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Hello! I'm Super Purple! My interest in RP has been sparked once again, and I'm now looking for partners.

  • Some info you ought to know.

    - I'm a minor, meaning no ick if romance is a plot.
    - I can play any gender needed, prefer M/F plots when included, but can go for generally anything.
    - My schedule is a bit inconsistent at times, everyone gets busy, and I'll understand if you have anything.
    - I mainly RP on Discord, just DM me for my info if that's also a better platform for you.
    - It's usually OC only with me, although we could discuss doubling of some kind.
    - I don't have a ton of plots lined up, but we can discuss in DMs.
    A sidenote, I consider myself semi-to-low literacy, as in I write a paragraph or two.

That's all for me, reply or DM if you want to discuss!
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