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Fantasy Small Adventure Group

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a white butterfly
I’d love to craft a small, tight knit group (Maybe 4 people max including myself) within an adventure in a large scale fantasy realm. I want banter, exploration, wild quests and lots of comrade life. Ultimately, our group would come together under whatever circumstances to try and restore light to their world, which is diminishing under the dark magic of some powerful warlocks and cruel dictatorship of certain royalties. It will be high/dark fantasy with some aspects of apocalyptic, lots of action, plenty of magic and just an overall fun time.

Anyone interested? If so, I’d like to start a discord and discuss more. Posting activity will be just a couple times a week minimum, with length being 2 + paragraphs minimum. Certain races will be available upon discussion/request, world building will be relatively simple, dice are optional, as is romance.

I’m looking for some witty friends and a long term good time. Who’s down to discuss world saving over antiquated ale and the poor singing of an underpaid bard?

- Nor


a white butterfly
Hey guys. It is not fcfs, I just wanted to see who was interested in the idea. At the moment we will not playing the antagonists but thank you for the suggestion and interest. This has so much mapping out to do, but I really just want to have fun as well.

If anyone is still interested, I’m going to start an OOC PM and we can post our sheets there. I’ll have a basic sheet ready depending on who says they want to be invited into the OOC, and then we will have a thread with a couple tabs. @ everyone.


One Thousand Club
I'm interested in the concept! Is there any lore that you had in mind or were you thinking about world building as a group from scratch?


a white butterfly
@Heyitsjiwon sorry if I just liked and unliked your post twenty times, my phone freaked out. But yes, I have a couple light frames for the plot to discuss with the chosen group, as well as some general rules and directions and avoidances. Otherwise, it’ll be very open to relevant suggestions and whatever quest lines, adventures, stories and so forth that benefit the accepted characters. Everyone will be very included and considered a main protagonist!


a white butterfly
Still in, depending on the quality we arrive at.
Well, I am just now accumulating the small group. I have the general outline plot and directions, but we will be also working on this together. Not sure what the quality is that you’re after, but that is why I’m also maintaining a small group as anything creative can get out of hand quick! If you’re in, let me know. But if you want to discuss your hopes and see if they align with my directions, that works too.


Time Stands Still
Now I read you wanted a small group and it seems you have a fairly sized posse, but is thereby chance room for but a wandering nomad of the forums?

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