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Fandom Seeking! Craving Full Metal Alchemist or Attack on Titan!


New Member
Hello all! I am seeking an Attack on Titan roleplay or Full Metal Alchemist. I could also be enticed into a Fire Emblem or Shadow and Bone roleplay!

Now as I am writing this on my phone I shall keep my points short and sweet.

- Please be 18+. This is just a preference as I am in my twenties. Nothing against your writing or maturity. Solely for my comfort.

- I am a literate to advanced writer and would prefer a minimum of two paragraphs a post. I can write way more if you so desire :).

- I would love someone to play a Canon character for me. I am definitely up for doubling however! Actually I am hoping for someone to play Levi but I will play anyone else for you!

- I love ooc chat and plotting together.

Anyways, I think that is it! Shoot me a PM if interested!

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