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Fandom Sonic The Hedgehog Rp Planing section


Sleepie sheepie 🐑 💤
Oh and a quick question, (Though I suppose this could also be asked to Nihilist_Ulquiorra Nihilist_Ulquiorra ) are all of the villains going to be directly under Eggman’s control? Because a good portion of them followed the pattern of either not working with him at all or only doing so before eventually betraying him. Will there be any outside forces that are making them work with him, are they doing it willingly, or they being mind controlled, or is it gonna be something else entirely?


Sleepie sheepie 🐑 💤
I was thinking the same thing! It’d certainly help to up stakes by making Eggman more of a threat as he’d basically have total control over these super powerful dudes.


The 4th Espada
Oh and a quick question, (Though I suppose this could also be asked to Nihilist_Ulquiorra Nihilist_Ulquiorra ) are all of the villains going to be directly under Eggman’s control? Because a good portion of them followed the pattern of either not working with him at all or only doing so before eventually betraying him. Will there be any outside forces that are making them work with him, are they doing it willingly, or they being mind controlled, or is it gonna be something else entirely?


Sleepie sheepie 🐑 💤
Since over the course of this planning thread we've managed to plot out a whole bunch of stuff over a long period of time I decided to compile everything into one post. Anything further down the line we decide to add in or change will be included here as well.

Main Characters/Roleplayers
Shadow ( Shadow The Hedgehog Shadow The Hedgehog )
Tails ( Happykitty Happykitty )
Knuckles ( Happykitty Happykitty )
Eggman ( Nihilist_Ulquiorra Nihilist_Ulquiorra )
Silver ( SheepKing SheepKing )

Main Villains
Metal Sonic
Metal Shadow
Dr. Starline

[New]Side Characters
Cream: Nihilist_Ulquiorra Nihilist_Ulquiorra
Rouge: Shadow The Hedgehog Shadow The Hedgehog
Commander Price: Shadow The Hedgehog Shadow The Hedgehog

Eggman has managed to mind control an assortment of villains using (insert plot device) that erases all free will from their minds. With these slaves the mad scientist plans to use them to gather all seven Chaos Emeralds in order to power up a machine that has the potential of killing all life on Earth. Meanwhile an unexpected guest suddenly arrives, warning the newly formed freedom fighters of this potential fate for the planet, urging them to gather the chaos emeralds before the doctor’s plans can come to fruition. Join this colorful cast of heroes as they travel around the world in a race for the gems, battling Robotnik’s mechanical lackeys and brainwashed servants every step of the way.

Changes to Canon

  • Uncle of Sonic, Sonia and Manic
  • Has a medallion that can turn into a bass
  • After crashing on Earth and getting amnesia he was “raised” by Eggman until Sonic Heroes when Rouge told him the truth, thus he didn’t go through his “Am I a robot???” phase
  • Is unknowingly related to Silver but both are completely unaware of this
  • Is the leader and creator of the freedom fighters
  • [Recently discovered through IRP interaction] he recently lost an arm in a fight with Nazo
  • (Here’s the original backstory I shared before hand just so everything can be collected here)
Shadow’s backstory begins with a deal made between the royal family and the Scientist Gerald Robotnik. Queen Aleena’s grandfather secretly funded Project Shadow on the condition that his blood be used with the experiment in order to have Shadow be directly related to the royal bloodline, thus ensuring that the next king would be the ultimate life form. Besides this, the events which occur on the colony, such as Maria’s death, and Sonic Adventure 2 as a whole remain largely the same.
After the events of Sonic Adventure 2 but still before Sonic Heroes, instead of Eggman deciding to create all of the Shadow Androids after finding Shadow unconscious and an amnesiac, he decides to raise him as his own, raising him to be his ultimate weapon. However after the events of Sonic heroes and through meeting Rouge and Omega he realizes that Eggman wasn’t his creator, thus leading to Shadow betraying Eggman.
After that, Shadow the Hedgehog’s own game has little to no differences, besides the lack of Shadow’s extensional crisis of possibly being a robot since they’re no shadow Androids, and a teeny tiny inclusion of Black Doom mentioning that his blood was mixed with the King’s during Shadow’s creation and giving him the long lost medallion made for him back when he was supposed to become king of Mobotropolis. That’ll be how he finds out he is related to Sonic, Sonia, and Manic. Shadow goes on to decide not to tell them that he’s their uncle because that would mean that he’d have the potential of becoming king and Shadow isn’t all interested in that sort of thing at this point. With that out of the way, the games which happen after will go on to follow canon with no further changes. Oh and at some point he finds a sword in a river as well as makes the freedom fighters

  • TBA

  • Biologically related to Shadow
  • Has the potential to use a medallion as well
Since his original future was pretty much erased due to Sonic and Elise blowing out the flames of Solaris as well as the general time traveling foolery that he’s gotten into after that, he’s kinda been “kicked out” of the timeline. So like, if Silver time traveled to the exact point when he was born during the 06 timeline, in this new timeline there wouldn’t be any kind of newborn Silver there because the events that led up to his conception now never happened in the first place. Thus, while on a DNA test it’d say that Silver is biologically related to Shadow, Mr. edge-hedge shouldn’t expect to meet any kind of baby Silver later down the line.

This begs the question, what events even led to Silver being born in the 06 timeline? Well you know how Shadow was blamed for the whole Iblis fiasco? Basically instead of being killed on sight he ended up being detained and made comatose by the last remaining members of G.U.N. During that period of time G.U.N managed collect of few DNA samples of his biological code. They planned to use these samples to create clones of the ultimate life form that could stand up against Iblis. However, as they didn’t want exact one to one copies of the guy who (they thought) ended the world, G.U.N sprinkled in some other DNA so the resulting creation wouldn’t be completely Shadow but still would have many of the strengths attributed to the ultimate lifeform. Thus Silver was born! He wouldn’t exactly get to meet the scientists that made him as soon after his creation the G.U.N facility ended up being destroyed by an attack from Iblis, wiping out the last remaining members of the organization. A day or so later two scavengers would eventually stumble upon the freshly born Silver and ended up raising him alongside their daughter, Blaze. Later down the line they’d also kick the bucket in an Iblis attack, leaving it to just him and his adoptive sister to continue the struggle of survival in this hellish landscape. Now why’d I go ahead and explain all this garbage even though these events were erased from the timeline and literally now never happened in the first place? While mostly I was bored but also since Mephiles is going to be around and Silver is already established to be related to Shadow in this RP’s canon there’s always the chance that Silver might end up re-remembering this whole shebang which could cause some delicious melodrama between him and good ol’ papa. (Dear god I’m never going to refer to Shadow as papa again)

  • TBA
  • More evil than usual

Anything Else
  • Sonia and Manic exist and can be assumed to still be chilling out in Mobotropolis which in our canon is an entirely different country then South Island. I guess the queen just decided to yeet one of her babies a hell of a distance away just to spice things up a bit.
  • Considering Eggman is trying to take over the world, where’s Sonic? Shouldn’t he be helping the freedom fighters since fighting Egghead is his whole thing? Heck if we know either, seems rather odd that the blue blur suddenly disappeared right as Eggman began mind controlling a whole bunch of people...(Is this me suggesting that we get a badass boss fight between us and a unwillingly brainwashed Sonic? Why yes, yes it is 😈)
  • TBA
Map of Mobius

[NEW]What has happened so far?
Silver the hedgehog stumbled into the Freedom Fighter’s headquarters, warning those there of the possible future. Meanwhile Shadow the Hedgehog speaks with the commander of G.U.N beef ore being sent to deliver supplies to FF HQ. Once there, he’s quickly informed of the situation at hand, letting everything know that he has once of the seven chaos Emeralds. Shadow gives Cream a flower and mentions Nazo, which Silver asks who they are as he hasn’t encountered him yet. Shadow informs him and reveals that in a fight with Nazo he lost an arm. Understandably, Silver is perturbed and suggests that he could go back in time to fix it, to which Shadow disapproves, believing that there wouldn’t be any point to it.​
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Sleepie sheepie 🐑 💤
Ah I see! For a second I thought you meant ok as it “it’s alright but it could be better”. Sometimes it can be pretty hard for me to figure out the tone of something lol


Sleepie sheepie 🐑 💤
But I’m really glad that my work can even invoke such a strong reaction too! Like rn I’m smiling ear to ear I’m so happy!!!!


Sleepie sheepie 🐑 💤
That sounds good to me! So just to make sure we know the placement of everyone, Rouge and Omega are in Capital City’s G.U.N Headquarters and Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, and Silver are all at the Freedom Fighter’s base of operations right?

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