a cigarette Kizen jumped over to the three kids.

Landing behind Masayaki completely undetected by the three who've been waiting for about 35 minutes on his arrival. He took a hit from his cigarette while still behind Masayaki. After hearing them talk amongst themselves for a moment Kizen decided to make his presence known.

“Sorry I’m late you guys. Kinda got caught up in some other work. Hope I didn’t have you guys waiting to long. Let’s see here then.”

Once Kazume realized there was a man wearing an all black fit with a black coat hanging over his shoulders like a cape. The man also had black hair and seem to be smoking a cigarette judging from the smoke. It didn’t seem like he was carrying any Nichi Weapon on him which was strange.

Releasing the smoke from his mouth it shaped into the head of a tiger and roared. Once it was done it turned back to normal smoke and dispersed in the wind. Kizen pulled a book out of his left back pocket.

“Wow, I didn’t even realize you where there behind Orange.”

“Oh that’s one of the many tricks I have in my arsenal.” Kizen took a step to stand in the middle of the three so they can all see his face. His Nichi Weapon was a short sword which was sheathed on his backside, hidden under the coat. On his belt buckle the village logo was plastered on it.

“Now, in order for us to build good teamwork we must introduce ourselves. I’m sure you probably met through the academy and become friends, but it’s different now. You’ve successfully graduated the academy and became a full fledged Spirit Slayer. Now you are assigned to the field and should aim to become great allies to keep one another alive. In other words, this is the first step to teamworkship.”

He took another hit out of his cigarette. “I’ll start.” Releasing the smoke.

“My name is Kizen Hatake. I am an Archmage ranking Spirit Slayer. I'm the only Archmage that is a “Sensei”. Now who are you twerps?”

“My name is Kazume Takeshi, and I will become the strongest Spirit Slayer!”

He took another hit out his cigarette and stayed silent from the boy’s words. This wasn’t the first time he’s heard these words. In fact Kizen was going to put this kid’s words to the test.

“So what about you both?”

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D83DD0B8-9C4A-450D-A078-881CFBAEC442.jpeg Faye inzuka

Faye gasps at the sudden sound of a new voice, she turned around and placed her Hand on an arrow behind her. “God.” She whispered looking down as she realized he must be our sensei. She should have heard him but her ears didn’t perk, not giving her a signal for a new comer. She watches as he blows smoke out of his mouth and as it takes the shape of a lion. She tucks a piece of loose hair behind her ear and looks down, a bit embarrassed. She listens to the man tell that they have to “introduce themselves” even though they already though who each other is. She giggles a little at the raven-haired boys words. He wanted to be the best spirit slayer, that was a good mindset at least. She stepped forward.

“I’m Faye Inzuka, my ranking is a mage…”

She said quietly, social talking was a bit awkward for her. She stepped back, holding her bow in both hands and keeping it in front of her. Faye looked up at her sensei again. He had deep black hair, and matching eyes. He was cute but he was way older than her as well. She watched at the orange headed male introduced himself. A small blush creeping in her face when he was done. Faye had done so much work at the academy for this. She had always dreamt of becoming a spirit slayer. The thought of being able to save people, her people. She couldn’t let elf’s die off. Not on her watch.

When Faye was younger, her mother would tell her stories about how elf woman did so much for their village and to keep it safe while her father told her stories about how the men kept the woman and children save and healthy. They would hunt food while woman would take care of the children and make weapons for the men. Faye wanted more of that. She wanted more elf clans. But everyone was scared to do so. They thought if they all stayed together, they would be safer. But that’s the opposite, if the 9 tailed creature came back, they would all die. There needed to be at least one more elf clan that could help if something happened to the other. Faye would make one. When she was old enough to leave her home she would make another clan, no matter that others said or how she would be looked down upon.
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Masayaki Kano

Noticing that their sensei was about five, then ten, then fifteen minutes late, Masayaki had started his own warm up techniques, just to siphon some of his Mana all across his body and prepare himself to reach optimal capacity. This was followed by deep breathing and meditation, during which time he was caught off guard by the sound of his sensei greeting them. Sighing as he stood up and cut his opening exercises short, he looked with fascination at his sensei and how he could keep himself concealed for so long.

But, he figured, that was something he’d learn eventually. For now, he was just focused on a few little things at a time.

He perked up as soon as Kizen, his new sensei, and the other two began introducing themselves, but he took a bit too long to figure out the words with which he’d introduce himself. He didn’t know what to say that wouldn’t be a dead giveaway about certain aspects of himself, but he decided on a simple introduction.

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu (Nice to meet you/Please treat me well). My name is Masayaki Kano, but you can call me Masa-kun. And… I’ve become a Spirit Slayer to save others, no matter the cost!”

Seemingly satisfied with his introduction, Masayaki sighed and bowed his head, only looking back up into his sensei’s eyes when Kizen finally spoke up again. If sensei knew that he was an Onen, if any of the Spirit Slayers knew, he was scared they’d kick him out. After all, he’d heard of another Onen in the Earth nation who’d been heavily discriminated against, and he didn’t want that same fate. But, somehow Kizen’s eyes seemed warm, calm and endearing, and Masayaki found comfort in looking into them. He knew sensei would keep his secret. But what about the others?


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Shiruba Bangu


Here he was again. Standing before the village's memorial site on the same day at the same time. His sharp gaze locked on the stone surface where countless names of the brave, the foolish, and the cowardly are laid to rest. A sigh escapes his lips as his sharp eyes picked up a number of names---painfully familiar names---as his mind wanders to each and every scrap of memory he jealously kept safe from Time's grubby paws.

As he reminisced on better times, his gaze landed upon two particular names that brought a grimace to his face. Two particular graves that he personally dug up and buried those interred within it. Azuma Takeshi and Ria Uzumi. To promising souls taken way before they should be. Two bright eyed, hopeful youngsters that had the right stuff but apparently couldn't make the cut in Life's cruel test. Two names, from an endless list of names, that he apparently failed to protect and nurture despite everything he did.

Of course, he thought, that the life of a Spirit Slayer is fraught with danger. Of course, he knew deep down, that these kids and so many other bright eyed fools like them would and could meet their ends way before they should actually expire. He knew, within his heart of hearts, that there was no stopping such a thing from happening in the first place. That there was nothing he or anyone could do when that stupid conflict broke out. Of the deaths and funerals that soon followed. Of the grieving mothers and daughters wailing the names of the dead, of the vengeful fathers and sons vowing eternal enmity, of a village that both cared and not for the lives it spend willingly. Of the madness that soon followed despite the so called peace being won.

He softly snorts as he shook his head wryly. These deaths were for the village's future. It is an honor to die for one's home. They died in glory, they died swinging. What kind of future is this where they are no longer a part of it? What use is honor when you're not alive to see its fruits? What use is glory for someone who's six feet under? What's the use if no one remembers you?

Shiruba Bangu, the Silver Storm, the Old Wolf, rubbed his eyes in frustration and sorrow. If anyone was there and claimed that he was crying he swears to the heavens and hells that he was not and it was all because of the dust scattered around the area that made his eyes itchy. He lets out a huff and takes a deep breath to calm himself. 'Keep it cool,' he tells himself, 'your students don't need a pansy right now. Stiff up and be their damned rock.'

He notices that there were new flowers here. Looks like the brat visited them. A sardonic smile graced his lips as he got lost in his thoughts again. Kizen Hatake, the sole survivor, veteran of the 2nd Great Magic War. A damn good kid. Strong, willful, a little shit; but he was his little shit. He's an Archmage now, he reckons to himself. Moving up on the world. All that it cost was the lives and futures of people that loved him; and he was sure the two did love him. Let it not be said that Ol' Bangu is blind. He may be a prickly bastard but was an observant bastard. 'Gods above and below,' Shiruba thought darkly, 'what a world we live in. No matter what, the strong suffers and the weak suffer more. Bah! Enough of the depressing shit. I'm here to share a drink with my students.'

He fishes out from his pocket a small bottle of sake, the good stuff he would call it. Aged just about right to give a kick. He even pulled out three cups before sitting down in front of the two graves. He uncorked the little bottle and poured a glass for himself, a glass for Azuma---little shit number 2---and a glass for Ria---daughter-I-would-never-have---before he gave the two graves a simple toast. "I hope the Pure Lands find you well, Azuma, Ria. This old man miss your antics. To you..." A few minutes later he takes his drink slowly. After finishing up, he leaves the bottle with them before rising from his seat.

Shiruba slowly turned away and started walking. Before he could get far, he stops and turns back to the two graves, "I'll see you tomorrow, maybe. I might catch Kizen with you then. Heh, a team reunion...you'd both like that, wouldn't you?" With that, he started walking again. His mind awhirl with thoughts and memories. The last thought before the day claims him is that he really should meet up with his wayward student again one of these days. Maybe the bigshot Archmage might have a couple of brats of his own...


Zero Mortal Plan!

Kizen Hatake
Faye was extremely shy when she spoke but Kazume knew she had a good heart. Even though being kind is good most get killed in this world for being to kind. Kizen looked towards Masayaki next, he could tell this kid was determined. He was already hitting his training routine, good. After the team had formally introduced themselves to one another Kizen finished his cigarette and tossed it in his pouch pocket on his jacket. Then he looked at the three slowly again before taking a look at the book he pulled out earlier. The book, if you read the cover, said “Shogi Advanced Tutorial”. His voice got colder and the same with his glare at them.

“Now that that’s taken care of we can get straight to business. Your first mission has already started. From here on out we are enemies, and I mean that. You three will fight me like your lives are dependent on it. You must land one hit on me, and it won’t be easy. I will give you three hours to complete that task. If you fail to do so, well let’s just say you’ll be attending that four year academy again.”

“Hmph well don’t think we were just sitting around these last four years doing nothing!”

“Right. So if you don’t want your hard work and beautiful dreams shot out the sky, I suggest you come at me to kill me.” Kizen continued to read his book while he waited for them to go about their first mission. He was sure they were all skilled, but they aren’t prepared for what Kizen had ready for them. He wanted to see if these kids were worth the praise.

“I got an idea you guys follow me.”

“Hmm?” Kizen watched Kazume run off somewhere into the forest. After he got out of Kizen’s view, Kizen went back to reading his book.
Kazume Takeshi

Running through the forest he found a cool spot for them to hide. Sliding through some bushes and leaning against a tree he waited for the others.
“Alright you guys since we only got 3 hours to finish this, we’re going to have to end this as quickly as possible. Considering the amount of time he’s giving us we only got enough time to pull off two plans. Thankfully I already came up with something that can break even the strongest spirit’s defense!”

He looked at Masayaki and then towards Faye. After checking if they were both paying attention Kazume smirked. Catching his fist with his other hand Kazume had fire in his eyes. Something in him couldn’t let himself calm down. Kazume was actually truly excited.

“The best way for us to pull this off against someone of his caliber. Is to utilize our advantage with numbers and our unique skills.” Kazume rested his hands on both of his partner’s shoulders. “We’ll end this in two battle phases. Phase 1, Faye will shoot off a barrage of arrows and we’ll follow after them using them as cover! Once she shoots Masayaki and I will blitz Sensei Kizen with an all out assault. Once we engage with sensei Faye you move to the other side of the forest, by the other entrance. From there you wait for me and Masayaki we’ll create an opening for you! Once you see that opening, hit em with your best shot Faye. Hopefully that second round can get him.”

After telling them his entire plan he looked at both his teammates and hopefully they liked it. It seemed pretty legit considering their tight schedule for time. Whatever they decided to do will for sure work, the only thing was if himself and Masayaki were skilled enough to give Faye that opening. There wasn’t any time for doubts now though. This was their moment to shine and finally show their true skills.

“You think before you shoot your arrows on the first round, you can enchant us Faye? You got this I trust in your aim. I’ll lead the way Masayaki, and don’t worry I got your back. Let’s do our best not to bump into each other.”

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Zero Mortal Plan!
Sanzu Saruhan
Staying up all night handling official paperwork, there was hills of papers all around his desk. Taking a look out the windows to get a view of the head village he governed. So much has happened, but lately it seemed to have gotten towards better times. Although another war was going on. There hasn’t been any events since the shadow strike thankfully. A small orange toad with a message on its back appeared on his desk.

Sanzu opened the small pocket containing a small rolled up paper. Pulling it out it was a message from someone he was expecting.

“I’ll say this now, so far what I tracked down there are demons crawling the Land of wind. I’m not quite sure why, but I’m going to keep searching deeper. I’ll need more time then what I’ve promised...” The note had written on it. Sanzu placed the message in a locked drawer, there was more written on the message that he had to keep hidden from others. Sanzu hardly trusted anyone he even kept secrets from the village elders who are considered the Konoken’s advisers. It was too much going on behind the scenes in the village that he had to attend too.

Anyways he should spend the day outside the office and take a stroll around the village. He swapped out of his official attire into something more comfortable. Heading out the window of the office building to pass guards.

Outside of his official attire Sanzu wore a white shirt with black shorts and a black hat to cover his head and then some. A stood against a tree that was beside the gravesite. He waited for Shiruba to finish his visit and leave the gravesite. It was a beautiful morning out today, the birds chirping songs. Following after Shiruba he caught up with the man side by side.

“How have you been holding up lately? It’s quite a beautiful morning now isn’t it. Sometimes I think and wonder why this world is the way it is. Why we must continuously fight for our lives. Not only do the spirits continuously grow everyday in power and numbers; but we still cannot solve matters with each other.”

Sanzu waved and patted children on the head, they ran by saying hi. Every child made Sanzu smile, but he had to keep up with Shiruba. “Sorry about that, how’s the school been holding up? Their little smiles fuels the fire in my heart to push forward. I’d like your opinion on a certain matter. Sensei Shiruba.”

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Masayaki Kano

"Sensei, excuse me..." Masayaki tried to interrupt Kizen as he introduced their first mission. "What good will us trying to harm you do? Why do we have to be enemies? I thought we were all supposed to be friends--" His fists clenched in frustration as he stared at their sensei. "Besides, what good does a dead sensei do? Or for that matter, dead students?"

He sensed in Kizen's cold tone and similarly piercing eyes the same spirit that had possessed the Yokai that fateful night when he had nearly lost his life. One of violence and unbridled ferocity. And if Kizen looked closely, he could definitely notice the fear, the trauma even, in Masayaki's eye. But it was then that he determined that this time, instead of trying to escape, he would fight. Fight for his life and the lives of his friends. Standing up and nodding to the sensei, he soon followed Kazume and Faye into the secluded spot in the woods where they would formulate their plan.

Kazume seemed a bit too enthusiastic for this whole endeavor, but nevertheless Masayaki listened intently to every word of the young man's formulated plan. And Kazume could probably also sense the worry that plagued Masa-kun. Surely Kizen wasn't being serious when he was saying he'd have to redo his education? But he did try to keep up a smile, though a shy one, through the questions and concerns that were going on through his mind.

"Um... Kazume-kun," Masayaki commented, "I think Sensei wanted us each to all land one hit onto him. And besides, what if this isn't a test of strength, but of moral character? What if this is Sensei trying to teach us not to hurt our friends, or our allies?"

He really didn't want to have to do this, and the more time spent formulating and practicing their plans, the more he felt sick about the whole thing. So, Masayaki in the meantime snuck away from the other two while they were busy with their respective elements of the plan, and approached Kizen. Bowing to his sensei, he pleaded with him. "I have finally decided, Sensei. I choose not to harm you, for I feel that doing so would go against my morals and beliefs. I would not harm one I deem as a friend, and since you have not as of yet made yourself a true foe in my eyes, I refuse to hurt you. Let the others do what they may, send me back to that academy if you must, I cannot harm you." With this declaration made, he sat down next to the sensei, whom he didn't even know if he could call his sensei anymore, and sighed.


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Shiruba Bangu

Shiruba kept his walking companion in his periphery. Oh he was familiar with the man beside him now. After all, who wouldn't know about the Boss anyway? Unless one lived under a rock and slept there for a thousand years but that is stupid anyway. It's better to sleep in a cave and block the entrance, far more room really. But anyway, he gave the man beside him as much attention as he would always give his students, outwardly little to nothing but a hyper-inner focus instead.

"Bah, it's too bright and too hot. Damned sun, where are the clouds and the breeze lately? I swear the world's being lazy right now. Why, I would sell my left nut and your right nut for a bit of rain---a drizzle is all I ask---right now. But to answer your question, I'm still alive yeah? I'm still walking about, yeah? So there's yer answer." He runs a hand through his silvery white mane before letting out a soft sigh. "But in seriousness, I'm alright. I'll always be alright." With a deep breath, he turns to his companion fully and gave him a scowl. "And again with yer philosophy, introspection bullshit. So long as stupidity exist, we'll always have problems. So long as some madman with foolish dreams exist, we'll always have to fight for our lives. So long as some spirit thinks it's better than us, we'll always have to deal with a problem that could easily be dealt with had we the time one after another and another and another. And, Saru, you still suck at disguising. Trim the damned beard no bitch is gonna wag her tail towards you anymore for a chance to mate---I would know, I tried, and you are not as spry or as energetic as before, like me; and for all that is good stop bringing your hats. I swear that hat of yours has a hidden sign that say 'here I am' or somethin'. People know you wear a hat, use something else. But overall," He looks at his companion from top to bottom before giving out a thumbs up, "you look good still, ya Old Monkey."

After saying his piece, he gave the man before him an easy going grin. Suddenly he remembered that he was asked about the school which quickly wiped away his grin, "Eh, the school hasn't burned down yet anyway, as much as I want it to happen. Little shits are still being little shits that think a flashy spell or some cool move would win the day, pah! Idiots." He gives out an exasperated sigh before continuing on, "Teachers are still too soft, too forgiving," Shirabu huffed before side-eyeing his walking companion, "if you give me free reign, I'll have brought up a class of S-Tier badasses for you to boss around, yeah? It's a good deal, if I ever heard one. But that's besides the point, the brats are still being brats; I demand you increase the budget already; and I'll name a country after you if you could let me fire half of the teaching staff and let me handle their vacant posts." After saying his peace, he kept on walking. He didn't mind of his current companion would walk beside him or not.

"So, besides wanting to catch up, what do you need of me Sanzu Saruhan? Whenever you come and visit there's always a catch. And I always remember the catch. You came to me at a time like this, I had to rescue some stupid girl, in a land so cold that I almost froze my nuts off, from her megalomaniacal uncle. You visited me on break at the bar, I had to assassinate some idiot that endangers the peace, while dodging an entire Corps worth of enemies. You called me over, and I had to help you sort through your damned cursed paperwork which I remind you, you must actually be cursed for those things just give birth without notice. So many other instances and incidents that I swore I would never talk about till I am dead and gone. So, Saru, worry not and tell me..."

Ensuring that there was little to no one around them, Shiruba turns to Saru and asks, the playfulness and crassness disappearing in an instant, "What does the KonoKen require from this Old Wolf, this Silver Storm? Or would this, truly for once in our lives, be a social visit?"

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Zero Mortal Plan!

Sanzu Saruhan
After the kids ran off from greeting Sanzu he continued walking with his old companion, one of the very select few he trusted in the village. The two of them walked side by side today. It was pretty hot out and the sun was bright. A couple cold breezes came by as the leaves blew through the sky. It did not bother Sanzu and actually he laughed at Shiruba's sarcastic remarks.

Sanzu was a lot younger than Shiruba though the two had a long history together. “I’m glad to hear you're doing good. I’d thought you’d have already passed to the next life on me.” Sanzu laughed again, he tilted his hat with a smile on his face. “You will always see things in black in white sensei. There is no such thing as good and evil. This world is filled with greed and fear. Sadly we all fear to realize that the youth is granted to light the way. We are nearly brown leaves used to feed the green leaves. We must try to find a way and come to an understanding with the Spirits, like the first had once dreamt of.”

His eyes opened wide from Shiruba’s comment on his disguise. Sanzu rubbed the back of his head laughing nervously. His sensei got him good. “Well you see, maybe you should try one considering that porcupine that sits atop your head all day.” Sanzu patted the top of Shiruba’s head and laughed. They were side by side walking at the same pace. Sanzu was embracing the beautiful Village hidden in the leaves. The mention of his beard made him groom it. “I need to find someone to take under my wing and take the title of KonoKen before I worry about women. I’ve been having my eye on a few women. You're one to talk though, where’s your brod?” A smirk crept up Sanzu’s lips. “You as well old friend.”

Shiruba responded about the school. Sanzu’s paperwork and political problems kept him away from the school and the village itself. This was the best time to gain an update on what’s going on.

“Hahaha! Yes. The little ones are filled with a spark. They crack me up with their delusion of power, they will learn in due time. I would love for you to do that, but I still have to work a few things out with the village elders. I’ll put it at the top of my to-do list. The teachers will get better, but we need them more the less. Though it could work in your favor since we’re low on Spirit Slayers in the field.” He glanced over to Shiruba. “What do you mean about handling their vacant points?”

“I assigned Kizen to a team with some newly graduated students. I think this team will free him. When was the last time you’ve talked?”

The two got to an area that was secluded. He gave Shiruba a serious look while being nearly hidden under his hat. Sanzu was here to discuss serious matters in fact it was so serious he needed help. With nearly all his trusted members going away.

“Indeed I am here to speak on a serious matter. Conomora town has been having frequent attacks from a flock of demons. They’ve taken a serious loss in numbers and need backup. Not only that, words of Slayers from the land of water have been spotted. My assumption is a rat is waiting for a message to be delivered. I’m sure you understand the full extent of this mission. I’m sorry to have asked you this.” Sanzu took a glance over his shoulder to make sure no one was coming by.

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Faye Inzuka

Faye nodded, not really understanding the assignment and why they had to do it but she did kind of agree with the orange haired boy. Then again, they where supposed to work as a team.

“But, we are a team. And I doubt that sensei would give us an assignment that tested out singular abilities before we have learned how to work as a team.” She voiced.

But she assumed her comment didn’t work because the male was already off on his way towards the sensei. She looked back over at Kazume. “Will the plan still work? I feel a bit dumb and awkward to do it now but, I don’t really know.” She said and lowered her head. She stopped speaking before she started to stumble over her words. That happened a lot when she was shy and being forced to speak her word. “A-and if so, I need to get to high ground. A tree perhaps.” She added, needed him know that information. Faye felt that this mission was stupid now that they have lost one of their members, because they chose kindness over the things they are supposed to do.

What if they were at war? Would he become friends with the spirits in attempts to bring peace? No, that would never work. A vast majority of spirits aren’t friendly nor with they ever be. She wondered. She thought that his behavior was highly inappropriate and he should be sent back to Academy but, he most likely has great potential which caused him to be chosen. Right? Then, what if she accidentally hits him, masayaki. There where two more people over there so she now has a 50/50 chance of hitting either of them. Her enchantment spells also aren’t the worlds best…


Zero Mortal Plan!

Kazume Takeshi
Kazume turned over to Masayaki, understanding how he felt, but something else caught Kazume’s eyes. It felt nostalgic as if he had these eyes once before. It almost reminded Kazume of a bad dream he often tries to forget. Turning away from Masayaki for a moment to collect his thoughts again, Faye spoke up. Kazume nodded in agreement to Faye looking back over to Masayaki who was walking off already.

“Yeah Faye’s right we’re being judged off our.” He let out a sigh. “Well he’s gone already. We should’ve decided this as a team at least first man! I don’t want to fail our first mission.” He looked back at Faye and smiled. “I’m sure it would. It’s alright we can still do it without him, on the battlefield a spirit slayers emotions can cloud their judgement; ultimately getting themselves killed. Spirits do not feel for human emotions.” Kazume felt another gust of wind as if something was pushing him to go forward. “Yeah jump up this tree branch right here. I’ll go forward and attack him! I’ll be the distraction you just make your shot. We won’t kill our sensei, but we’ll give him our all. That is how I feel he wants us to carry on this mission!”

Kazume grabbed on the hilts of the two swords on his back. Dashing at top speed towards Sensei Kizen and Masayaki. He understood Masayaki, but saying things like that he might be too kind to kill. Jumping through the forest he drew his blades swinging in the air towards Kizen.

“Get away from Masayaki!”

Kizen Hatake
Kizen’s eyes were no longer as cold as a lion ready to kill. Kizen looked at Mayasaki getting hit with a throwback. Remembering his late best friend who was exactly like this young man. Kizen stayed silent even though he got a heart warming memory touch back to him. The boy couldn’t handle the stern look. Kizen didn’t understand the full details on how he became an Onen, but judging by his reaction right now. It was something truly horrific.

He followed along with the assignment and went after Kazume who bolted off. Kizen realized that three of them were going to take a lot of effort. Why did Lord 3rd have to give him the task of running a team now? Each page he flipped through he read every word twice. Understanding play by play shogi and how it works. One would know Shogi was never Kizen’s forté. He was always a killer, nothing else and nothing more. There were no such things as pieces if you were strong enough to eliminate the enemy. Though that was the old Kizen, something he hasn’t yet let go of.

Kizen’s eyes darted towards rustling through the bushes coming from the kids direction. He was shocked honestly for what he was faced with. Kizen’s eyes were slit while he looked. There he was face to face with Masayaki Kano. The boy bowed in front of Kizen? Was he just giving up off the spot? No it was something else, was it because Kizen had pierced too deep into Masayaki’s soul. His words were coming from the heart, he meant everything he said. Masayaki truly could not go against his will and harm the ones he cares about. Yet Kizen and them only met just now, they know nothing about him. Kizen could be a double agent really trying to harm them all, yet it broke the ice when Masayaki sat down. He was close by and Kizen still kept his eyes sharp, not showing any emotion the entire time.

Kizen reached to his backside pulling out his weapon and pointed it at Masayaki. Raising his arm up ready to swing down on Masayaki, Kizen smoothly turned around blocking Kazume’s attack. Knocking Kazume back, Kizen went to strike Masayaki again. Kazume with pure reaction ran towards the harmless Masayaki and blocked the swing with both of his swords.

“Masayaki get back if you can at least! He’s crazy and actually trying to kill us!”

“Yup.” Kizen put his book back into his back pocket and pulled out a cigarette. He was still locking blades with Kazume nearly pushing the boy to the ground.

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Masayaki Kano

Masayaki shook his head as soon as he spotted Kazume coming towards them, then as Kizen drew his weapon and aimed it towards him. “It’s no use Sensei,” Masayaki tried to tell him. “It’s no use to end up with dead students.”

Looking into the man’s cold eyes once again, he noticed a bit of a soft side. “You’ve likely come face to face with death in the past, possibly even the death of your greatest friends,” he surmised as he found himself locking eyes with Kizen again. “Why would you throw away that reminder of your friends for a simple training exercise?”

Soon enough, Kazume was engaged with his sensei, and Masayaki only watched as they both narrowly avoided blow after blow. He shook his head. “No, Kazume, I don’t think I will,” he told the young man. “If he really was trying to kill us, he wouldn’t claim to be our sensei. Besides, he does seem good, and his eyes are kind.”

Finally, Masayaki stood up again and found himself walking backward toward one of the trees, as one of their strikes came too close for comfort. But he still didn’t want to get involved, even as he spotted a crucial weakness in Kizen’s attacks and tactics. Reassured by seeing Faye coming around on the opposite side of Kizen, he sat down again, watching the both of them fight the sensei.


Zero Mortal Plan!

Faye Inzuka
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Faye glanced at Kazume when he spoke of an idealistic mentality that spirit slayers should have. It didn’t feel right to her to hear that there could be possible turmoil in the team. Though she was relieved to be reminded that the two of them alone were enough to pull the plan off. Though realistically Sensei Kizen was on a whole nother level then them. Even if they truly did try their best would they really be able to land a hit on sensei?

Once Kazume gave Faye the green light to shoot she decided to enchant him with her magic for safe keeping. “Enchantment Magic: Moon Goddess Blessing Speed!” She chanted out as Kazume felt a strange rush in his body. After she reached for her pouch and grabbed four arrows lining them all up to fire off at once. Pulling the string on the bow back she fired off four different shots. After shooting her arrows she followed through with Kazume’s plan running towards the Training Field’s second entrance.

As she ran she finally reached the other side finding a tree tall enough to give a perfect view. Resting her bow over her shoulders she quickly climbed the tree. On her way up a gust of wind blasted her, nearly pushing her off the tree; she held on. Reaching the top she saw that sensei had knocked Kazume on the floor so she pulled back one arrow on her bow. Getting her aim right while focusing on the wind’s trajectory, nearly releasing the arrow to fire her wrist was grabbed. Shocked beyond belief she looked at who it was that stopped her. It was the sensei, but how was he in two places at once?

“Sensei… how are you down there and here?”

“The real me is still down there, but since you guys were so fixated on me you never realized I split a clone right past ya eyes. I’ll tell you this since you're the girl of the group. Make sure you stay strong, because without you those two will surely fall. Later~” The clone turned into cigarette smoke and floated off in the air.

Faye heard what the sensei said, but she didn’t understand it. Why was it her that was needed to keep the team together? She could hardly speak with them and when she did they nearly pushed her to the side. Well not Kazume, but Masayaki did. She wondered if her team was really a team. She heard the sensei call her over so she decided to climb down from the tree and run towards her group.
Kizen Hatake

The words sliding off of Masayaki’s tongue were cut deeper than any sword or stab could. He was dead set on not hurting his comrades, well there was no helping in that fact. Kizen smirked as the boy remained still even though faced with death. Yes this boy has seen it before, his eyes told them all. When Kazume intercepted the second swing Kizen looked into Kazume’s eyes. The rank says it all, Kizen was in a completely nother league from these bunch of brats. He wasn’t even truly trying to kill them, but only tested their commitment to their words and will to become a Slayer.

Kizen continued to swing his sword and Kazume was barely blocking every swing. The two of them got closer, but Masayaki got back from the situation. No matter Kizen figured he was determined not to fight. Kazume tried to hit Kizen with one sword and barely missed. Kizen jumped back from Kazume looking over towards where Faye was running. He could sense her mana moving.

Kazume stabbed his swords into the ground and conducted a hand sign using both his hands. He began inhaling large amounts of air. The air turned into a red physical form of mana resembling fire. Kizen noticed the familiar hand sign and mimiced Kazume while in the air. A red magic circle appeared in front of Kazume as he released a stream of flames; from his mouth through the magic circle. A massive sized fireball formed on the other end of the magic circle. Firing off towards Kizen, Kazume noticed there was a fireball bigger than his. As the spheres of flames clashed embers flew around, the spheres imploded on themselves.

“Can he use the same spell as me?”

Kizen swept Kazume off his feet and pointed his blade towards Kazume’s face. He looked at Kazume’s eyes and realized that the boy had fire in his eyes. He was actually willing to kill Kizen over Masayaki. Kizen took a step back from Kazume sheathing his sword under his coat.

“Faye get over here! No matter how much you two try you’ll never be able to win. Giving up without even trying will never get you anywhere Masayaki. Also Kazume try to take this more seriously. Masayaki is right, I am not actually trying to kill you. If I really wanted to it would’ve happened the moment I was behind Masayaki.”

Once Faye ran over to the group he looked at each of them with his stern eyes. He let out a sigh and rubbed the top of his head.

“You fools don’t understand in a serious situation you WILL have to fight. This world isn’t going to change overnight and people stop killing one another. You may think that you’ve experienced death, but nothing is like being on a mission. Do you really want to become a Spirit Slayer? What does becoming one mean to you? Fairy Tales and love novels? No! There are innocent people dying, comrades betraying one another! There is no such thing as fair in this world! If you can’t see that then maybe you should consider another field. Unless you have something to say for yourself.”

Once Masayaki responded Kizen smirked. “For this assignment you guys pass.”

“Wait really? Why?”

“I have my reasonings.”

“Thank… thank you sensei…”


“Man, I was trying to see the true power of an Archmage Spirit Slayer!”

“Heh. Maybe next time I’ll show you. I was quite hoping you guys would all attack me, but no matter. I understand everyone has their own personal beliefs. Now that that’s out of the way we’ll actually be going on your first mission now.”

“Does this mean we’re leaving the village?” Kazume asked excitedly, the boy had stars in his eyes seemingly.


“So what’s the mission?”

“Let’s see, hold your horses I’m getting there.” Reaching into one of his back pockets Kizen pulled out a crumpled piece of paper. Fixing the wrinkled paper back to its original form. “C rank mission, Signature of Approval by the current Konoken of Konohagakure, hereby allow Kizen Hatake to take his team on a C class mission. Hereby skipping the required 3 aid around the village missions. Due to low numbers in staff we urge no slayers to partake in out of village missions.” Kizen cleared his throat from the long introduction to the message. “Mission details help escort a messenger into the land of wind. Therefore protecting said messenger may require fighting against spirits and enemies from neighboring countries. Well that’s about it the rest is details only I need to know.”



“Aren’t we required to take on smaller missions around the village before we’re allowed outside…?”

“I mean I could take it back?”


“So can we like go right now?”

“Yes. If everybody would like. I suggest you tell your families you’ll be partaking in your first missions. I’ll wait for you all at the North Gate of the village. Got it? Don’t keep me waiting for too long now!” Kizen jumped off into the woods through the trees disappearing from the three.
Kazume Takeshi

Kazume gave Masayaki a glare. He was mad at the boy for not even trying at the least. What the hell was he thinking, he would have jeopardized the entire team. Got everyone back reading books instead of pursuing their dreams. Their sensei wasn’t any better neither being he was late and randomly changed the subject. It was like he didn’t even know to talk to three of them. All that Kazume wanted was to train and go on missions. Faye was the only one he could trust so far she was willing to help Kazume out with the mission.

“What the hell was that back there?” Kazume forgot to grab his swords and put them on his back so he did. “You know obviously he wasn’t going to kill us. It was a spar trying to assess our skills and combat abilities. You didn’t have to get so emotional over it man. If you can’t follow a mission through then you don’t have the drive to become a spirit slayer. What is your resolve?” Kazume said with his hands in his pockets beginning to walk off. “I’ll walk you home if you’d like Faye.”

“We shouldn’t fight like this…” She was cut off as Kazume went completely off on Masayaki, even though they passed and are now headed for their first official mission. She didn’t know what to do in this type situation. She kept recalling back to what sensei told her. Yet nothing. Kazume mentioning walking her home slightly made her blush, but she nodded in response. Following after Kazume she waved at Masayaki. “See you at the gate Masayaki…”

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Masayaki Kano

Breathing a sigh of relief as he finally realized he could trust his sensei, Masayaki stood up with vigor as Kizen finally cut off the fight. He gulped as sensei reprimanded the both of them, himself for "giving up without even trying", and Kazume for... not taking it seriously? From what he could tell the other young man had as much of a determination in fighting as he had had in not fighting. Masa-kun shrugged and shook his head. "I--" he tried to get the words out as he found himself choked with some kind of hidden sadness.

"I--" he tried again, this time with tears welling up in his eyes, after sensei finished his rant about the world not being fair and that there was death and destruction around every corner. "But... but I..." Masayaki could feel himself breaking down with each word. "But what if my purpose in being a Spirit Slayer is to bring more peace.. more FAIRNESS... into the world? Why do we have to be resigned to the fate of the world being broken, why can't we instead focus our efforts on fixing it? Fixing it in a more meaningful way? Why do we have to kill every hostile thing and person, when we can try to make friends? Why...?" he managed before wiping away his tears and nearly collapsing and weeping into Kizen's shoulder.

Once sensei announced their first mission, Masayaki was even more hesitant. "But... but we aren't even official Spirit Slayers yet?" he asked, concerned. "Why can't we have some of the more experienced people take this mission? It is a C-rank, after all, and there would be much to gain with our usual introductory missions, right?" As Faye echoed his worries, and hearing Kizen offering to take it back, Masayaki shook his head. "No, you can take it back. I don't mind. Or at the very least let someone else take my place. I don't think I'm ready to be a Spirit Slayer yet..."

Masayaki could do little but glare at Kazume as he, too, reprimanded the young man, and he found himself beginning to break down crying again. He admitted it was immature of him to be sobbing his eyes out, but the overwhelming pouring of emotions, of sadness, fear and worry, was starting to take a toll on him. Letting Kazume and Faye's voices drown out as they left to visit their families again, Masayaki stayed behind, with Kizen, trying to help himself express his own emotions.

"Sensei..." he smiled sadly as he looked toward Kizen. "Why does this world have to be so cruel? Why can't people just be more kind?" Wiping his eyes and embracing his sensei in a loose hug, he continued. "And... what do you think? Do I have what it takes to be a Spirit Slayer? Or should I find another occupation, should I go back to that academy? I don't even know what I want anymore... I don't know if being a Spirit Slayer is right for me... Sensei?"


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Shiruba Bangu


"As I said, too old right now. May still have the energy but no one's gonna want this unless they like 'em old. And thanks." Shiruba grunted as he took a quick swipe towards Saru's hand. It has been some time since he last kicked up his feet and had some personal time with a lass or two; but those days were long behind him. Besides, he's no longer the young, stupid, cocksure kid he was back in the day. He's still a tad, but not by much in his eyes.

"You being the Ken's gonna drag you down one of these days. Better get to it and find some poor fool to take up the mantle and deal with the paperwork and the self-entitled idiots that come with it." He bit back a growl. As much as the title of Ken holds great weight, it comes with a lot of baggage in his opinion. That, and having one hell of a target painted at the back of the bearer of such title. "That is why I don't want you giving me the title of Archmage ever. Too much responsibility and too much of a hassle I say. I like my sleep and I don't want to wake up every now and then to find some gung-ho pissant with delusions of grandeur standing by my bedside thinking that killing me would land 'em eternal glory or some shit."

When Saru talked about the school, Shiruba understood. Oh, he perfectly understood the situation. The school and her staff are too few, too inexperienced, and the programs had too little support. He missed the day when the Art of Sealing was a mandatory class, when the teachers were close to reaching Archmage status themselves, when Secondary Elemental and even Tertiary Elemental Studies were a requirement to advance a year or two before graduating, when the Advanced Tactics and Survival Training was conducted with the real possibility of some idiot biting it if they weren't careful, and when the students themselves understood that what they were getting into is one serious and dangerous profession. Oh, he missed those days because they produced the best; and when he got his hands on them, they became the best of the best. "I understand you have to wrangle as much as you can from the old decrepit fossils, but I say who gives a shit. They complain, let 'em! You're the damned KonoKen, they better listen or else. Ahh," he lets out a frustrated breath before continuing on, "if only you'd sign off on that. Fire half of the staff, I mean, so I can take over the classes they free up. By the hells, I barely do anything than herd the mewling runts this village calls children and don't get me started on the teachers who act like juvenile pups that only know how to strut and bark." He shakes his head in frustration before looking off to the distance to where the school is located, "I just miss the day when everything was professional. When everything made sense."

He shook his head to clear his thoughts. Those were good times despite the heartache said times bring him. The best and worst years of his of life, he would quietly compare. When Saru mentioned that Kizen has a team, Shiruba snorted in amusement, "You gave Kizen a bunch of brats of his own? Hah! Oh man, I always thought that Azuma or Ria would be the ones with kids of their own since they're the ones better with kids, never thought Kizen would get 'em. Good," he nods with a satisfied smile, "that is good. Kids might do wonders to that idiot savant of mine. Not the best at meeting people but great at saying goodbye in the most explosive way possible. Good, it'll do him some good." After saying his piece, he scratches his chin. When was the last time he spoke to the kid? Not recently, he'll give Saru that. "Haven't had the time to talk to the kid recently. Slippery shit always, always, seem to choose the times when I'm not available or would be so much earlier than me. Just like now, fresh flowers. Must have visited hours earlier before me. But I swear, I'll get some time to see him. It's the least I could do for the team."

When Sanzu Saruhan dropped his relaxed appearance, Shiruba stood a tad bit straighter. His eyes were sharp and a dangerous smile graced his lips. "So Conomora Town's having some issues? Interesting, I thought that things have settled out there as of late. Plus we're having a rat problem on top of that? I've always told ya that this was unavoidable; that someone's gonna shit on where they sleep n' eat and they just don't care about the consequences. Fine, want me to clean house if I ever run across our wayward rat out in the field?"

He gives out a quick bark of laughter as he continued to listen to the brief, "And Slayers from Water? That's a surprise. So far out from their usual stomping grounds and here they are causing trouble. Right so you want me to deal with it, I get it. I'll go solo then, I take it? Don't want to spook our little rat after all..."

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Zero Mortal Plan!

Kizen Hatake
Landing on a branch Kizen squatted down for a moment. He had a cigarette in his mouth inhaling smoke, then releasing it from the side of his mouth. “So this is what you meant by being a sensei huh?” Kazume said out loud to himself before turning back around. On his way back to the training grounds he saw Kazume and Faye walking back to the village. Good, he’ll see them later. There was one that he just felt like he couldn’t leave behind.

Landing back into the training field he slowly walked over to Masayki. Kizen awkwardly waved at the young man, then he stopped walking. “Yes?” Kizen dropped his arm to the side. His face got serious again, as he took his cigarette out of his mouth. Blowing the smoke from his mouth he responded, “Sadly because this world is controlled by hatred. Hatred is born from love. When a man finds something or someone to love and they lose that person; hatred is then born. Wars were fought before even you three were born! People also hate things they do not understand.” Kizen was cut off when he felt Masayaki hug him. Kizen patted Masayaki’s back. “I see what’s going on. Here come with me, let's start heading back.” Kizen led the way back to the village, knowing Masayaki would walk with him.

“I definitely think you're capable of being a spirit slayer, but my word doesn’t matter. Only you can truly decide if you want to keep that promise you made. To protect others. This mission, even though it’s such a high rank you’re allowed because of me. I’ll protect you brats, ya’heard?” He patted Masayaki on the head. “On the battlefield there are some people who truly crave the destruction of the five nations. Then there are people who are misguided. Though if you push to make your dream a reality you have to push for it! I will personally make sure you three grow up to be strong. I promise.”

As the two walked through the forest the birds flew over them, squirrels ran across, stray pets and such. Kizen put one hand in his pocket and the other to hold his cigarette. The entire time he was talking smoke exited his mouth. “What do you think of your new teammates? Faye’s pretty! Elf’s are highly skilled with magic and the use of shooting arrows. The shy ones are usually the most dangerous, be careful.” He winked at Masayaki. “Though Kazume, let’s just say I see him going far. Yet you, hell I think you might be the next Konoken, or maybe I’m over shooting it?” He teased to Masayaki. “Aye toughen up why don’t ya? Don’t wanna embarrass yourself while changing the world, am I right?”
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Sanzu Saruhan
He pushed his glasses up his face. “I might be blessed like you still moving well. Though the office has its perks and cons. I cannot intrust such a title to just anyone now. Though Jiraya boy could be a prospect. If I could ever get him to come back that is. Hmm.” He stroked his beard a few times. “Yes I know, the rank comes with active duty. I haven’t seen Muzen in a while either now that I think of it. We’ll leave it to the generation after us.”

Sanzu laughed when Shiruba mentioned doing whatever as Ken. Shiruba was always one to bring Sanzu back to good times. These were laughs that Sanzu truly needed. “You want to bring back the old generation of teaching, but things don’t just work like that. People need jobs, not everyone is willing to go back out there. You know that better than anyone here, Sensei Shiruba. Times have truly changed though for the better.” Sanzu nodded at the comment about Sizen. Yes it was most definitely his best decision. “Yes little ol’ Ria, a real beauty I tell ya. Her smile brought joy throughout the village. You truly think Azuma would do well?” Sanzu’s jaw dropped. “Whatever team he led would’ve caused more property damage then we needed to deal with! Him that damn fire magic I tell you. I sure do miss seeing the three of them under you though, good times.” He lifted an eyebrow from hearing how much Kizen has avoided his sensei. Well truthfully that’s how Kizen was, he hardly reports to the office. “I have to send messengers to get ahold of him myself. I understand.”

“Meet me at the office. I'll give you the rest of the details on the mission.” With that Sanzu walked off waving at his sensei goodbye. People started to crowd the streets, it was the best time to leave. After taking a stroll through the village, Sanzu ended up back at the office building. Reaching his office he placed his hat on a rack and back into his attire. He’ll shower after these matters are dealt with. Tapping his desk with his finger once an anbu black ops member appeared in his office.

“Morning, I need you to call Yoru Kageyama to my office.” The anbu member nodded and disappeared. Then he will deliver the message to her.

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Friend of Colors, Knight of the Pen, Cat Father
Shiruba Bangu


"He ain't comin' back because he doesn't want to get stuck behind a desk." Shiruba barks out, "I swear your desk sucks the life out of people that stays close to it for more than a few hours. Hells, I can hear it whispering promises of power and all that rot and yet it shovels down so much paper down our throats. My poor hand." He subconsciously rubbed his wrists at the thought of that dreaded desk. "I recommend having your office and desk exorcised, Saru. Heavens know you need it."

"And I know, I know." Shiruba waved Sanzu off before continuing, "Things are peaceful, somewhat. But I'd have my peace of mind to see the kids having the knowledge and skill that would bring them home." He grimaced before adding, "It gets exhausting digging up holes and burying some bright-eyed youngster taken before their time. Enough of the depressing shit, yeah! If Ria's alive, she'll have her brats wrapped around her fingers. Azuma though, yeah, your paperwork would be receipts and repair bills I reckon, while I personally congratulate little shit number 2 and his little hellions he calls students for a job well done." He lets out a soft snort, "Good luck with that, when the little shit gets his mind goin' he'll keep it up till the world ends. But I trust Kizen. After all, he still makes an attempt, even if it looks so stupid at times. An attempt is still an attempt. Even if he's now much of a shut-in lately."

"Yeah, yeah," he gives Saru a wave as he slowly walks away, "I'll see ya at your cursed office. Just let me get a few more minutes of peace before that." As the crowd slowly converged on their position, Shiruba makes his quiet exit. So here he was again, another mission and another idiot that needs to die for the peace and quiet of today. Ugh, why can't people take the time and enjoy what they have? Right, it's either the call of ambition that drives men and women to madness or their lower brains that make the decision for them. As he made his way down the road, his mind wanders. What would drive this little rat to invite Water and their brand of crazy? Money? Power? The warmth of a good fuck? He wasn't sure; but what he was sure it was going to be monumentally stupid when he get's the rat to squeak.

"Man," He ran his hand across his messy mane, "I knew I shouldn't have gotten out of the den. Right, I hope that Lil' Hama is open. Need to buy some sake since two of my kids are drinkin' right now. I know Saru's gonna need some after this whole mess is sorted." He told himself as he made his way home to prepare for the mission. Shiruba hopes that it would be a simple mission. A quick and clean operation. But reality can disappoint and his experience would tell anyone that claims otherwise that that sense of optimism is ludicrous and foolish. "Right, dress up, a quick run to Hama's, then briefin'. I got time..."

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Kazume & Faye

While the two walked through the pathway towards the village, Kazume kept his hands in his pockets. He had an annoyed facial expression regardless if they passed. Something about Masayaki’s actions earlier bothered Kazume. Maybe he was to mean back there, well it didn’t matter now. He had a beautiful girl walking with him, this was the first. Kazume was always away from the other kids, considering friendships to be the cause of death to Spirit Slayers. Maybe this time was different, taking a glance at Faye’s beautiful blonde hair Kazume’s brain scrambled. What should he say? He’s never once been with a girl longer than 3 seconds let alone even talking to them was hard.

Kazume scratched the back of his head nervously. “So… your name is Faye right? You've been in the village all your life?”

Walking side by side with Kazume, Faye played in her hair nervously. She noticed something was troubling him from just the look of her face.

“Oh.. Yeah! I’ve been with the Inzuka clan my entire life. They said when I was younger they took me in. After the Shadow Strike of course…” Faye looked down at the thought of her parents.

Kazume noticed the long face Faye gave after mentioning the night of the Yokai attack. Yes he remembered it quite well. Told multiple times again and again how the Yokai terrorized the entire village stripping kids from their homes. Kazume was a prospect in such circumstances.

“I see.. I've been here most of my life as well. So you wish to protect others by becoming a Spirit Slayer, what made you want to become one?”

“Well I thought it was quite obvious but the death of my parents, of course…”

“Well.. I’m sorry to hear that. Don’t worry though as long as we’re on the same team, I’ll make sure the goal is completed.” Kazume said, smiling at Faye. The two of them almost reached the Village at this point. “I have never been to the Inzuka clan area yet, I try to mind my business and stay out of trouble, ya’know?” Kazume put his hands behind his head while laughing.

“Yeah, I understand. But the Inzuka clan people are pretty nice and I’m not just saying that.” She smiled but not quite laughing as she was still pretty nervous.

“Oh really? I always thought you elves were scary considering the pointy ears! I’m kidding of course.” As the two entered the village people were swarming the streets. Some kind folk greet the two upon their arrival. This was significant that they were true Spirit Slayers now. Kazume continued to get quick glances at Faye’s beautiful face, but in return his face kept getting red. The two took the time to catch up and understand one another. This was important for their missions to come.

Kazume understood his role in this team. He was here solely to protect Faye and Masayaki. The two were talented, but didn't come with the same drive as Kazume. As they arrived in the Inzuka clan area of the village which was in the far left. Elves walking around in the front and behind the massive gate. The inzuka clan was sectioned off with a massive gate to keep outsiders of the clan out.

“So this is where we separate? I’ll meet you back over at the North Gate. Try not to take too long!” Kazume said to Faye, turning to her with a smile on his face.

“Yep! See you later.” She says with a smile as the male turns and walks away. Before walking into her house she takes a moment to recollect what happened today.


Zero Mortal Plan!

Kazume Takeshi
After dropping Faye at the Inzuka clan compound he headed home. Looking around the village Kazume took in the scenery. With his arms crossed behind his head Kazume took a deep breath. This first mission could either go smooth or south fast so he had to be ready. All Kazume cared about was the training he expected to receive from this mission.

The house he stayed at wasn’t located in the village, but actually in the forest. It was only a 2 mile walk from the village to the east. Opening the door to the house Kazume took his shoes off leaving them outside. Walking into the house he noticed someone had been here, was it him?! Kazume immediately ran out the house to see if he was still here. Nothing but a note on the window he didn’t notice at first.

Taking the note off the window Kazume unraveled it. The note read…

“So you’ve successfully graduated from the academy! That’s my boy, I expected nothing less from my number 1 student! This is only putting your foot in the door, the journey gets harder from here! I’m sorry I couldn’t be there to congratulate you in person, I’m still on that mission. I think I’m getting closer to completing it! I’ll be there to see you take your Warlock Exams. Go big or go home Kazume! I’m sure you’ll continue to make me proud…” Signed by Jiraya the Gallant.

Kazume couldn’t fight the tears from rushing down his face. This brought him more joy than anything in the world. Even though Jiraya was always busy he still kept Kazume updated. Taking the note back into the house, Kazume started packing his backpack. After finally finishing Kazume decided to head towards the Village’s NorthGate. Slowing down from running after he was met with his team. Why does it seem like Kazume will always be late to meetings with his team?! He was the last one here again, how!

“Let’s go let’s go let’s go!!!”
Masayaku Saruhan
Following Sensei Kizen towards the village gate he held onto his backpack straps tightly. He was shocked to hear Kizen’s words, but his sensei had a point. If he couldn’t believe in himself then how could he rely on others to believe in him. Masayaku nodded his head in response to Kizen’s words. The promise his sensei gave to protect them all gave him reassurance about this mission. Still even though Masayku understood that the world is currently still embroiled in war he had to make a change somehow. Maybe this mission will get him a step closer.

“Okay sensei! I just want to know how I can make a change.” He was cut off by Kizen and kindly remained silent. He had a smile creep up his face and laughter escaping his lips. His sensei was pretty cool when you got to know him, or at least that’s the vibe he’s masking himself under. A fire started to fill up in Masayaku’s stomach as he felt his sensei’s words resonate with him.

Masayaku jumped in confusement from the sudden entitlement his sensei placed on him. “Me Konoken?! Nah sensei you got the wrong guy. I don’t think I’ll ever be ready for something like that.”

“For now.”


The two finally arrive at the village’s North gate where they will be greeted with their other two teammates. “Hi you guys…” Masayaku said awkwardly remembering that the two still might be disappointed in him.

“If you lot’ are ready to head out now. It’s best we not grow old standing around let’s go.”

“Yes sensei I’m ready to head out.” Masayaku said smiling towards Kizen with a thumbs up. Kazume looked towards Masayaku confused as all hell.

Kizen nodded once everyone was ready and decided to lead the way. They followed a passageway through the forest. Thousands of trees varying in size surrounded the group on their adventure.

“So when will be the first day we train Sensei?”

“Soon. Let’s get some distance from the village first.”

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Zero Mortal Plan!

Huzen Bandai
While the village hidden in the leaf was beautiful and bright on the surface, down below. It was dark, almost like a cave base. Red patterned floors, red patterned pillars up to the ceiling, there was a hole in the ceiling that let in sunlight. Leaves often floated down into the base as decoration from the trees around them above. Villagers of the leaf do not know of this place's existence and those that do cannot say. A truly morbid place if I do say so myself. An evil feeling passes through the air in this building. Very quiet as well. The anbu were led by Huzen Bandai, though he also ran an even darker organization than the anbu. Those a part of Huzen’s personal team were top ranking assassins. Here to a man with piles of dirt behind his name. The old man Huzen stroked his beard coming out of the shadows using a cane to walk. Doing a hand sign a magic circle appeared summoning her to the Foundation’s hideout.

“So you are awake, good. You will be going on a mission for Lord 3rd. I need you to keep me updated throughout the entire mission! I want every small detail!” Huzen stopped talking as he felt a presence approaching. A woman with violet hair and a cat mask appeared. She was another well trusted Anbu Member. The woman kneeled and bowed her head to Huzen’s presence.

“Lord Huzen, I carry a message.”

“Go ahead.”

“Lord 3rd has personally called Yoru Kageyama to appear at his office.”

“Very well it can’t be helped then. Carry along. Yoru will be right behind you.”

“Sir.” The woman vanished, seemingly jumping out of the base through the massive hole.

“Take this along with you, when you need to write me a message. This way I can always get constant messages from you. It’s vivre paper, meaning it is linked to another paper which I possess. You must pour your mana into a pen before writing.” Huzen handed Yoru the sheet of paper. “Now carry on with your mission. Do not fail!” Huzen said slowly walking backwards into the shadows.
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Sanzu Saruhan
Sanzu tackled the massive piles of paperwork on his desk, yet more kept coming. This was thanks to his “lovely” assistant. They were the ones to continue giving the KonoKen paperwork to deal with. Sanzu was signing off imports, trades, missions, etc. It was a lot even for just one man to do, yet he did without a care in the world. Sanzu felt like this was his purpose. Especially considering he was trained to become Ken by the former 2 Lords. Thinking back on the past usually kept Sanzu at bay from doing work.

“Sir, you should really take some time off when you're done with these piles.”

“Yes I know, but there’s so much going on especially now thanks to the demons. Dammit those spirits are always making it harder for us. Not only do we have a strange flux in aggressive spirits popping up, but the land of stone won’t give up! They continue to raid our country in spite of the current issues arising.”

“The mission team 7. are supposed to go on helping a messenger from BoruBoru town and reach the Land of Wind right? Does that messanger hold the proposal of an alliance?”


“I see. What about the issues arising in Conomora Town?”

“Handled. I already assigned a team of S class mages to that problem. It shouldn’t take long for it to be completed.”


“We’ll talk about that situation once I’m done with some business.”

“Got it. I’ll leave you to it then I don’t want to fry you out with questions!”

“Haha! Yes, cut me some slack for once. I’m still on top of my business.” With that, Sanzu's assistant saw themselves out of the office. Sanzu scratched the top of his head looking at a message he had received from one of his active duty Archmages. It was something serious that he’d have to seriously check into later. Sanzu sighed after realizing how much his life surrounded around stress.
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Zero Mortal Plan!
Land of Wind…

The country of wind’s harsh weather wasn’t kind to anyone. The sun shone bright on travelers while the harsh dry wind hit their skins. The land itself felt like walking over scorched earth. Country of Wind is known for its overly aggressive spirits and wildlife. Nearly everything that walks and breathes is out to kill you. There he was a man wearing a black cloak with orange hair. During the 2nd Great Magic war his title was something along the lines as, one of the Legendary Great Aces. Arriving at a seemingly abandoned town he was looking for refuge. A sandstorm was starting to stir up from the south.

Entering a bar there he met a bunch of unkind looking people. They all gave the man a very cold glare. All eyes literally placed on him, yet no one said anything. Taking a seat on a barstool the man ordered himself a few drinks. The bartender simply nodded and prepared the drinks for the man. The man scratched the top of his head and groaned. His body ached from the constant walking and fighting he’s been doing for the past couple of months. He was on a mission to help find out what’s causing the random appearance of this new species of spirits. These spirits were savages and depicted in appearances from normal spirits. They were stronger as well.

He snapped back to reality thanks to the cups sliding in front of him. Picking up the small cup he poured his first bottle of sake and began drinking. A gentle touch on his shoulder caught his attention. It was a beautiful woman, with scorching hot red hair. Her eyes could mislead even the strongest hearted men. Though Jiraya took another sip out his cup and positioned a seat next to him for her to sit. She wore a silk black dress and shoes. Her shoes at the bottom were painted red. She wore beautiful earrings and a jaded necklace. Completely out of the ordinary from the others.

“Care for a glass?”

“Such a gentleman, I’ll treat myself to a few drinks.” The woman gently sat on the stool next to Jiraya. She kindly took the cup from the bartender, she allowed Jiraya to pour sake in her cup. The two drank four hours enjoying one another’s presence. Nearly drinking till sunset. Too drunk to leave this town Jiraya allowed the woman to lead him into her home. Jiraya sat on the woman’s couch, almost passing out off the liquor. “What brings a man like yourself to these parts? You know where you’re at right?” She said from her kitchen preparing the two more drinks and snacks.

“I’m here on important matters, something I can’t disclose with anybody. By the way I feel so rude. The name’s Jiraya, thank you for the hospitality.”

The woman giggled from Jiraya’s sweetness. He was a true and honest man. Quite hard to find considering now a days men crave their sexual desires. It was thanks to war, these times bred horrible people. “Oh I see, so you're of importance to whatever duty you uphold. Susan, nice to have met you.” She placed the tray of cups and bottles down on the coffee table that rested in front of the couch. “Well maybe I have some answers you might need.~”

“Hmm?” Jiraya drank his cup and refilled it. “So you mean to say words blow through the wind even way out here huh?”

“Perhaps, so what’s it you need?”

“I’m currently looking for a village that was recently attacked.” Taking another shot before placing his cup down.

“The fall of Alzumar, yes a tragic event. Apparently a new species of spirits started popping up. It was too sudden for the people to evacuate. The town now is completely overrun with them.” Susan took a sip out of her cup, and took another. She was matching Jiraya in shots. “I think.. This town is next.. We aren’t far off from Alzumar.”

“I see. These spirits, do you know anything about them?”

“No, the only thing said about them is ruthless. You don’t plan on…”

Jiraya looked down at his cup filled with sake. He saw his own reflection while reflecting on what to say. “Not necessarily. I just want to gain information is all.”

“You don’t have to lie. I know you’re from the leaf.” Susan said leaning on Jiraya and resting her head on his shoulder. “You're also a spirit slayer.”

“Guess my name told it all huh?” He gulped his shot, placing his cup on the table. Susan giggled, resting her hand on his chest.

“Yes, it was all I needed.” With her other free hand she was slowly pulling a dagger out of the sofa. Attempting to stab Jiraya, he flash stepped. Jumping over the couch Susan threw her dagger where she thought he was going to appear. Tilting his head to the side, Jiraya dodged the dagger. “Wind magic: Gale Storm!” Susan held both her hands out creating a green magic circle that sent out blue moon crescent blasts. Tearing the entire house down to the ground the two jumped out of the rubble.

Landing on a rooftop the two stared down on each other. Jiraya had a million reasons why she attacked. Neither of them truly made sense in his eyes, but this was the world they lived in. Not drawing his blade, Jiraya stayed silent.

“So you are as skilled as I thought, but to not draw your Nichi Weapon. Why?”

“I don’t plan on killing beautiful women in my youth. It leaves a bad omen on one's grave.” He pushed his hair back. “I was hoping to stay in from this upcoming sandstorm, but can’t be helped huh?”

“Damn you leaf Slayers!”
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It's a pirate's life for me, savvy?

Yoru Kageyama

"Have a good day!"

"You too."

The young woman responded as she left the small shop, not many people got to talk to Yoru since she mostly kept to herself and was hard to find. But this time was an exception, she had gone to buy knitting supplies because she had already used almost all of it to make a big and colorful scarf, despite the weather not being cold enough to wear yet. She walked in the crowds like a ghost, her clothes usually made her stand out but her movements were smooth enough to head back home without being noticed.

Yet she sensed that someone had seen her, a presence coming closer and closer towards her.


“I see.”

There was a mission for her once again, her knitting could surely wait. She followed behind the messenger that was sent to her and soon arrived in the room where Lord Huzen was. She bowed down while he spoke then raised her head up as well as her hand, taking the items he gave her for the mission.

“Yes my lord.” she said quietly with a nod before disappearing.

It didn’t take her much time to reach the door of Lord Sanzu’s office since she had memorized most places she visited anyway. Yoru knocked on the door, opened it slightly then spoke.

“You called for me?”

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