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Fandom So many stories | Doubling and OC friendly

Sub Genres
  1. Action
  2. Harry Potter
  3. LGTBQ
  4. Magical
  5. Romance
  6. Star Wars


coffee and tea addict
☆◦ 。\|/。◦☆
About me
☆◦ 。/|\。◦☆

♢ You can call me Lily or Lils
♢ I go by the pronouns she/her
♢ I’ve been roleplaying for a good few years across different websites
♢ I really like OOC chatter and creating mood boards or playlists for our characters
♢ Doubling Friendly!!
♢ I really love cats, starbucks and books!

☆◦ 。\|/。◦☆
☆◦ 。/|\。◦☆

1. Don’t make your characters overpowered/flawless. No one likes Mary-Sues.
2. Don’t write less than five sentences. Preferably not less than a paragraph.
3. If we double, keep the parts equal. Don’t let me reply with multiple paragraphs and all I am getting towards my part is a paragraph or less.
4. Tell me your trigger warnings before we start! I don’t want to make you uncomfortable in any way.
5. Yes, I play male characters, depending on who and in which RP. (This isn’t really a rule, just a clarification)
6. Don’t spam me for replies. I have recently started therapy, so on bad days, I might not be able to reply. I’ll let you know if I disappear for longer though.
7. Plot with me! It’s so much more fun to create a story together, than just one doing all the work.

☆◦ 。\|/。◦☆
☆◦ 。/|\。◦☆

❀ - craving

Movies and Shows

Harry Potter ❀
can play: anyone
looking for: George Weasley, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Neville Longbottom

Star Wars
can play: anyone
looking for: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Cassian Andor, Kylo Ren, Poe Dameron

can play: anyone except Hawkeye
looking for: Bucky Barnes, Peter Parker, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Loki, Stephen Strange

Maze Runner
can play: anyone
looking for: Newt

Game of Thrones ❀
can play: anyone except Khal Drogo
looking for: Jaime Lannister, Jon Snow, Robb Stark, Tyrion Lannister

Shadow and Bone
can play: anyone
looking for: Kaz

Avatar: The Last Airbender
can play: anyone
looking for: Zuko

Criminal Minds ❀
can play: anyone
looking for: Spencer Reid, Aaron Hotchner

BBC Sherlock
just Johnlock really

Peaky Blinders
can play: anyone
looking for: Tommy Shelby

Video Games

Assassin’s Creed
can play: anyone
looking for: Jacob, Arno, Edward

Detroit: Become Human
can play: anyone
looking for: Connor

If any of this sparked your interest, send me a message!


coffee and tea addict
Hello, hello!

This post will be fully dedicated to all things non-Fandom, but if you’re interested in more fandom oriented stuff, you can check out my other thread here.

But anyways, let’s get started!

A little about myself: I am 20+, female (she/her), living in the CEST time zone and I absolutely adore books.
I’m also a total cat person, enjoy to write my own stories and love to drink coffee and tea.
RP-wise, I always write around two paragraphs, but it tends to be more depending on the scene. I don’t like to be tied to a specific amount of words, so I can’t really give you any guidelines there except for that I won’t ever write one liners.
I can play male, female and non-binary characters and we can just see who wants to take which role in the plot.
I also prefer M/F plots a lot and most of the plots are planned to be with a female and a male character, but I’m also open to some F//.
I can play multiple characters at once and I ask you to do the same. Not multiple main characters, but every roleplay needs side characters and NPCs.

I enjoy darker themes in the roleplay and I’m not a big fan of slice of life. I’m all for fantasy (preferably high or medieval fantasy), supernatural plots and historical settings.
All of these plots are romance plots also, I just don’t really enjoy roleplays without romance elements. But for sub plots, I’m all for strengthening friendships and exploring the bonds between characters that are not romantically interested in each other.

But let’s get to the plots/pairings now!
I will put entire plots in a spoiler section, so you can skip those if the pairing doesn’t interest you anyway.

Pairings I’m craving will be bold


Royal/Assassin ; Royal/Royal ; Assassin/Thief ; Assassin/Assassin ; Witch/Witch Hunter ; Vampire/Vampire ; Human/Fae (especially this one plssss) ; Fae/Fae ; Vampire/Human ; Witch/Human ; Royal/Guard ; King/Healer ; Human King/Vampire

It’s the biggest job A ever had to complete. Kill the crown prince. The risks are high, but the payment would allow her a life of infinite wealth. It would also let the country fall into a war, but A never had any interest in politics. She was here for the money.
Getting into the palace as something else as the killer she usually is, is one job, but killing B and gaining his trust is certainly another.

To bring peace between the Summer and Winter Kingdom, the prince of the Winter Kingdom is made to marry the princess of the Summer Kingdom. Cultural differences and an approaching war with a third kingdom all make it more difficult than it already is.

A had only ever heard stories about the land behind that long wall. The wall was thousands of years old, but to this day, people were telling stories about the dangerous creatures that the Fae are. B had never planned to participate in this hunt his friends had planned, but when they crossed the wall for it, he knew that this wouldn’t end well. Being seen by a human while on this “hunt” was not planned either. And through a series of events, he was forced to take A with him.

He had grown bitter through all these years of war and the death of his wife. Being immortal didn’t have it’s perks and while being hundreds of years old and calling so much power his own, he wasn’t truly happy anymore.That started to weaken his magic eventually which now needed to be repaired or he’d be more of a threat to himself and others than ever before. A is the right one to help there.


Exchange Student/Student ; Bookshop Owner/Recordstore Owner ; Homeless/Rich

Message me if you’re interested or want to share your own ideas!


Supreme ruler of all things (that I wrote)
How would you feel about doing something in the Sci-fi, cyberpunk, Science-fantasy realms?


New Member
Hey there! I would love to come up with something together - I’m mainly interested in marvel and prefer cannonxcannon, if that’s something you’re interested in let me know! (:

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